Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

The mood in the Big Brother 17 house remains the same as Audrey is still hiding out in the have-not room and ignoring all the rules of being a have-not while any shot at staying slips away.

Shelli Poole takes a selfie with Steve Moses and James Huling - Source: CBS All Access
Shelli Poole takes a selfie with Steve Moses and James Huling – Source: CBS All Access

The other houseguests, however, are moving on with their lives in the Big Brother house, enjoying the sun, taking pictures with the HOH camera and thinking about what happens next in the game.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 21, 2015:

8:45 AM BBT – Meg is up and hanging out in the hot tub by herself.

9:42 AM BBT – Feeds cut for wake-up call.

10:08 AM BBT – Audrey gets up from bed, goes to get a fresh battery, and immediately goes to DR. She’s there for a few mins and then goes immediately back to bed and hides under a blanket tent.

10:30 AM BBT – James delivers breakfast in bed to Audrey in the Have-Not room. He brought her an omelette and OJ. Neither of which are on a typical HN menu.

11:11 AM BBT – James wakes Steve up to talk game. He asks him  how he feels about Thursday and tells him she should try to win HOH. They talk about targeting the “scary” people and wonder if they both find the same people scary.

11:20 AM BBT – Now James and Steve are talking about Audrey missing the Veto meeting yesterday. They agree she wasn’t actually sick and just didn’t want to see herself get put on the block. They wonder if she will even get ready for Thursday night’s live show. James tells Steve that he doesn’t think everything Audrey told was a lie.

12:06 PM BBT – Austin telling Vanessa he’s going to work on making deals with Jason, James and Meg this week. He tells her that Steve told him Jason knows Austin tells the twins what they missed when one re-enters the house.

12:09 PM BBT – Jason and Becky talking about how obvious the twins are and that Jason is playing the game by just sharing information that he gathers by listening and not speaking.

12:15 PM BBT – Shelli has the HOH camera. She is taking pictures around the house.

12:20 PM BBT – Clay and Meg are talking. She tells Clay that Jackie would target Vanessa, Austin and Liz and that she’d nominate Steve and Austin since he put her up.

12:27 PM BBT – James is trying to get Steve to name who we would target if he won HOH but Steve won’t name names but told him a list of people who haven’t been nominated.

12:35 PM BBT – James immediately tells Clay that Steve is probably going to go after people who haven’t been targeted (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz).

1:41 PM BBT – Shelli is worried about Audrey. Others tell her she’s OK but she goes to check on her. Audrey ignores her.

2:05 PM BBT – Jason, Jackie and Shelli say if they were Austin’s girlfriend they’d be upset over his thing with Liz.

2:35 PM BBT – John and Shelli discuss Audrey. She asks him how he’s feeling and he says if there’s any week to be stuck on the block this is the one. He says he tried to talk to her but got no response. He also says she brought this all on herself and that the last time he felt bad for her and tried to comfort her she immediately went back into game mode. Shelli says she was hoping she could just enjoy her time in the house.

2:38 PM BBT – Shelli says she did not want to be the one to put Audrey up but she was left with no other choice. John says if she thinks it’s a personal issue then that’s her problem. Shelli wonders if she will even attend the eviction. John and Shelli agree maybe what’s going on with Audrey is something they just don’t understand though.

3:55 PM BBT – House is quiet. Some HGs are napping. Jackie and Becky asleep in the have-not chairs while Audrey sleeps on the floor, breaking yet another have-not rule.

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  1. I have totally changed my opinion on Shelli this week. I think she did a great job with her HOH this week. I saw her talking with Jackie on BBAD a couple of nights ago and I thought she handled that like a pro. She seems to be a nice person but is playing the game like you should be (forming alliances and lying when necessary). JMac still my fav though!

    • I agree. I’m glad someone else sees that. Every time I say anything positive about Shelli I get slammed. And JMac is also my favorite. He cracks me up. Lol

      • You’re not alone. Slay & The Twins need to drop Austin and Vanessa for JMac & Jason and it would be perfect imo.

      • I’ve always recognized her game play. She’s probably smarter than Clay..

      • Not really, she’s the reason Audrey is still there and I feel like she still doesn’t want to put her up. She isolates herself in the HoH room all the time and when clay said something about being a target she looked shocked and said no everyone likes me. She’s naive and it’s going to hurt her. Also why would she win the comp if she didn’t want it and doesn’t want to put anyone up?

