Big Brother 16: Will Team America Mission Be ‘Save Nicole’?

Yesterday I started thinking of Team America and wondered what was going on with that this week. Seems I wasn’t the only one asking that question as TA’s remaining members pondered the situation last night on the Feeds.

Update: Well there was no TA mission announced on Wednesday’s show. I’m not sure what’s going on with their covert operations at this point.

Derrick and Frankie discuss Team America
Derrick and Frankie discuss Team America – Source: CBS

Flashback to 11:17PM BBT 9/2 Cams 1/2 as Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande discuss the absence of any word from Big Brother on Team America. Derrick suggests it’s likely wrapped up after last week’s “ehh, do whatever” mission that ended in an “overwhelming no.” Frankie disagrees.

Frankie is confident they have more work ahead and even mentions what we have heard discussed before. Should any member of Team America be evicted the tasks and missions would carry on until no one was left to take orders, per the rules from Big Brother. So what’s going on?

For much of the Team America season we saw missions arrive at the start of the Big Brother week. Then last week the Team America viewers’ vote wasn’t until Wednesday night. With no word yet to either viewers or the TA HGs I think we’re about to see a repeat of that late cycle vote and I’m worried of just what that might be.

When tonight’s Big Brother show wraps up viewers will have the final nominees of the week in front of them. Should CBS be waiting until that time to offer a vote that once again has an A/B set of options then it seems fairly suggestive of what that vote will be: who do the viewers want evicted.

Many fans have called for a Pandora’s Box, a Diamond Power of Veto, a Coup d’Etat, or some other sort of power designed to rescue Nicole from certain elimination. But why do something so outright when they can ask viewers who they want to keep: Nicole or Victoria? Hmm, I wonder.

If there is a Team America vote this week, and I do believe there will be, or at least I don’t think Team America is over just yet, then this seems highly probable for what viewers get to choose. While I know there are a lot of fans that would be thrilled for Nicole to stay, here’s my issue: it’s going to seriously rock Derrick’s game at the cost of giving Nicole a THIRD life in the house.

All season Derrick has carefully cultivated his wallflower, Victoria. He’s made sure she had water, sunlight, and just enough attention to keep it alive and well protected in the house. Yesterday he was still at it convincing his allies that a vote against Victoria would be a waste in the case of a Double Eviction. She’s his ticket to a landslide F2 and Derrick is counting on it.

Should viewers have the choice to control TA’s votes in favor of keeping Nicole or Victoria they will most likely vote for an “overwhelming yes” in Nicole’s favor and then what of Derrick’s months of hard work? Poof! But would it come to that?

This week there are four votes which puts a tie-breaker in the mix. Right now the house is set to vote out Nicole with all four upcoming votes pending against her. If Derrick and Frankie receive word to vote out Nicole then they could either say “no” or take a riskier path and rely on Caleb to make sure Nicole was still evicted. Two votes for Victoria to stay and two votes for her to go would pull in Caleb for the first tie-breaker of the summer.

Derrick and Frankie would have to coordinate this with Caleb under some sort of plan, possibly something about giving him another line item on his Big Brother resume. Caleb could then vote out Nicole, Derrick could keep his pawn, and Team America collects their check for having tried.

I won’t be surprised if Team America receives a mission to vote to keep Nicole, but I will be surprised if it works out and she stays. One way or the other, I do expect Nicole Franzel to walk out that door. Again.

Update: To clarify, this is a scenario for how TA could pull off a “vote to keep Nicole” mission & still keep Victoria. If the mission is more restrictive as “campaign to keep Nicole & save her” then I think they’ll flat out decline it as they did with the proposed “Save Donny” mission.

Update 2: Yes, this would be risky and a challenge, but shouldn’t that be the point if they’re receiving $5K? They had a gimme mission last week and they failed. So maybe we’ll get to see how well they can scheme and plan without all that “dead weight” Frankie mentioned.


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  1. I’ve totally lost interest in the show – Same script, different cast week after week – Production needs to step in and spice things up – I saw ratings were down for Sunday’s episode – I guess I’m not the only one that is over Big Brother this season

      • Facts are facts – Ratings for Sunday’s show were down – I will continue to watch the show but keep it on mostly as background noise while I’m doing other things – Obviously I’m not the only one that is not nearly as invested in BB as I was at the beginning of the season

      • Is this website your background noise too? Why do ppl not like to admit that they are still interested? Cracks me up every time yall are on this site talking about how you don’t care. If you didn’t care… You wouldn’t be here.

