Big Brother 17: Johnny Mac Makes Final 3 Pitch To Austin & Liz

But wait. Liz tells Austin “Unfortunately I’d rather him be here than Steve.” Then do that, ya crazies. It’s not that simple for Liz though. She’s very confused and befuddled that John told them he threw them under the bus over the past few weeks. Liz is very upset about this and wonders why he’d say that when he needs their votes.

Okay, 1) John probably knows Vanessa will unload anything John ever said about them and this covers that and 2) Who cares, Liz? The point isn’t to vote for who is the nicest to you. It’s to do what’s good for your game. Keep Steve if you think he’ll go after Vanessa instead of you next round and take your showmance on to F3 or instead go with John if you think he’ll target Vanessa given the chance. It’s really that simple. Stop playing grade school emotional and consider a strategy for a moment. Good grief.

Jump ahead to 2:28 AM BBT as Vanessa emerges from DR, finds Liztin, and they immediately start telling her about what John said. I’m surprised to hear there’s no staged fury from Vanessa as she really doesn’t seem too bothered by this. She’s instead pleased to hear that John may agree to throw the Veto comp.

I’m not surprised that Vanessa likes this situation at its face value. If John, one of her nominees, doesn’t get the Veto then she’s left with just Steve trying for it giving her better odds of making a choice later on what should happen. Vanessa might not like the idea of John trying to play the game himself and circumvent her plans, but what if Vanessa’s endgame this week turns out to be getting rid of Steve and she lets the Austwins take responsibility for it? We sure know how much Vanessa hates to take any responsibility for anything and this would be a good opportunity there.

The Veto competition should arrive on Saturday and we’ll get the results before too long. If John decides to throw this comp then I think that’s a huge mistake. Winning Veto gives him a definite spot in F4 and a chance to compete for the F4 HoH. Instead of taking a dive he should compete, try to win his safety, and then negotiate a deal as a backup.

If John throws the comp and Steve wins it then he’s got to start all over in convincing Vanessa to tie-break in his favor should Steve still be willing to vote to keep him once he finds out about this deal offer, which you know will be told to him by the Austwins.

What do you think of John’s pitch to Austin and Liz? Should they take it? Liz and Julia wanted Steve out anyway. This would be getting that plus a promise from John that he’d be targeting Vanessa instead of them. It seems tempting to me.


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  1. This is what is wrong with Big Brother this year. Every time someone have a conversation they repeat it to Vanessa or whoever. No one uses information to their own advantage except Vanessa. This is why there are no big moves or house flips. It goes back to Jeff telling everyone everything he heard from everyone else. Or Da finding out about the twins and blabbing it to Jason who in turn blabbed it to the whole house. Or Again Jason when Austin told Jason about Julia.

    There are so many examples of people running to someone else with info they just heard. Its the worst game play and we’ve seen it time and again all throughout BB17. I can’t wait until this season is over. BB needs to do something to fix what’s wrong with the players they casat for this game.

    • Bringing back the prohibition to discuss nominations from BB1 should do the trick. Then again, that would probably kill any real talk of strategy.

      Any suggestions?

      • Let’s just get ”everyday” people back in to the house. People who actually need (and will compete) for the money. No more minor celebs, models & athletes…

      • That’s what I said all along, go scour the bankruptcy court, unemployment and disability lines, as well as shelter homes…etc. and if you want eye candy and young ditziness, throw some in for good measure.

      • That’s ultimately the same kind of casting, just focused on a marginalized group. How about just taking applications from people who actually want to play?

      • That actually WOULD be interesting, but I was moreso thinking of people who struggle to pay for their rent, their mortgages, their health bills, their children’s tuition fees at university…etc And yes, even I confess the occasional person cast for no other reason than their looks is probably needed… but the way it is now? Sigh…

      • It’s interesting to me why they cast this way. Do they think people won’t watch if there isn’t some standard of beauty or celebrity being met in their casting choices? Surely the people who do apply who really want to play are not so pathetic that they have to cast outside those applicants. Somehow, CBS has to hear from viewers that we want “everyday” people. It is much more interesting to watch that kind of game play out.

