Big Brother 17: Goblins Hint Their Vote Flip To Becky – Freak Out Ensues

Overnight Becky Burgess went to the Goblins alliance of Jackie, James, and Meg to discuss fears that there may be talk to keep Vanessa and evict Shelli. Nothing to fear, promised the Goblins.

Becky Burgess is starting to worry on Big Brother 17
Becky Burgess is starting to worry on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

After a lengthy talk with the Goblins where Becky explained Vanessa’s alignments and positioning over Shelli’s she was left with promises of safety, support, and security. As soon as she left the room it was another story.

Becky was hanging out with Meg and Jackie when she left for the bathroom giving them a quick few minutes to talk. Flashback to 1:26AM BBT as Jackie and Meg scramble to agree that they think it’s too risky to not vote out Shelli. They know Becky will go up on the Block against John, but they’ve been assured by Austin that it’ll be John going, not Becky. So what’s the harm, Meg and Jackie argue to each other.

Wait, wait. Stop them if you’ve heard that one before from Vanessa and the Austwins. Rewind one week as Vanessa promised the same trio that she didn’t care who went between Clay and Shelli and she would go with their wishes. How’d that one turn out?

Flashback to 1:29 AM BBT as Becky is freaking out over the idea of Vanessa staying. She returns to talk with Meg and Jackie. In no uncertain terms Becky says she is not okay with Shelli going over Vanessa. Becky says they had days to make this choice and now it’s too late to go back on it.

“If someone had said something Thurs, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning” then her conversation with Vanessa would have been disguising her renom as a pawn, not the target. Becky wouldn’t have detailed out why she’s so steadfast against Vanessa. Remember that the Goblins encouraged Becky to be very detailed in her reasons to target Becky. Heh.

Meg suggests the rest of the house isn’t against Shelli like they are against Vanessa. Becky points out then they should have considered that sooner before making this commitment. Fear not, Becky! “No one is going after you!” promises Meg. They assure Becky they can protect her. Keep in mind that they were just discussing how Becky could be going up on the Block as a result.


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  1. I still can’t believe how easy it was for Vanessa to manipulate the Goblins when they KNEW she couldn’t be trusted.

    It’d be funny if it weren’t so depressing.

    • My thoughts exactly. I kind of hope Vanessa gets HoH just so she can get one of them out and Meg can cry for an hour. They know she’s a huge liar, they are just underestimating her game and connections. This is basically the same mistake Clay/Shelli/Venessa made not sending Austin home and it could come back to bite them.

      • I basically said that if they keep Vanessa, I’m no longer rooting for them since I just feel that they can’t play this game. So if this does happen, I’m with you – I HOPE Vanessa wins HOH and James or Becky go home and then it’s like DUHHHH!!!! Lesson learned. But maybe just maybe Vanessa, whom is the only thinker will simply go after the biggest target and not just after revenge. I’m not sure who Vanessa considers her biggest target right at this moment. I’m pretty sure I know who she considers her biggest target in the very end thought and that’s Shelli. So she’ll watch the goblins do her work for her this week, silly goblins. Although, I’m sure Vanessa would’ve like to keep her at least 3 more weeks.

        After this week though, Vanessa will consider Becky her biggest threat in this game since she is so adamant that she goes home and will only try again if she gets HOH again.

      • I think Venessa would target Becky, JMac and I feel James is the biggest threat of the Goblins. Maybe throw up Becky and JMac cuz no would would be mad, then BD James if she chooses. Although as long as JMac doesnt win the next HoH I think her best plan would be to throw the comp so she doesn’t have to choose sides, then play for the next one when Becky and JMac are both playing(if they make it that far, but just in general get some heat off for a round).

    • I bet Jason is at home freaking out. She’s the one that got him out and they all promised to avenge his eviction. geez. these ppl.

    • It was very easy, they went to Vannessa after they had talked about it in the havenot room….. Vannessa didnt flip them, Production did

    • Indeed. I have to admit that even though I’m a James fan, they deserve to have Van and co. show James the door if Van wins HOH for the DE. Like you said, Meg and Jackie can cry about how things never go their way and then whine about how Van should have been sent home instead. They deserve what they get.

      • It is not far fetched considering Vanessa has repeatedly betrayed her other alliances including that 8 person alliance including Jason and look what happened to Jason shortly after and he got backdoored by Vanessa. Vanessa also, knows James, Jackie and Meg are split from Becky and John and would be the perfect time to strike if she wishes. I would be laughing my head off if Vanessa goes after James and Jackie if she or her alliance wins HOH after Shelli’s eviction. That would be so funny. Would like to see the look of surprise on James and Jackie’s faces when they are put on the block!

      • Absolutely. if you can get JMac next to James on the block, it’s 100% that James is toast–Becky and Steve would vote to save John. And the Austwins can claim they were just following the wishes of the HOH while Meg and Jackie cry over broken promises. They just want Shelli gone and are using the words of someone who has the credibility of a $3 bill to lead them right where they want to go. Of course, Van is infinitely more dangerous than Shelli if she survives the DE, but they’re trading that longer term benefit for the short-term.

    • All Shelli has to do to stay in the house (at least for the first eviction) is to come clean and tell Becky and The Goblins everything about the 6th sense ie: who is in it, who they are targeting etc. Right now that is Shelli’s Hail Mary play and she had better do it if she even want’s a chance to stay for the DE.

      • Has shelley even tried to reverse their decision? Has she even campaigned for her BB LIFE?? She better get her rear in gear cuz it’s only hours before the eviction!!! I’d love to see Vanessa’s face if they choose to keep shelley – belly!!

      • Shelli has campaigned and these stupid people like james,meg,jackie wought budge

      • Thanks for that update, Matthew! I try watching the BBafterdark but it is sometimes so hard to hear them speak. Especially the twins…. Which never should have been allowed in the house. Lol.
        Do you want shelley or SPAZILLA to go?

      • Shelli has come clean, well sort of. She has thrown Vanessa and the Austwins UTB for now and the Goblins aka James Gang is still deciding.

  2. I feel a lil bad for Becky. She has been cocky this week for sure but her alliance should stick by her and they aren’t and she made a lot of good points.

    • Becky should have never told the Goblins that if one of them wins Pov to take Shellie down.. That’s when doubt kicked in.. Plus, Shellie hasn’t been campaigning.. She has gotten to comfortable.. She made it clear she wanted James and co. out.. I’m not surprised they changed their mind.. They did they before Vanessa even talk to them

      • Shelli misplayed that. She should have at least faked a truce with James for Becky’s sake, since Becky was her get out of jail free card. She could have told James you wanted to break us up – you did; now let’s get the twins! Just for game talk now – I wouldn’t expect her to mean it.
        Her targeting James and her passive aggressive stunt with the shirt did her no favors. It doesn’t matter whose shirt it was or what. Win the game = Best revenge.
        Shelli def had the chops if she’d used her thinking cap this week. No way for Becky to make JJM trust Shelli with things the way they were between Shelli and JJM. Gotta kiss alot of frogs!

    • James was cocky and still is when he won. He is the one I can’t wait to see leave. Hope Steve gets him out or Shelli.

    • Isn’t that what they did to James just a week ago. Did you feel bad for James as well? She is reaping what she sowed.

      • This is way worse tbh because Vanessa has an iron grip on half of the house and litterally have gotten everyone evicted that she wanted. So Becky is gone unless JM wins hoh. With James nothing major was going to happen to him since shelli was not close anymore to Vanessa.

      • Unless Becky gives them reason before nominations, if a member of JJM wins HOH, I don’t see Becky being nom’d, especially if Shelli is evicted.

      • Well she is ratting out the goblins now to Shelli witch could be the final straw for the goblins making them target her.

      • As long as Becky doesn’t steal one of Clay’s shirts from James, Becky will be fine, I think. haha

      • I doubt that cuz they also said they were evicting her this week then went back on their support for Becky.
        I consider them ‘GOBS’ now & losers as well!!!
        Stupid choices!! Stupid stupid choices!! Fackkkk!!

