Big Brother 17 House Goes Nuts Over Rats & Leaks

I barely know where to begin much less how to finish, but the Big Brother Feeds have been gold this afternoon in the BB17 house thanks to some good old fashioned paranoia and chaos.

Jace & Austin caught in the Big Brother chaos
Jace & Austin caught in the Big Brother chaos – Source: CBS All Access

Just after the Power of Veto competition ended and the Live Feeds returned the house was spinning with HGs running all over and having whisper debates behind closed doors. Soon the stars aligned and ended up with nearly half a House Meeting.

Now I’m going to try my best here, but despite having watched the whole thing I’m likely going to get something wrong here because it was just that nuts in there. Feel free to share corrections in the Comments section below. Flashback to 3:25PM BBT and be ready for the long haul.

Audrey was downstairs talking with Jeff and Clay who informed her Liz and Austin were saying she was a trouble maker stirring things up after Da’Vonne told them as much. Got that? Audrey heads upstairs to “confront” Day but it’s calm and quiet.

James is there and suggests “House Meeting!” (My new fav HG.) Instead Audrey and Day grab Austin and Liz to talk in the Lounge. They run in circles for a few, possibly in part because Liz/Julia tapped out and has no idea what happened earlier, before Austin kicks them for a one on one with Audrey.

Austin tells Audrey he wants a F2 with her and they need to get to the bottom of who is smearing her name. Audrey goes to get Jace because why not. Jace freaks out and realizes he’s in a bad spot. Yep, but he really doesn’t know just how bad it is.

One moment that caught my ear was when Jace was discussing that he heard Jason was a target and how he was crying after the Veto comp. Audrey said Jason was crying because Steve had “made multiple homophobic comments.” Now steady there. I did not and have not heard anything like that from Steve. This is just what Audrey said. Flashback to 3:47PM BBT 6/26 Cams 1/2.

Soon Day and Liz/Julia are back in the mix as they try to decipher who started all this rumor milling. Here’s the thing: it really was Da’Vonne. Day told Austin and Liz that Audrey was playing the house.

After even more HGs are pulled in Austin announces he thinks Jeff is the problem here and needs to go, but that doesn’t seem to gain any traction. Maybe they need more HGs, right? Day goes to get Jason and gives him a heads up on what’s going on.

Finally things break up as HGs scatter to the corners where they’ll have mini-meetings to rehash what just happened. It hasn’t stopped since nearly two hours later and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it ramp up again.

Audrey is running wild in there and it’s really entertaining for us, but I’m worried she’s playing too hard too fast and if she loosens her grip at the wrong moment… Yikes.

Are you watching this craziness? Grab the Live Feeds Free Trial right now and rewind using Flashback to catch up on it all. This is our first full day of Feeds and it’s already this good. So awesome.


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    • Yes she is, and Audrey is believing her? Audrey needs to cool it for a bit. She’s stirring way too much, too fast! Cool it Audrey. You don’t have to cross-examine everybody in the house for a stupid rumor. I have changed my mind about her. She’s too much, too early. Not liking Day either

      • I don’t care for Day at all. She likes to start trouble..don’t like those kind of players..did she outright lie today about the Liz/Austin fiasco?

      • To be honest I actually kind of like a bit of Drama! Keeps the houseguest on edge ^_^

      • I guess..I haven’t really been watching the feeds much today..I am just catching up from reading columns and watching now. Brendon’s column seems to say it was Day that started the rumor about Audrey today after POV. I’m confused..I am still working on getting the name’s right!

      • Yeah I get u…but Austin and Juliz(Julia/Liz) also brought up Audrey’s name to rev up the rumor….my guess is that they are trying to ruin Audrey’s game by using Audrey’s hard game playing.

      • Well I’m okay with that, as long as I don’t have to hear her cross-examine all of them, and still not believe them. Da made it up anyway

      • I enjoy some drama, but not on Day 2 over nothing. It seemed hours she grilled them like a DA and a witness

      • Lol yes it was ridiculous…. Although it was a tad bit hilarious watching Audrey examine and question everyone of the housemates XD

      • It wore me down. It’s a sure fire way to get people to turn against you and vote you out fast

    • It’s way too dramatic to be so early. Can they wait for us to get to know them? Did Austin jump the wall and leave?

      • I read it on another site. I can’t confirm, because all 4 cams are on two people and have been for awhile. I don’t know where the rest of the house is, while Da and dentist sit there eating

      • Oh. OK. Do you think it really happened? I’m so gullible, I’ll believe most anything. I may not like his pony-tail beard, but I’d like to watch his game.

      • Well it’s usually pretty accurate, and if not, it’s quickly denied by the mod. I Find it hard to believe, but he’s had a bad day with Audrey. All four cameras on Da and dentist forever, and not a sign of any of the others. Now all on fish

      • Thank you for the info. Maybe I’ll be able to see something on BBAD. I need to get the live feeds, but I’d never get anything done during the day!

      • He’s there. Just saw him on camera. I think a lot were sleeping because backyard is closed, and BB getting them up

  1. This cast is in full game mode. Some playing much harder than others.(audrey) What is up with Da’Vonne and Jason? They are always in the HN room plotting against Audrey..I thought they were in the “High Rollers’ together..just some observations I have made so far.

