Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Wednesday Night Highlights

Ahh, nothing like a Big Brother eviction eve that includes a set of twins who have literally argued over who gets to go to jury to put one to sleep.

Julia and Liz spend their final night in the house together – Source: CBS All Access

Last night’s Big Brother 17 Live Feeds were officially the slowest of the season with a little scattering of game talk. But don’t fear, things can only get crazy from here on out. Right?

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 9, 2015:

5:30 PM BBT – Julia and Liz are packing up all their belongings for Thursday’s show. It’s a lot of stuff.

6:30 PM BBT – Twins are still packing. It’s a quiet night.

6:45 PM BBT – Julia reminds Liz that she and Austin better make it to F2 and that’s her parting wish.

7:05 PM BBT – Liz finds dead ants in the freezer. She thinks they’ve committed suicide.

7:18 PM BBT – Vanessa finishes a beer and reads The Bible.

7:38 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve both say they’ll be OK if they get 5th place. Steve says that’s better than he thought he would do.

7:58 PM BBT – Julia thinks her memory wall photo will actually look prettier in black and white.

8:00 PM BBT – Steve mentioned things were weighing on his mind so now Julia is nervous that Steve is going to flip the vote (keep in mind it would flip the vote to keep her… what is wrong with the logic this season?). Austin tells Julia that the vote won’t flip because Vanessa would really screw herself over if she doesn’t win HOH.

8:04 PM BBT – Steve pulls Liz aside and tells her he would completely understand if she puts him up next week but he asks if she’s HOH and it comes down to a tie will she break the tie to keep him. She doesn’t say no but also won’t swear on it. Julia still wants to tell John that Vanessa is playing everyone and had a final two with her.

8:16 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia about what Steve just asked her. Both agree it’s ridiculous and they think it’s funny that he’s so scared for next week. Julia calls him an idiot.

8:20 PM BBT – Steve and Austin discuss Vanessa. Austin says if she makes it to the end, she’s going to win the game.

8:40 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz not to scoff at Steve’s offers because if Steve has to vote between Liz and Vanessa he could send Vanessa out. Liz says she’ll never keep her word with Steve and the way he’s acting is proof that he’s not happy she’s staying.

10:30 PM BBT – House is quiet as most everyone is watching an Austwins chess match. Meanwhile Vanessa and Steve’s teddy bear listens to music in the HOH room.

10:50 PM BBT – Twins beat Austin in chess, in case you were wondering.

11:50 PM BBT – Twins are back to practicing their speeches for Thursday’s live show. Liz tells Julia not to mention they got boob jobs. (I’d kinda like to hear that version of Julia’s speech.)

12:10 AM BBT – Steve and Austin promise to have each other’s backs during the next few rounds. Steve is trying to convince Austin that Vanessa does not have a deal with John. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa volunteered her suggestion about challenging Austin in the Veto competition. Steve through Julia had solicited the advice and is surprised.

1:45 AM BBT – The night is winding down as Steve tells the camera he’s goal tonight was to keep the Austwins up as late as possible to exhaust them for Thursday. Sneaky.

3:00 AM BBT – Steve is the last of the Houseguests to finally be asleep and now they’re all out.

Thursday is going to be a weird one for the TV-only viewers when they see Julia evicted and Liztin together in the house. We’ve got less than two weeks but still five HGs left going in to the final stretch once Julia heads out the door. Big decisions ahead and very important competitions so stick with us.

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  1. I’ve seen photos of Austin’s girlfriend outside the BB house. She is really cute. If she’s not already, she needs to be thanking her lucky stars that Austin has given her a way out. Back to the twits, can anyone really be that stupid?!? Suicidal ants??? OMG!!

    • Yes, I’ve checked out Austin’s girlfriend back home, too, and I sure hope, too, that she knows now how lucky she is to have seen what a loyal and honest person Austin IS NOT. Good luck to her and I hope she gives him what for.

      • Remember when McCray dumped his girlfriend for Amanda? Then a few months after they got out of the house he dumped Amanda. Tried to get back with old girlfriend.

  2. Vanessa tonight is in a real conundrum, if she win HoH, she is safe for the week, but she can’t play for HoH at F4. But if she throw it tonight so she can play in the HoH next week, will she make it there ? Are they stupid enough to keep her this week if she is not HoH ?

    • Cap, it doesn’t matter next week. It’s about the Veto. She will have to try and win. Regardless if she didn’t win Everyone would convince HOH she will win in jury for playing best game. She’s reading the Bible tonight. She does that after she’s been exposed for her lies etc. She’s uneasy.