      • When I called to cancel my feeds 888-274-5343 option 2 was the official CBS BB Comment (leave a message) line. So I let them know 1) Get Rid of BoB–its ruining the game 2) stop casting Fame Whores and Wannabes 3) Get rid of HN and bring back food/lux comps. I remember HGs getting really mad at others going just for booze so all they got to eat all week was crap and when someone wins lux comps it puts a target on them. So if you want to let CBS know what you think now you can tell them (or tell the poor intern they have listening to the messages).

      • Well let’s be honest about this. The producers know full well that whiney, complaining, know-it-alls will say every season’s cast is the worst ever (and of course they’ll profess 2000x they’re never coming back)… Then what happens? Next season it’s new models, new actors/actresses, new minor celebs and/or sports figures and voila…everyone’s back. My argument is that yes the masses won’t be able to resist their need for ridiculous drama, TnA, and celeb watching, but WHY does the cast have to be people mostly filling that demographic need? Why can’t they restrict the hot young bodies to only a couple people. Why can’t these hot young things be selected from casting applications (instead of casting outside through model agencies)? I’m sure there are 1000’s of people who would love to be on the show who aren’t part-time models, actors, and people with careers that are drying up.

      • I so agree. I miss the more real people like Chicken George, Kent, etc. The people they choose now just seem to want to have tv exposure. Get “real” people that need that money.

      • The people who really need that money probably can’t afford to quit or leave their jobs to gamble on winning the big prize. It’s not an issue for me whether someone goes in who needs the money or not. That’s most of us. It matters that the people they cast are actually people who want to play the game for game sake.

      • That is understood, but the game needs more of a variety of players and more variety on the ages of the people in the house, like they used to do. Now it seems to be all under 40 yrs old that is only allowed to play.

      • Yea I hate this cast bb17. Who ever was in charge of putting this cast together. Should be fired!!! This year is lame!! The only one tricking and really is fighting is one person really?? Venasa she is slick and knows how to play. Put more poker players like her in this a game not some mommy boy nerd like Steve Boring as heck bb.

      • That would defeat the purpose of BB being a social experiment as it meant to bring people from all walks of life to interact with each other inside a fish bowl that is the BB house.

    • Anyone that still considers Jmac a decent player in this game needs their head examined!. He should have just stayed gone after his first eviction.
      What a TWIT!

      • His style/game may not be typical but hey its gotten him this far. And at least he’s trying different things and actually playing the game unlike most of the houseguests. You can’t always play the game the exact same way week to week, your strategy has to change depending on who’s HoH and where you think you stand with the houseguests. Yeah he’s made a couple of bad choices but what HG hasn’t? He’s far from a twit. But to each his own.

      • He is a very strange individual! IMO..he has played a terrible game..I don’t understand how in the heck he is still there.

      • lol. Johnny has been floating to the end like Austin, Liz and Steve but all doing it in a different way.
        Winning comps does not mean that you are a good player if you are putting up people someone else chose. Austin and Liz are still there because of their loyalty to Vanessa not because Liz won anything. Steve does everything Vanessa says.

      • He’s there because he’s terrible and sleeps all day. Even though he goes blue in the face telling Van she’s his target and he hates her at the end of the day he sucks and sleeps all day so that’s why she lets him stay there. That’s why any of them are still there, she’s allowed it.

      • He’s still there isn’t he? He won his way back in didn’t he? And this might just be talk in case he loses the POV. I really don’t think he’s going to throw away safety. He’s not an in your face type of player.

    • I agree with you and not only that but the twins omg it was all about someone hurting their feelings who made them mad. Getting upset that someone was talking about you when they and vanessa have done the exact same thing. Come on people this is a game it’s not to win a bff..haha..this is the most toddler acting BB I’ve ever seen.

    • They learned early on the wrath of Van. No one wants her to pick a fight with them ‘cuz you know what that means, “you’ve been evicted”. She trained them with her antics of paranoia, tears, pathetic waif clothing and anger. Started on day 1 of the broadcast with her wailing about bullying. Those who dared are gone and one came back, looking for some help. Sorry Jmac, you are on your own.

