Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Friday Daytime Highlights

The crazy continued at full speed on Friday for Big Brother 17 as the Nomination Ceremony sent the HoHs in to a panic trying to get ready for the early arriving meeting and their big decision.

Becky Burgess is having fun on Big Brother 17
Becky Burgess is having fun on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

The first round of noms this week are official and now with no one assigned to throw the Battle we’ve actually got some campaigning and strategy as they ramp up for a big weekend.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 17, 2015:

8:35 AM BBT – Houseguests getting their wake-up call and it’s an early one as they prepare for the nominations meeting.

9:15 AM BBT – Shelli is freaking out. She has very limited time before the ceremony and says she needs Vanessa to tell her what to do, who to nom, and what to say. She’s a mess.

9:20 AM BBT – Vanessa arrives to save Shelli’s day. She’s telling her who they should nom and wants it to be 2 real targets on both sides so they don’t have to worry about the votes.

9:40 AM BBT – Shelli suggests she just goes the easy route and then nom Audrey to keep everyone happy. She soon backtracks on this.

11:20 AM BBT – Feeds return and we have this week’s nominations.

11:23 AM BBT – Liz talking to Austin about her nominations. She’s upset Jackie asked her if she’s the target. OK.

11:25 AM BBT – Shelli has nominated John but she tells him she’s not asking him to throw it and it’s up to him if he wants to try to win.

11:27 AM BBT – Shelli asks John if he would be ok with Audrey getting backdoored this week. He says yes. She thinks if John and Jason win the Battle of the Block and she’s dethroned, Liz might be down to backdoor Audrey.

11:32 AM BBT – Jason mad that Audrey has been bringing his name up again to people. He says he thought that was over.

11:38 AM BBT – Austin and Liz discuss backdoor options this week. They mention Audrey, Becky and Steve.

11:38 AM BBT – Jason telling John, Jackie and Meg he was stupid for thinking Audrey was getting better but she’s still dragging his name through the mud and that she’s still “Lucifer.”

11:41 AM BBT – Shelli and Audrey are talking about the nominations. Shelli is upset with Audrey because now Audrey is backtracking and saying she didn’t say Jason told Audrey he was coming for Shelli and Clay. She is upset because she nominated Jason for that reason and now she thinks Audrey just made it up or didn’t have any certain proof. Shelli is pretty upset with Audrey. Shelli tells Audrey she’s not going to let her spin lies to her any more.

11:50 AM BBT – Audrey starts crying and is upset because Shelli told Jason Audrey was dragging him. So now Shelli is apologizing to Audrey and says she shouldn’t have mentioned her name.

12:00 PM BBT – Audrey thinks it was dumb to nominate John. Shelli says she’s OK with being dethroned (she won’t have to worry about a replacement nominee that some could expect to be Audrey).

12:42 PM BBT – Shelli relays her conversation with Audrey to the others.

1:33 PM BBT – Liz is called to the DR to swap out with Julia.

2:10 PM BBT – Julia is out of the DR. She reads the HOH letter and gets emotional. Austin fills her in on what’s been going on.

2:20 PM BBT – Julia is talking to Austin and Shelli about Liz winning HOH. Liz only left her a little bit of the wine from the HOH basket.

2:30 PM BBT – Austin tells Julia their target is Jackie or Becky while Shelli’s target is Jason or Becky. He says it will be an easy week for them because they will just let the week play out how it will.

2:40 PM BBT – Austin reveals Judas to Julia.

3:00 PM BBT – HGs are lounging around waiting for the Battle of the Block competition.

3:30 PM BBT – Austin and Julia are in one HOH room while Clay and Shelli are in the other. They’re just talking about life and general chit-chat. No one else is on any of the cameras.

3:50 PM BBT – We finally get a new angle. John and Steve are talking about past competitions and what they can expect to play this season.

3:51 PM BBT – Steve talks about how he’s surprised Battle of the Block is back because fans didn’t like it the first time they did it (this is very true, Steve).

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  1. I am really annoyed with these players. There is one group who believe they are mastermind strategists of big brother and over think every move from who was talking to who to who they believe is America’s player. It is almost like 6 Amandas in the house. The other side of the house is just there. They have no game discussions, they seem to just be there to lounge around until comp time, then go back to nothing. I think John is hilarious but other than that, live feeds are boring or completely insane and not in a good way.