    • I always think that the F5 HOH is the WORST one to win. Your basically a sitting duck at final 4 (depending on the situation). If I was Vanessa, I would just take my chances and throw the HOH. I feel like Liztin wants Steve first anyways and if John wins HOH he will go after Liztin. So Vanessa should be safe unless the veto gets used than she is in trouble.

    • As long as she thinks they’re drinking their Koolaid, I think she wants to throw it. If she gets spooked, she’ll have to try.

      I think she’s sitting pretty next week:
      1. Liz wants Vanessa to win game over Steve or Jmac
      2. Liz is targeting Steve 1st.
      3. Steve can’t be HoH
      4. If Julia was staying instead of Liz, I think Jmac (if he won HoH) might be convinced he/Steve could take on Austin/Julia without Vanessa. He might go for it.
      But Jmac/Steve vs Austin/Liz – I’m not so sure they will chance taking out Vanessa, knowing Jmac can’t be HoH the following week.

      Keeping Liz keeps Jmac/Steve wary of pulling the trigger on Vanessa, I think.

      I’m not sure if Austin wins HoH, what he’d do. He was furious at what Vanessa told Julia to do (V’s agenda). And he was just the target this week by Jmac/Steve so he should be playing to win HoH and if he can gun for Vanessa, he might have to do it. He’s the only way I see her going up as a target next week. ??

  3. How could she let that nasty scumbag even touch her . Every one will laugh behind her back if she takes him back. I looked at Vanassas face last night and she is another ugly hag without her makeup. I hope the both go soon.

    • Dude, it’s just a game. And it’s a game where you have to lie and backstab while being in a pressure cooker for 3 months. No need to be so hateful. Your life must be pretty sad if you get this incensed from watching a game.

  4. I could not believe how wrapped around her finger Vanessa has those twins. First she tells Julia to pick Austin because it’s the smart move for “her” How stupid she goes and does it, “Yes Vanessa, anything you say” Then after the fallout from it she once again convinces them that Austin is not on their side and they are like “your right, thank you Vanessa for opening my eyes” It is so sickening to watch. If the Austwins or Vanessa win this game I will scream!

    Vanessa swearing on her life and her partners life while lying to their face, OMG a new low for her…

      • I know people don’t like because she “blurts out rude statements about people who leave, is catty and we’ll that’s it really. 2 seconds after the twins blast someone they’re and I’m quoting over it. And I believe that. I don’t think they’re awful at all. I think they talk open shi!# and harbor zero grudges unlike other silent assasins. She’s puss funny. I don’t be her for being a noodle or 2 short either. Plus she figured out the Vanessa aliance with Steve and mac.

  5. I don’t consider pot ball and chess entertainment, I usually ff through all of this. Seriously Austin, your a grown man, could you act like one instead of a school boy. My teenage granddaughters don’t act as stupid as the Nolan twins. I’ve watched every season and this is the only one I can recall where most of the HGs act worse than children. CBS should take away a thousand dollars for every time they use the “F” word. Sad that college educated adults can’t form a sentence without using the “F” word. Pretty pathetic.

    • You’r f***ing right. Why the f**k do they have to f***ing say f**k, or motherf****r, so f*****g much. It’s f*****g ridiculous! Those immature motherf****rs!

      • That probably came from Julie, why would he be watching? He’s too busy spending his money & playing w/Julie. “Julie, honey put on the camo lingerie, I love when you wear that”.

  6. Wondering if Julia will “Call Out” Steve and John today, as she had been talking about, as she assumes that she would be the one leaving?
    Imagine, if she goes out with the usual … statement about how they played and that she will convince the Jury to vote for Vanessa, if only the floaters are left in the game? Giving a false sense of security to Vanessa ?? Ha !!!
    But, then again, history usually dictates that those who makes that sort of exit eviction speech, tends to stick around, as the House flips …

    • She’ll do what Austin Told her to because she wants to give her sister and him best cover and chance. That being said, if she blows Vannesa up to them and Vanessa wins hoh that could hurt liztin. Vanessa would blame austin for making Julia do that. But with that being said I don’t have the jury vote angle figured yet. Read Derrick post. He does

      • Unless there is a real future between Austin and Liz ?? That and/or it has been proven that Austin was just using Liz/Julia … should the F2 be between Austin / Vanessa …
        Do you really think that they would vote to give Austin the $$$$ over Vanessa??

      • Depends on who they believe played the best game in the case, Judas vs Evil-essa. In the case Austin wins 1st or 2nd then yes, there will be a future for Austin/Liz at least until the money runs out.

      • I think Vanessa would very much like to throw this HOH and hope for continued poor strategy from the other house guests. She has already mentioned to JMac if the two of them are left she’s going to throw it to him (as if she’s doing him a favor!).

