Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Sunday Highlights

It was another day of round and and round and round in the Big Brother 17 house as Austin and Vanessa tried to figure out who to target this week and whether or not the veto should be used.

Vanessa spent the day interrogating people in the Big Brother 17 house – Source: CBS All Access

Things changed by the minute in the house throughout the day. Targets have been (in random order): John, Steve, Meg, James, John, Steve … and so on. You know, the usual when this alliance is in power.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 23, 2015:

10:50 AM BBT – HGs got their wake up call but most are slow to leave bed.

11:25 AM BBT – Liz tells Austin she doesn’t kiss on the second date and their Outback reward dinner doesn’t count as a date.

11:45 AM BBT – Vanessa wants to ask John a question. Uh oh, John. She asks if he was sincere to their safety deal. He says he was unless he heard new information.

11:55 AM BBT – John explains to Vanessa that he has no one in the game and could be a useful ally. Vanessa tells John she was a victim of Jackie and Becky in that 8-HG alliance. It wasn’t her fault like they suggested.

12:10 PM BBT – Still chatting, Vanessa continues to dig for information and John is telling her pretty much anything she asks to know. She wants to know one more thing, whether or not he lied about anything Steve told him. John says no.

12:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells John he has never, ever been her target and wants to fight to save him this week. She’d love to use the Veto on him, but will have to see if she can get approval.

12:55 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to Austin and Liz to tell them John would work with them and agree to nom the Goblins.

1:00 PM BBT – Vanessa suggesting to Austin and Liz that Meg is a huge mastermind working the house.

1:15 PM BBT – Austin talking with John and confirms that Vanessa’s most recent bout of paranoia was kicked off by Meg crying after she lost in the Veto comp on Saturday.

1:40 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to the twins and telling them why everything is good and how they should all trust each other. Smiles and nods from the twins.

2:20 PM BBT – Vanessa on more info hunting this time with Steve. She wants answers. Steve has them. He admits to lying to her about knowing she was a BD target.

2:50 PM BBT – Steve continues to divulge anything he can think of to Vanessa. He says Meg didn’t like that Vanessa pushed a deal on her during the DE. Vanessa is none too pleased.

3:15 PM BBT – Vanessa pushing Austin to send out a Goblin this week.

3:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that Meg has been lying to them and playing both sides.

4:45 PM BBT – James realizes that Vanessa may be really hard to get out. (Oops.)

5:00 PM BBT – Vanessa continuing to press to get a Goblin out this week. She says she wants Meg gone.

5:30 PM BBT – Steve is in HoH room with Austin. They’re trying to smooth over things. Steve makes a case for him to come down and James to go instead of Meg. Austin seems into it (for now). Austin talks about coming up with a reason for the twins to vote against James.

6:45 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia that Austin is not a good kisser and her guy back in Miami is better (remember the Sunday night episode where she tells us in her Diary Room that Austin has grown on her? OK, Liz).

7:00 PM BBT – More Austin talk from the twins. All signs point to Austin is toast as soon as they’re out of the house.

7:07 PM BBT – Austin decides that unless he can catch James in a lie he’s not going to ask Vanessa to not use the veto. He’s also worried that will make him and the twins sitting ducks. Julia says Vanessa’s conspiracy theories are stupid and nominations just need to stay the same.

7:15 PM BBT – Austin tells the twins that taking James out helps Vanessa but doesn’t help them.

7:35 PM BBT – Vanessa starts her interrogations again. First it’s JMac and then it’s James. He tells Vanessa only Jackie suggested targeting Vanessa during the double eviction and that he and Meg did not.

8:05 PM BBT – Vanessa asks James who he would target next week. He said he’d ask them for input and that he wouldn’t do anything without them. After they end their talk, Vanessa goes searching for Meg.


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  1. The show got sooo boring, these people are morons.
    You get to know the “real person” during difficult times…Vanesa has shown to be not a nice person to be with, Meg and James have shown to be nice people….Austin and the twins well they are dead weight and only made it so far because of BB antics

    • I just don’t get why everyone needs to prove anything to Vanessa. She runs everyone through the wringer looking for lies when she is re biggest lair of them all. Can’t wait until they leave the house and see just how stupid they all were and how she played everyone. I hope Vanessa doesn’t win

      • Isn’t it amazing? She tells them to give her their lunch money and they just hand it over. They’ll tell her anything she asks to know. Have they never heard the phrase “I don’t remember”?