    • Like a bunch of tattletale brats, you gotta run back and tell Mommy because if Mommy finds out you knew and didn’t tell her, Mommy will get mad at you – or worse – get even with you. And since they’re all immature tattletale brats, we wouldn’t want that.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. …Don’t blame John for trying
      He just can’t soar like an eagle when he’s surrounded by idiots

  2. John is an idiot. IDC who disagrees. The fact that he can even utter that he’ll throw the comp to Austin/Liz is ridiculous.

    Liztin have been loyal to Vanessa and Vanessa too has shown loyalty by voting out Julia. HOW did john think this was a good move?? He sucks

  3. Wow – these HGs are even more idiotic and brainless than the ones last season. I will continue to watch the show but CBS should ONLY cast fans and also cast some people in their 40’s/50’s.

    • If you ever started a petition on that I’d come up with at least 25 alias identities just to add more signatures! I’ve been saying for a while now that the show’s downfall has always been when they started turning to model agencies, youtube celebs, and now professional sports figures… None of these people represent what the show’s original intent was.

  4. Liz you’re just as dumb as your sister. Why can’t you just figure out who you want in the F3 and you don’t want vanessa. Austin if you can get Vanessa out you’re guaranteed an F2 finish.

    • These people DON’T know how to play this game..Vanessa is a crybaby that should’ve been eliminated a long time ago. She will win and they’re all to dumb to see it!!

      • As history has shown the two best assets to win Big Brother are: 1. Win comps when you need to & 2. To be able to manipulate the others to do what you want them to do. Vanessa has done Both better than anyone else in this season. In my opinion she deserves to win. Liz did well in comps but made decisions based on childish personal likes & dislikes instead of strategic game plays & had the unfair advantage of having two other players who had her back the entire game. Austin has done zip. John is quirky & funny but is inconsistent in comps & made some terrible game choices. Steve is much like John.

      • Liz won comps and put up people Vanessa wanted up and the rest of the house voted out whomever Vanessa wanted them to. Vanessa got rid of the other two players who wanted her out and that is James and Becky, the rest just played her game and that is why they are still in the house.

      • I agree but don’t you think Vanessa is getting a lot of help from BB! It is so obvious that BB wants her to win this. And I don’t know why. Get that big hairy bum out of there (I always record it now so I can fast forward the parts when Ast/liz are on) and just let the rest play, he makes me vomit a little every time I see him. I can’t wait for him to watch how the twins were making fun of him, and that he is a lousy kisser… Tooo funny, and I think Steve is just playing to be stupid. He is fun to watch. they better turn up the heat, I sure hope one wins the veto and they put up Austin so they can send him PACKING… But it will be John that goes home! I sure hope I am wrong.. BTW, I think Johnny Mac is started to get buffed up, and starting to look good. JMO

      • I think she’s still there and will remain until the end because they need someone to think for them. She got rid of the leaders and people with strong personalities and brought sheep with her.

    • I think Vanessa has a good shot of going out in F4. She can’t play HoH, and doesn’t Veto holder cast sole vote?

  5. Oye! Last year it was Uncle Derrick, this year it’s the evil stepmother/ the Van Corleon. Wow, she sure has her goons trained. Why can’t they keep their mouths shut? John has to know they are going to tell Vanessa. Was this a test? I hope he doesn’t throw the competition, those days are over.

    • She isn’t a Corleone–all the crying, I’m all alone and never listening just interrupting and talking over. Those are Fredo tactics and we know where it got him. She’s the Sithe Lord = I am not the liar you seek. Throw in her “episodes” and she’s Sithe Lord Crazy Train. For a little while we thought Steve might join the Rebel Alliance but instead chose to remain a minion to the Dark Side. And JMac has been…never mind I’ve been watching too much Crazy Train on the feeds!

      • Lol! Okay.

        I haven’t figured out JMac yet but after watching his family and co-workers scene, he is definitely putting on a show.