      • I see Vanessa and Shelli having an equal grip on the house. Shelli has everybody but the goblins working with her. Vanessa does not have Becky/JMAC and Steve working with her. If anyone is better aligned it is Shelli.

    • Becky though wasn’t 100% in their alliance last 2 weeks. She’s been the ‘rat’ giving the other side information. So in a way this is a bit of Karma for her.

      • Most of them where lost. Vanessa used her influence to scare people. Becky just sailed around. When Shelli asked her to join the meeting, she just got there to know what was happening. Becky only trust Jmac and has a “ladies thing” for Shelli. If Vanessa goes out, Shelli and Becky can be a power team. Even that Becky thinks that Shelli is something that Becky wants to be when she is older…

    • I don’t think the Goblins are really her alliance..Becky doesn’t have a clear alliance..she has been on a power trip this whole week..and she was simply using J/J/M for votes to get Vanessa out..then she was going to team up with Shelli, JMac and Steve.

      • Exactly. Had she not been so determined to work with Shelli (both she & Jmac), JJM would have no trust issues with her. I had a trust issue with her over it.

      • She made a clear choice to go with them and they agreed with her targetting Vanessa. They were fully on board and left her out to dry..

      • That´s the point. Becky only trusts Jmac and she adores Shelli. The only problem is that there are some other thoughts that look like to know that if they send Vanessa out, Becky and Shelli will join and take over the house.

  3. This is too perfect. Vanessa is staying and has a 44% chance at winning HOH since if the Austins win she wins. If someone else wins HOH they are front dooring her meaning that she could possibly have a 66% chance at POV. The chance is very high of Becky or John leaving I love it.

      • Don’t feel bad. I don’t get those numbers either.

        It’s like how my dad randomly makes estimates at statistics and my mom says he’s “pulling numbers out of his butt”. To which he always replies “that explains the smell”.

    • First, that adds up to 110%. Where did you get these numbers? They don’t really make sense.

      Also Austin and the twins never win anything. They either suck at it or claim they threw it. I don’t know if they want the pressure of winning during a DE. They’re laying low and it’s working for them. I don’t see that changing yet.

      • Okay, brain fart there on adding them up but I still don’t see how you got either of the numbers to begin with.

      • By taking the 4 people in the 4 sense and dividing it by the number that can play. The 66% is the best case for them that would mean all 4 would be playing in pov.

  4. Becky should have known not to trust the Goblins, especially James! He gave Shelli his word that he wouldn’t nominate her or Clay. He went back on that, no regrets. Knowing this, she still chose to align with him. It’s her own fault for trusting them.

    • You can’t base James word on what he did to win the HoH. Shelli (and anyone else for that matter) is just dumb if they thought James wasn’t going to at least put Shelli up. James has been a pretty good player, except he’s totally clueless about Vanessa, but so is everyone except maybe Shelli.

      • I don’t think he’s clueless about Vanessa. I think he feels Shelli is a bigger threat to his game than Vanessa is. Shelli is out for him. I think his mindset is to get rid of Shelli now and deal with Vanessa later.

    • Words inside the house mean nothing.
      Becky already knows that Vanessa is the head of the snake. Only she and Jmac knew that Vanessa was in control for all the evictions. ´
      And, using your own words, Vanessa gave her word that Jason was safe… less than 18 hours before she place him out the door.

  5. I got a bad feeling jmac will be walking out the door as well on Thursday. The goblins aren’t necessarily targeting him, but if they can’t get Vanessa out next, they will gladly settle for him. And austwins are definitely targeting him.

    I’m really hoping he or Steve win the hoh. Vanessa and becky are the targets going into the double eviction, but if either win the veto, jmac will be the fall guy. Ugh!!

    • Who cares if someone from the floater alliance leaves they have done nothing in this game until this week. You can’t just have an alliance where it takes till jury for someone to make a move (Becky won hoh before but was dethroned) then be surprised when it does not pan out. They deserve every last repercussion of this failed plan

      • I like accountability. I’m very unhappy with them right now. So meh, don’t care if that alliance survives anymore. I wanted it to work for Jackie but they are just not in tune with what’s happening in that house and it’s killing me.

    • Do these people not see the 3 headed monster being left in the game. 3 people playing for HOH, 3 people voting together, 3 people playing for Veto and all 3 attached at the hip at all times. Far too dangerous to let this continue.

      • What lol you mean 4? Vanessa is the head of the monster and the Ausetwins are just her puppets

      • They are all so stupid. One of those 3 needs to go in this double eviction. preferably not Julia. idk why but i like her & not the other 2.

      • I also prefer Julia out of those 2. For a second, when I read your comment I thought “who the heck is Julia?” Easy to forget.

      • Me too! If one of them has to win I do hope it’s Julia & she gets rid of that nob Austin! I can’t stand him …. Or liz for that matter!! She’s a –itch

  6. This has no doubt been the greatest week all season! I’m gonna call it now that BB17 will go down as one the better, if not best seasons of all time especially if it keeps up with stuff like this!

  7. Becky should have thrown the comp to Liz and the floaters would still be safe. Winning HOH was a bad move all together

  8. Not feeling sorry for Becky at all. Her master plan is crumbling. (And…Clay gave up his game for nothing!)

    • Do not write Becky off or Johnny Mac yet. What if Vanessa now having regained control over the game with the split between James, Jackie and Meg and Becky and Johnny Mac, strike a deal with Becky and Johnny Mac? Why strike a deal? Think end game. Vanessa has to take out Austin, Liz and Julia who are tied at the hip. She cannot do it by herself. There is only Steve as her snitch. She will need allies to help her vote out Austin, Liz and Julia to win the game. James and Jackie are expendable and bonus is it will allow Becky to payback the treachery of James and Jackie. Vanessa can always concoct a story that James and Jackie are planning to evict Austin and the twins. So now, priority switches to targeting and evicting James and Jackie. Now, I will be rooting for Johnny Mac to win HOH or Vanessa’s alliance to get HOH. Let us see what happens next!

  9. It seems Becky has James gang back for the moment. She just told JMac that JJM had made a good point about why they are wanting to evict Shelli and that Jmac is not in danger from JJM but he would be nom’d by Austwins.

      • No. She is trying to get JMac to go talk to Shelli about making sure JJM feel they have safety if Shelli stays. If Shelli stays, it is good for Becky and JMac. Becky doesn’t want to be seen talking to Shelli anymore than she absolutely has to.

      • oh lol well its not going to work because Shelli was getting personal with James and he will never forgivr her for that lol.

      • #epicfail Shelli can’t make a desperate measure now. It’s transparent. That’s what she should have done all week. Smh.

      • Becky has motives for her talk with JMac, for sure. She knows that he wants Shelli to stay and she is trying to get him to tell Shelli that if Shelli doesn’t want to get evicted, she needs to at least give the impression that JJM is safe with her.

  10. Has everyone taken some special “forgetting” potion…doesn’t this sound like the Clay/Shelli scenario all over again. How does Vanessa hold so much power???

    • How does Vanessa hold so much power? Perhaps she is better at the game than people give her credit for! As for this week, she held no power. She was essentially saved even before she even talked with those who ultimately could be saving her, if she ends up surviving the first eviction Thursday. She’s emotional and a drama queen; I personally don’t care as it makes for good TV! Becky’s mistake was sharing her backdoor plan with almost virtually everyone in the house, a mistake that in my opinion will cost her the game.

      • She’s like an abusive husband. People are scared to do anything to upset her. They don’t want to face the wrath of Nessa the Monster, Spazilla. Causing people to fear your reactions is powerful and feeds Vans ego.

      • And eventually they may come to realize that they should have stuck to Becky’s plan. Unfortunately, they will realize this when they are in the Jury house.

      • Got to pick which is better for their game and as sad as it may be, Vanessa is it…for now.

      • Love the name you gave her NESSA THE MONSTER, SPAZILLA!!
        She’s a freak either way!! Get her gone!!

  11. If Vanessa stays I hope this blows up on the gremlins and James goes next. Their so big on not turning on your alliance, loyalty, not blindsiding, keeping your word, and so on and so on. So what do they do they turn on Becky after she’s trying to get a strong player out that they agreed on. Hypocrites!

