Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 3: Sunday Highlights

Sunday’s Big Brother 17 Live Feeds were a day of Gronk Parties, Jeff’s fate being more and more sealed and one long, continuous Vanessa conversation.

John listens to Vanessa’s long, long, long story – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa’s plan to come up with a reason to get Jeff out the backdoor this week has come to fruition and she spent A LOT of the day explaining to people outside of the alliance why.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 12, 2015:

11:20 AM BBT – HGs get a very late start to the day after the Gronk Parties kept them up all night. HGs must do a conga line around the backyard for 10 mins or so.

11:37 AM BBT – Jeff warns John that he’s going up & being targeted. John realizes he was duped by Vanessa with her BD-Audrey promise.

11:43 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Julia that as a gay woman, she can’t target Audrey and wants her to do well this season. (She goes on to tell this to almost all HGs. It’s likely strategy, but a strange one at that as it may bind her later.)

12:30 PM BBT – “Get Jeff Out” alliance forms with Steve, Austin, Liz/Julia, Vanessa, plus Shelli and Clay. (At least the names are getting simpler and more direct.)

1:05 PM BBT – Austin reminds Julia that he’s risking his game to protect her.

2:05 PM BBT – Jeff updates Jackie on the situation. Jackie agrees that it’s very bad and she knows Vanessa will stop at nothing to get him evicted this week.

2:30 PM BBT – Jeff tries to go talk to Vanessa but is sent away. He goes to James and tells him why Vanessa won’t target Audrey. He’s frustrated.

2:35 PM BBT – Jeff finally gets in to talk with Vanessa. She’s brutal and aggressive and suggests several times that he can get out of her room. It doesn’t go well for Jeff and lasts nearly an hour.

3:20 PM BBT – Audrey offers James a two-way deal of looking out for one another. He accepts.

3:40 PM BBT – Jackie reaffirms that Jeff is in a bad spot, but she’ll give him a vote to stay.

6:00 PM BBT – Audrey is watching over a heavily defeated Jeff. She promises him she’ll get justice against whoever has dragged her name through the mud. Audrey tells Jeff he’ll need seven votes to stay this week and if he can get six then she’ll be the 7th to help him avoid a tie-breaker. (There are 11 votes this week, no tie, and 6 to stay.)

6:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is panicking as Julia screwed up and confirmed the twins twist to Steve, but she was supposed to hold it back. I really don’t get what the panic is about, but there’s definite worry from Vanessa and Clay. They don’t want Steve to know Clay and Shelli know for sure.

6:40 PM BBT – Clay and Vanessa plan to evict Audrey during a Double Eviction. He is ready to cut her loose.

6:55 PM BBT – John comes in to HoH and Vanessa wants to tell him why she’s going after Jeff instead of Audrey now. It lasts for FORTY MINUTES. Seriously. Vanessa says her argument last night with Jeff was “World War III and most insane evening of the season.” No and no.

7:35 PM BBT – John is rescued when Big Brother plays the Gronk Party music. HGs have to meet in the kitchen and dance around to occasional music. Bizarre.

7:45 PM BBT – Liz is in the toilet stall when Big Brother announces, “Liz, stop that!” HGs are puzzled.

7:50 PM BBT – Becky has been summoned to Vanessa’s HoH room. She’ll now be subjected to the same story-telling torture method.

8:10 PM BBT – Austin says Jeff is going to blow up some people’s games before leaving the house this week.

9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa, Austin, and Liz are worrying about Clay and Shelli knowing that Steve knows about the Twins. Yeah. Clay and Shelli don’t want Steve in the alliance. They start to worry about Clay and that he may have more alliances and side deals than they know about.

10:40 PM BBT – Audrey and Meg have a talk to calm things between them. Audrey says she won’t be mad at Meg and contributes it all to a misunderstanding.

11:00 PM BBT – Houseguests playing Truth or Dare as part of the Feeds vote.

12:00 AM BBT – Vanessa and Julia practice how to handle the situation if anyone confronts her about being a twin.

12:50 AM BBT – Vanessa assures Austin that Jeff is going up. She will not change her mind on this.

1:10 AM BBT – Meg and Jackie discuss the votes and agree that Jeff doesn’t have a chance. They think Vanessa will be in trouble next week and is headed for the Block.

1:35 AM BBT – Jeff doesn’t want to give up so he goes to try talking to Vanessa again to avoid being the renom. Vanessa and Julia try to pretend to be sleeping, but it doesn’t work.

1:45 AM BBT – Jeff continues to plead with Vanessa, but it’s going nowhere. He brings up things Audrey said against Vanessa, but she doesn’t care.

2:20 AM BBT – Gronk Party in the living room. HGs have to dance around. Becky raced in from being in the shower and is soaking wet.

2:35 AM BBT – James warns his allies that Vanessa, Audrey, Austin, & Liz may have a deal going to get the twin in and go to the end.

2:40 AM BBT – John says he’d try for a showmance with Becky, but she likes taller guys.

3:20 AM BBT – Austin and Vanessa are worried that Clay and Shelli are actually playing with the other side.

Well Jeff is done, done, done. He’ll be going up on the Block on Monday and there’s no way around that. It’ll be up to him and James to campaign, but I think most of the HGs prefer James to Jeff and that’ll be how the vote goes on Thursday.