  6. I was laughing so hard reading this! Liz & Austin are SO STUPID!! Once again they find Vanessa out, try to come up with a plan, but then let her talk her way back in with them AND keep running all their info back to her. They’re still her lapdogs. When I first heard Johnny Mac’s deal to them I was like WHAT?!! But then I thought it through and it makes sense. I really would prefer him not go that route but it is an option. I’d really love to see him fight for the veto and win it so that way Liz or Austin has to go up.

    Side note: I LOVED when Vanessa, Steve and Austin all mentioned Johnny Mac pulling a “Dr. Will” the other night and then automatically dismissed it because they really believe he doesn’t know who he is. LOL!!!

    • I’m hoping throwing the Veto comp is nothing more than a way to try to see who is willing to do what and then go ahead and try to win it. At this point, I think he should be trying to wins all the comps. Once JMac is gone, I can free myself of BB.

      • Me too. Or at least maybe be another way to get in their heads to not try as hard thinking he’s not either. I kinda think he’s trying out all his options so he isn’t solely relying on just winning (even though that’s his best bet.)

  7. Memo to John, stop throwing or even thinking about throwing any more comps, there’s only 12 days left to the end of the game, just try your best to win each and every comp left and guess what, you don’t have to make any deals and will be in the Final 2!

  8. Did I miss something? John thinks he is responsible for them being on the block by throwing them under the bus? Is he delusional or did I miss something? He’s done absolutely nothing but sleep. That’s all I’ve seen of his strategy.

    • No he doesn’t think that. He wanted them to know because he figured they would eventually hear it from Vanessa. Just because he’s not dramatic and a psycho like Vanessa doesn’t mean he’s not playing. He’s still there and he was evicted once and came back. I’d say he’s doing something right.

      • The reason Van wants him out is because she can’t figure him out or why he does what he does. He’s the only wildcard left in the house so she has to get him out and he has to keep Mind F’ing her.

  9. John wants to go after Vanessa only when its convenient for him. This is why Liztin don’t want to hear anything he says.

    He played w/ a snake and got bit. I dont feel sorry for him.

  10. Good move by John to try get them to get him there next week. He can always screw them then. Just has get there. I don’t think it’s bad move and Vanessa is OK with pretty much anyone going I think this week.

  11. Throwing the comp is a huge mistake. Losing and pretending like he threw it sounds better, but he should try to win this one and get rid of Liz or Austin. Maybe Vanessa wants to backdoor one of them.

  12. Seems this is the season to say one thing & do another, trying to take the other HGs off guard. JMac best be lying, you’re always better controlling your fate, look at Vanessa… people thought she would throw this HoH to JMac, no effing way. You CAN’T TRUST anyone, truthfully Austin/Liz has the best alliance going, WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM.

    • JMAC may be in a good spot since he offered to throw veto for Austin and Liz that way if he loses veto, they think he did. If he wins veto, he is good. It is a win/win for him.

      • Then he shouldn’t have said “Even if you not agree I may throw it anyway”. WHY, would he say that? I still think they’re saying 1 thing & doing another.

      • I doubt he really thinks Liz is but you can be sure in his HEAD he’s the top fan favorite, he’s a legend in his own mind. Truthfully he hasn’t been a bad player in the game except his dealings & not dealing w/Vanessa but I believe he sees her as the way to get him & Liz to F3 where he & Liz can get rid of her.

  13. September 23 can’t come fast enough. Stupid ridiculous and down right sickening show. I just can’t believe these idiots. There’s no-one left i want to win,but if i had to choose then it would be jmac. Not Vanessa because off all the speculation about this stupid show cbs is promoting. That’s the only time I’m going to watch on finale night. Reading on here is more entertaining then this season. Geesh!

  14. THis is my first post here. I am beyond finished with this so-called game. Vanessa is running the show and everyone else is scared of her so what’s the point? She will do whatever she wants to do and wind up in the final two. She will win because as devious as she is, she played the game and she played it well from the first show to the last. I can’t stand her but I’ll give credit where credit is due. I will be shocked if Vanessa doesn’t take home the big prize but I am disappointed in this years HG’s. They simply didn’t know how to play and don’t deserve to win. By the way, my favorite was James who DID try harder than the others. Sad that he can’t win. I will be happy when this shabby season is over.