        I’m not saying this season is great, but I’m a true fan and BB is BB.

      • I think we all get sucked into what’s going to happen next …and want to see the updates. It’s the constant nagging inside us of seeing it thru to the end. BUT…how do you get thru to CBS that there are lines crossed (this year its a bunch of bullying ) if my child or even myself were in that house this year I would ask to be removed and file civil suits on each detonator and CBS if I could. The game is not to make people feel threatened or alianated because your not in the CLICK. This is the worst case of highschool bullying I’ve ever seen. Where is the BB rule book anyway?

      • This is why I say this is a great social experiment. This happens to ppl everywhere. Ppl say it’s Highschool bullying but it’s not. It’s LIFE. This IS how high school was, speaking for myself of course. This is how the military was and every other job I’ve had with large amounts of ppl and diverse groups. (Thank God I work for a small business now. ) It’s the way ppl are. All ppl. It’s human nature to pick someone out bc of their differences and prey on the weak. We’ve been TAUGHT that this is wrong bc we no longer need to do this for survival.

      • Agreed, but Adam Poch said that there is a rule against physical abuse, but not one against mental. :( IMO, mental can be as bad and sometimes worse than physical.

      • CBS Slogan has been CBS Cares , but do they really. Watching continuous loops of BB#16 would be a punishment

  2. I don’t know, I don’t think giving up Victoria is worth 5k. If she goes to F3 or F2 with Derrick, then he pretty much has 500k in the bag. I think I’d pass on it if I were him.

  3. If they get a mission to save nicole doubtful IMO as when would they get the mission Thursday just after voting closes that would give them what 6-8 hours wait not even as they sleep most the day away anyway. But if this does happen it should be to save the HG voted for (prob nicole) not try therefore if voted out they fail

  4. Because why should Derrick face a little adversity in his game? His smooth sailing to $500k will result in the most anti-climactic and boring season of Big Brother ever. Yawn.

    • PREACH! You better watch out the card carrying members of the Derrick Cult are going to come get you – Any words spoken against Derrick are a crime against humanity

      I finally put my finger on what bothers me so much about Derrick – Everything he says is a lie – Whether it be to other players or in the DR Derrick’s comments are never genuine – Sure other plays lie cheat and scheme but there is still a bit of the genuine person for viewers to see, to latch on to – Derrick on the other hand is a master manipulator that tells lie after lie and feigns concern for jury votes which is fine but that doesn’t mean I have to respect or like him for it

      • Derrick and Frankie both entered the game lying about what they do for a living. Derrick hasn’t quit. I was taught you can trust cops, guess he wasn’t.How can you be that big of a snake in the game if you aren’t one outside of the game?

      • Because it is a game. In real life you aren’t trying to win $500k against people you only met months ago.

      • I know. Get so mad at people twitting on the LF that Derrick makes a lot of money. Evidently they live somewhere where cops are paid really good. Most cops don’t make a lot. Especially in this day and time. Where they get shot at so much. He’s from a small town. It’s BB most people don’t tell the truth about what they do. I think this has been the most honest group ever, hence all that can’t keep their mouth shut.

      • Agreed. Not to mention he was undercover cop for a long time, do people think that undercover cops are never forced to lie about who they are. I pretty sure you don’t show up to a bunch of drug dealers and state “Hi, I’m Derrick and I’m an undercover police officer.”

      • For me it’s not cause he is still lying about but how he acted and what he said when he found out Frankie was lying about who he is. He acted like Frankie was so horrible and so on

      • Well somebody needs to tell Frankie how horrible he is, even if Derrick was being a hypocrite about it. No matter what he does they treat him like royalty, so why should he change his behavior. I think Derrick calling him out was part of his strategy of misdirection so nobody would suspect him of doing the same thing. He probably did that when he was undercover too – accuse somebody else of being a cop to take all attention off himself. What does bother me is that he lies in the DR like we never saw him scheming to get Donny out or that we don’t know that everybody evicted has been who Derrick said needed to go. I don’t watch the feeds, but I read updates and I know he’s lying. He might gain more respect with the fans if he was honest about his game in the DR. I still think he’s the only one that should win now.

      • Was he trained to publicly judge people when he’s doing it too? I was “trained” that’s a hypocrite period.

      • Duh! Would any of them ( besides Fakie) if the didn’t need the money? Most of the time they are all honest with at least one other player.

      • I understand it’s a game, and I openly admit I couldn’t play even if I was given the cash up front if that’s the only way to win. And btw they are all trying to win the same prize, he’s a snake period.