      • Everyone lies in Big Brother. I am sure Vanessa has told more lies than everyone else. The only problem is the other house guests do not have the brain power to see that Vanessa has been lying to their faces, not once but, multiple times. She also, has not kept any of her promises but, that doesn’t matter to James, Jackie or Meg. They are just clueless.

      • It is hilariously ironic that one reason Shelli may be leaving is because of Clay’s shirt. I have no idea how James got the shirts and think he is being a little childish about it, but it is very entertaining that Shelli let it get to her.

      • If shelley was smart shed forget about the shirt until jury house or end of game. It’s a freaking shirt shelley. Smarten up! Stop playing with your emotions…… You’re so much better than that!!! Geez!!

      • I’d like for James to actually wear one of Clay’s shirts on Thursday during the live vote. That would be hilarious.

    • Not from James perspective…he know’s Shelli is brewing to take him down if she stays….he’s looking after his game…and if Meg and Jackie want to tag along so be it….don’t forget by James standards contracts/deals in BB can be broken!

      • I don’t think they get it, tony. You have to remember they don’t want John to leave and if Van stays then there goes his alliance with Shelli, and the chances of John and his allies leaving become much greater than that of J/J/M.

        But I’m cure CBS will find a way to make sure that John stays, or re-enters the game.

      • It,s no different than any other season of BB, deals have been broken in every season its part of the game but some of these people on here seem to think its real life IT,S A FREAKING GAME people .all,s fair in the game except physical violence,and getting outside information thats called cheating.

  12. The Goblins are so oblivious to things going on lol. They think Shelli is closer with people in the hosue than Vanessa, while Vanessa basically has an alliance with everyone and will have no problem targetting them if she gets the next HoH. There logic for keeping Veness as a bigger target makes no sense. Who else will Target Venessa over them? Only JMac might target Venessa over them, and now they are going to piss off Beckey who if she ever won HoH again could easily target them as a back-up to Venessa. Stupiditty everywhere.

    • Vanevil might have had a alliance with everyone…but her schemes have all been busted…everyone knows that she is a viper…it’s just who is willing to play with fire long enough….watch it…you will get burned!

  13. The fact that Queen Choo Choo is freaking out over James, Meg and Jackies plan tells me Queen Choo Choo wasn’t trustworthy to begin with. She thought she was sitting pretty as everyone else did her dirty work for her and then she’d have the support of the austwins, JohnnyWack, Steve (who she has no idea hates her) and Shelli all coming after James, Meg and Jackie. Not once did Queen Choo Choo think they would realize that getting rid of Shelli was in fact better for their game. She’s been playing both sides of the house for too long now. And now she’s worried.

    James and Jackie and Meg owe nothing to Queen Choo Choo because she didn’t risk anything for them. She wanted Vanevil gone in order to protect herself, JohnnyWack and get Shelli alone to form an alliance.

    For the record I can’t stand Van and would love to see her go, butt I would love it if she stays and she nominates Queen Choo Choo and JohnnyWack!!

    • Please say … “Queen Choo Choo” a few more times, I don’t think we get your caustic wit yet.

      • Better to have caustic wit than no wit, like you “Kim” ;-)

        And seeing as this is a free country I can call Becky Queen Choo Choo…no worse than Goblins, right?

      • Even BB puns about her train accident. I think last week was something about her plan being “derailed”.

    • Yes playing both sides…having your cake and eat it too…it all comes down to…sorry for your loss!

    • All that hard work she did in trying to force a relationship with Shelli – all that but kissing, all that spying, all that ratting out. POOF GONE.

    • No, this freak out is not about Becky’s trustworthiness.

      Becky is freaking out because she put herself way out there and blatantly targeted Vanessa. Yeah, that was foolish, but she did this with the Goblin’s encouragement and promise of support.

      Now they’re telling her they might not give the support which keeps this very angry enemy around & after her. Of course she’s freaking out.

      • JJM are realizing that Becky is closer to Shelli than they thought which is not good for their game. They still support Becky in wanting Vanessa out, but it is a very good move on their part to get rid of Shelli first. Becky will have to start playing sides again or take a side for real. She will choose Shelli and be against JJM if Shelli stays and JJM know that.

      • Yeah they are still aiming to take out Vanessa. They agree with her on that. But Shelli is the more urgent target for their game.

  14. All those saying Becky’s alliance is jumping ship on her. No she is getting caught finally playing both sides. The no deals no alliancesncomment coming back on her. The way she chose to act couple weeks ago on her own when she chose to be on Shelli clay and Vanessa’s side is coming to light to those who she did not too. So the way she acting to them now comes off weird. It is understandable to not be able to give the nom a reason if ya want but not give your own allies a good one is shady to them. They gonna take it as she hiding something she don’t want them know about her. Whether true or not.

    • So true…this is the result of riding the fence….JMac and Steve will be in the same situation soon.

    • Becky took a big risk flipping to the side of James, Jackie and Meg which I am sure she is regreting this day. Had she remained as Shelli’s snitch and put up James and Jackie, we would not be even discussing this. James or Jackie would be out the door now. That said, I would not count out Becky or Johnny Mac surviving this because Vanessa needs allies to take out Austin, Liz and Julia who are tied at the hip. Right now, Vanessa has only Steve in her back pocket. So, what if she strikes a new alliance with Becky and Johnny Mac? Those 2 will be better off on the side of Vanessa’s alliance and James, Jackie and Meg would be chopped liver. Then, the joke will be on the Goblins alliance. For this reason, I am rooting for Johnny Mac or Vanessa’s alliance to win HOH after Shelli is evicted. I would certainly like to see who Vanessa goes after next!

  15. If this was some elaborate long con on the part of the Goblins to get Becky out, I would say it was brilliant. But unfortunately, they just aren’t clever enough for that kind of game move.

    • lol. them scheming long term plans. HILARIOUS. Their only game moves involve believing EVERYTHING Vanessa says. That’s their signature game move.

    • I call the Goblins game plan “strategic incompetence”.

      If you make enough bad moves, it will eventually turn into a good move!

  16. There hasn’t been a week (except for Audrey’s eviction) where we all knew and waited for the inevitable outcome. The house is insane and clearly full of flipfloppers. Entertainment at its best.

  17. If Becky wants the plan back on track then she needs to target Shelli/Austin/twins with the goblins. Until she makes a committment to protect them they will protect themselves. Sorry honey but you can’t play the middle now. Pick a side and ride or die.

    • I think putting Vanessa on the block and targeting her for eviction is picking a side.

      Becky is right. The Goblins let her stick her neck out to protect them and now they abandoning her. And the article above is right. Just a few days ago James was calling Vanessa the head of the snake. They were all talking about if they won they would put up Vanessa. Then Shelli does a really dumb thing to James while she’s on the block and James flipped taking the two idiots with her.

      This may work out for the but based on past history with Vanessa and the twins, there is a much better chance that this backfires on them.

      If JMac or Steve wins HoH, guess who is going on the block? Austin and James. That would not have been the case before the Goblins backstabbed Becky.

      • If they voted out Vanessa the two expected to go up was James and Jackie. I think Becky backstabbed James with the Clay vote, asked for his support to vote out Vanessa and then planned to get rid of him the next week.

      • No she back stabbed James when she went right to Shelli and told her James plans on putting her and Clay up on the block they have every reason to turn on the back stabbing biotch.

      • doubtful that James goes on the block if JMac wins. JMac has already said he’s targeting the twins and Austin.

  18. every season of BB has it’s doh moments after the HGs see the season over from our point of view…. if Vanessa stays they will have this moment sooner than I thought they would. and instantly regret it.

    • Haha yep, they will look back and feel completely duped. I’d love for Vanessa to win HoH so she can target the Golblins and make them feel stupid, but her best bet, as long as JMac doesn’t win, would be to throw the HoH this week so she doesn’t have to choose sides.

