Big Brother 17: Jason Staged Final Night Effort To Flip Shelli & Clay

Jason Roy’s back is up against the wall on Big Brother 17 as he faces imminent eviction and after sleeping away most of Wednesday he finally arose to continue Operation Save Jason.

Jason Roy pleads his case on Big Brother 17
Jason Roy pleads his case on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Meg put the plan in to action early, early Wednesday morning leaving Jason to seal the deal. Unfortunately Jason waited twenty hours to do so which put him fifteen hours after Shelli had already talked it out with Vanessa.

Flashback to 1:53AM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Jason talking with Shelli to try and sway her vote. He opens with the big guns telling Shelli what she needs to know to start worrying about Becky. Jason explains that while Becky’s regular nom choices would be Austin and Steve to target Steve, as she’s said before, her Double Eviction targets would be Clay and Shelli on the Block together.

Shelli looks doubtful with pursed lips but Jason continues to insist he’s telling the truth and she had just told him the other day during a late night talk. She suggests Jason is lying, but he’s promising her he’s not. Clay then arrives and Shelli brings up again her paranoia that the house was trying to flip and vote out Clay. Jason capitalizes on that to say on Clay would have only had 3 votes including his and Meg’s though he stops short of endorsing that there was actually a flip attempt on Clay.

The talk goes on for over an hour with Jason promising everything he’s got and telling them anything he knows. Eventually things wrap up and Jason leaves to Shelli and Clay can discuss. Jump forward to 3:10 AM BBT to hear their reaction to Jason’s proposal.

Shelli tells Clay about her talk with Vanessa (to see that one go back to 7/29 at 10:55 AM BBT) where she reaffirmed why they have to vote Jason out over Becky, but Jason did have a glimmer of hope.

Shelli explains that at the start of this conversation with Jason she started to think that she needed to go up and tell Vanessa they need to change things. Clay says that Jason talked too much “restated a lot of stuff he already said.” Too much information is just too much for Clay I supposed. Just like that, Operation Save Jason is shutdown again.

Their discussion goes on for awhile longer with Shelli and Clay putting more faith in John and Becky. Shelli wants to go to them in the morning, tell Becky what Jason said, and then form yet another “ride or die.” I’m wondering if Chelli’s game isn’t going to die by all these rides.


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  1. Looks bleak for Jason and I don’t think he will stay. However, CLay and Shelli are a little paranoid now about Becky putting them up. When they confront her if it doesn’t go well Jason could trick them into a vote.

    • Clay and Shelli had better listen to what Jason offered them. It won’t be long before Vanessa target’s them because they are a super couple. That would be totally funny if it happened that way.

  2. Here’s hoping BOB ends tonight…I hope the announcer saying “a new head of household will be crowned” means there will be only one HOH.

  3. Does it really matter who goes first, between Jason and Becky? Neither of them are in the original Sixth Sense Alliance, and unless they actually win an HOH and stays as HOH, don’t think it bodes well for the other side, at this point ??

  4. Well, boys & girls, (sigh) I’ve given up on James. I love him but I’m giving him up as far as this game goes. I think Jackie will go for big fish if she wins HoH. 6S isn’t worried about Meg at all and with luck she can win an HoH but without a partner, it would be almost impossible for her to outlast the duos (Austin/Liz, Liz/Julie, Clay/Shelli, Vanessa?, Becky/John). Steve – I’m not feeling though he, too, could get lucky. From here on, I’m just watching to see which big fish get taken out first.

    • Though, Austin had promised to throw himself to save Vanessa, if she did not renom / BD him this week, if I recall? And, she also has a bit of tie in with Julia?

      So, is it possible that there would be a split between Shelli/Clay/Liz and Vanessa/Austin/Julia … At this point in time, I would find it difficult to believe that Liz/Julia would be on different sides, considering the whole Twin Twist thing ??

      • Julia would leave Liz and certainly wouldn’t leave Liz to go with Austin who she hates.