      • Very astute observation! No way that Derrick is completely different outside the house and that all of the lying and scheming is just part of his “gameplay” – You hit the nail directly on the head – Christine and Frankie aren’t great people either but to place Derrick on a pedestal above them is ridiculous – He lacks just as much character as those two

      • Angie: That’s been my contention all summer. How can you make yourself be such a manipulator just for the ‘game’. If you’re displaying it now in such a strong/consuming way, then it’s part of your genuine makeup/personality.

      • Absolutely …
        As is Frankie … what you see is what you get … Remember, what he said after Frankie’s Funeral, out of respect to his millions and millions of fans and followers, for his remaining time on BB this season, we will see the real Frankie Grande, one of integrity and honour and honesty … Ha !!!

        Ironically, I think that most people rather liked the old fake Frankie … Ha Ha !!!!

      • Wait did I miss something? Old and new sound the same to me, yap,yap blah, blah, me, me……

      • This season would be more entertaining if somebody heard the fans(Derrick haters) yell that he’s a cop. Its like they are oxygen deprived in there or they are all horrible judges of character. Don’t any of them reflect on the days events ever? Silly me, they are lemmings this season.

      • At the end of the day, didn’t Caleb claim he was a really good judge of character? These HGs can’t seem to figure out anything on their own. It’s so bizarre that they think they will offend “millions” of fans if they make a move against Frankie. Ugh, Frankie. I can’t even think of him winning. It makes me sick. His “reveal” about who his sister was just a distraction because HGs started figuring out that he is a narcissistic, attention grubbing, mean spirited, entitled little princess. It makes me sick the way he pranced around the house like he’s only 5 years old (makes me wanna slap the pink right off his head!). And I really don’t care about him being gay. I just wish he would realize that we don’t like him, and the show isn’t called “The Frankie Show”.
        The slapping comment was due to what he said about slapping Nicole. If he couldn’t be a have not then he shouldn’t have been allowed on the show.
        Whew! I feel better!! Thanks

      • You know you are right that beast mode boo boo did say that. But then consider the source huh? Lmao! Frankie needed to be slap before that. Being gay has nothing to do with being a douche, he’s probably an embarrassment to all gays and douches.

      • Just remember that Derrick was an undercover cop, trained to play a role and void personal involvement/feelings, otherwise, it would be a short career …
        He hasn’t really said much to others when asked on what he would do and/or who he would put up, etc … he usually just agree with whatever and say, that he is not sure and will think about it …. more of a mis-direct rather than outright lying, in most cases ..
        He is basically playing a roll in the House as a Big Brother Super Fan looking to win $500,000+ at almost any cost …. As someone once said … Nobody gets between Derrick and his $500,000 …. Ha !!!

      • Their life is LITERALLY (hah!) on the line at times when undercover, so yeah. Lying IS part of the job & you HAVE to be good at it to survive! No, I wasn’t happy about Derrick’s behavior during the Frankie “double-team” incident, BUT I do understand that if he’d gotten angry, he’d have broken character and when you’re undercover that could get you killed. His training is so ingrained at this point that it’s second nature. Plus, manipulating criminals into giving up information in an interrogation is ANOTHER critical skill of his career.
        Personally, I think that Derrick is a great cop, great husband & father, and a terrific human being. Folks are free to disagree with me on this point – we’re allowed to have differing opinions. :))

      • Ahem Heather: are you Derrick’s sister? cousin? girl friend? neighbor? sister undercover cop? waitress where Derrick eats? friend of his parents?

      • Not related to Derrick in any way, nor do I know him personally! I’m from PA & don’t think I’ve ever even driven through Rhode Island. I did, however, tweet with Jana a bit before she left Twitter & she’s a very sweet person! :o)

        I do, however, work at a Juvenile Probation department and have friends who are cops. Some are also UNDERCOVER cops. So, I have a bit of inside knowledge of some of the things they deal with. Being a police officer is a thankless job that doesn’t pay nearly as well as people would like to think. Regardless of where someone is in service, he or she could potentially not come home from a shift. They take that risk on our behalf every single time they put on their uniform & I try to never forget that because *I* sure wouldn’t want to do their job! Yes, there are bad cops out there! It happens. But, I really don’t think Derrick is one of those. That’s just my opinion based on my knowledge and experience after 13 years in the Law Enforcement field.