    • Nice to have another James fan on board. He’s my fav, also and I really hope he wins AFP. with real entertainment being hard to come by this season, he was the best and I loved his prankster ways. I was so proud of him for realizing that getting Smug Shelli out was the best decision for his game. Best week of the season.

    • Well said. I do hope James win fan favorite. But this game is all centered around Vanessa so I’m not sure if she’s really playing or if that’s what cbs tells her what to do.

      • Good for you that’s your opinion. Im not getting into a debate on here with you so stay off my comments. I noticed before you tried to start with me just leave me alone! !!!!!!!

      • Hmmm, most stalker like (and somewhat scary), Caleb and his drooling fantasy with Amber BB16

    • Welcome and I’m sad James is gone, too. James, JMac and Steve are my faves and was sad to see James go and maybe JMac being the next to go (again). I’m about over this season of BB. The whole show needs revamped. Again, welcome. I just came on these forums/boards this season, myself.

    • I liked James too but getting Shelli out was what cost him his game. He made it personal instead of strategic.

  15. Outside of BB I could handle being around a dumb ass dentist, a mommy’s boy, a tattooed Sasquatch and a nasal talking twit, but could not stand being around a vile, beanie wearing snake who talks about integrity but obviously doesn’t know what it means. That’s my rant for the day.

  16. This is insanely smart! If he wins the veto he’s safe. If he loses the veto to Austin or Liz, they keep the noms the same and will ultimately vote together to evict the bigger mental threat (Steve).

    It gets complicated if Steve wins…he pulls himself off and she puts up Liz, then I’m not sure who Vanessa will VTE because she’s a loon.

    • Exactly! Every one assumes he WILL throw it, but he is trying to protect himself in case he doesn’t win and then can say he threw it. I’m not sure why people are so quick to taking John’s words at face value, but boy, they sure are jumping on him.

      • Yeah, him giving up didn’t even cross my mind! If Steve goes this week I think Liztin and Vanessa target each other. Vanessa is in control but this could very well be Jmac’s game-winning move.

      • It would be a fantastic upset! I’m not sure Vanessa would be able to cope with it. So many people have given up on JMac, but dude, he is still a contender!

        And sorry for calling you dude. Heat of the moment. :-)

    • I think she’d vote Liz out, because she believes she could beat john in F2. But like you said, she’s a loon so who knows!

  17. My thoughts on JMac offering to throw POV to Liztin….maybe his rationale is that by telling them this they will not try as hard to WIN the POV thereby making it easier for JMac to win it??? Just my initial thought when I heard him make the offer. I know, I am probably really
    reaching here :)

    • Actually I think that is what he is doing! Trying to have LIZTIN not be so concerned with winning VETO and then he can either steal it or say he threw it if he loses! You can’t take their words at face value as this is a game of lies!!!!! Lets just wait and see what JMAC does!

  18. To all of you who have taken the time over the last few weeks to come on here and tell the rest of us that you are done, finished, never watching again — I bet every single one of you watches this show to it’s bitter end.

      • If you feel that way, why even bother? It’s like watching a hockey game. You sit down and start watching the game, you don’t like the teams or how they are playing so you leave. Fair enough. But why come back for the last 2 minutes of the game?…you can find out who wins on the news.

      • Because i can that’s why. It’s my choice and who r you to question it?i can do what the hell i want and comment how i want.


  20. Their all loosing it ! Just play the game for now & relax ….too much over thinking ! Don’t give out your thoughts or offer any info you don’t need to offer .

  21. These people are so idiotic, always playing right into Vanessa’s hand. They are such dumb asses, that now I actually hope Vanessa wins, confirming my belief that this is the most ignorant cast of Big Brother ever! Why are they so afraid of this woman? Why?!