      • Yes it is amazing. She’s good at getting into their heads. She baffles ’em with BS. She talks so fast and spews out so much garbage, they just spill their guts. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did win the game. I cannot stand her, but I have to say, she’s playing them all like fiddles.

      • I think she’s baffled them so much, they totally miss those two words. I cannot stand her, but unless they get her out soon, she’s gonna win and she’ll deserve it. I still think getting rid of Liz first would be a good idea. Break up the power alliance of 3, then get rid of Vanessa. They don’t seem to realize how much time they have left, which isn’t much. Even the smaller table hasn’t clued them in. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

      • Remember shes. Not playing anyone. They all know she’s venemous. She’s there because Austin wants the shield. And he’s running the house on multiple levels. People need to get past his look, gf, nasty kissing and realize it’s a game and he’s bright. Period.

      • Gotta give it to her though she’s the only one playing the game. If their all stupid enough to give her ammo then they deserve to be gone. She’s not my favorite player but if she some how saves JMac this week then I’ll be cheering her on and hope JMac and her are the final two. (Never thought those words would come out of my mouth). Lol

      • I do like how James and Meg handled Vanessa. I hope they were lying, they made her believe it. She has no special power and I sill say if James wins this week, Vanessa and Liz will be on the block.

      • I have a feeling she will win tho. She has had a hand in every single person walking out the door. Why do they let one person have so much power?

      • But in the end, the jury sees that they all got played. Once they’re out of the house and start comparing notes, they will see that she pretty much controlled EVERY single HOH. If she’s in the final two, she’ll walk away with the win. The ones left in the house wants to take her out because they think the target will switch to them when she’s gone. There’s not much time left, either get her out next week or their chance at $500k is gone. JMac said it to the Austwats, “Whoever gets Vanessa out is king”. But these people just want to be the jesters.

      • I agree with you, her social game may hurt her but she will get the “I really don’t want to but I will” jury vote. Like Evil Dick.

      • The jury may not like her, but will see that she’s played the game the best. Just like Evel Dick.

  2. As much as I love both Steve and Johnny Mac, I’m hoping Johnny Mac stays. I really wish one of the Goblins goes up and gets evicted but that seems unlikely now. I think Johnny Mac is just doing what he can to survive which includes surrendering himself and playing dumb when needed. He can’t show how smart he is or how good of a competitor he is at this point since he’s pretty much alone. That just gives them more reasons to get rid of him.

    • He’s alone because he insisted on being aligned with the cool kids (Shelli/Clay) rather than people who actually would have wanted to stick with him (Goblins). He would rather be aligned with a showmance that was dead in the water than people actually still in the game. That is lunacy!

      But I hope he stays as well, since I think Steve sucks.

      • I think it had to do more with him wanting to align with people that were smart and had common sense. The Goblins have neither so he stayed away from that side of the house. The only reason his people are gone is because of Vanessa.

      • I think that’s giving JMac a very generous edit, but it could be true. I think he preferred Shelli/Clay not based on gameplay (like Liz saying they should keep James because he is fun, oy)

        clay is gone because of James and actually so is Shelli. Vanessa wanted to keep both of them, but James made it impossible.

        I would still prefer JMac stay over Steve but homeboy is not playing a good game right now.

      • Clay and Shelli are gone because of James but James would of never targeted them if Vanessa hadn’t thrown them under the bus during the Jason eviction. So technically Vanessa was their demise.

      • Yes exactly, he did pick them for game play but he’s obviously gonna pick someone that’s smart and has common sense to align with.

        Yeah James put them up and voted the other out but Vanessa got that ball rolling. He wouldn’t have considered them had she not blamed them out right for Jason being the renom and ultimately evicted. She was even the reason why Becky was evicted. And now it’s looking like she’s gonna be the reason Steve gets evicted.

        I think Johnny Mac has no choice at this point. Even if he wanted to have won the vetos to get himself off the block he knew that would be putting another target on his back because he can obviously win comps. He has nothing to lose. If he just plays dumb and incapable he knows they’re more likely to keep him to keep a target in front of themselves.

    • I like Johnny Mac but, he is playing like a big fool. Who deliberately loses when playing for HOH and POV? That is dumb times ten! Now, he is in the worst position ever. He was amusing and fun but, it is better he goes. Steve has more game value as he is going to take out the big targets after James and the incoming evicted house guest comes back next week, maybe, Becky? There are just 2 threats left on the other side, James and maybe, Becky or Shelli? After that, they have to eat one of their own because there is nobody left. Not counting Meg as she is a good Final 2 option.