      • The question is … from a Jury point of view .. would the Twins be better off with Shelli/Clay or Austin/Vanessa for an F4??

      • One of the twins has to go, preferably Liz, Austin would be next because he would have a meltdown afterward. That cuts hat Alliance down 2 people. Next break up Chellie, Shelly first cuz Clay is just his name he can be molded to vote with James.

      • Austin/Vanessa. Austin is a total goat. Not quite sure what Vanessa is yet but Austin is a goat and he’d probably help take Liz to the grand prize.

  5. Jason staying is incredibly bleak but I still have hope and it’s just going to make me even more disappointed when he gets evicted. The 666 sense getting Jason out makes more sense for themselves but as a viewer Jason staying would wreak havoc and we all love some havoc.

    Becky thinks she’s in an alliance with Clay/Shelli/Vanessa but Clay/Shelli haven’t stopped talking about targeting them next because they’re a “strong couple”. They’re strongly overestimating the connection John and Becky have.

    • Jason would wreak havoc now because all their eyes are open and they’ve realized they’re playing for their lives.

  6. If you’re looking for that one person to change your life, look in the mirror! Look in the mirror Jason ~~ you can do it!

  7. Votes to evict Jason: Shelli, Clay, Liz, Austin
    Votes to evict Becky: James, Meg

    Jackie, John, and Steve.

    Why is Jason focusing on Shelli and Clay so much when he can get the other “floaters” and work with them. That would give him the 5 votes he needs.

    I mean, I’m all for Jason getting evicted, but unless Jackie, John, or Steve hate his guts, why is he not going that route?

    • Last I heard, Jackie told him she would vote for him if he could get Shay’s vote, otherwise, she would vote for Becky.

      • I thought I heard she would vote for him if he got two other votes, doesn’t matter who. Am I remembering wrong?

    • I don’t think that John would vote Becky out. They sort of gave a flirtmance going on.

    • Becky is John’s #1 and Steve thinks he is number 7 in the Sixth Sense – don’t ask. Clay and Shelli are Jason’s best bet.

  8. The Sixth sense alliance is going to be final 6 and Vanessa, and the twins are going to be final 3 and Vanessa will probably win and get final 2 and win the game

    • This is what I predict the final 6 will be…based on the game the non-aligned hg’s are playing….the chelli’s, A and V, and the barbie twins. The final three…one of each group….that’s what I see happening.

    • I agree that Vanessa will probably win, but I doubt it will be with SS as the final 6. Vanessa is going to use Becky and John to vote out a few of the power couples.

      • Who is strong enough to take power away from them? They would need to lose both hohs

      • No, I don’t think they’ll lose HoHs. I think Vanessa will use Becky and John to vote out power groups, like Austin + the twins or Clay & Shelli.

      • That would be a bad move you only take out people from your alliance when there is desention like derrick did but they are still loyal to her

      • i think she’s going to have to take SS alliance members out if she wants to win. If she goes to the final 6 with them, she’s pretty much guaranteed to lose because one of the more tightly aligned groups will overpower the other members of the alliance.

      • I guess that could work if she did it at like final 7 after the twist ends because with the bob its to risky

      • Yeah, it’ll be a final 8 or final 7 move. I’m sure Vanessa’s already plotting that move now. As are Shelli and Clay. Those 3 are in it to win it.

  9. I hope jason stays, becky is not playing the game and jason is hilarious also I love the way becky is acting like she is part of the 6s alliance and their just yessing her,she is clueless! I can’t stand Shay and the way Vanessa talks about “bathing in blood” that phrase is making me crazy thats all they said last season shut up already! i’m glad that Liz stood up for Austin he’s just trying to protect her and is loyal to a fault now that he knows he needs to think before he speaks things will go smoother for him! I really wisht the other side of the house would ban together to get rid of clay and shelli!

    • Why do you hate the power alliance? They are doing amazing 3 out of the 6 of them have yet to be nominated and they have gotten out everyone they wanted from week 1.