      • Who the hell throws hoh when they just got off the block after thinking they were a goner

      • I was just throwing it out there, she could easily win HoH and target JMac and Becky, or let everyone else do it and if one of them didn’t go home, she could then play in the next HoH when they are both competing. It seems like everyone except Becky and JMac are cool with her again so why stir the pot so soon?

      • Do you guys pay attention to the feeds or transcripts? Vanessa will target BECKY and JMAC if she wins HOH and she will TRY to win HOH.

      • I did’t say what’d she’d do, I said, in my opinion, her best bet would be to throw it and lay low for a week, never said it was her plan, just an opinion.

  19. There is an old saying … “Sometimes it is better to be lucky, than it is to be smart.”
    Good Luck Goblins, cause you definitely ain’t too smart.

  20. LOL’s after reading this update. LOL’s, like a madman’s LOL’S. I CAN’T, I JUST CAN’T.

  21. I don’t understand negativity towards James. He is playing a very smart game. Yesterday he played the “we are both protecting our girls” card to Austin. He is reading people well. And wearing Clay’s shirt….he knew that would get a rise out of Shelli…which he needed to do to put the “Shelli Needs to Go First” plan in motion. Don’t think for a minute that he won’t push to get Vanessa out in the DE. Right now he has five people working for him….the Austwins, Jackie and Meg…and he has Vanessa’s gratitude. I am hoping James and Jackie make it to the end.

    • Well said…that is exactly what James is doing….Becky is only collateral damage for him.

      • But James, Jackie, Meg and Becky will vote her out if she is nominated….JMAC will do as Becky wishes….so there are 5 votes right there to dispose of Vanessa. The Austwins would have to win HOH and POV in order to protect Vanessa…and the chances of that are slim and none.

      • Of course they’d have to win both…if they win HOH and someone else wins POV, Vanessa will go up…if they win POV and not HOH, they are not going to mess with the nominees…it will be too fast….it is a double eviction night….of course, Vanessa could win both and then it will be Becky and Steve (or perhaps to redeem herself, she will put up Austin)….

      • Wait? If they win hoh then Vanessa will not go up because even if someone uses the veto they still control the renom.

      • At this point, they have bonded with the Goblins….James and Austin feel they are kindred spirits “saving their girls”… in numbers…Vanessa is one, the Goblins are three….

      • Yes..Yes..or maybe not…they have to realize she’s a wounded target and pegged to go…do they want to be part of that…it only directs more attention to them. Then again Vanevil can conjure up a lot of hocus pocus.

  22. If Shelli is evicted, I hope that Steve wins HOH and puts up Becky and Vanessa together!

    • I think he and JMac said they would put up Austin and James. But then Steve did say he wants to get Becky out but who goes against her? I assume one of the Goblins. I will laugh if that happens.

    • That be sweet….that be the cat fight of the century…not good if it happens on DE…not enough time to fight.

    • That would be priceless! Vanessa still goes with Jmac, James, Jackie & Meg votes (4 is all they need and no tie possible).
      But Steve would have to smooth over things with Becky after Vanessa goes. Either they melt into alliance with JJM or they become their own 3 amigos with Jmac as their glue.

  23. Matt, I’ve been trying to understand where you’re coming from this week that J/J/M are making a mistake evicting Shelli and I’m just not seeing it.

    If a HG has the power to control which block mate gets evicted (swing vote(s), s/he know that both players on the block are dangerous and powerful, neither one is your ally, and one is gunning for you and the other is gunning for someone else … what is your deciding factor? Get out the one gunning for you at the risk of a brand new potential alliance member that has stabbed you in the back before OR get out the one that isn’t gunning for you at the risk of rolling with a team that targeted your friends?

    I think I’d go for the one that is definitely gunning for me and try to build a relationship with my former opposition.

    I understand that you think that Van is more dangerous than Shelli, but I think that they are both dangerous in different ways. They have Van pretty well figured out, but not Shelli. What am I missing?

    • I can’t speak for Matt but Becky is right. Vanessa has Austin and the twins while Shelli is basically alone. Before flipping only Shelli would have come after James and Jackie. Now, JMac and Steve will target him and we never know what Vanessa and the Austwins will really do. I would not trust them but James is so we will see. If someone comes off the block I would be concerned that one of the Goblins would go up as a pawn – and then get evicted.

      • Except that I don’t think that the Austwins are going to be so quick to ruin their new double trio alliance. Austin likes being in the position of protecting “his” girls all while letting others do all the work. J/J/M gives him 3 more people.

      • But Vanessa always has the “I saved you Austin” to hold over his head. That’s probably why they trust her so much

      • Exactly….Vanessa is one. Goblins are three (5 if they somehow convince Becky they have her back…because JMAC will go with Becky)

      • But Vanessa has won more comps then those 3 combined (possibly all 6 LOL) They need someone who can fight for them and who is loyal to them. They know that a f4 is more solid then a f6

      • Not sure about that….James has won 2 HOH, one POV, Jackie has won an HOH, add Becky’s HOH and JMAC’s 2 POV’s….

      • Vanessa has won at least 4 comps? Austwins are done with Vanessa….Austin will bring them to where there is safety in numbers….and don’t get me wrong….I like Vanessa…liked her and James since day one….but I think James is going to go further in the game.

      • Why? The only other person left on her side is a wishy washy Steve….and she is only one Jury vote…if whoever takes Vanessa out makes it to the final 2, they will have an edge.

      • Because she has info and she could tell people everything about them and blow their games up

      • With the relief of both Shelli & Vanessa out of the house (in your scenario) both JJM and Jmac & Becky can breathe again and regroup/stack hands. :) And target Austwins if they want.

      • He also has the “you wouldn’t have had to save me, if you hadn’t tried to BD me” reply.

    • What you are missing…..and I could be 100% wrong on this….is that Matt is a John’s fan. They are the only ones against the flip. Oh, I shouldn’t leave out Shelli’s fans too. I’m just saying….hands raised.

    • Shelli has won 2 HoH comps. She’s had a good performance in several comps. Vanessa has won 2 HoH’s & a Veto, but Vanessa’s strengths don’t end there. Vanessa can play all the steps of the game in between the comps while Shelli hasn’t demonstrated the same strengths.

      I mean come on, look at this week alone. Vanessa is back in it after being dead in the water on Monday morning.

      Vanessa is a leader. She will lead Austwins & Steve to do her bidding just as she’s been able to do all season so far. Shelli would be an ally to Austwins & Steve, but she sure as heck won’t lead the Austwins. They don’t fully trust her after she threw Austin UTB to James last week & they know all about it.

      Now Vanessa will have 5 votes to control (she’s said they can keep Steve for them). Goblins will have 3 & John/Becky together have 2, but one of those 2 will likely go in DE.

      How many votes will the 2nd eviction require to control? 4. So even if Van/Austwins/Steve are in power, the other 4 can decide who goes. Next Thurs it’ll only require 3 votes. Goblins won’t have 3 votes if one of them is in power.

      There’s lots of “this is better for Goblins in a DE” talk but I’m looking beyond Thurs night. The Goblins may last longer if Van stays, but they’ll just be along for the ride.

      • I usually agree with you, but I think the Austwins are going with the numbers…they will work with the Goblins….I may be wrong, but I think people are underestimating James at this point.

      • You just said it! The magic phrase…..” The Goblins may last longer if Van stays, but they’ll just be along for the ride.” So it’s better to keep Vanessa over Shelli. Isn’t that what all house-guests want? to see how long they can last in the game and maybe win?

      • Victoria lasted a real long time too, didn’t she?

        And yes, I intentionally included that to show I’m not denying there may be an immediate benefit, but they’re trading that for a chance to win or control any future decisions. I’m showing a balanced analysis of this situation & why I say it’s a bad choice.

      • So it’s better for their game if Shelli stays and they become jurors #2, 3 and maybe 4. Okay.

      • Could you be giving Van too much credit at this point? Her manipulative ways are blown. She didn’t talk James into keeping her. He was already thinking that way.

