Big Brother 16: Will Last Minute Flip Attempt Save Donny Thompson?

Donny Thompson sits on the Big Brother block with a seemingly sealed fate as the HGs prepare for Thursday’s eviction, but could a last minute debate change all that and flip the vote?

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Just a few weeks back we saw Caleb stop the house with a simple question of whether or not their plan to evict Zach was what was best for the group. Last night he raised the same question as they prepared to send Donny to Jury while keeping Victoria.

Flashback on your Feeds to 7:05 PM BBT 8/27 to find Caleb and Derrick alone in the Fire room. Caleb tells Derrick that Nicole is a bigger threat in the game for them. They discuss that while Donny is smart Nicole is both smart and athletic. Donny has won athletic comps, so this argument is not entirely accurate.

Derrick tells Caleb to talk with Frankie before going to Cody. He doesn’t want Cody to get worked up if there’s no point with a lack of votes.

Caleb pulls Frankie in to the Storage room at 7:25PM BBT and asks what he thinks of keeping Donny and evicting Nicole. Considering Frankie has been very concerned about Nicole coming after him this is an easy choice. Frankie wants to keep Donny.

Next stop: Cody. This is where things really fall apart. Jump to 7:35PM BBT as Caleb talks with Cody about weighing their options in this vote. Cody isn’t having anything to do with the idea of keeping Donny.

Ten minutes later Derrick has arrived and if anyone is going to shift Cody then it’ll be him. Cody continues to strongly oppose this plan. Derrick reminds Cody that Nicole has been in the Jury and talking about the game. He says that worries him, but it doesn’t seem to concern Cody.

After a lengthy talk Caleb polls the group to see what should be done. Cody, who has no vote, says Donny needs to go. Frankie wants Nicole out. Derrick doesn’t answer and Caleb says he’ll vote with the group.

Eventually things get to the point that Caleb starts arguing in favor of evicting Donny. Caleb finally says “let’s just send Donny home” and Derrick agrees, “Well it’s done then.”

The discussions continue back and forth through the night but never again with such promise as there was earlier in the night. Frankie really wants to be rid of Nicole and Derrick seems indifferent with worries on both sides of the debate.

Eventually Frankie concedes it’s a lost cause and will go with the group to evict Donny. They will stick with keeping Nicole in hopes of better controlling her HoH reign should she win again.

There is always Thursday, but I’m not terribly confident in anything changing at that point. Cody won’t relax on this and Derrick won’t want to piss off Cody so I don’t seem a change in the final hours.

Caleb nearly pulled off another House flip, but Cody shut it down. Donny will go and Nicole will stay to go after a big target. If she wins HoH tonight the guys will seriously regret their decision. I guess we’ll all see soon enough.



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    • Caleb was just talking to Donny telling him he will not vote him out, also he is going to talk to the rest of the crew. We know Frankie will probably vote the same and we know Christine will hopefully follow Frankie but she is close to Cody of course.

  1. I like both Donny and Nicole but, would prefer Donny to leave tonight. Hoping for Nicole to win the next HOH and put two of these guys up! This season has been a huge snoozefest with this very large alliance of 8 starting with Devin and Amber, now an alliance of 6 in an 8 house guest house, it is ridiculous when nobody is making any game play outside of Derrick, Nicole and Donny.

  2. Not BB But did yall know that the bitchy nasty twin sisters from the Amazing Race are gonna be on Survivor?? Natalie & Naydia are back!!!!!

      • most certainly…They were nobodys fan favorites and came across as totally racist…But yet John Rocker has had his racist/gay comments made known…But I bet they kick some ass in the comps Them girls is rough..

      • Because its Exile Island and the loved ones battle to see who goes it will make for good TV. And they are divas so I don’t think they’ll last long

      • They whined all the time on TAR. Just think how annoying they’ll be on Survivor when they really do have to rough it.