      • I think that Shelli is evil with her fake crying and the evil smile and Clay is just her lap dog and I used to really like Vanessa but she is acting like its all about her and “don’t lie to her or it’s over!”

      • Why do you assume Shelli’s crying is fake? I haven’t seen any reason to indicate that this is the case. She’s a nice person playing a cut throat game.

      • Have you see how she stops crying so quick and then has that evil smile? I don’t know about her!

      • Yes, but I don’t view the smile as evil. Perception is reality I suppose. In your mind it is evil, whereas in my mind it is not evil.

      • Yeah Vanessa is just straight up crazy when in power. You can usually see it go to their heads but it’s awful with her. She’s so dramatic and I still can’t tell if she’s playing it up or is just this intense all the time.

        “I’m getting blood on my hands for you! I hold your life in my hands! I thought about using the veto on you, so you owe me your firstborn!”

    • I’m with you, Staci. Call it gut instinct, but these are not genuinely nice people, especially Vanessa and Shelli.

      • Wow, I totally disagree. Just because they are both playing the game hard and strategically does not mean they are bad people. C’mon. Shelli and Vanessa have both shown genuine kindness in the game (particularly to Steve who Meg/James/Jason love to constantly make fun of). Jason certainly didn’t appear to be an angel when he called Liz the c-word yesterday. But I’m not about to “assume” Jason is a bad person.

      • If your opinion that a person that is not nice is “bad”, that’s your opinion .

      • Well you didn’t say they were bad people but you was alluding to the fact that they were bad people. Maybe you should grow up and realize that it’s just a game. They may have evicted your favorites but it’s just a game. Get that straight.

      • Bless his heart. I believe he’s a little po’d. You’ll get over it, sweetie.There is one thing for sure, Joey, you have a BAD attitude and aren’t very nice either much of the time. No alluding to it. BB is just a game. You shouldn’t make it personal. Back at cha’.

      • Actually I am not mad at all. I don’t take the internet seriously. All I said was how can you call Vanessa and Shelli bad people for just playing a game. You are the one who got aggressive with me first by putting “Get it straight” at the end of your comment. Funny how you say don’t make it personal when you made it personal twice.

      • I’m happy you are not mad. But if you are going to interpret other people’s words, you DO need to get it straight and stop putting your spin on the interpretation. That’s personal when you accuse someone of saying something they did not say and then precede to push the issue when getting called on it. I say what I mean and mean what I say. And again, I didn’t say Shelli and Vanessa were bad, you used that word. Maybe James will get one of them out and we’ll only have a few more not nice people to evict.

      • But you were implying that they were bad people. If you said that they are not genuinely nice people than the only other option is that they are bad people. There is nothing else in between. I wasn’t spinning nothing around, I was just commenting on what you said in a mature manner.

      • “Nice” and “bad” are not the only options and both those terms are very vague anyway. He’s not saying they like to strangle kittens in their free time, just saying they aren’t “nice”, which could be taken to mean kind, compassionate, selfless, sweet, friendly, pleasant to be around, the list goes on.

      • You did NOT comment on what I said. You commented on your interpretation of what I said. BIG difference. If you are unable to see that, it is either by choice, just to be annoying(by the way, which is very immature) or by the inability to comprehend(which after a few posts on the matter should be soaking in). You said what you thought I meant, I said that wasn’t my meaning and you can’t accept that. You persist. So either get it straight, or when you see my posts, please do not reply.I have not enjoyed this little go around with you and do not ever expect to have to defend MY words due to another person changing their meaning. Again, Joey, I hope you enjoy your day. GO JAMES!

    • My problem with Austin’s “loyalty” is that if he’s willing to sacrifice his own game for Liz’s, he’d throw anyone else under the bus to “save” her.

      • I agree he’s not really playing the game for himself which will prob be his demise!