    • Now she’s in kitchen with the dentist talking smack. Girl is everywhere. I’m not sure what’s up, but all four cameras on just those two. I checked other site and didn’t see anything else about Austin, but didn’t refute it. Maybe because all cameras are just on two people and can’t determine accuracy of that statement yet. I think Matt would know tho. I’ll be back

    • I thought it was interesting they already know she’s a poker dealer. I think Austin outed that. I don’t know if she knows yet they know she’s not a school teacher

  2. So does this mean that Audrey’s bb life can be in jeopardy this week? Or is Jace still (hopefully) the target?

  3. These houseguests are playing like it’s Day 59. Just to clear things up, both Austin and Lizia brought up Audrey, not just Day. I remember watching that scene.

  4. Can’t wait for BBAD. Don’t have the live feeds, so that’s my only source of inside information.

  5. Sounds like we’re getting another massive alliance this year. I thought they all would’ve learned the lesson of the Bomb Squad last year.

    UPDATE: okay, wiat! Just checked out on Morty’s page for live feed stuff and, as I don’t have the feeds myself yet this summer (don’t usually get them until closer to jury), I need someone with the feeds to confirm if this is accurate.

    At around 6pm BBT, Da’Vonne and Jason in the Have-Not room, talking about how they should have be getting rid of Jackie in favor of keeping Jace, and that everyone else is stupid for not thinking of this.

    Now, granted this could just be BB stirring the pot so that they have footage to show on eviction night for the “fake out,” but still.

  6. I’m checking out for the night. Gotta make some coffee so I can stay up for BBAD. Hopefully I’ll start getting the names to match the faces tonight. I’m old. ; )

  7. I think what Clay and Jeff did was poor play. Taking stuff you hear in one part of the house and informing the victim is a good way to be cut out of the information chain in the future. These guys had nothing to lose from Aud going down, so why did they break the trust of their informants. I would only do that if there was a clear gain in it for me and if my bean spilling could be contained. Neither was the case here.

    Or am I missing something here?

    • No, I’m seeing it too. Clay is a real little tattletale motormouth and Jeff needs to play bigshot “in the know” guy (which he really isn’t). Both are talking without thinking. And way too much.

  8. So apparently, CBS intentionally leaked the feeds before they started up officially. Sneaky little critters they are. :D

  9. I swear..I am so confused as to what the heck is going on right now. Who didn’t tell who all of whatever is happening have to do with Austin and Jace? Help!! What does Liz/Julia have to do with it too? Is Day and Audrey’s alliance real? I don’t know!!

    • Ths answers to those questions keep changing! Haha. From what I saw/read Audrey has been interigating almost everyone over he said/she said about Audrey being a “rat/mole”. Austin tried to clear it up with her but she kept bringing more ppl in, including Jace who really didn’t have anything to do with it… Im sure that helped 0! But it was really so middle school….

  10. OK, what’s up with this Five Alive alliance? Austin, Jace, Clay, James and Aud. Is this for real or just created to make Jace feel safe when he isnt.

  11. Something I was thinking about last season and a lot this season given all the paranoia that has already happened is who would survive on a survivor-length season? People on survivor get voted out every three days, so people don’t have a week to save themselves. By “voting out” whoever seems to be the target or most thrown around name every three days, would the “survivor winner” and the actual winner be the same? And how close would the survivor elimination order be to the actual order? It’s something I am personally going to try and keep track of. Maybe I’ll make a couple lists to account for POV wins and potential returners (like redemption island). It’s just something I thought would be cool to try and see if it could predict anything.

  12. No, we’re not getting a massive alliance like last year here. There are 2 groups that are forming slowly. You have the “High Rollers” and the “others” Clay, Liz, Austin, Jace, and maybe Jackie, and you have players in each alliance that are so flaky that can swing their votes and change the game. The dentist that’s flying under the radar. I think he’s playing the best game right now. lol…I’m liking this season.

  13. Looks like this is the year of the F word … BAD very very BAD. No more late nites for me … will be watching reg episodes on CBS only.

    • Good for you, Cuddles. Like you are so high & mighty. Go watch Barney. Put something on it.

      • Cuddles and others (like myself) enjoy the game but don’t care for all the F words. They are used very casually and don’t enhance the discussions. We aren’t high and mighty and aren’t Barney watchers – we just think the senseless use of crude F words detracts from the show.

      • Nice to meet you and thanx so much NewHopeAnnie ~ You said what I wanted to say but didn’t know how to put into words. Hope to see more of you ~

  14. Okay, I think I have this figured out. This is all part of Audrey’s strategy, has to be. Get everyone angry and pissed at one another in order to draw the lines in the sand and create enemies. Then, when the blow ups happen, the targets will be on everyone ELSE’s backs, leaving Audrey as the survivor.

    I must admit, it’s very clever. It’s a Dr. Will/Dan sort of move. However, I can only see this carrying her so far. Right now, what seems to be her primary and true alliance members know that she’s manipulating the house, which will spell trouble for her later on. Once they fell safe enough, they’re gonna want to get her the hell out of the house, or else she may just win it all.

    • I think it’s a Russell Hantz strategy, keep everyone upset as you pull all the strings. I don’t think it will work for her, spreading lies is different than burning socks.

  15. Not gonna lie – when I saw the title about “rats” and “leaks” I seriously thought there were real rats and water leaks in the house – I’m losin’ it. haha

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