    • Why should Derrick get punished for playing such a flawless game up to this point? It’s not his fault he’s manipulated the entire house…

  5. I think a good TA mission would be for Frankie to go off on a “staged” rant about something in front of the HGs(easy so far). Derrick makes a bet with him that he can’t go 8 hrs(or an agreed/reasonable amount of time) without talking, excluding DR(this would have to happen not long after they awake for the day and on a day they have no comps),adding no sleeping allowed during that time. He can not put tape on his mouth or anything of that nature. Frankie takes him up on the bet. It’s a win/win for the viewers. If Frankie can pull it off, most of the live feeders and update readers will be thrilled to watch and read about him struggling to maintain his silence(relief!). It would be worth $5000 to me and the HGs will be amused and of course, will be trying to trip him up. If he speaks, they lose the money. The whole time Derrick has to be making an effort to get him to speak(that would be his job, ironically). Silly, I know.

    • Lol Frankie’s head would explode if his awful mouth was closed. Well, I guess that’s a win/ win too.

      • Even if Frankie could keep his yap shut, we’d still have to look at his cartoon-like expressions.

      • How about acting like a MAN for 24 hours? Talk, walk, dress like a man”. No kissing, hugging, flirting or winking at anyone of the same sex. At the same time, we can have Christine act like a married woman for 24 hours.

    • This would be worth a million bucks KSJB! Bravo!!! (oh sorry, this is CBS …LOL!) Perhaps one little itty bitty stipulation could be added “K”, NO dancing/prancing during his forced silence. Oh, and NO staring into the camera when you know it’s on you! In other words, completely immobolize him.

    • You need a job on the show you are entertaining and clever in life. Lol thank you! Great TA…… 2 birds one stone.

      • Thanks, Angie. My grandchildren are in school. I have more time and should be using it in a “more productive” way. But heck, I’ve worked all my life and never thought about myself.This is a little me time. :)

      • Well if making me laugh isn’t productive I don’t know what is. I just wish I’d found this site earlier. You are the reason I post. Thanks!

  6. That shouldn’t be a TA mission. They need to bring in a special power to save her. If they don’t, she will go home.

    • Too late for that to happen. With a double eviction on Thursday, the show is already jam packed. I don’t think they could have a viewer vote, show the results and have a big change in nominees, while still keeping the DE on Thursday.

      • They could have a viewer vote during tonight’s show and then the special power be revealed to the HG (who wins the power) later tonight and BOOM…there ya have it. :) I know, wishful thinking but….there IS still time.

      • Then they have to edit in all of that, still have a live eviction, an HOH, a POV and another live eviction. Usually DE shows are packed as it is, so I don’t see how they could do justice to a special power within the time constraints.

      • DE tomorrow night if they did something tonight but they have veto comp and ceremony plus show isn’t live so I don’t think it would work considering the time constraints on tomorrow nights show

    • I actually preferred the old Nicole, prior to returning into the game, as she has appeared to be more whiney and with her head just not into the game, for whatever reason … At least, she will have at least another 2 weeks with Hayden in the Jury House, before the end of the season, to hang out with and make-out, before returning back to reality ….

      • Agreed she is not in the game. I disagreed with the comp. that was played to re-enter the game. It was more luck than will power to get back in the game. If I was her I would be turning that house upside down. Everyone would be at each others throats.

      • All it would take is a couple of statements and they would all go crazy. Do it Nic. Would make you a bigger player and may help you get invited back.

  7. I’m still waiting for the most twisted season ever to begin! Seems as if Pandora’s Box was traded for BOB….I think the two HOH and BOB twist was silly…..and certainly hope it never comes back in seasons to come. So now production….lets do something to spice this season up!!! The most twisted season ever is almost over so not a better time than now to get started! So disappointed with this season so far!!!

  8. I said it yesterday & I’ll say it again….if Derrick could get his head BACK in the game, he’d realize that Nicole is a tool that he can use to get out both Frankie AND Christine! She has a higher percentage of comp wins than Victoria (obviously!) and could easily win one of the HoH’s during the DE on Thursday. She may have told him she’s going after Cody (which wasn’t smart, clearly), but she’s never said ANYTHING about targeting Derrick, which should set his mind at ease regarding her intentions. In this scenario (my ideal): Victoria goes first, Nicole wins HoH & puts up Frankie/Christine. Cody BEASTS the PoV to keep Frankie UP and he goes OUT. Even if someone else wins the second HoH & noms Nicole for next week, I’d be happy as all get out that Frankie left BEFORE Nicole!!! #SaveNicole #TeamCoconuts