      • Hey hey that’s not true, I’ve had your back on the whole Shelli thing. I’ve liked her from the beginning because I think the Shelli/Clay connection is cute and deserving of recognition for the power couple they’ve become in the house…

      • I have always had Clay and Shelli as my favs, mostly because they both display that subtle Southern dignity. They dont curse or idly talk others down. They are decent, respectful and genuinely kind, even to those they arent playing with.

      • Clay & Shelli genuinely kind?! Respectful of others?! Decent?! I needed that laugh. I guess people not from the south don’t tend to have any class or charm? They just curse all the time and talk down to others?

      • Hey Jason. Yes those are some of the qualities I like about them… I’d also say these qualities are thankfully found in a range of people from Southerners to Northerners, from old to young, and from rich to poor.

      • I think ppl naturally hate “couples” in bb. If Shelli wasn’t perceived to be shackled to Clay, I think she would get a lot more respect for her gameplay.

      • JMac is a riot. And ok ok David is great too. Hahaha. But seriously, Shelli did run the HOH and she needs to drop Vanessa and Austin. Clay would be nowhere without her.

    • Didn’t think I’d say this, but yes, Shelli has done great as HoH this time, more so than last time!

    • I don’t mind Shelli at all. But Clay gets on my last nerve. He’s clinging to Shelli for dear life right now because she can win comps. I like John and Jason is starting to grow on me.

      • I agree Shelli is carrying Clay but I still want to give him some time. I love JMac and I want them to work with him until he can have some time to do his work.

    • Funny because after Audrey I think she’s playing the worst game in the house.

  2. Audrey needs to grow up already, her act is old and has got way past the point of being childish.

    • I think its a deeper problem than that. She never should have been chosen as a contestant.

      • I’m wondering how much CBS said they’d pay her if she did the show as the first transgender person and now are going back on it due to her not following the rules of the game?

      • Might be why she stayed instead of quitting ? They made a deal with her, stay and we’ll pay you. Just guessing.

      • I have an idea that CBS often makes secret deals with cast to get them to act in certain ways. Aud is maybe the most obvious.

      • I’m wondering if CBS was specifically looking for a transgender person for this season.

      • Caitlyn Jenner probably requested it since she feels she might be too old to do it!

      • I’m thinking that has a lot to do with Audrey being selected. Maybe C BS was so anxious to have a trans that they “overlooked” some issues Audrey has.

      • I actually read something about Audrey having signed up to do BB before, but they wanted it to be this year, because of what happened when Bruce was becoming Caitlyn…now this is what Allison Grodner said

      • Interesting that AG would admit that. I couldn’t imagine Audrey being a HG sooner. She doesn’t appear to be ready to handle the stress of BB living at present.

      • I agree with Jason’s assessment that it is orchestrated. Didn’t they learn anything from last season’s disaster of orchestrating the freaky Frankie?

      • This coincides to two trans TV shows and Bruce Jenner’s reveal. Yes, it is orchestrated.

  3. If there is something wrong with Audrey, she needs to be taken out of the game. If not, she needs to be made to follow the rules. If this is just her being whiny and defeated, what a punk ass way to go out. If she is having some sort of breakdown, she needs to removed for the other houseguests safety.

    • I think they are just watching her while they are waiting for her parents to come pick her up. She needs someone to monitor when she leaves the house. Transgenders have a high risk of suicide and it would be important for her not to just be turned outside with no follow up.

      • But why keep her in the house? There has to be another option for not turning her out by herself but still keeping her under supervision. If she’s really having a breakdown, that house is the last place she needs to be.

  4. James and Meg have to be two of the dumbest players ever. They think by siding with the alliance they will be safe but that is not going to work for long. Do they want to win or just make it to jury house. I can;t stand players who do not play to win. T

    Anyway, if they do not break up the alliance they will find themselves without the numbers to take on the alliance in just a few short weeks, especially when Julia comes in the house.

    Unfortunately, they won’t figure it out until they are on the block and the next target for eviction.

    • I am disappointed with James, Meg, and Jason (sometimes). What they don’t understand is once Audrey leaves THEY ARE NEXT. At least Jackie knows what’s up. The other 3 are in denial about the alliance and act like they are not coming for them just because they are cool with Clay.

      • That and the fact the they keep relaying information about each other to the alliance. They can only make someone else a bigger target until there is no one left but them!