    • Remember that Van is able to recite every conversation she has ever had with each HG since day one. And, she has made sure to draw each one of them into some scenario that would blow their game if the other HGs knew about it. So, basically, she is blackmailing each of them and they are afraid to cross her because she has the power to destroy them with what she knows. She told Austin that it was taking all she could do to not “vomit on a plate everything I know”, as a reminder to him that she can destroy him if he doesn’t continue to play her game.
      Of course, that ploy is not working as well now that there are so few HGs left, so she had a new ploy. She is threatening them that if they send her to jury, she will poison the jury against them and prevent them from winning even if they get to F2. So between blackmail and threats, she is controlling each of them. Except, JMAC, who just doesn’t seem to care who knows what about him.

  22. I think John’s plan is a good one, if he’s doing what I hope he’s doing. I hope that he is saying this to Liz and Austin as a backup in case he doesn’t win and they do. That way he can say, “See I threw it to you guys. Don’t use it and vote to keep me. I trust you.”. This would increase his odds of staying. I don’t think that he would purposely throw it this late. He can’t be that dumb.

    • That’s what I’m hoping too. At this point, he has nothing to lose; might as well throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks.

    • I absolutely think he plans on throwing it. Then Van can sell him a story about how he can come back with “super powers” like Lawon lol. Even though nobody can come back, he’ll nod enthusiastically and scream about how great his “super powers” will be in the jury house for a week. Too funny. I wonder what he would do if Van told him to self-evict now. He might actually do it.

    • Johnoffering to throw the F5 veto – man, what a scenario. Let’s pretend:

      John is walking through the kitchen, beginning to enter the living room and as he passes the BB Studio door, we hear:


      John hesitates
      and thinks, hmmm, did I just hear a knock on the door?

      And again, KNOCK KNOCK at the BB studio door.

      John grins: It’s a surprise, a Pandora’s box, a twist; this must be MY lucky moment!

      John goes to the door, puts his hand on the door knob and says: Anybody there?

      The response: “Yeah, John is that you?”

      John is not sure what is he supposed to do, but they called out his name:

      “Yeah, it’s me. Who is it?”

      “Hey man, we’re here for you; we’re from the Sears Craftsman department and have a special delivery just for you! Open the door.”

      John [doing a spastic air guitar soliloquy can’t believe his luck and … ] says: “Yeah, okay man.”

      John opens the door and two Sears delivery men enter; one shoves a clip board with a receipt on it into John’s chest, hands him a pen, and says: Sign here … the other delivery guy sets down a small box on the floor just inside the doorway. John says;
      “Like hey man, what’s going on?”

      The Sears delivery guy says, “Sign the receipt and then this package is just for you. – ENJOY!”

      John signs the receipt, the delivery guys leave and John is delighted! There are no special instructions, it’s addressed to him, so that must mean he can just go ahead and open it. No one is around, so okay, just open it – hey, this is a special day.

      John stoops over the package, rips it open and finds a burlap bag inside – it’s a burlap bag with a multi-folded piece of paper on top of the bag printed with the bolded words: INSTRUCTIONS. He picks up the ‘Instructions’, unfolds the first set of instructions which direct him to open the bag – he opens the bag and is
      astonished to find a bag of hammers. Then he unfolds the enveloped piece of paper again with the last bit of instructions:

      “Select any hammer at random; hold the base of the hammer firmly in your dominant hand then smash it into your forehead! If this is a bit harsh, then go to the nearest wall and smash your forehead into that wall until you regain your common sense!”

      REALLY – THROW VETO. Holy J.C. on a cracker. JOHN – WAKE UP.

  23. JMac, say it ain’t so. surely u r going to try ur best to win veto. what a ridiculous thing to do-throwing veto at this stage. good grief

      • Read on. Especially Andrew Rodriquez’s post about this. It is actually a brilliant move. He’s in a good spot whether he wins or loses the veto. If he loses, he can just say he threw it and have a deal with A & L

    • Perhaps he’s been throwing so many comps it’s become a habit for him. Bet he would come second again in the PoV … I have lost count how many times he was a second placer.