    • And yes, I do realize that Derrick is TERRIFIED of Nicole getting to the end because she could very well beat him. The Jury members LOVE her & he knows it. I’m not suggesting that he keep her til F2 or even F3…just until AT LEAST Frankie is gone. Partly because she’s an ally against Frankie & partly because I DESPISE Frankie! Ha ha :)))

      • I think he would, too, if the jury isn’t bitter. He’s played the best game, period, and I think they’d realize that. BEST possible F2, in my opinion. :)

      • No, I’m not her mom. Just a huge fan who thinks she’s ADORKABLE!!! :))) Her mom is a sweetheart, though. AND was tweeting with Zach’s dad yesterday!!! Zach’s dad tweeted a picture of his little broski, Pizzle, wearing a pink hat & a #TeamNicole t-shirt!

    • I said it last night as well, Derrick needs Nicole more than ever now but he is too self absorbed to even realize it.

      • Not sure if it’s self-absorption or just fuzzy brain from being this close to the end. We all have heard the stories of how the house messes with you and Derrick’s REALLY been missing home lately – especially since the video message AND now his being a HN – and that’s fouling up his thinking BIG TIME! Why in the WORLD he’s being even remotely loyal to Frankie at this point is beyond me! The Victoria thing I get, but he better watch out because a severely bitter jury would give her the $$ just for getting to F2! And wouldn’t THAT just suck??? :/

      • That is why these people that want to do this, needs to go in that house with the mindset of the game and not what they are missing. Hard to do I know but only the strong survive. At this point in the game and I can’t believe I am saying it is that Christine seems to be the strongest one in there MINDSET WISE. Still it is going to be interesting on seeing who cracks first and gets evicted, right now Derrick is leading that way.

    • Gee Heather, like minds think alike! I said the same thing two days ago BUT Christine wins the POV producing the same outcome.

    • Right after Caleb won hoh, Nicole went to him and pled her case. She told him she was no threat to him, could help his game and he was not her target, Derrick and Cody were. Of course he immediately ran to Derrick and Cody with what she said. Derrick sees her as his only threat right now.

      As much as I do not like Any of these bullies, let it play out. Nicole had her chances and did nothing with them. Early on she trusted the wrong people, Derrick/Cody, and it cost her and Hayden, has not won a hoh or pov since. We cannot play the game for her.

      • That’s a very valid point and I can’t argue a whole lot with it. I’m just as loyal as Caleb, though, and will continue to support my girl while she’s in the house. Ha ha ha

  9. Same boring crap week after week so stopped watching after Donny was evicted. Cannot take anymore of that weasel Frankie and his disgusting and disturbing comments about the other house guests like gang raping Victoria and Derrick laughing at the thought of it and Frankie saying he wanted to punch Nicole in the mouth or him complaining because Zach would not have sex with him. Since BB/CBS refuse to take this mentally disturbed person off of BB, Frankie, I have just had to stop watching and just come her for the news. Same old disgusting people; same old boring show. If Frankie would of been on the outside he would be sitting in a jail cell right now for communicating threats to the women on the show, which is where he should be or perhaps a psych ward for the criminally insane.

  10. If they receive a mission that just said “Save Nicole” I would die laughing, but they won’t do it it would be so out of character for their games.

    • I agree. Frankie was gunning for Nicole last week over Donny. Why risk possibility at $50-$500k for $5k this late in the season.

    • They wouldn’t do it. And wouldn’t work to save her either. Would be a tie unless Cody or Christine would vote Victoria that’s not happening. As TA would be giving F and D more money for nothing.

  11. I say if Nicole goes she tells them all in the house she will be working on the jury to all vote for Victoria,

    • You know that’s a happy thought! Because they don’t HAVE to vote who played the game they can vote who they want to win. Not that Victoria deserves anything, I just don’t want Derrick to win.

    • Christine shouldn’t have a home to go to, she’s not behaving like she has a marriage.

  12. I would be totally against a mission like that. Not only did she get back in the game this would give her a third chance. Not fair to people who didn’t even get a second chance. I like Nicole but enough already.

    • I like her too, but it would be wrong to give her another chance. She hasn’t done anything with the last chance she got except sulk, and whine. She needs to be tearing that place apart…getting with the girls and explaining their only chance of getting further in the game.

      • Nicole has been ‘getting with the girls etc.’ … Victoria immediately goes to Derrick and tells him what Nicole is saying. And she relays the info in a negative way (against Nic). I’m so disappointed in Vic for behaving this way towards Nic! However, I don’t know if Christine has relayed what Nic’s saying to any of the little boys.