      • For some reason, many people are not wanting to give any credit to JJM for anything. This is another reason why I support them more and more. They know how to have fun, joke with each other, but get serious when they need to. I have no idea how long they will last, but Clay is gone and Shelli is probably leaving. Whether it be luck, smarts, common sense, or a mixture, they are still in the BB house.

      • Yep. I think that both James and Jackie are very smart. Meg just goes along. If they are able to save Van and turn former nemesis into allies all while leaving the option open to still get Van out, I’d say that was a win-win-win. And they get rid of a major comp winner that is gunning for them to boot.

      • I have always found the SS alliance gameplay much more fascinating than the Goblins personally and I think the SS have the edge on them intellectually.
        I do like Meg and Jackie though but I don’t agree with many of their decisions.
        Since keeping Vanessa probably means the SS will now make it to the endgame I’m not against the idea either, but I have always liked Shelli better than Vanessa and would like to see the Shelli,Becky, JMac, Steve new alliance in action if Shelli survives.
        We just need to wait and see who will survive the DE and who will be stabbed in the back first. I would like to see the 3 groups going against each other rather than the SS steamrolling over the Goblins. This way each HOH and eviction can make or destroy an alliance. Might be one of the best seasons if this happens.

      • They have Becky to thank for their safety this week. Had she not flipped and joined their side, it would be James and Jackie on the block and one of them being evicted to the jury house with the other one probably following shortly after. Seriously, had James handled his POV better by taking Clay off the block last week and put Vanessa beside Shelli. Shelli or Vanessa would not even be in the Big Brother House and probably Vanessa/Shelli and Austin would be on the block this week. I gave credit for James putting Shelli and Clay on the block but, also, noted that Vanessa beside Shelli was the better option for various reasons. And Clay went home also, because James was blind to the fact that Vanessa controlled the Big Brother House. It was a unanimous 9-0 vote meaning Jackie and Meg voted to evict Clay too. James, Jackie and Meg are not really very good players and their bad decisions are going to catch up with them soon enough!

      • The way I see the situation is that keeping Vanessa is good for the SS alliance only.
        If the Goblins worked with Becky/JMac they would have the numbers during the DE and could demolish the remaining SS alliance.
        By siding with the SS during the DE (which is a good short range plan I agree) and getting rid of Becky/JMac instead – the Goblins will be down in numbers after the DE and have no one else to work with to defeat the surviving SS alliance members.
        By the SS making a deal with the Goblins to survive DE and get rid of B/J/S they will emerge from the DE stronger than ever with superior numbers.
        So yes, I agree that it’s a good short range plan for the Goblins to survive DE by working with SS.
        But looking at the numbers situation after the DE the Goblins will have to be very lucky and win a lot of HOH’s to make it to the end. This could happen but is very unlikely.
        Since we have no idea how the DE will play out or who will be HOH this could go in so many different ways. If JMac or Steve win HOH will they go after the Goblins or the SS?
        So, I’m just going by the numbers situation right now since I have nothing else to go on and I’m saying the numbers won’t be on the side of the Goblins and perhaps working with Becky and JMac would be a better idea.
        There are just so many ways this can play out and I can’t wait till tomorrow night to see what happens.

      • I don’t see J/J/M siding with SS. I see them making a new alliance with Austwins that doesn’t include Van. It’s not a temporary alliance. They all said F6.

        The deal with Van is separate. If they keep Van and evict Shelli, Van will not target any of them for 2 weeks. Her targets will only be Becky, JMac and Steve.

      • Since I made my above comment earlier things have changed a lot :D
        From the new info Austwins DO want to work with the Goblins now instead of Vanessa. I guess it all depends on who wins HOH during the DE tomorrow to find out which way the Austwins will vote.
        Can Vanessa worm her way into the SS graces before then? I wouldn’t put anything past her. Vanessa should’ve gotten rid of Austin when she had the chance.

      • What you seems to be forgetting…they have no intention of working with Vanessa. They hope to get her on the DE.

      • There is only one winner, everyone else loses. I know 2nd place is rewarded, also. But the longer you stay could raise(or lower, in some cases) your odds of winning AFP. No matter what anyone says, another week, is another week. A whole lot can be done in a war if you can battle another week.

      • That buys J/J/M more time to solidify a relationship with the Austwins. So far the only one that has worked on a relationship with them is Van. Plus Van is going to be grateful to J/J/M at least long enough to target Becky.

      • Vanessa is definitely a more dangerous social treat that they will have to deal with sooner rather than later, but the Goblins most immediate treat right now is Shelli. She will go after them right now, while Vanessa will gun for Becky/John, and like you said yourself Matt, Vanessa is the leader.. she will push her alliance towards that also, which might buy them more time. And if Vanessa is still around, I bet John will go after her.

        One simple way for the Goblins to get ride of Vanessa, even the week after DE : 1st, winning HOH, then nominate Vanessa against Liz (with Julia as the potential renom). This way, they have the number to eliminate Vanessa, since Austin + Julia (or Liz) will keep the twin over Vanessa…

  24. I hope Becky doesn’t get her way. Seems like a floater until she won hoh. Now stuck up snob scrambled to play the game and wants the power Vanessa has with alot of the house guests. Hopefully meg & James. go soon. Meg acts like she was there to find a boyfriend. Like clay said she tried to have a showmance with all guys.

      • Lol. I was surprised to see pics of meg kissing Steve several days ago. Not sure if she was drunk. Didn’t act drunk hanging on to clay and crying. I remember when James won outback dinner and pick clay to go with for dinner. meg said in the DR room don’t get mad when clay won’t put out could of had her.

  25. I’m not surprised that they flipped on the vote again. Van is very good at making people paranoid about others. Shelli is gonna be in for a rude awakening come tomorrow..

  26. I think things may start to get a little dirty between Shelli and Vanessa very soon..if not already!

  27. What these idiots need to do once they become HOH is keep their mouths shut and not let the other HG’s know what their plan is. Every time this happens it backfires.

  28. Why do i feel like only the goblins will be targeting Vanessa on the DE. I bet the 4th power plus Steve will target Becky and John and John will target the goblins.

      • There is no way Austin and company will be ok with Vanessa walking out the door in the 2nd half of the DE. Who would win comps for them? And who is calling the shots?

      • Exactly people act like they will flip on a dime when someone confronts them this another deal

      • If they can get her in the chair and keep her there, they have the votes to evict her easily and without a doubt: James, Jackie, Meg, Jmac, Becky (that’s 5 with one of them being the HoH to take her out) so it’s 4 votes which is all they need for the 2nd eviction. :)

  29. Is Shelli on the feeds or sleeping? I haven’t read anything about her on Jokers, that I remember.

  30. Right….because we all know Shelli is more loyal and trustworthy to keep around and that she’s not coming after James…

    Sounds like someone doesn’t want John to be evicted.

      • Shelli first, Vanessa in the DE….Shelli has been on the block back to back…this may be the last shot they get at her…Vanessa has enough enemies to put her up for the DE….of course this idea is shot to pieces if Vanessa wins HOH….but I think Shelli stands a better chance of winning the DE HOH than Vanessa….and she will target the Goblins….Goblins need Shelli out first!

      • Austwins were resigned to letting Vanessa go because they didn’t think they had a choice as just 3 votes (or even 4 with Steve added) when 5 were needed. Next time they won’t have that vote restriction issue.

      • Maybe the smart move after getting rid of Shelli, would be for the Goblins to put Vanessa and Austin up? (that is if they can somehow win HOH)… I don’t know….I am torn….from day one I liked both James and Vanessa, one is going tomorrow and at this point I am rooting for James….although just like in the house, my allegiance may switch in the next 24 hours…..

      • I’m hoping that the one evicted will soon be returning to the BB house in the twist Julie mentioned on the last episode. I would love to see either one walking back into the house smiling.

      • So if they get Vanessa OTB in the 2nd eviction, they only need 4 votes/no tie and they will have that, right? Jmac, Becky, Meg & James or Jackie (whomever is not HoH). They don’t need the other 2 Austwins or Steve’s votes, as long as they put her up against an Austwin.