      • They have all been up on the block multiple times, so of course “they are next,” as you put it…doesn’t mean they will be going home. In prior seasons, alliances have been known to put their own alliance members up, so who’s to say this season won’t be the same. Vanessa and Shelli could put Austin up. Liz did not tell anyone that it was her who voted for Jeff to stay, in fear of getting nominated, that is what I think

      • I agree! think the power alliance is falling apart already, thanks to Van. I also think that Shay knows it and that’s why they’re hanging out with the Backyard Gang (aka James Gang.)

    • You must have watched this week’s Wil Hueser BB17 Saga!

      youtube dot com/watch?v=mOtajS-2zAM

  5. I have been really disappointed in James. I liked him in the beginning, he talked like he would be a good player. LOL what a joke on me.

  6. If Audrey doesn’t have to follow the have not rules then the rest of them should be able to eat. If she doesn’t show up for the eviction ceremony then they shouldn’t pay her for anything. They sign a contract and have an obligation in order to get paid. She needs to grow up and make the best out of the next 2 days. She’s not the first to get evicted and she won’t be the last. Does she not understand this is a game. If you didn’t want to play you should of stayed home and gave someone else a chance.

    • Again, I say that Audrey should not be treated differently from any of the other HGs. If she is breaking the “Have Not” rules and failing to attend ceremonies, then she should face the same repercussions as any other houseguest. By holding Audrey out as exempt from the regular rules all houseguests play ubder, CBS is sending a dangerous message and defeating any good message that may have come from having the first transgendered houseguest in BB history. Even if they are handling Audrey differently due to her mental state being fragile, they do her a huge dis-service by leaving her in the game rather than sending her out of the house to relieve professional help in a proper setting. Either way, the “powers that be” can consider the management of this first transgendered houseguest a huge FAIL.

  7. I’m wondering if maybe Audrey’s issue is a migraine? It would explain wanting to be in total darkness, her long absence, and sleeping on the floor (cool surface). I know people who get migraines and the way she’s acting sounds a lot like what they describe. In fact, one of my friends has them so bad, if she leaves a dark room, she has to wear sunglasses because of the glare. I’m just guessing, but it would explain things.

    • I get migraines and I sure don’t act like that. She is acting like a 2 year old and Production is letting her get away with it.

      • Yes, she is acting like a 2 yr. old. But, I’m not ruling out the migraine theory just yet. I’m just going by what I’ve been told by friends who do suffer from migraines. Some get them so bad they can barely function or have to go to the ER or the doctor to get relief. I guess I’m just grasping at anything rather than to believe someone would be THAT freaking childish. lol

      • It makes more sense if she is a migraine sufferer. I don’t want to believe she’s doing this for pity.

      • I’ve had migraines like that, where I’ve laid on the floor in the bathroom because it’s cool, with the lights out to keep it dark and trying not to be sick. Hopefully that’s what it is (what a good theory), but I really think she’s just being a total baby that her lies didn’t get her farther in the game.

      • Yup… it would seem to me that if she had a migraine she would get help (meds) immediately if they were at the level of laying on the floor.

      • If Audrey’s behavior was due to a migraine, wouldn’t she have said so when either Shelli or James came to check how she was doing on two separate occasions? Nah, she is behaving like a child to such an extreme that it’s beyond normal.

      • Turns out that Judy is correct about some people coping in this fashion. As a migraine sufferer, I can testify to my teens & 20’s being spent in dark rooms, alone, and lying on cold floors… Each person copes differently, but yeah, these were some of the only ways I could slow my pain down which would lead to hot sweats and hallucinations if I didn’t do those things to cope. Thankfully I got educated on migraines and went on to know how to prevent them, but man oh man, those times of needing to be alone and on the floor were tough…

      • That’s exactly what I have to do. I get physically sick. I’ve had them for over 30yrs. My point is it’s been almost 48hrs. She’s just fine.

      • Oh gosh yeah I agree, she’s just surfacing the inner mental & emotional health struggles that are there… Yeah I’ve had mine for a long time also (since childhood), and yes the getting sick part is brutal (especially when they accompanied audible hallucinations) – but as I learned decades ago when I joined the Canadian Migraine Society there’s ways to prevent migraine before it hits. Since then, I’ve not had a full blown attack in well over 15yrs now…

      • I knew migraines could be debilitating, but I had no idea how bad! I’m so glad that you do not suffer from full blown attacks anymore!

        It give me hope that someday, someone will come up with a way to prevent full blown attacks for what I have, fibromyalgia (and yes I’m an active follower of the organization trying to cure/prevent it.)