      • Yes throwing comps is really stupid BUT he knows he has no one left except for Steve and since they’re on the block together he’s looking at who would everyone want to keep at this point in the game. He knows they would rather keep an “easy” target over someone that they think can win the next few comps coming up. Is this a dumb strategy? Yes, but so far all the Austwins and Goblins strategies have been dumb. I think he’s just doing what he thinks will keep him there until someone comes back. Even then he knows it’ll be hard to break up the Stupid 5 & Vanessa. Steve is a major threat to them as it stands right now so they’ll obviously evict him especially if Vanessa keeps it up. I do believe if it’s the Austwins left with Meg then Meg for sure will be evicted and not taken to the F2.

  3. Look at the Goblins trying to shift votes away from JMac to Steve. Not bad Goblins, not bad at all.

    Getting Steve out might help the remaining Goblins. I don’t know if by later today (veto ceremony) everything will be the same but if it is then I hope Steve goes.

  4. 4:45 PM BBT – James realizes that Vanessa may be really hard to get out. (Oops.)

    You think? Ha ha ha! This is really funny. Vanessa is just licking her chops. If she or Steve wins the next HOH, she is going to start chopping of heads of those still in the Big Brother House and a threat to her alliance.

    • No kidding. Watching the feeds last night I was getting dizzy. And wait until after the POV ceremony it will be even worse. Last night Julia and Vanessa are talking and Julia says I want James gone. I don’t trust him and I know he will come after us. Then a few minutes later she’s up in the HOH and Austin says noms need to stay the same and JMac needs to go. Julia “Ok”. WTH?

  5. Last night during the James/Van interrogation, James mentioned he didn’t even make 20k last year and that due to BB he was already ahead this year, that is so ridiculous. He wasn’t kidding when he felt 10k was a lot for Becky to win.

      • IIRC Shelly had the 5K so she takes herself off and possibly replacement nominee may go and S&C still strong and Goblin HOH fail

      • Becky had the 5k. If James had taken it then Becky would have won POV. The game might still have been different, Becky could have saved Shelli allowing both Clay/Shelli to be in the game but atleast James would have made some money

    • Then he was in the lower 10 percent in his field as a correction’s officer earning up to 27k while others average up to 63k.

    • He was lying, unless he lost his job.
      He is a veteran and a correctional officer. I am sure he made a lot more than that, but it is still not much.

  6. Based on the episode(s) this season (unless you follow threads and forums) Production sure has made Vanessa to be one of BB’s Best Player ever, in how she has played, manipulated and controlled all her Minions this Season … Unlike, Derrick from last Season, who hid in the background with his stealthy Master Yoda Skills, Vanessa’s “In Your Face” strategy, has worked so far .. Ha !!
    In hindsight, Austin made the right choice to not nominate Vanessa, while suggesting to keep her as a potential backdoor (yeah, right !!) as, she would have blown him and the Twins out of the water, especially having since won the POV, which would have thwarted their attempts this week, anyways …
    The Austwins, may be hoping that if Jackie wins and returns back to the Game that their double Trio would have the numbers advantage again, to take out the rest of the House … But, can’t remember if Jackie indicated that she would go after Vanessa and/or the Austwins should she return back to the House, last Thursday ??
    Have to admit, however, how Vanessa has been able to use her deflection ability and reverse psychology to break down the other HG’s to change their mindset, even when they were right and like last Season with Derrick, ends up even apologizing to Her, afterwards .. Ha !!!

      • I’d say she’s a very good player, at least for our entertainment factor. She’s been effective in her manipulating, but it’s often been messy and unnecessary.

        “Best players” of her strategy and style aren’t so transparent that everyone in the house knows what they’re doing. HGs know exactly what she’s doing and have for weeks now. She’s been fortunate that allies have had power for past 2 weeks as they’re willing to keep her as a target and a number.

        But again, for our entertainment factor she’s been Feeds Gold.

      • I miss the seasons when the power went back and forth every week. Made it more exciting and less predictable/

      • Absolutely not, just because she is in the house with a bunch of dumba$$es doesn’t make her the greatest player ever. She just happens to be playing the game and the others are just along for the ride. Makes me sick to watch her sit there and accuse past HGs of doing everything that she (Vanessa) has done. Just like she is this innocent victim. And they are all so young and freaking stupid to see it. If production had put some HGs in that are say 35-45 yrs old there is no way Vanessa would have gotten as far in the game.