      • Glad you asked. If I’m not seeing straight here, please clue me in.
        Becky, Jmac & Steve seem to be ready to put their eggs into Shelli’s basket even after Shelli picked Becky’s true target, Vanessa, to play POV and possibly win safety, despite knowing Becky’s plan. Yes, she & Jmac questioned her but believed her excuse anyway.
        Seems to me that those 3 were never going to roll with JJM regardless.
        With both Vanessa and Shelli out of the house, PERHAPS JJM and Becky, Jmac & Steve can breathe a sigh of relief and come together. Maybe not. But it wasn’t meant to be with Shelli in the house for sure, I don’t think. And if Shelli won the DE HoH she would target JJM – and Jmac & Becky & Steve could not stop it. There is a good chance she would, too.
        Am I wrong or missing something here?

  31. When the “Trios” (Austin and “Twin Evil”) believe your idea to keep Vanessa is good…………….you should realize you’ve made a “big” mistake. Nobody 4 EVER!!!

      • When it comes to Big Brother 17……………….nobody is always around…………….somewhere. I still can’t believe the disaster that is unfolding…………can you/anyone? Nobody 4 LATER!!!

      • I’m hoping that tonight will be a reset and neither one of them goes home just to see the Goblins reaction. Too bad they made an enemy out of an potential ally with Becky. I’m hoping Becky and JMac survive the DE but it’s looking very doubtful.

  32. I wish they would get rid of Vanessa first.. She controls too many people in the house and the goblins need to looking at numbers. Shelli is definitely a threat but Vanessa’s crazy mind games are a bigger threat to the goblins at this point.

  33. Lol it makes 0 sense for austwins to flip to the goblins because if they stick with Vanessa they are generated final 4. If they flip the Goblins only garentee them final 6.

    • I don’t see how being with Vanessa is a guarantee. Other players could still target them.

    • I thought the deal was for the Austwins and Goblins to not evict each other in the forthcoming DE and to target Becky, JMac or Steve instead. Then the SS alliance will have the numbers over the Goblins and they can do whatever they want.
      Somehow Austin managed to keep the target off of him and the Twins during the DE – not bad gameplay at all.

  34. I think the goblins should change there name to the idiots if they believe one word that comes out of Vanessas mouth,I think she is way more dangerous then Shelli, if they keep her this week she will win this game

      • How can they be morons for wanting Shelli out who wants to evict all 3 of them?

        I think I’ll save the moron card for Austin as he said all he wants is to go to to jury with Liz.

      • I agree with you 100% Eliz….. Its easy for us to see it because we see what they all are thinking…. When you are in the house, sometime you guess wrong

  35. The Goblins are contented now that Vanessa is running their game for them the same way she has been doing all season.
    What will they do once Becky and JMac are gone and they’re outnumbered by Austwins, Vanessa and possibly Steve? I guess they can’t think that far ahead right now since they’re still busy ridding the house of evil Shelli who is the cause of all their problems according to James.
    I’m just hoping AG will manage to save JMac during DE. He HAS to win the first HOH so I hope he won’t even consider throwing it.

    • James Jackie and Meg want John and Vanessa gone next that is their plan. They know she’s a threat.

      I’m hoping James or Jackie win Hoh and nominate Steve and John and if need be Backdoor Vanessa. That’s the best bet for their game.

      • The big problem here for the Goblins is that they believe the Austwins want Vanessa out soon the same as the Goblins do- while the Austwins just want to survive DE and need to keep Vanessa in the game as a larger target for the others to focus on instead of them. Austin is playing a great game if this works out for him and the Twins. I’m not an Austin fan but the guy is making big moves that I appreciate.

    • I like JMac and hope he can stay. i don’t really like Vanessa but I admire her ability to get out of every situation so her staying is far more interesting.

  36. I was sitting up watching late monday night early tuesday morning when the goblins flipped, Vanessa hadnt even started jocking for votes… Production had called all 3 in and changed their minds….. They didnt even talk to Vanessa til the later in the day…. James wanted shelli out anyways, jackie and meg can be swayed to anyway production liked.. Thats all James needed

    • I don’t doubt it for a minute but I can’t blame production not wanting a final 4 of Goblins and/or Steve/Becky.
      Don’t you want to see the SS alliance start stabbing each other in the back all the way to the finale? Sounds like fun to me.

      • People allways claim production interference when someone they don’t like is saved. This game is not in anyway rigged

      • Since neither one of us knows whether they do or don’t we’ll just have to agree to disagree :D

      • We have heard many players say that production tried to persuade them before the fish appeared so we the fans couldnt get it all followed by “You are not to talk about Production” By the way, Jeff said it twice the year jordan won… I dont think the players would just say it for no reason at all….. Anyways, it dont matter… What we do know is Vanessa hadnt even talked to them yet so she def didnt change their minds

      • Yes, I’ve witnessed too many instances such as you mentioned above while watching BB over the years.
        Remember when Ashley Iococca was partnered with Willie Hantz and in the blossoming stages of a showmance when production called her to the DR? Afterwards Ashley suddenly wanted Willie gone.
        I once saw a youtube clip where James – during the Kayser, Janelle, nerd herd season, James said production ratted out his plans to the nerd herd and he wouldn’t tell production anymore of his schemes in the future?
        So clearly something is going on in the DR that the audience doesn’t know.

      • My point is Vanessa, hadnt even start trying to get votes… She didnt do anything… If you go back to tuesday morning right before they went to bed, you will see what im saying…. And by the way…Production do drop seeds in their head, its up to them to fall for it or not…. All James needed was for the girls to flip, he wanted shelli out anyways… Im fine with Vanessa staying, at least she plays the game

      • But James has wanted Shelli out since he was HOH…why isn’t anybody giving him credit for sitting and waiting to use Becky’s HOH to his advantage….people are underestimating James here….

      • Yes they are…this move is good for his game…the problem is… Vanevil is clever enough to see it…and will use it against him no doubt..when the time comes.

      • Ahhh, come on bratty. That would be a great early beginning to Halloween season. I’m sure Walmart will have decorations out by then.;)

    • It’s possible production put the idea in their heads. I think they have started things before and even tailored competitions a certain way. Outright rigging probably not though as someone would have talked already.

      • True, I doubt that production would write out a $5,000 check to each of them to keep Vanessa around – I’m sure it’s more subtle.

      • probably is subtle…just open there eyes to whats happening in the house…per se.

  37. did they all forget that she screwed them all over with the Jason switch. I give up, they’re all morons

  38. Jackie is telling Becky about JJM voting out Shelli. Becky is upset, but saying she does understand. I’m sure there will be much more to that.
    If Austin and the twins are not seriously considering the JJM alliance, they are putting on an act solely to deceive the viewers.

      • OMGosh, bratty! Although that might be entertaining to watch, I can’t imagine the curse words that would be flying out of Vanessa’s mouth, possibly during the talk, but for sure afterwards.

      • I was thinking the same thing, time for Becky to salvage what’s left of her game before she’s next to go home.
        Knowing the SS alliance, they will probably make a new deal with Becky/JMac and Steve and oust the Goblins instead.
        But since the Goblins (except for James) aren’t as big of a threat I doubt this will happen.
        I think it would be hilarious if James is the first to be evicted during the DE. Then he could spend all that time with Shelli in the jury house while he curses himself for believing Vanessa once again.

      • I feel so bad for Shelli that she has to be in jury without Clay. Don’t you. I mean its awful. All she has to snuggle with is his sweater.

      • I’m sorry, I was totally kidding. The whole thing is too GM’ish and I hated her. Although at least Clay liked Shelli but still.

    • If they don’t consider it seriously very quickly…they will be guilty by association.

  39. I hope that Austin, Liz, Julia, and why not? Jackie vote to evict Vanessa; I can’t wait for the next episode.

  40. Liz calls Austin a smelly barbarian and then a few minutes later we find out that she, according to Julia, has a hickey. Aren’t hickeys passe?

    • If she has a hickey did they show them making out on the feeds? I know they were a big thing when I was a teen, in the 80’s lol, maybe not so much now.

