Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 4 [POLL]

Two days until the next Big Brother eviction so it’s time for our regular “Counting the Votes” and this should be an easy one to predict who will be voted out next.

Shelli Poole counts the votes this week on Big Brother 17
Shelli Poole counts the votes this week on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

There are going to be ten votes which leaves us open to a tie-breaker, but if the vote were held right now, it wouldn’t even be close. Like not at all close.

Audrey launched a plan on Sunday to flip the house and secure enough votes to stay in the game. She’d need six to avoid letting Shelli send her out the door. Six votes in her favor would require everyone not in the Sixth Sense alliance to vote to keep her. That’d be a huge feat to accomplish.

Unfortunately for Audrey’s game the plan quickly fell apart. After initially convincing James to pursue her idea he was talked down by Meg and Clay, well of course he’s going to go against this. Audrey was trying to convince the HGs of the Sixth Sense alliance, but they didn’t believe it. Meg and Jason said it’d be better for their game to keep a six-HG alliance than Audrey. Huhwhat?

Would you like to guess which five Houseguests have yet to be nominated? Austin, Clay, Liz/Julia, Shelli, and Vanessa. Those are the ones Audrey tried to warn them about, but no one believes her.

Compounding Audrey’s challenges in surviving this week is her recent self-imposed lock-down. She’s gone in to hibernation after staying in the DR for roughly 8 hours between Sunday night and Monday, she skipped the Veto meeting where she was renom’d, and now she’s hiding under blankets in the HN room. Even worse is she’s been eating regular food which would typically result in penalties.

Audrey’s game is done and she’s all but left the game having practically already quit. When you’re a Have-Not and start eating regular food then you aren’t even bothering anymore. She’ll be gone on Thursday night in a unanimous, 10-0 vote. Shame to see her go out this way, but that’s her choice.


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  1. Audrey thought she’d cry wolf for the first four weeks then take a nervous break down the first time she told the truth and nobody believed her….whatever! GOODBYE AUDREY, don’t let the door hit you in the…

    • “Crying wolf” is exactly the phrase I’ve been using to describe Audrey and her game.
      Even if everyone suddenly believed her, she’s clearly unwell and shouldn’t be in the house anymore. It would be so wrong to evict someone who wants to play over someone who has already given up on the game.

  2. Audrey is a disgrace. She thought she would get far In the game playing the transgender card. I support the LGBT community so no hate comments. But now even her fellow LGBT game players recognize her pathetic ploys. She is so quick to blame others for her blatent horrible game play. She should be fighting hard to stay or at least go out swinging. This just a pathetic end to a pathetic game. I am now Team John!

    • People need to realize that assholes come in all shapes and sizes. There are assholes who are gay. Assholes do get cancer. Assholes are single parents. Assholes can be drunken whores. Assholes can have severely sick and/or disabled children. And assholes can be successful business people. Audrey is an asshole.

    • How exactly did she “play the transgender card?” She spoke about it a few times during the first week and never brought it up again.

      • vanessa didn’t want to nominate her based solely off of the lgbt card.( week 3) that’s how.

      • Vanessa made that decision, not Audrey. Being transgender benefited Audrey in that situation, but she didn’t exploit it.

      • Your comment is a fair one Mirror. I would almost completely agree if it weren’t for the first week of introductions and Audrey did frequently talk about her transformation, her struggles, and her fears of being accepted. This isn’t necessarily a manipulation, but it is using the societal PC sentiment to her advantage (which is afterall what most houseguests would do)…

      • I agree, but I also think production wanted her to talk about those things being that they publicized her as the first transgender houseguest.

      • Oh of course… manipulation of us (the audience) is also part of the game. (I wish more of us were willing to accept that part of the social experiment of tv and big brother is how much WE will watch!) ;)

      • I thought that was just the excuse she was using to stop people from questioning her backdoor plan? According to the DR sessions, I thought Vanessa said she was keeping Audrey because she was a huge target that everyone could continue to direct all their attention towards for weeks.

      • but now who is she going to use as a shield? i think it was the excuse she was using, but i’m not entirely sure.