        Vanessa wants to keep all of her options open. If she wins HOH, she’s going to tick off a side of the house.

        Vaneesa’s best odds to make the final would be to throw the next HOH, pray for stupidity (you will never go broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public), play like hell for the veto and the next HOH. If Vanessa doesn’t win the next HOH, she still has the veto AND the possibility of one of the house guests pulling her into the finals.

        If you were JMac or Steve would you want to face Austin and Liz in the finals?

        That’s just another reason why, despite the protests of many people on Big Brother forums screaming that the better play would be to vote out Liz, Vanessa would rather keep Liz.

      • Nope she can’t throw it. She’s lying to John to show false teust. Or gain/fain whatever. She’s been exposed and is reading the bible. She knows Julia can blow her up on the way out, she knows Steve knows Vanessa can beat him in Jury, she knows Austin knows the girls told Austin Vanessa said she never trusted him in BR after veto. She knows she and Steve are the 2 biggest targets there is no way she will throw this at all.

      • You and I are going to disagree on this point, that’s cool, no problem.

        I think you’re making Vanessa too omniscient.

        I think Vanessa can beat Steve in jury, but that’s irrelevant to this HOH because Steve isn’t playing. And I’m not sure that Vanessa knows that Steve knows that she can beat him in jury. I’m not even sure that Steve thinks that Vanessa can beat him!

        I don’t understand your point about who trusts who with Vanessa and Austin.

        Vanessa may NOT be the biggest target to Steve OR JMac.

        And Liz has said to Vanessa AND behind her back that Steve is her target.

        Austin has held his cards close to the vest, but I think he takes his shot at Vanessa this HOH. But really he has told no one that Vanessa would be his target.

        Finally, I agree that if Julia blows Vanessa’s game up on the way out, Vanessa may feel compelled to play for this HOH.

        I’m not guaranteeing that Vanessa will throw the HOH. I’m saying that from Vanessa’s limited game perspective, there are some advantages to throwing the next HOH.

      • I respect your points, all of them. The one question I pose is this. If you are Vanessa and you know you throw it to John say … aren’t you a little concerned austin will go to John and say hey John “in jury voting, you loose to vanessa, guaranteed but u may beat me. Either way, you have a better shot going against me than her. This is where my head is at regarding her throwing it. I wouldn’t give austin that chance or “incrntive” as she loves to say.

      • This is where it’s really interesting to step in to each players shoes, so to speak.

        Is it really in JMac’s best interests to evict Vanessa?
        Who does JMac put up? Unless Steve is on board (and he may not be on board), JMac has to put him up with Vanessa.

        Quite frankly, JMac has a better shot of making F2 with Steve or Vanessa. He increases his chances of F2 with Liztin if one of the two of them is gone.

        I know it’s not a popular thought, but it may be in JMac’s best interest to target Austin and Liz.

      • Ok, I see the angle.Steve knows Vanessa Wil crush him (steve) now. Because Steve stands in her way of 500k. Steve will tell mac, it’s time to switch. Maybe.

      • Van is concerned about everything, she also knows that it was Austin’s HoH that put JMac out. Was it last night after PoV and Julia didn’t win, guaranteeing Austwins were no more, that JMac put a big HUG on Vanessa from behind and she smiled like a Cheshire cat? Yes, I do believe it was.

        She’s well aware it would be a big advantage to be able to play for HoH in the Week 13.

      • Ok, good update. Week 13 eh. Well I was told Veto is ultimate importance week 13 but I am certain you know more being this is my 1st season watching.

      • Looks like you made the right call on Vanessa! Her paranoia wouldn’t let her throw the comp.

        Good call!

      • Anybody could blow Van up and they don’t have to be the one leaving. She won’t out & out throw it, she’ll play and if it comes down to her or JMac winning then she throws it to him & only him, if any of that is possible, depending on the comp.

      • U were wrong G. Lol, for once I had to sneak a little credit. It was her and John and she snatched that security.

      • Yeah, she went all out, she’s blowing smoke 24/7 now the HGs could catch her every time she talks and say “you’re lying to me, I can see it, you’ve lost your mojo”. Hell just take a chance she’s probably lying.

      • I think Vanessa winning or throwing the HoH comes down to who’s in it near the end, obviously she would have to be there. I agree she throws it to JMac and at some point after he wins, I pray to hear him say to Van “Sorry, I had to make a BIG MOVE and you’re it”. He could replace ‘sorry’ with some other words if he would like.

        We still need a breakup of Austin/Twin but w/Van out, it’s may the better team win, Steve/JMac vs Austin/Twin.