      • A lot of them are playing the game. This isn’t like last season where everyone is rolling over and allowing Vanessa to win. Several people have tried to target her, and she takes them out one by one.

      • I disagree. A lot of them started playing too late, if they’re even playing at all, and now they’re stuck with what they have now. Most of the HGs (Austwins & Goblins) never thought things through or had a strategy at all. They just deferred to Vanessa or let Vanessa get into their head. Even when they wanted to target her she got to them. Becky is the only one that actually targeted her and got evicted for it. If any season is rolling over its this one. They’re hardly putting up a fight because they’re letting her run everything outright. Derrick didn’t have people rolling over. He stayed in the background and just watched everyone go at each other with his influence. They all played but thought they were making the decisions even though it was Derrick that steered them that way. Why do you think he was never nominated? I don’t even think he was ever seriously considered for a BD option either which shows he was in the background. The only people that were playing this season all got evicted. Most of the ones left are left because they think they’re at summer camp and are letting Vanessa run things like she’s camp counselor.

      • I disagree. A lot of them started playing too late, if they’re even playing at all, and now they’re stuck with what they have now. Most of the HGs (Austwins & Goblins) never thought things through or had a strategy at all. They just deferred to Vanessa or let Vanessa get into their head. Even when they wanted to target her she got to them. Becky is the only one that actually targeted her and got evicted for it. If any season is rolling over its this one. They’re hardly putting up a fight because they’re letting her run everything outright. Derrick didn’t have people rolling over. He stayed in the background and just watched everyone go at each other with his influence. They all played but thought they were making the decisions even though it was Derrick that steered them that way. Why do you think he was never nominated? I don’t even think he was ever seriously considered for a BD option either which shows he was in the background. The only people that were playing this season all got evicted. Most of the ones left are left because they think they’re at summer camp and are letting Vanessa run things like she’s camp counselor.

      • I think Vanessa is one of the best players ever because she is able to manipulate others even when they know she is doing it. Derrick was doing things while the HGs were unaware. Either way they are both great.
        I wanted Derrick to get evicted, but knew he deserved to win the whole game. The same with Vanessa,

  7. I wish the Goblins, Steve and John would’ve teamed up and if John or Steve got eveicted then whoever comes back (unless its Shelly) will be the forth member. Then it would be the Austwins and Vanessa against The other 4 but James and Meg think that going to final five with the “3headed monster” is a good idea so I’m hoping Becky or whoever gets evicted Thursday to come back and get out the twins, preferably Liz, then Vanessa

  8. These folks are so fickle. No real game play just who hurt my feelings, who makes me laugh, and a bunch of tattlers…ugh, strategy folks.

  9. Vanessa is a nut. First everyone was a twin, there were secret family members, secret lovers, signs in picture (picture of Austin and his gay best friend = stick with the gay person in the house), now Meg is (an emotional) mastermind. Mmmmkkkhay Vanessa! What’s next?

    • Why do they all keeping falling for Vanessa?? They all realize but they continue to give up all their information. I hope Vanessa doesn’t win

      • I don’t know what exactly they are afraid of with her but she sure knows how to get to them. They just don’t know how to say “no, go away” to her. None of them owes her anything (even though she will “beat” them down until she gets the answer she wants, not the truth, just the answer she wants… or your neck is on the chopping block). Poor Meg the Mastermind, how dare you cry and then the audacity to tell Vanessa the truth!

      • Yeah but that was the Goblins changing their minds on evicting Vanessa. Had they followed Becky’s plans… But they weren’t strong enough to keep their conversation with Vanessa short, not aollowing her to get in their heads.

      • I’ve decided that they are afraid of her because they know she will not only repeat but skew anything they say. They know she will do anything to stay especially lie, tell half-truths, etc. Maybe they think if they tell the truth it neutralizes her somehow. I still think they should insist on a 2nd person being there. If she doesn’t like it then no conversation. But, if they do that then she’ll run to HOH and make something up. You know, something like how John might try to kill her. Something like that. What a loon.

      • Meg lied through her teeth and Van believed her. Thought Van said she looks for that pulse in their necks to see if they’re telling the truth. WTG Meg for her handling of Vanessa in that one-on-one talk! :-)

      • But she wasn’t pushing for Meg to be bded anymore and instead wants Steve gone instead of JMac! I’ll believe it when I see it with this bunch!