  3. I know you’re referring to this “6th sense” alliance, but you do know that Becky has not been nominated either

      • I remember that, I guess I forgot…in all honesty though, I never did like the BotB, and that’s probably why I never really see it as a nomination. I mean really, the “fan favorite.” I have never read on any site whatsoever that anyone likes the BotB, so how is that fan favorite again? I mean is there anyone on here that likes it?

      • Hey Alex, I have mixed feelings on it. Alison and the BB Production team needed to find a way to eliminate weaker players who were smart enough to gang up on dominant players from the beginning (it hurts ratings and fan favourites)… So the BotB does achieve it’s purpose which makes people happy. However in relieving one problem it creates another (too many nominations, too many complicated strategies, and the necessity of now backdooring strong players instead of doing it outright)…

      • Yes, I agree…that is mostly why you cannot like it. I wouldn’t have called it a fan favorite though, like Julie did. It is also interesting, because the way I see it, when Julie first mentioned the BotB to the houseguests, they did not seem all that thrilled. It might only be me that thought that, but I thought that was a little telling…that is just the sense I got

  4. At least James is thinking about considering that what Audrey said could be not 100% a lie. Good grief! LOL

      • True. I see Liz and Steve didn’t admit to giving Jeff their votes… I wouldn’t either.

  5. Still trying to wrap my head around how a 6 person alliance is better than Audrey. Of course this is also the house that thinks having a new person come in (Julia) is great for their game. Are they playing Big Brother or think they are having summer camp.

    • I could see why they rather not believe her at this moment. If they made a fuss, Jason may not have been saved and they would save booting Audrey until next week.

      The twin thing, I don’t get. They would be the first I want out; I rather get one out than trying to get two out. I think Julia might be a good player, she is not there for friendships or romance….

      • Valid points, I just hope even if they say they don’t believe her that they start thinking and looking for signs. They can vote out Audrey and that’s fine but they need to pay close attention to what’s going on and I think they are just acting clueless right now. Its a shame Audrey is the only 1 who realizes there is an alliance.

      • I think they should vote out Audrey but bring in John as an ally to oust them

  6. Since we’re damn near guaranteed that Audrey will be voted out unanimously, I think it would be an interesting move by one of the members of the Shelli/Liz side of the house to vote to keep Audrey in.

    She’d still go home but then for next week you can start the whole “who voted to keep Audrey” blame game as a distraction.

    • As obsessive and paranoid as the HGs have been about weird votes this year, that seems like a bad idea. Voting like that could make it look like you are working with Audrey and/or you play like she did. Both are bad news.

    • If anybody gives her a sympathy vote, I’d say it would be Van. Except that Van is too much of a coward to do it.

      • Did the mouthy poker player make the statement that she wouldn’t ever put Audrey on the block because she was trans or she wouldn’t vote her out? I think she used that as her reasoning for not noming Aud last week. Either way, Van sure doesn’t seem to mind now.

  7. Don’t lambast me for the following JOKE. Warning: this post is a JOKE!!!!

    I just saw today that a 16th republican is entering the presidential race. That’s a perfect number for the BB house. I vote to stick them all in the BB house and let them play the game. Only the surviving 2 or 3 can run and be on the primary ballot! Trump would either be voted out first or have the largest alliance in BB history. How many would have a meltdown before the season was over? LOL

    This was only a JOKE! Do not take me seriously. I am NOT political. :)

    • Well now if we’re going to get political let’s do it in a fun way! Imagine if you will a NEW type of social experiment… BIG BROTHER international leaders (it’s the most twisted, twist of Biiiiiig Brother ever!) Obama, Merkel, Putin, Harper, Cameron, Kim-Jong…etc, etc, etc….just imagine THOSE people having to make alliances and whom they would vote out… All the stimulus junkies would never stop watching because the back-stabbing, fighting, broken alliances, and trash talking would never end!

  8. I’m hoping Audrey stays buttttt yeah lol let’s be realistic here she’s gone… I just love the drama she brings so if anyone is wondering, yes I’m a part of that 4%that voted John out…..