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  1. There was a really sweet moment between JMac and Becky. You could tell that he is smitten. She may be boring, but she is really sweet. I know she put him in the friend zone, but I’m hoping he wins her over.

    • Yes I saw that moment also and ever since then I’ve been hoping that they get together soon but secrectly so the house won’t target them both! They would be a really cute couple like Kevin and Pilar from BBCA3 ^_^

  2. Didn’t like Jeff on TAR and don’t like him on BB!!! I’m loving Audrey as the portrayed villian this season! This is an awesome cast and is very entertaining.

    • I didn’t dislike Jeff on TAR. Him and Jackie were one of the couple that was hoping would do well. But it is definitely a different game in BB. Not the same when you play alone. Definitely not the Jeff we saw on TAR.

      • I was thinking the same… On the Amazing Race, Jeff & Jackie were cute, funny, and seemed to be amongst the fan favourites… On Big Brother, Jeff seems to be less gentleman like… It’s possible that the attention gained from the Amazing Race (and him not getting together with Jackie) turned him into a different person.

      • You know this thing about them not been together, I don’t believe it. I think they are but didn’t want anybody to know about it, to take the target off of them. I guess we will know for sure at the finale.

      • True… but it does tend to make sense. The overwhelming majority of showmances (on all reality shows) fade faster than a cloth left in the hot sun. A reality show doesn’t provide the one thing that ALL couples need in order to survive: Reality! It’s paid dates, super expensive wardrobes, non-stop entertainment and joy stimulus… simply put, it’s a fantasy. Some manage to go beyond the fantasy (Jeff & Jordan are one example), but for the most part, reality tv keeps reality far, far, away from a couple and handicaps them from the get-go…

    • Audrey hasn’t really done anything great as a villian though. We just watched her blow up her game early on and then watch as the HOH’s ignore her for strange reasons. Aw well.

      • That’s why I said as the ” portrayed villian “. Her edit on CBS is making it appear she is the mastermind behind the events that are going down. I feel like being a feed watcher and watching the CBS shows, it’s almost 2 different things. It’s just awesome how these producers can edit the same events we see on the feeds to portray something that isn’t really so.

  3. The further this season has gone on, I’m really not sure if there is any particular player that I’m impressed with. Everyone all seems to have major flaws with their game, I was thinking Vanessa had one of the more level heads of the house, but clearly HOH caused her to fly off the deep end.

    Austin is going girl-crazy, and he doesn’t always seem to have his head in the game.

    I know a lot of people like Jmac, but I just don’t see him lasting, he has no clear connections in the house and it’s causing him to pull out a lot of early comp wins. As much as I like him, I see this dude following a similar path to Donny from last year.

    Steve has the knowledge and seems to be somewhat perceptive, but his clear social issues and lack of self-awareness are hurting him everyday and it’s obvious that he’s having a hard time assimilating.

    Those are just to name a few, but my main point being that I’m not really seeing any exceptional gameplay out of anyone at this point. It’s still early and there’s time, but while I so far find this season to be quite entertaining, I seriously doubt that we’re going to find any Dan’s out of this bunch.

    • I should correct myself, Jmac does have a very strong connection with Becky. That having been said, up to this point she’s pretty much been a non-factor.

  4. So happy the hgs are being treated to conga lines ~ lifts the spirit and makes it easier to tolerate Vanessa’s long-winded explanations.

    • Maybe that is production stepping in to give us live feeders a break from listening to her ramblings. So disappointed with Vanessa right now..her HOH went straight to her head..and I was really rooting for her. If her alliance doesn’t win this week..she will be up on the block with Audrey.

      • no is he not smart pick on same person ever week that audrey over and over
        a smart person does dont pick on same person every week over and over

  5. I have been very disappointed in Vanessa with the way she has handled her HOH. The blinders that she clearly has on right now about Audrey is maddening to watch. These talks with HG’s that last for over an hour and she says the same things each and every time have gotten ridiculous. I thought she would be a better player. She will be out the door soon.

  6. For some reason I’ve been really unhappy with how this season has been going, and I have no idea why I feel that way. I don’t have any great attachment to the Jeff/James/Day/Jason side of the house… Maybe it’s Audrey and the contortions Chelli and Van have gone through to keep that drama in the house…

    • I have as well. I prefer the soon to be meg/james/jason side of the house over the austin/vanessa/shelli/clay/liz/julia side, but the attachment is minimal. I had a bunch of hope for day to do well, but she ended up being a terrible player and had the same hope for vanessa who proved this week that she will overthink everything. The nice thing with poker is the decisions are quick and based on math, big brother is not and that has been her downfall.

  7. My gosh, Vanessa is a talker and talking her way to be nominated next week. If Jason wins HOH next week, could he use the same reason for putting Clay and Shelli (or Austin) on the block instead of Audrey?

  8. Vanessa successfully gave all the reasons for the other side to nominate her for eviction next.

    • Exactly right, Cyril..what the heck was she doing..if you want to nominate someone..just nominate them..all you have to do is say “you are a threat to my game..that’s it.” The way she was looking for reasons to put Jeff up drove me nuts! I thought she would play smarter. She talks and talks and talks…I can no longer watch her on the feeds..she drives me batty!!!

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