      • He’s got a plan and he is going to try to win the veto…he thinks it’s in his and Steve’s wheelhouse so he will claim no choice by trying to take out Steve. He is just piggybacking on an already paranoid house to make them crazy. It’s as good a chance as any (I hope).

  24. I’ve read a couple of things which point to Austin being a very possessive and controlling type of boyfriend. Just one more annoying thing about him to add to the list.

    • I, too, believe everything I read on the internet. I’ve read a couple things which point to KSJB being a monkey. Or was it a Zebra? BAH. Who knows.

    • About getting tattoos on the body?
      Actually if my girlfriend wants to have tattoos on her body I would strongly object also coz I hate tattoos, but since he’s full of tattoos for him to object it’s kinda hypocrite for me.
      Well, after all he is Judas-uhhhhh (in Julia’s voice).

    • Yeah, that stuff bothered me too. He definitely seems like the type of bf who out in the real world would go through her cell phone and yell at her for looking at other guys.

  25. Worst season of big brother ever!! Terrible players and no one thinks for themselves. To me it didn’t make sense to keep liz and take Julia out. They should have taken her out cause she’s the glue that holds the alliance between all three of them, then Austin and Julia would have been left. They have no chemistry between them and Julia is not a strong player like liz. But they decided to keep the couple together and jonny mac really? They betrayed you the first time what makes you think they won’t do it again. I like jonny mac but he’s a pushover ughh!! I don’t like vanessa but truthfully she’s the only one that deserves to win.

    • Vanessa controlled that decision too. She’s the one who told the twins that they could decide who would go and who would stay. And it was Steve’s HOH. She has controlled the entire game.

  26. Vanessa has all the remaining HGs so brainwashed, it’s pathetic and borderline unbelievable. The CIA should hire her for training seminars – she could probably teach them a thing or two about mind control! Loved Matt’s comment about needing permission to use the bathroom – not much of an exaggeration at all. I’ve never seen a season where they all went running to one person to get everything OK’d – a competitor for half a million dollars no less! Imagine being in a relationship with Vanessa – you wouldn’t know if you were up, down or sideways. They have to make major changes in the way they choose contestants next year, or the show is DOOMED!

  27. I’m really dissapointed in Liz, She’s been my favorite since I spoiled the twin twist and She just sucks so hard at the strategy part of the game its horrendous.

    But I mean who else would I root for?
    Crazy emotionally unstable vanessa? Steve who pukes because of nominating other people? John who let’s face it hasn’t done much.
    Austin isn’t even a possibilty gross

    • Easy. And let me tell you why:
      1. What are the incentives?
      2. Who’s getting bloods on their hands and all over the face and body?
      3. Make alliances everywhere then breaking them with integrity while swearing on the bible.
      4. Fake cry and say I am not a frikking evil person.
      5. I love MEL !!!

      • If I hear “incentives” one more time I’m going to puke. Another one that drives me nuts is “do you understand? do you understand?”

      • No, I’ll just hurl in the sink and not wash it out…wait, that’s no good, I live alone. I’ll figure it out “I’m very good at strategizing, that’s what I do, you have to trust me, Steve get me a glass of water”.

  28. To open a dialogue, John has throw them a good and attractive pitch. I don’t believe he’s gonna throw it.

  29. Oh Johnny Mac, I like you but I really do not understand you. Hope that he’s bluffing, so that if he loses the Veto he’s covered but I’m not so sure. He has said and done some strange things. It is very difficult to root for anyone in this game. Hate Liztin, don’t like Vanessa’s game play, and Steve and JMac are just too strange at times. It’s like watching a train wreck,

    • He admitted himself he screwed everything up hehe (during family message).
      Anywho, I think there’s gonna be some twist coming up, it’s gotta be. It has to be!

      • I prefer the rewind button, or a new switch button. If the HoH presses it, the two noms will switch places with the two un-noms. #fingers-crossed !!!