      • I think “Judas” will be a problem too. It’s a stupid and pathetic excuse to do what he wants so he doesn’t have to keep to his word. And it’s really creepy how he talks about it.
        It’s like: “I would never, ever murder an innocent hobo…..but Judas might….”
        Ugh everything about him makes my skin crawl.

      • Thats funny I never heard him say that and yes I agree that is creepy but I think he’s just playing up trying to be a bad a** cuz he’s a wrestler but when he “confronted” Jeff standing there with his hands on his hips was sooo not “judas” cuz he was hilarious! I like him, I don’t know why but potato-po ta to!

  10. I’m honestly a bit annoyed by Jason’s lack of urgency throughout the day. That having been said, good tv is good tv and Jason managing to stay this week would flip the house and hopefully establish a tug of war for power… or Becky stays and it’s the same nonsense over and over.

    • He’s lazy. He’s furious about being in danger of leaving but didn’t get off his butt and on the ball quickly enough to do anything about it. I suspect this is his standard modus operandi.

      • I agree. I would hope if he stays, that he does an about face, stop smoking so much, and do what he says he’s there to do ~~ play and win.

  11. Liz says she doesn’t like Austin and doesn’t find him in the slightest bit attractive, yet she lays there in bed with him, wriggling, squealing and giggling at everything he does. When he realizes how she really feels about him, he’s going to be a furious mess.

    • As much as I dislike Austin, it’s not fair that Liz is ‘leading him on’. You’re right EnglishRose, he’s going to be ‘a furious mess’.

  12. I know its not especially interesting tv but the main alliance is doing a good job. They have consistently controlled the game so far. From a game perspective that’s how it should be imo. CBS could make it better by throwing in more twists since for 2 weeks we didn’t have a takeover. They could also throw some old things in there like a pandora’s box, some luxury comps. I also miss the food comps. Far better than the HOH getting volunteers or picking people they dislike to be the have-nots. The fault for a boring season lies with CBS and their casting choices.

  13. I think Jason’s ultimate downfall (besides getting screwed over by the SS in the worst possible way) was waiting too long to campaign. His BB life was on the line, he needed to strike quickly and strike hard at everyone, not just Shelli and Clay, and not on the last 24 hours.

    Still, at least he tried…

  14. I like Jason purely for entertainment purposes but I do not see him saving himself at this point; too bad he couldn’t get it together sooner. I do find it odd though that Vanessa said she couldn’t put Audrey on the block because they were part of the same community (LBGT)? Why is it then OK to put up Jason?

    • According to the DR, that was just a cover story. She didn’t want to put up Audrey because she was a secret ally and vote for her side. Plus every week Audrey stayed was another week everyone would focus on her and not Vanessa.

  15. Austin’s creepiness is through the roof. Vanessa not putting Judas on the block might be her demise in winning the prize.

  16. What’s a real pisser for me is the fact that Shelli and her Son are obviously running the game, giving Vanessa control to some point so that she feels she is in control. Now, we have the fact that Jason is going home because he is such a threat–they saved Austin instead. Yet they (Shelli and her Son) are now figuring they will need to get rid of Austin soon–because they realize the Twins + Austin=3 and they are only 2 so Shelli’s paranoia is kicking in to high gear. This is where Derrick was so great because he had the ability to think not one or two, but 3 weeks ahead with scenarios and if they were to have realized that, then keeping Jason would have been the smart thing to do. As we have all seen in past BB Seasons, Karma has a way of biting you in the A$$ and so we can only hope this is exactly what happens this week. Austin should/could make the first attack and go after Shelli/Clay or better yet, Jackie, Meg or James win the HOH’s and we have a real scramble.

  17. Hoping for a miracle for Jason. He’s so sad. BBAD was sooooooooooo boring last night. Between Liz and her oooohhhh myyy gods, Austin and yea 100% and Becky trying SO hard to fit in it SUCKED. Couldn’t even bother with the feeds today. ..BORING. The Sixth Sense sucks. They look bored with each other.

  18. This just proves to me that the only people Shelli & Clay care about are each other & themselves!

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