      • Oh my I am so sorry to hear this. I have a few friends with fibro which is hard to watch… My prayers & hopes with you! :)

    • Hey Judy, yes, actually those are some of the way of coping with migraines, but I’m not sure if that’s the case here… I remember (especially in my teens & 20’s) not fully understanding the chemistry and preventions for migraines and doing exactly the things you said (alone, dark room, sleep on a cold floor…etc)

  8. “10:08 AM BBT – Audrey gets up from bed, goes to get a fresh battery”
    Battery ??? For what ?

    • An inspiration? Really? I’m trying to give her some benefit of the doubt and hope that she’s sick. But, to be an inspiration, she should be fighting for her Big Brother life. If she’s not sick, then she’s definitely not an inspiration to anyone. She’s just being a drama queen.

      • I get that it’s a joke. But it still had to be said. Just on the off chance that someone seriously thinks Audrey actually is an inspiration. Ya never know. ;)

      • Yeah, I think you’ll see in time that many people on here like to joke in sarcastic tone (not meeeee of course!) …See what I did just there? ;)

    • I’ve seen you post some intelligent things on here so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was a joke

      • We’re going to have to put warning on the site for the new posters that join us.

      • Nawwww….more fun to watch them figure others out – sort of like the hgs have to in BB! LOLOL

      • I’ve learned to observe my audience first before piping in! hahaha

      • I had no idea that I was in an established community of sarcastic jokers. Once I did, I felt right at home.

      • Sarcasm is one of the many services I provide all the time anyway, so I felt at home as well starting Season 15…geesh…hard to believe I didn’t get hooked til then!

      • You very nicely tolerate my hillbilly corniness when you could easily be giving a speech in front of a crowd of intellects. But, yes, there is a lot to Matt S. It would most likely take more brain power than I have to figure you out. I surely do enjoy the challenge.

      • OH goodness you want to know me? Here’s how complicated I am… Food, Sleep, Sex, Entertainment, Sports…shower & repeat! ;)

      • I am literally crying tears I am laughing so hard. Some men would put #3 and #4 in the same category, but I guess that’s all according to the entertainment value of the sex. I’m joking with you, Matt. Good to know that you are just a regular clean(that’s always a plus) guy. LOL

      • Ahem….you are a BAD Canadian if you have “sports” in the first place & not HOCKEY! Secondly, isn’t that the FIRST thing on a Canadian’s mind?!?! LMFAO :P

      • Right…which is why I find it hard to believe that HOCKEY was not Numbers 1,2,3, AND 4! Hahahahaha For me it is & I’m in Pennsylvania. :D

      • I’m sick of all of you… disguising your real thoughts by adding lol, hahaha, ha, hehehe, etc. makes them sarcastic? and not to be believed, all in fun? No way. bye bye

    • Audrey should be left alone ~~ stop making fun of her. You’re all disgraceful.. (but she’s not an inspiration with or without the lol).

    • Yep, she inspires me to continue to teach my 5 yo grandchild that temper tantrums are not OK! LOL

  9. I’m pretty sure that in order for the sixth sense alliance to have any cracks it would be best if Jackie and John were the HOH’s next week. I don’t have the feeds, but this seems to be the 2 that are most suspicious about the alliance and most likely to put sixth sense members up next week. Is this true? Sixth sense needs to lose a member next week or else this season is basically over, and the final 6 is written in stone.

      • As much as it would suck to see the twin twist end on its final week. I would like to see Liz go home next week, because then it would be 7 outsiders left, and then 4 sixth sense members left, and that would be awesome! And I feel that Liz would be a potential target if Jackie won HOH

      • I want the twins to make it in the house. I want to see how they play together.

      • Me too! I want to see them and Austin. I feel like once they are in the alliance will drop Austin real quick.

      • I wish they’d get rid of the BOTB. Then one of them not in the sixth sense members get HOH and put Austin and Liz up together. The twin twist is boring anyway.

  10. If/when Audrey is evicted on Thursday, I can’t wait for her post eviction interview with Julie Chen. And the HGs’ “in-case-you-were-evicted” good-byes. That will be great to see.

  11. They need to quit making food and taking it to Audrey. If she would say thank you or be grateful then fine. But she won’t even speak to them. Let her get off her cry baby a$$ and go to the kitchen herself.

    • I’m gonna retract my migraine theory. I guess she’s just being an ungrateful….Nevermind. lol

      • She better get some damn good editing this week if it’s not a migraine or something else that causes her to be rude too.

    • Becky pointed out that she is right next to the storage room and can get anything she wants there.