      • And 70’s as well, but I wouldn’t be alive today if my parents had seen one on me.
        I don’t have the feeds, but there was a comment on Jokers right after that which said that Liz was worried about the hickey. Seems like that would be hard for the feeds to miss.

    • Oh, be still my heaving stomach! Can you imagine letting Austin give you a hickey? Grrrrrrrrrrosss!

  41. I agree if the goblins are that stupid to trust Vanessa then they do need to go home! I hope the twin win it all.

  42. They don’t trust Vanessa Getting Shelli out protects one of their own. if one of their side wins HOH in the DE Vanessa is a gonner Shelli is more likely to win HOH or POV than Vanessa and James knows that would not be good for him….Small chance that Vanessa should win her target would be Becky…

    • I disagree. James is the bigger long-term threat for her. You get him out now if possible–Becky really only has JMac, and she can get picked off later. Vanessa has already won 2 HOH’s, so she can def win another. The Austwins can hide behind Van saying it was her HOH and they were respecting her wishes. Meanwhile, you’ve just neutralized your biggest competition in the house.

  43. Becky seems to have the levelheadness most HG’s lack.. and considers all sides of a situation without a lot of drama .She might get upset about the vote not being Vanessa but she holds her temper and tries to see their side..

  44. As if the Golbins are really trusting what Vanessa says, she needs to go next and pronto, and the Golbins have always known that, they assessed the risk and taking out Shelli first is right.

    Funny how Becky creates a new house rule ‘You had days to think about who to evict, you can’t change your mind now’ : )

    Becky is trying too hard not to so much to evict Vanessa but to Keep Shelli, her partner in crime next with Jmac and Steve.

    • Unless Van realizes the biggest long-term threat is James and goes after him if she wins the DE HOH. Becky is the more immediate issue, but James will cause much bigger headaches later on–and he’s much better connected in the house than Becky is. ALWAYS go for the biggest threat, not necessarily the most immediate one. Becky can be dealt with later. I personally don’t like what Van does–but she’s smart as hell and is a master strategist.

      • Becky may be furious about the Shelli being taken out, but it will be too late too bad for her, only If Austin and the twins continue their alliance with the Goblins as F6, they have the numbers and the odds to take everybody else out methodically

        Vanessa needs to go first because she has persuasive power as annoying as it is, she can change minds, Becky is now dislike by the twins and lacks this power and they should give her one pass; but they now entering the Cut-throat part of BB, after this DE and cools sometimes don’t prevail

      • Not a good strategy in a DE…she’s is already been uncovered…her motor mouth doesn’t help her cause…if she’s HOH and takes or tries to take out James instead of Becky…hey her own mother will vote out…not a good move so soon…after a second chance…the game doesn’t end Thursday!

    • Yea…the goblins have assessed the risk and they feel the Shelli move is the lesser of 2 evils at the moment…the one to gain the most is Armadillo James…Vanevil will never be safe from this point on…they are all onto her!

  45. So JMac is doing what Becky wanted and is telling Shelli people are lying to her. Golly do I ever wish this was Thursday instead of Wednesday.

  46. Vanessa told Shelli there would be no campaigning against her. I think she forgot about that. She told Austin not to give Shelli any information because Shelli would use it against Austwins. Vanessa said Shelli did it once and she would do it again.
    Uhhhh, Vanessa, you put Austin on the block once.

  47. What really makes me laugh is that Steve “the expert BB fan” would fall for Shelly blinking her eyes and playing coy with him to get his vote. Did he forget all the other woman on the show that played this card to win over the weak little man for a vote. Is he such a social misfit that he really believes she cares about him????? Steve needs to put his big boy pants on and grow up. I would love to see him play her and put her in her place.

    • Yes..with you on this…but I think he doesn’t have any big boy pants to put on…if he played her and put her in her place…that would be sweet…i would he crow!

  48. Have to agree with the above comment,if they go back on their word they all deserve to lose,did they not learn anything from Vanessa making the same mistake 2 weeks ago?(guess not!!),what a spineless bunch..Derrick and Cody succeeded by holding things together right up to the end and did so in a much more quiet way,these guys no nothing about strategy and makes you wonder if any of them really ever watched BB before,,if Vanessa escapes this week hope she throttles these hopeless jellyfish,have lost all respect for Meg and James,the whole house seems leaderless and rudderless..hep.

    • You are dead on about these HG’s…but in their defense it’s been said when you are in there your perspective goes out the window if you let it.

  49. Shelli is pleading her case and adding John and Steve for numbers to JAMEG…I wonder if it’s a little bit too late. Shelli going through James’ stuff won’t help her case either. If I believe her 100%, I’d much prefer that grouping than with the Austwins.

  50. I am boycotting this season of big brother it sucks neither shelli or vanessa should be going home because they are the 2 best players by far . Meg ,steve,jackie,austin ,and the twins don’t deserve to be in this game period. Big brother sucks

  51. What becky needs to do is tell james,meg,jackie if they keep vanessa and vanessa wins hoh and I get voted out I will never forgive you

    • Good point…sounds good…but I can hear James say…This is Big Brother…there are no valid contracts/deals or forgiving.

  52. This is all getting way too confusing for me – can’t wait for tomorrow night, although seeing Vanessa’s face when she became Steve’s replacement will be worth tuning in for tonight. I keep reading comments about Meg flirting with all the guys in the house. Really? I saw the whole drunken Clay thing, but who in the house would be worth fooling around with? With the exception of Clay, who was marginally OK if you like immature pretty boys, there weren’t any good-looking guys in the house this year. Jace was a joke. Austin is conceited and not anywhere near as attractive as he thinks he is. Johnny Mac, James, Jason, Steve? Not exactly heartthrobs. Jeff? Meh. If Meg went on the show this season with the idea of a shomance, she must have been severely disappointed, especially after Clay found his mommy so quickly.

  53. Come on seriously can we get some variety in the feeds??? So tired of all four showing the same room!!!!

  54. Ok they are expecting a DE and know it will be questions not physical, so WHY in the world would you leave Vanessa in the game? For the goblins to have done so well last week they are doing lousy this week. Hope Steve or JMac wins 2nd HOH.

  55. This is SO EXCITING! If Vanessa stays over Shelli, I will flip out! I LOVE Vanessa! I want her to stay so bad! She’s obviously worked her magic, so let’s see if her magic is foolproof. I would be so proud of her if this worked. Screw the haters! Vanessa is one of the best players in the game this season. I love Shelli too, but when it comes to them both being on the block, like I said in a previous comment, BYE SHELLI!
    Please please please Goblins vote to keep Vanessa!
    If she stays she has to be safe the 2nd eviction of the night too. Hope that is possible!

    • Totally agree with you Jasmine. You are spot on. Totally love my V girl. I have watched every season and would love to see her in all stars after she wins. Do you know if she would be the first Lesbian to win Big Brother. If yes, I will be soon happy.

      • YAY! I’m so glad someone agrees with me. I’m sick of reading all these comments from these Van haters! Vanessa is AWESOME. Yeah, she makes mistakes in the game too but, like I said, if she manages to make it through this eviction, she will have lived up to her intelligence that everyone gushed over in the beginning. Her personality apart from the game is amazing. Like seriously, if this move works, the Goblins might have just bought a front row seat to Vanessa being in the final 2 and winning! I would LOVE to see her on all-stars! The first lesbian to win…that would be GREAT! Please please please let this work. Vanessa has to survive ALL of tomorrow night. I can’t wait.

    • I don’t hate her at all. While I do find her annoying and some of her actions very pointless I very much admire her ability to twist situations and people to do what she needs them to do. I always say she has some kind of ninja jedi magic she can do and not everyone can do that.

  56. At the moment I would love Jackie and Crazy Meg to be put up on the DE by one of the Judases with James as the renom. Would serve them right.
    I don’t think I want to root for them anymore.
    From now onwards it’s only Vampire Dentist, Becky and even Lil Stevie for me.