      • Victoria is a smart cookie .. she is playing Nicole … securing a Jury vote (assuming she makes it to F2) while appearing to be her friend …
        Nicole’s weakest trait this season is that she trusts everyone to a fault and talks too much of her own game ….
        Victoria has been playing a very passive-aggressive game this season … Both she and Derrick are throwing their respective comps, in appearing to be weak and a non-threats ….

        She is just sitting and watching everything and is not “dumb” as everyone may think she is …

      • If she makes it to F2, she’s guaranteed to get 50k, so securing a Jury vote is not necessary. Unless she does something extraordinary, strategically. at this stage of the game, Jury wont award her 500k

      • .I said the same thing back in early July….. Victoria is not as dumb as she wants us to believe. but people told me I was wrong….and here it is September and somebody sees what I saw then….oh wellll to little to late

  13. I think the producers should just keep letting them make up their own missions, just so we can vote no each time. That would drive Frankie crazier than anything else.

    • I could see Team America including Donny all at the jury house if Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb, Victoria, and maybe Nicole if Coup d’etat is used on her to stick around as final three (Caleb and Victoria in the finale).

  14. I hope that if (hopefully when) Frankie gets evicted Julie asks him for his reaction to be the most disliked player of the season to see his reaction the to see Julie shoot down every excuse Frankie offers. I know it’ll never happen but I can hope

    • I’m just hoping that when/if he is evicted, they don’t fill the audience with extras that are forced to cheer. I think him getting booed will be worth having to suffer through his egomania this season.

      • I’m hoping that if Nicole gets evicted first the same audience will want red meat if Frankie follows her out the door in the DE..

      • That’s one time that I would hope the phrase “expect the unexpected” would actually be relevant. He doesn’t expect it and it happens.

      • He would blame production saying they set it up cause the only way people would boo him is if they were put up to it after all according to Frankie if he got voted off no one would watch big brother anymore

      • I know you are being a little sarcastic and a little real at the same time because we all know he would pass the blame to something/someone else.Nature of that beast.

    • Right because Julie works with Sarah so she won’t accept his gay response, and it has nothing to do with people not liking him. It’s his I’m better than you vile attitude.

    • Especially after he said he hated Chenbot on the feeds last week! Can NOT wait for her to RAKE him over the coals for everything!!! Go, Julie!!!

    • Like a pro-Journalist, she will give him some jabs and he will get the message. She did it with Aaryn and Amanda last season…..she has her way.

      • Maybe she will display the art of punching instead of jabbing…When you wish upon a star..lalalalalalala…

      • He sure is gonna be shocked when he finds out that we don’t love him, that’s for sure. I just ranted about him 5 minutes ago. Did u see when he got out of the tub last night? He was looking directly at the camera and making “sexy faces” while putting on his underwear, and almost flashing his junk. He may have actually done it because the screen went to the owl a couple times. They sure made a huge mistake not getting him out this week. Nicole was the only one that had the nerve to try. As u can tell, he’s been making me sick every time he is on the screen. And the way he acted all shocked and angry because Donny got a huge applause made me sick. I guess one rant wasn’t enough….lol!

      • Do you really think people will boo Frankie when he comes out? I sure hope so after the way he’s been behaving. I bet u anything that he just won’t believe it. Can’t believe he’s been Donny-bashing and blaming America for the overwhelming flop of an idea he had for a TA mission.

      • I hope so. If there is anyone ever who needs to be clear about how America feels about his behavior, it is him. The people sitting in the audience shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to bring him that clarity if they feel inclined to do so.

  15. Coup D’etat to save Nicole would be good to save her so she can win HOH to send Frankie or Cody packing to the jury house. If that’s the case, no Double Eviction this week but next week.

  16. It would be a good mission for them to campaign to save her. I think they would decline the mission, but I don’t want them getting anymore money anyways. If, per chance, they accepted the mission and actually tried saving her, I’d be very happy. I’m definitely not holding my breath just like I wasn’t holding my breath that Caleb would put anyone other than a girl on the block in the veto meeting. He’s just a Boast Mode Coward!

  17. Sorry but what the heck is so special about Nicole that she should gain a third life. She is actually not a good player.

      • You must have missed the past few days. Frankie is public enemy number 1 and if Christine, Cody, or Victoria win HOH, he’s in serious trouble.