  12. What about the ‘twin twist” huh? It’s a bust! Two more evictions then the reveal. How are they gonna handle this? There’s no reveal.
    Julie Chen: “HG I have something to tell you about Liz….yeah..yeah..yeah we know she’s switching” boo lol

    • No the doorbell will ring and the other one will walk in. What I think is stupid is everyone knows but not one person will stand up and say anything. I want them to stay at least for a couple of weeks. And I also want to see how they bring the other one in. Come on get on board with me. Just until they’re both in.

    • One one hand, as a feedster, JASON has the right idea – get them OUT before the other comes in & they are in the strongest possible alliance on earth! On the other hand, I would LOVE to see them both in and taking out the Sixth Sense!!!

  13. What are the odds of Thursday’s eviction being taped earlier in the day, just to avoid any drama or getting Audrey to leave the house or something like that?

    • It’s been mentioned in some of the CBS All Access chat rooms that perhaps they taped the interview when she was in the DR for almost 5 hours on Monday. We shall see.

    • They replaced the audience with CBS employees for Frankie last season and for someone else on an earlier season.

  14. James doesn’t really have a game plan doesn’t he? He has been put on the block a number of times meaning he is expendable and he goes on to warn the very people who put him on the block? Dumb stick he is! So, he outs and destroys Steve’s game when if Steve wins HOH and puts the alliance members will serve James interests? He also, shows he is a back stabbing snitch not to be trusted. If I were Steve, if the alliance asks I would tell them it was actually James scheming to take revenge on them and now he is lying too as well! Hang him out to dry being a blabber mouth and a snitch.

  15. I think Shelli is becoming a force to be wrecking with. She has Clay as her closest alliance and he won’t betray her. She’s also calling most of the shots in the sixth sense, plus on top of that she’s one of the nicest and most like able people in the house. Unless someone realizes it, Shelli is easily going to make it to the end.

    • She has to get rid of the rock weighing down her game, first. Clay reminds me of a stone statue.

      • I think Clay has been doing Shelli’s dirty work, sure he might be a statue, but he’s Shelli’s statue.

  16. Since Audrey stabbed Shelli in the back leaving S. with no other option but to backdoor Audrey I’m afraid when A. is evicted she will start slandering everyone’s character – the same way she tried to slander Becky by telling everyone B. was a racist.
    I don’t think Audrey has the emotional stability required to be on a reality show and I’m sure AG is kicking herself about now.

      • It really is sad Joni – I’m surprised she even made it onto the show if she is this fragile and immature.

      • It is extremely sad. I had her pegged as one of my pre-season favs. And then week 1 happened.

  17. Was watching the live feeds. Audrey broke another rule. She got up, went into the next room and took a regular pillow off the bed. Took it back to her HN bed and ate a apple. Then she started pacing, I don’t think she will get the academy award.

  18. Has anyone noticed she hasn’t used the bathroom in about 48 hours? Which for anyone is physically impossible. She’s gone into the diary room multiple times for a few minutes a time… It seems to me production is allowing her to use a bathroom reserved for crew behind the scenes, enabling her so that she can avoid any interaction with other houseguests. It seems completely ridiculous and wrong that they are allowing her to so blatantly break the rules as we have already seen with the eating, sleeping with the lights off, etc. and now potentially allowing her to interact with people who are not in the house, but actually leave the Big Brother house simply because she insists upon acting like a petulant child.

    • they are only doing that because she’s transgender, and if they treat her like everyone else, kick her off the show or if anyone evicts her, they will be bashed. this is so not fair, she needs to be treated like everyone else. she chose to play that game, so suck it up and play it.

      • One reason and one reason only: LAWSUIT!!! Chances are, she has threatened to retain a lawyer & sue them for Discrimination. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, NOR DO I CONDONE IT – in fact, it makes me angry to think that she would so much as threaten such a thing since she signed a contract! But. Can you IMAGINE the backlash CBS, Endemol, Grodner, Meehan, Julie Chen, & Les Moonves would face if it happened?!?!?

      • oh my gosh, it all makes sense lol I’m so sick of audrey. i wish she would leave, but its not gonna happen. this Thursday, either the houseguest will get too scared and vote out johnny mac :( or there will be some twist…and no one gets evicted.

  19. This is crazy…James was called out for not sleeping in a bedroom yet Audrey can eat an apple in the HN room. Worst season ever!!!! I wonder if Thursday will be any different. Shyt who wouldn’t take a free paycheck to nap and be evil for days?

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