      • That would be great! As much as I get annoyed with V she is still way better than the evil trio of SCUMBAG CREEPER and those fake mean lying bitches of AUSTWINS! Worst people of all time! I will say atleast Austin has some game strategy but they should have not told V about Jmac’s final 3 deal! So dumb and twins barely can think for themselves! They were only recruited because they were twins is my guess? Julia looks like skinny ugly bird and Liz is not to far off! They are ugly inside and out! Truly hate them! Go JMAC and STEVE!!!!!

      • Whatever twisty thing is fine with me. But it’s getting awfully late in the season for any of that.

  30. Another reason why I don’t want John to win. The guy is just too damn clueless. I’ve been ready for John to leave for the past 5 weeks. He has a nice personality but he is not good at this game.

  31. So I’m in the car and Siri is reading me today’s update when she all of a sudden says this “I’m amazed they don’t crap their own pants without regular permission from Vanessa to use the toilet.”
    I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard.

  32. Perhaps it caught him by surprise since he thought he’s in good position with Van Van. And the best he could do right now is to make empty promises to those who are gonna vote. Anyway, at least he’s not lying down and dead fishing.

    • It caught me by surprise too, I still don’t understand why Vanessa wants to take a chance on Liztin and I can see why JMac doesn’t understand it either. The good news is there is a small chance of a JMac/Liz finale :D More good news if Litzin turn on Vanessa and we get to see Vanessa exit the BB house.
      I’m going to wait until the POV is over before trying to figure this all out. If JMac loses I guess his time is up in the house.

  33. Guess Julia didn’t boom, bang, kaboom on him, huh, regarding Van Van’s dealings in the house before the live eviction?
    If she told him that, he had the ammunition to fire Van Van to target the showmance instead.
    Sigh … Julia-uhhhhh, since when you became smart???

  34. I think that John is trying to Vanessa mind eff them or seem completely in ept so that he is less threatening to them. He’s shooting to confuse, contol, and diffuse with them; it’s interesting. He’s learning from Vanessa. I LIKE IT! Either that or he’s just done with sharing breathing space with these people.

    • Yeah. When I read this (and I didn’t see it, so I can only judge from the summary) that’s what I thought too. I don’t think John is nearly as dumb as everyone else. He’s either just having some fun with them by putting them on edge — and as a result making them even more vulnerable to Vanessa’s manipulation — or he’s just making Liztin think he’s in their corner in case he survives instead of Steve and someone has to make a move against Vanessa. I don’t buy for a minute that this was a real deal, I think it was a bluff. John is not a panicky player, and if this was real, it would be a panicky move.

  35. I do love JMac but it he throws the POV comp he deserves to go home.
    I would think Austwin would prefer to keep JMac over Vanessa but I guess that Vegas deal has addled Austin’s brain.

    • I agree but not with your casting. I would like a cast of people like Dr. Will. ED was just vile with ego, Dr. Will was a admitted liar and manipulator with ego, but also some charisma and humor to help balance it out.

  36. I don,t understand CBS—-where are the twist—-Big Brother Fans would really like to see someone like John win —

  37. I’ve been saying this since day 1. They need to bring in houseguests of ALL ages!!! Older people to mix it up a bit. And, Shelly doesn’t constitute older!

      • Boring and predicable! We need assorted ages so the babies don’t act like they are in jr. high! At least the older this might have half a brain.

    • I completely agree that it needs to be more diverse because it makes it a far more interesting game, however, with poor casting choices it will not matter if it has a lot of diversity. The reason this season is bad is not because of everyone being young, it is because bad house guests were chosen. Nothing to do with age.

  38. Every HG should know you DON’T throw a F4 veto comp, what is he thinking? By now its made its way back to Van and who knows what she’ll do about it, probably use it as her “reason” to evict him. I keep wondering how he’s made it this far, but then I remember he was out and he is only there b/c of the returning juror twist, which they do every year; so its not really a twist its part of the game now

  39. Every year I think OK this is going to be a good season, I liked mostly everyone, UNTIL the obvious started happening. For some reason they are planning everything for Vanessa to win…. WTHeck? I quit watching when Meg and James were evicted. Now I just read what’s going on it just makes me sick to my stomach. BB use to be my favorite thing to watch, but these last few years…. blah blah blah…

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