  57. Why do people judge shelli as a person when you don’t know her only going what people see on TV

    • I don’t think most people on here judge for real life. Speaking for myself, my comments here are based only on game. I don’t know these people in real life and they usually becomes friends with each other from bonding over this experience. :)

    • To me, it’s no different than having my favorite characters on Friends or The Big Bang Theory or WWE. The way I feel about Rachel, Sheldon or Randy Orton’s characters have nothing to do with how I feel about Jennifer Aniston, Jim Parsons or even Randy Orton’s real life persona. Same thing with the BB players. People simply like/don’t like the game-version of Shelli, JMac, Davonne, etc. It has nothing to do with who they really are. Their opinion is about a character, more or less…not the real person

      • Really? Many attack Vanessa and think she’s a loony bin and belongs to mental hospital.
        Many say Shelli shallow or other bad things.
        Many love Vampire Dentist not for his game, but for the person he is, like me.

      • Right. My point is that the Vanessa we are watching…the one who is confined to this house, trying to win half a million dollars in a game that requires betrayal and deceit…is loony and out there. The Shelli we se each week might be shallow or vain, but that says nothing about the normal Shelli that will exist when the game is over.

      • I understand that very well. But you say you love/hate the characters but it has nothing to do with how you feel about the real persons, right?
        I just simply respond that many don’t feel the same way like you.
        They love/hate the players in the house as well as the real persons.

      • okay, tell me why John is like able to you? And please don’t say his DR sessions because that’s not a good reason.

      • People like a particular player for all kinds of reasons. Gamer or not. That’s how Popularity Polls are…it could just be their shoes.

      • Oh mylanta … yes yes the first time I laid my eyes on that beard I knew for sure that I was going to loveeeeee to hate him.
        Til the day my heart remains the same.

    • I don’t judge any of them as people. I only judge them as players and how much I like or dislike that. I don’t even think you can know them as people since BB is such a unique situation and we see what the show wants us to see.

  58. All you Van haters….if this works…SCREW YOU ALL! Vanessa’s one of the best players in this game. Why would you want a bunch of floaters in the end anyways? The best move for everyone’s downfall is to keep Vanessa in the game. I would be so excited. If she does end up getting evicted, SHE’S COMING BACK!
    Vanessa has been the favorite to win from the beginning. Even BB alum have said that Vanessa has a great chance. I hope this is possible.

  59. I am officially over my support of JMac. I kept hoping that he would see the light, but he was blinded by Clay’s beauty and has kept that attachment through Shelli. Darn it!

    • I wonder why that is. It doesn’t seem like a “gay” attachment, per se. It just seems to be an oddly strong fixation.

      • People like who they like for whatever reasons. I was hoping JMac would be more of a game player by now. He disappointed me in that aspect.

      • Why the sudden “talk” about Vampire Dentist at the moment? Did I miss anything?
        Btw, he played his game and thought he’s safe when Vanessa was the target and Shelli was safe.

      • No, Luki, you didn’t miss anything. I was reading Jokers about his day and I guess it just hit me, so I shared it.

    • ugh I really wanted him to do well, even though he annoyed the hell out of me with the yelling I was still on his side but he does need to get it together and wake up. I much prefer people who think for themselves

    • Oh Karen, Don’t give up on him yet. He’ll win HoH and you’ll be proud of him again. lol

      • My left molars ache only when I see him. That is the only ones I have had root canals on. That’s got to mean something. I listen to my body. Nope, it’s over, Cyril.

      • It’s good not to be attached too much with the players this season like I did last year, and be pissed for months because my fav got booted out. lol…one of the best season btw

      • JMac has never really been a player IMO. I just loved his DR sessions. But I refuse to be amused. He needs to do something in the game.

      • Perhaps. I really want him or Lil Stevie to win that damn HoH. Where’s the voodoo doll? I think I need it.

      • It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.
        In this case, till the Van says.
        Remember she’s about to be pushed down the cliff but now she’s the one pushing others down the cliff.

  60. JMac has so been played by Clay and Shelli. He thought he was so important to them. Now he only wants a group. So sad…

  61. I am really upset right now, not because Van is staying or Shelli is leaving but because Vampire Dentist is in danger in the next DE. Since Becky can’t play, I really hope that either him or Lil Stevie win the HoH.
    I don’t really care about the Goonbishs now.

    • Eh. JMac shouldn’t have been blinded by Clay and Shelli and his adoration of them. He should have gone with the underdogs. Sorry you picked the cool kids JMac.

    • He is starting to show some emotion at least now…

      And by emotion, I mean he is totally freaking out right now.

  62. I thought james is a great player now this stupid move will end his game meg and Jackie were never that smart in the first place

  63. Sorry Shelli, but it is so sweet to watch you sweat.

    Only less than 24hrs before we put you out of this misery….in the Jury house alone

  64. Vanessa just reinvented “Liar’s Poker”…Instead of using a single dollar bill, she using 500,000 of them!!!

    I really hope Jmac steps up his game!

  65. Goblins has lost my respect, shame on them. They encouraged Becky to go after Vanessa, Becky took the heat for them and they decide to let the biggest target walk and instead possibly go after Becky… WHAT?!? Wow, James, Jackie and Meg are becoming less likable by the second, if they truly think Vanessa isn’t likely to win this game as much as they should realize… Then they don’t deserve it, wow. I honestly hope one of the Goblins get evicted in this Double Eviction now so they can see what kind of decision they made… xD this stresses me out. I’m team Becky/JMac right now, the Goblins just really made a horrible move.

    • No they didn’t encourage Becky to go after Vanessa. That was Beckys idea because she held Vanessa partially responsible for putting her on the block and trying to expose her game, then after Vanessa caused that big argument with James and John and that stupid Clay lied and said James and John said something when they didn’t Becky used it as an opportunity to get out a player they all realized was manipulating all of them.

      And I don’t think for one moment Becky can’t think for herself (she’s proven she can) and I don’t think she would risk her game to appease anyone and certain not J/J/M. She didn’t bend over backwards for any of them.

      And Shelli is just as likely to win Bb as Vanessa and even more so. Because everyone has Van figured out. But Shelli is like a wolf in Sheeps clothing.

  66. Send that douchebag Austin home. I can’t f*cking stand him. He wears pink, he wrestles, he likes cheerleading, and he’s got a woman’s butt. Plus he’s just a douchebag. Can’t wait til Austin goes

    • What’s wrong with pink? What’s wrong with wrestling? What’s wrong with cheerleading? I’m confused. You sound a little sexist. 21st century bro. Wake up.

      I agree with the rest of your statement though. :)

      • What’s wrong with cheer leading and pink? Nothing…if you’re a woman. What’s wrong with wrestling? Nothing…if your a homo

  67. Tell me if I’m wrong but if someone from the jury is coming back, isnt the challenge usually endurance? So if Shelli is voted she will have a good chance of coming back. Either way, I can’t believe the goblins don’t see Vanessa as a long term threat.

  68. The twins extenuate the end of their sentences & it drives me crazy! It’s like a tween talking. Or a 5-6 year old.
    Vanessa – why is everyone being so stupid? I can’t believe anyone would want to keep that whining, overly blue shadowed, green beenied, lier there. She makes deals then breaks them with a drop of her stinky green beenie!!!
    Fuck…….get her out now please!! Shelley basically has no one & is playing on her own. Sure J-Mac & Steve kinda want to play with her but they’re not real strong players. Becky will be stupid & continue playing with the ‘GOBS’ until they vote her out before the Austwins! And that’s a stupid move!
    The six pack of 2 sides – really? That’s your game play??? Why did production pick such flailing people to play this year?
    J-Mac, Steve & yes… Shelley all the way!!! I’d like to include Becky but come on….
    If production reads these comments please persuade the house idiots to vote out Vanessa tonight. !!!!!!
    HELLO PRODUCTION ARE YOU LISTENING TO YOUR VIEWERS AT ALL???? When J-Mack goes I might go with him!!

    Wake up USA!! Yes, I’m Canadian!! And yes we have a feeble show here!! All those twists to get the win production wants!! Or what the east coast wants!!! Forget about us BC’ers!!!

    That’s my rant for now!!
    What’d y’all think about that??

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