  18. If Nicole doesn’t get saved this week, BB16 will lose most of its viewers. Everyone is tired of the Frankie and Derrick show. This season almost sucks as much as BB15.

    • Personally, once Nicole leaves, I think that the next 2-3 weeks will be fun for the viewers to watch, as all the fighting and implosing of the Alliance will start … Can’t wait to see and hear these HG’s yelling and screaming about being lied to and betrayed … Ha !!!

      • No. Nicole’s presence keeps the tension high and makes the season more unpredictable. They need to vote out Vic. But they probably won’t because they’re Master Derrick’s henchmen.

    • I’ll keep watching the broadcasts but I haven’t watched BBAD since Zach left. The main guys this season are boring, delusional, and stupid. Bad entertainment value.

  19. Personally, I think TA is over, but Frankie keeps raising the specter of future missions in hopes it will encourage Derrick to keep him around.

  20. NO MORE TA! Yes, I am shouting as I don’t think it is fair when the top contender, Donny, has been evicted. If BB gives Derrick and Frankie a new mission, America will be annoyed. This BB season is a snooze fest with no Pandora’s box, coup d’etat, DPOV, etc. The whole TA tasks have been a bore and we voted for people whom we did not know at the beginning. Had I known the behavior of Derrick then, I would not have voted for him. No more TA now and forever. I hope Julie Chen is aware of the sham it ended up being.

      • ITA! I will be mad since it just doesn’t seem fair that the same house guests get to play TA. They should allow us to vote every week and trust me, there would be different people on the list each week. It’s called equal opportunity!

      • If everyone becomes privy to Team America it would no longer be a secret and there wouldn’t even be a point in having it.

  21. Who cares if it screws up Derricks game. I’m tired of the same old unanimous vote every single week controlled by the meatheads. I would love that to be the mission. This entire season the TA was stupid tasks. Give them something to work for and if Nicole gets saved great!

    • Im tired of the unanimous votes too!!! I want the big alliance to be broken!! We need entertainment

  22. 1) I agree with the person that who said Nicole should be crapstirring like crazy since she knows shes out. Heres where Zach (even Donny maybe) would have been better coming back. At the very least she should be telling Victoria to blow stuff up and call people out since shes suppose to go right after her anyway. The 2 of them should be their own Bomb Squad
    2) Hey BB Producers, now is when you should live up to the expect the unexpected tagline for this season, DO SOMETHING. (more likely not)

  23. Wish I could take credit for this, but someone else stated it (I changed it a bit). The rest of the houseguests are like characters from Wizard of Oz; Frankie has no heart, Caleb has no brain, Cody has no courage, Christine is the wicked witch, Nicole is Glenda, the good witch, Victoria just wants/needs to go home, and Derrick is the Wizard.

      • I also saw it on Twitter. Thank you Redroses and Twitter BB fans, made me smile.

        Sad that I look forward to the blog/comments more than the show itself. This wasn’t a very fun season. Little glimmer of hope here and there only for it to return to the same humdrum… Next season, they may need to have a BB training class or new houseguests must have had seen a minimum of 4 past seasons and can name 4 winners (to prove they know and understand the game).

  24. what if the mission was “get out a floater” because that basicly means save Nicole. and then if Nicole doesn’t stay they get no money

  25. There’s a great article on thewire dot com breaking down how Frankie became the most hated player of big brother. It was posted yesterday you should check it out

  26. How’s this for a mission? “Save the Franchise, Big Brother may not be renewed, trade places with all the Jury Members now, or there won’t be a season after this”!!!

  27. are my him or a great game player..It is Big Brother..the object is do WHATEVER you have to do..(with out physically harming the other players) win. It is a mind game..and Derrick is perfect for it and is doing great. He is controlling the whole house and they don’t even realize it..I think he should go down in some big brother hall of fame or something..the problem is because he is so good at it, it has kept the drama down this season and to most..if there is no is no fun to watch..well..I disagree..yes, I loved Donny and I want Caleb to stay as long as possible as he his my favorite player in the house now..but Derrick is good and deserves to win if he makes it to the f2 and I enjoy watching him manipulate the hg because they haven’t got a clue..and I love to hate on Frankie..he is a total jerk..and I hold my breath every HoH because I want Caleb to stay in the house as long as possible. Hopefully he can get to the f2 with has been a fun season for me..and I hope next year is even better,..BUT..I do miss Pandora’s Box and the Diamond POV and other things that we haven’t seen in a while as well as the Have Not Comps..I always loved those..hate that they just randomly pick who gets to be a HN..all in all it was a good season..butthat is just my opinion.