      • Well I’m sorry I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to express it. But I do believe that BOTH of us are entitled to our opinions without hate….I did state that I hope she stays in a respectful as possibe manner…I would HOPE that others can respect my opinion just as much as I respect yours! :) or if you want we can just agree to disagree lol <333

      • I wasn’t being hateful. Sorry that you took it that way. I think you’re brave for admitting it here, since most will disagree with you. But, I do respect your right to have a different opinion.

      • Ohhhh sorry I thought you were hating….wow I feel stupid sorry lol I’ve learned the difficult way to just speak my mind and not care what some internet user thinks of me so I guess in a way I am brave but I don’t care what people think. I just love that she’s tried to start drama I mean HELLO it’s big brother I wanna see some sh*t go down lol. But just so everyone on here knows I respect you’re opinion and I apologize for overreacting :)

      • We’ve all misread the intentions of another post before and overreacted. But seriously, redroses is one of the nicest people you could meet. Hey Austin, you like twins? LOL

      • LOL I knew coming on here and commenting that SOMEONE would bring that up. Honestly twins aren’t a bad thing AT ALL. It’s double the sexual arousal lol

      • OMGosh! And you were ready with that answer, huh? It’s like you know it for a fact, but that’s enough info. Thank you for your input. LOL

      • LOL all of these comments are HILARIOUS! You guys have me literally laughing out loud

      • Yup we all get it wrong in reading other people’s comments (heck just follow some of mine, and you’ll see that I’m forever wanting to smooth things out between people on here who get upset frequently)… Sometimes I need Redroses or KSJB to help explain my intention of clearing up a fight between other people! ;)

      • You are correct Red, you weren’t being rude or hateful. I thought you very openly and honestly stated a truth – most people on here aren’t very fond of Audrey. Heck most people would mock Austin but you simply pointed out that he was brave…. Hold your head high Madmoiselle, you did great! :)

      • Redroses i love the joke and while the 15 other republicans wish Trump would go away, Hillary Clinton is loving it. I wish the other side of the house will start playing the game and realize how useful Audrey could be to their game. Yeah it would mean scarficing John, but he would deserve it for allowing an alliance he is not a part of to use him week end and week out. I wouldnt be mad hence my hinky vote.

  9. I’ve never seen such a meltdown before. Oh, wait, I have…from my 1 1/2-year-old nephew. Sheesh. Pull it together girl!

  10. What if she really is sick but BB won’t let her leave because they want the drama? Reality tv isn’t always reality so it could be a manipulation of fans minds.

    • If it was truly detrimental to her health and/or mind, BB would pull her. They don’t want a lawsuit.

    • lol… Kristen, I am a huge fan of people like you who still can believe in the purity of television. (Seriously, I’ve become waaay too cynical in my years), but I’d have to say I feel fairly confident that the purpose of Big Brother *is* to manipulate us as a viewing audience. Heck I even work in the industry where at times I’m providing personality profile assessments for organizations & media outlets. I can tell you first hand that people on reality shows, are NOT a cross-representation of ”reality”. They’re on there because these are the people you’ll watch… :)

  11. Listen.. yes Audrey has played a horrible game and I picked her to get voted out.. but honestly the better choice would be to evict JMac. He has won many competitions and is well liked in the house. Audrey has won nothing and no one believes anything she says. The better game move would be to evict the bigger threat and that is JMac by far.

    • True, but this is also a game of relationships. JMac is liked, Audrey isn’t… The key is to never have people ”indifferent” to you, nor to be anything other than a supportive ally. If you’re lucky, and IF you pick the dominant alliance, and IF you work on your relationships with people, you’ve got it made… JMac isn’t in the dominant alliance, but he has worked with them, and he is liked by them which (for now) is good enough to last another week…

  12. Sad to see how Audrey is acting after her attempt at flipping the house blew up and she has a melt down and basically called it quits. That is not how you leave BB!

    • Oh it’s how many people have left Big Brother. Personally I think Willy & Chyma were stellar examples of television rewarding bad behaviour, but Audrey isn’t all that far behind… ;)

  13. Glad to see her Herman Munster voice and size 15 shoes going out the door.if she does not have a ton of makeup on I can’t watch for to long…

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