  10. No way am I picking who will get evicted this week. It’s whoever talks to Austin and Vanessa last. Like Thursday mid morning.

  11. Hoping Vanessa messes up today and uses the veto on JMac. She gets a few minutes alone to think beforehand. The way she goes around and back and forth who knows for sure what she will do.

  12. These HGs are a bunch of spineless flip-floppers. IF Jmac were to do, it would be deserved. He was the comp. throwing pawn for the very “alliance” members that want him out. Maybe, just maybe, future HGs will learn from his many mistakes. Of course, that is IF this dull……totally boring season, isn’t the last.

  13. I really don’t care for Vanessa but I am thinking the reason she is standing out so much and looking like such an aggressive player is because the other HGs are just so dosile this season so in comparison she looks like the big bad wolf..I mean in other seasons you would have the majority playing hard like her so they never stood out as much but with most of them not even really playing the game she looks extra aggressive which wouldn’t be the case if more were actually playing the game..even though I don’t like her I give her props for at least playing the others are just so boring and not gamers at all.

    • Exactly….there has been no game play, they win HOH, have no idea what to do with it, so Vanessa steps in and plays the game…thank goodness for her or they’d be playing Rock Paper Scissors each week to decide who to nominate or evict.

    • I get that, but I don’t think Vanessa looks extra aggressive, she is extra aggressive. She is nuts! But, amazingly the HGs just keep taking it. I wouldn’t last a day in the house with her because I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut. Once the loon got in my face they way she does with them, it would all be over. Ha Ha Maybe we should give the HGs more credit for putting up with her.

      • Their coping skills must have doubled while dealing with her when ordinarily they wouldn’t have given someone like her the time of day!

      • I just think in comparing the HGS Vanessa looks so much stronger only because how weak of a game the others have. I think if the others were even playing the game she wouldn’t be standing out as much as she is.

  14. I really thought this would be a great season. Big fail. All camera time has been on one side of the house and its getting really boring watching the idiots (Austin and his angels) all the time.

  15. Judas is full of it. “I’m not gonna have Vanessa run my HoH” “Ok..ok..somebody needs to tell me what to do” lol wtf!..By the end of the hour, Van had him right back where she wants. Eating right in the palm of her hand.

    • Dandy, sorry……but it’s karma that what JMAC did to others would come back to bite him in the butt. I’ve said it before, but I’d love to see some type of incentive for the HGs to NOT throw comps. Then the puppet masters, like Vanessa, would have to be willing to get “blood on their hands” as others would not do their dirty work for them.

      • I totally agree with you. I simply meant that I think the others are so hard for me to like and respect, they make the idiot who makes bad choice after bad choice the most likeable of them all. I hate when players throw comps, but of the HGs left, I root more for him than them.

  16. take steve out. have becky come back. jmac,becky,james or meg (LOL) win HOH and you can say goodbye to vanessa next week.

    • I don’t see James or Meg having the guts. Personally, I would love to see a Pandora’s Box show up Thursday morning. One with Austin’s girlfriend inside would be good.

      • Yes, it’s about time for Pandora’s Box. It’s been a while since they had one. And you know it will be opened! I do think James or Jackie would have the guts to put up Vanessa even though at this point they should break up the twins.

  17. Well, I won’t stop watching if JMac goes, but only because I want to watch the train wreck, not because I will enjoy it as I usually do. Austin is unpleasant, the twins are so self-involved and vain that they are painful to watch and worse to listen to, I have sorta enjoyed Meg and James except that they are totally clueless about what is going on, and Steve is actually playing a decent game, but I don’t enjoy him.

  18. The only hope for this season is that the person who re-enters the house can not be manipulated or bullied by Vanessa. That person would also most likely have to win HOH comp to be assured of staying in the house. I’m sure the odds of all of that happening are slim. This would be an excellent time for one of those twists we were promised at the beginning of the season. That could generate a little hope for those of us who believe that any person who uses bullying tactics should never be a winner in any circumstance.

  19. Austin is so worried about getting blood on his hands because he has an alliance with everyone. Vanessa needs to tell him I’m using the POV and you can still keep your hands clean. At the ceremony I will say sorry Austin I know you didn’t want me to use this but after a long talk with JMac he deserves to be saved.

  20. “Vanessa suggesting to Austin and Liz that Meg is a huge mastermind working the house.” Proof that Vanessa has lost her mind.

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