  28. Ariana Grande hasn’t been tweeting about him for a while now. If you’re her publicist, wouldn’t you advice her to distance herself from her brother at this point? She’s a “shooting star” right now, and the number one problem for her is her brother being a PR Nightmare who is locked in the BB house dropping her name every 5 seconds.

    I’m sure she wasn’t expecting all these to happen when Frankie told her, “I’m gonna be on Big Brother this summer” …”Oh great you will be the most hated player on Big Brother…That will be fantastic for my career” lol

    • I don’t tweet, twist, or twerk, so I wouldn’t know about that, but did it stop before the “incident” or after? Just wondering.

      • Before the incident, it was obvious to her by her tweets that Frankie’s haters are growing. She wasn’t happy with a lot of his decision. She want him to backdoor Derick/Cody. After the incident…No tweet about him, 2 weeks now.

      • That would be strange, you being a producer and all, I’m sure you would know about publicists and how they would handle similar “problems”. Thanks for the info. :)

  29. I see where this is a huge point of contention, especially when Donny wasn’t given a specific chance with TA to save his game. And Matt makes a very valid point that this would be Nicole’s 3rd save in the game.
    But I wouldn’t mind the scenario BBN has mapped out here, for one reason. Frankie wants Nicole gone, but I believe could be convinced otherwise, for $5k (I mean it’s for his charity right?!? ).

    But TA forcing Derrick’s hand to expose his grand plan to drag Victoria to the final 2? That’s something I’d like to see. Derrick would have to walk a very fine line of campaigning for Victoria and showing his hand, if they are given this mission. Especially if Frankie is on board. If Frankie is good to flip the house and send Victoria home, then Derrick will either have to flush his long game right down the toilet and send Victoria home, or make a very risky move to try and convenience Frankie that she should stay. Which could start to expose Derrick’s final two plan. And if Frankie and the boys think that Victoria could have a leg up on them, then I think they would willingly send her home over Nicole while they still have a chance.

    None of this might happen, but it sure is nice to think about Derrick’s potential demise.

  30. TA missions shouldn’t be so invasive to their game play. This is just another tool of production interference that they just can’t seem to keep locked up in their bag of tricks. BBCanada missions were setup for fun and excitement, not to screw one of the HG’s over.

  31. TA should be over after not saving Donny!! And these boys are pansies nothing exciting is happening they don’t put anyone up when veto is used or nominate anyone worth watching! So it sux right now to think they are going to act on something and watch the entire show to be let down.. that they only put up Victoria! Why even watch? By the way I love BB but upset at how they are playing!

  32. A “Save the Underdog” mission wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve been evicted prior to this moment .. especially Donny, when it was apparent that THAT was exactly what AMERICA wanted. It’s too late for the Diamond Power of Veto (at least for Nicole), but it’s not too late for a Pandora’s box twist. Caleb would SURELY open the box. But something tells me that BB isn’t listening much to fans anyway. So perhaps this is just 1:30 I’ll never get back. :(

  33. If ever a “coup d’etat” was needed on BB, it is now. Frankie needs to be knocked down as the petty little tyrant he has become. Otherwise, with no ‘us v.s them’ storyline left, the ratings would suffer considering the houseguests left are neither extremely entertaining nor a particularly good bunch.

    • Yes!!! Frankie has become wayyyyyyyy to much and thinks he controls the house and I want that to be proven wrong.

  34. In order to spice things up production could swing the keep nicole idea through team america and itd shake up the house and satisfy viewers who want Nicole to stay. Personally I want Christine gone and that’d be a good way of keeping Nicole.

  35. I keep watching hoping that someone will#MANUP and put on their big boy pants. No one does though. Very very lame season. The game hasn’t really started. It’s preschool.

  36. its sickening Frankie is sleeping with all these straight men, check out the gaily grinder, these people are sick

  37. I agree I am reading the blogs but I stopped watching the live feeds and More IMPORTANT I STOPPED watching Big Brother….such a boring and predictable out come each week. Hopefully next season will be better or I want evr watch againdenide

  38. The show has been slanted in favor of team America,,I think the twist shoud be to disclose Team America and watch them scramble to save themselves!!!! After all Zach never had a chance against them

  39. there should be no more team america missions, donny’s gone team missions should be done over. team members don’t stab each other in the back if they wanted to win more $ they should have kept the team together, but some so called team members were only out for themself’s to make $ , frankie can get all the $ he want’s from his sister.

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