        Van’s wins either way in the Liz/Julia eviction…
        Tonight will be interesting b/c Van’s got the say in who stays, she can keep Liz for better play or blame Steve for keeping Julia and then still have her as one of her options for F2.

        Have to give Van credit, she’s such the expert strategist just ask her, oh wait she already told Liz/Julia that.

    • I think her saying she’ll tell the house to vote for Vanessa – that statement alone – could set the wheels to turning a little faster for the survivors. Even though Liztin knows her agenda in saying that, it gives them a platform to approach Jmac/Steve on the DL.
      If Julia was staying with Austin instead of Liz, Jmac & Steve might feel confident enough to jettison Vanessa (esp’ly thinking Austin would turn to her with only Julia left on his side). With Liz staying, they might be more afraid to target Vanessa next week (if Jmac wins HoH or if Liztin win HoH and nominate her, as Jmac/Steve would be the 2 votes needed).

    • I thought she was calling out Vanessa, the Austwins know about Steve, he put up Austin/LIz then replaced w/Julia, what do you need to know? It was all out front not behind the scenes like what Van’s been doing like all her F2 deals & other lies.

    • I am looking forward to Julia’s chat with Julie! Not to mention what the reception of the audience will be like.

  7. This is so sad and fix Vanessa wins this becuse she has a show calld poker face coming on CBS this game is fix and Vanessa wins I’m so pissed.

  8. I think it’s funny that this big bad wrestler says he’s afraid of Vanessa. Would hate to see this p**** in the ring

    • He’s noT what your implying either way. Didn’t you listen to the house guest interviews. He explains a whole other side.

  9. Personally, I don’t think Vanessa will throw HOH. Winning it is the ONLY guarantee she has that she will not be nomed and possibly evicted. I don’t see her taking the chance. I hope she mistakenly feels that safe and gets sent packing.

    • I agree, she’s a poker player, don’t they play odds not risk? If she gets a whiff of anything strange she’ll go for it especially if JMac has been knocked out. She NEVER feels safe & totally throw it, no way unless it’s down to her & JMac.

      • Well, YEAH!!! She’s expecting for him to win HoH… but maybe she should expect the unexpected come Nom-Nom time. Give her a fighting chance she’ll win freaking PoV no doubt… okay, don’t think negative, think positive. She’ll positively win PoV. LOL. CRAP!!!

    • She can’t hide those horns any longer. They started to grow under the beenie. Which clearly is why she hasn’t taken it off even in bed.

      • She’s got better things to thing about besides being ‘horny’ for Mel, maybe Austin or Liz will tell her how to ‘hand-le’ it or maybe she’ll finger (sic) it out. Oh, crap… never-mind I misunderstood.

        What’s with the beenies anyway, she has to know they make her look ugly, doesn’t she?

  10. The Austin LIz showmance makes me sick . The guy is a lying cheating nasty looking weirdo who should of been evicted in week 1. Whom ever he was dating when he came in to the house should consider herself very lucky to be rid of that freaky pervert. And as for Liz sorry to say when I found out the was a transgender in the house she was at the top of my list. If either one of them win this year I will be very disappointed that I wasted so much time devoting myself to watching this season. The only one left in the house deserving enough to win is johnnymac!!!!!!!!!!

    • You probably represent 99.9% of how female think about all this, but probably only 99% of how male are thinking lol. B/C of Austwins & Vanessa being bottom of most lists, that only leaves JMac & Steve, who I’d say I’d like see going top 2.

      Truthfully I’ll applaud whoever wins F1 & F2, they had to have done something to deserve it game-play wise to get there. Once Julia is gone that is, some may not see JMac’s play as strong but he will have to pour it on until finale if he’s to make F2 so he’ll be deserving by then.

  11. John wins HOH … Puts up Austin and twin … Vanessa wins Veto … doesn’t use it … Austin goes to jury … Final 3 = John, twin, Steve.

  12. Someone said “I wish I had a bridge to see to those twins… “, meaning I guess OWN a bridge, why would you have to own it?

  13. The CEO of CBS is hit the nail on the head when he said this is the worst cast he has ever seen. Who ever made the decision to pick these houseguests should be FIRED!!!!!

  14. Wait, if theres gonna be 5 people left but theres only one more eviction until finale, how does that work? Cuz then there would be four people at finale

    • Two go in the Final Week, just not like in a DE, it takes some time (days) between the two, 1st one normal way & 2nd Round Robin comps I think, it’s confusing to remember b/c BB has changed the method 2 or 3 times.

  15. Wasn’t it hilarious when Austin said mean, catty things about Jesse’s body? Austin must be a very jealous and insecure person.

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