    • Don’t blame the cast, blame Battle of the Block. This is actually a great cast, they are just doing what they have to do to counteract this stupid twist.

      • I love the cast, and Veteran players have said, it’s a great cast, and you’re right, it’s the BoB. It has so many flaws. I’m surprised they didn’t fixed it, the second time around.

      • I don’t love the cast, but I like it. I’m not at all happy with the one-sided control so far and I am all in with joethehobo’s End the Battle of the Block campaign.

      • I loved the fact that, not only we have big characters in the show, we have no Derrick. (no offense to his fans) who is the only one really playing the game.
        ………….plus for the first time, we have a psychic.

      • …and don’t forget the human lie detector. With so many lies being told in the house, you’d think her wires would really be getting crossed. Only Audrey knows what the future holds. hahaha

      • Oh, and you know these HG’s?..they dream a lot. It’s a new strategy. Thank God! they have Audrey to interpret them. lol

      • I think that is all your fault; you and your blue dream talk even before the show began. You heard that Julia is now dreaming. Yep, “Cyril’s Omen”.

      • That’s how I roll Karen..humor and truth. right Cuddles? heard them today about is it Liz dream, about not to trust Clay/Shellie?..I’m like what?!!

      • I’m waiting for Shelly to wake up and realize she shouldn’t trust Clay ~ even tho’ she’s sharing her super duper tooth whitener with him. No one else has those shiny teeth.

      • She is wayyy over doing it with the whitener AND the self tanner!!!! Haha. I def noticed that as well ;)

      • Oh, sorry, I thought it was Julia, but yes, it was funny because she told Austin it scared her or freaked her, something to that effect. I hope she never has real nightmares.

      • I hope it’s an excuse to go after them, or they could all just be crazy. Who cares?..I want that No Sense Alliance to collapse. lol

      • Know what? I didn’t think about that, Cyril. You’re so good at this. LOL I agree, six sense, sixth sense, zero sense, or no sense has been in control long enough. Time for a little nonsense and fun.

      • Right now, there are already factions brewing within the group, at the same time, the other side is getting pissed being nominated. I don’t think there’s any Helen in this group…we’ll see some actions soon.

      • Hey, Cyril, I have no idea how close you are, but just in case, stay off Int. 15 around Cajon Pass this evening. Just saw where automobiles were catching fire. It may be contained now. Darn those Cali. wildfires. Any ever close to where BB house is located?

      • We’re about 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive to Cajon Pass. That’s going towards Vegas. It’s horrible. Cars left with keys in them, big rigs burning. It’s like a war zone…..we only have two seasons here.. Fire and Rain…oh earth quake too.

      • What, no hurricanes or tornadoes? I know that is no joking matter and can be very stressful. Yikes!!

      • lol What can you do? It’s the first time I’ve seen wild fire spread across the freeway destroying some 20 vehicles on the pavement, and maybe more…it’s bad

      • Hey, tell me about the zipline. Did you really? Is it long and high? Nice view?…that is so fun!

      • Check out the you tube video of Goliath. There were 5 lines starting with Goliath, then Bertha, Bertha’s twin(I don’t remember her name), then something to do with the Kardashians(one of the guides was carrying on a conversation with my husband about space exploration and I didn’t catch the name), and the final one was David, which happens to be my husband’s name. Google Foxfire Mtn. They built the largest or longest swinging bridge in the US, which my grandson’s loved. There is suppose to be a picture on FB of our group that we could download but we don’t FB.

      • Oh WOW!..I’ve done it outside the country, but man, US style..this is how it’s done…I’ll check it out

      • Ziplining would be exhilarating no matter where you did it. I’m sure your experience was, also. If it was across water, I don’t envy you. For some reason that would unnerve me, which makes absolutely no sense, I am aware. I wonder what JMac would be screaming while flying down a zipline. Funny to imagine how loud he might be. LOL

      • I love this cast too. What would make it even better was if they brought David back! Could you imagine the drama.

  2. So Shelli doesn’t really want her noms to lose because she doesn’t want to be put on the spot for a renom if need be. She needs Van’s input before she could get it together for her noms. She lets Clay talk her into putting JMac on the block yet again. She backs down from Audrey and apologizes for being truthful because Audrey starts crying. Shelli is a weak mess.

    • Omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that! This girl needs chill a little and learn to make her own decision! Ughh I’m sick of all of this shared game play! You came in as one and you’re leaving as one so might as well play as one!

  3. Again, why is Shelli falling for more of Audrey’s lies? My goodness are these people really that stupid? I wonder how many of these people will lose their jobs this year.

    • Did any of them have ‘real’ jobs? Great way to freeload for the summer ~ They’re getting free food, choice of mattresses, booze and getting paid by the week! What more could these young folks ask for? Oh, that’s right … $500,000

  4. “Steve talks about how he’s surpassed Battle of the Block is back because fans didn’t like it the first time they did it.”

    THIS is why I love Steve!

  5. Thought i heard something about steve john alliance, but john brushed it off to clay/shelli

  6. Wasn’t that nice of Shelli to tell JMac it was “up to him if he wanted to win the BoB”! The “Zero Sense” alliance strikes again:)

  7. John is the sole survivor! I’d really like to see how he’d survive on Survivor. He’s been used and abused on BB (and it looks like that’s continuing) and he just bounces back with his wit and big smiles. He’s growing on me.

    • Totally agree cuddles. I am just starting to participate this year because I’ve been so turned off by the whole BoB but I just can’t help myself. Lol. John is really growing on me:). I’ve also nicknamed the other half of the house zero sense because they seem so clueless! Yay, another houseguest coming in for example. It is a fun group to watch though. I enjoy your post:)

  8. Liz didn’t have much time to pass info to Julia so Austin is filling her in on what the plan is. Hmmmm sounds like Austin is going to give her HIS plans. This could go bad for Shellis plans but on thw other hand if he does talk Julia into doing what he wants saying its what Liz wanted and its not what she planned on doing it could lead to some drama when Liz comes back. As much as I’d like to see Audry go, I think Austin is the most dangerous person in the house right now for everyone. His true alliance is to himself only, well himself and Judas. They really need to get him out now.

      • Hey Lav..Have you been watching? Who is really the target according to plan?..any changes? Do you hear Austin’s name?

      • I watched last night for a little while and briefly today. I don’t think they even know who they want gone. Liz kind of wants Becky or Jackie gone. Shelli kind of wants Jason gone. But I keep checking the feeds and there still playing BOTB. So can’t wait to see what happens after. Maybe then one of them will have a final target.

      • Thanks..That’s what I thought. No clear target/backdoor plan in place yet…Jeffish right now. BoB

  9. For starters, Austin needs to learn how to keep his hands to himself. It makes me feel unconfortable how he is always touching the twins. Am I the only one who notices that after awhile Liz will get up and move seats/spots as if to get away from him. And its not like she can tell him to stop..
    Second, it seems as though one alliance is cracking from within and the “outsiders” may be building something

  10. Jerkus not Judas. And get rid of BOTB — it is just is a big collusion between the two HOHs and not the battle between the two as it was envisioned. Sapped all the drama from the game, unless you like watching people throw comps. zzzzzzzzz

  11. We need to find a way to stop BOTB! Seriously you guys have ruined game play. There is no game. Now everyone is just throwing comps left and right and the same 6 people will just win them all while every evicted houseguest goes out the back door. I am so over it. You can’t have an individual game when two HOHs.

  12. I am not so sad about not being able to get live feeds this year (not available in Canada :(), but brother needs to step up or the minority of the house needs to win something…

  13. I think one way to improve BB game play is to not allow the HOHs to tell anyone who will be put on the block or whether they are pawns. I understand this is already a rule so they should enforce it strictly. If HOHs can’t tell anyone who is being nominated it will increase the paranoia and decrease the comfort level. If people cannot be told they are pawns then they will be less likely to throw comps. Too many people in the house feel way too safe.

    Also if they are not going to get rid of the BotB then they should make it so the HOH for the week cannot compete for 2 weeks and the dethroned HOH cannot compete for 1 week. That may help prevent one side of the house from taking control for too many weeks in a row. When there is no BotB then go back to the rule where the outgoing HOH cannot compete for only 1 week.

    Something needs to be done or this game is going to become really boring to watch.

    I have no idea what its like in the house but it seems like the sheeple, or the floaters are either too dumb to see whats happening or they are too chicken to do something about it. When 9 people fear 4 that’s bad BB game play.

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