      • I think they had to abandon exile island or redemption island. I read an article where Jeff said 2 contestants (assuming 2 women because there are 10 men and only 8 women on the seasons photos) were medically evacuated a day before filming started. He said they were planning on redemption island again but with 2 less people they had to change the plans.

      • Are exile and redemption island two different things? I just started watching survivor again when Hayden was on.

      • If done right they can but as with all past attempts for succesful twists, it will likely die out before it could even flesh itself out fully.

        Gordner and Meehan will need to do something as drastic as this year’s BOB twist to make it stick for as long as it could. BB6’s secret partners twist didn’t even last all the way when just about all the partners got evicted. BB8 was lucky with theirs when Evel Dick and daughter Danielle became Final 2.

        Perhaps divide the house with each side having its own sets of players and they will battle each other out for a shot at immunity. The twist will be that they will be competing against loved ones on the other side. :)

      • At first, that is how I thought this BOB would work. If they combined the twist from each season I think it would be a good twist. Week one is a perfect example.

        Frankie and Caleb win HOH and must nominate 2 ppl from the other side (which they did) then Frankie’s players win BOB and Caleb became the sole HOH. All houseguest that entered on night 2 would be safe. Donny wins veto and Caleb renoms Joey. (another houseguest in the first group).

        The only differece would be that each person in group 1 is related to a person in group 2.

      • I feel that twist didn’t last bc they promised to double the prize money if a pair made it to final 2. They shouldn’t have done that and perhaps a pair would have stayed in longer. SO BB did that to themselves.

      • if we’re “pissed” w keep talking! lol And those twinnies rally know to get under your skins and irritate…

      • All these reality shows have a lot of the same audience and fan base. I don’t watch the race but started back on survivor the past 2 seasons. & I care bc I’ve been looking for info on the cast. Now Matthew has posted it. THANKS!

      • I do because TAR, Survivor and BB has had their share of criss-crossing contestants in each other’s shows. BB has yet to have people coming from Survivor and TAR though.

      • Lots of people care while I may be new to bb only having watched this season in full and the last half of last season I am a dedicated survivor fan and have watched every season since season 2 I think I missed 1 season after that due to rough times and losing my cable temporarily

      • I have also been a fan, and have watched BB and Survivor and TAR since day one. But after this year I think I am kicking BB to the curb, since productions seems to want Frankie to win it all.

      • I care. I’m a fan of all 3 shows, but not a “twinnie” fan. I really thought after their 2nd time on AR that I would never have to hear those 2 whine the non-word “twinnie” ever again. It won’t stop me from watching survivor, though. I want to see how fast they are voted out.

      • So did I redroses … thought they were permanently off TV forever! (see my post above about their ‘survival’ on Survivor).

    • I saw that – all new people except “twinnies!” yuck, can’t stand those obnoxious loud mouths, hope they are first out

      • LOL! They make me laugh but they are very loud. Doubt they would last on Survivor. They will be the first targets.

      • Last time Survivor had teams, they were split up right at the beginning. IF this is done again, it will be interesting to see how each of the twins is able to ‘survive’ without the other. OR, if they keep the teams intact, will they be so disruptive with their squabbling that they’ll be the 1st team to go. I’m looking forward to this season, BUT not looking forward to seeing the ‘twinnies’ again.

  3. It is a real toss up as to which one “should go”… Both are amazing people and both can play the game They just play in different ways. Nicole is aggressive while Donny tries to stay out of the way and under the radar but knows whats happening in the game… Sad that they both can’t stay and form a team as when one gets evicted the other will be all alone..

      • Devin trying to make Donny out to be some kind of undercover genius is what really got the ball rolling as this topic keeps coming up for discussion. Devin sold him out and everyone that Donny had a connection to was voted out. He aligned himself too early and obviously with the wrong guy.

      • He tried to align himself with people early, the only problem was that they were all members of the Bomb Squad and not really working with him, when he thought so… Devin specifically.

      • Donny’s mistake is talking too much to the wrong people. He does not have any alliance so, why does he tell Derrick or Frankie anything? Sure, they have Team America but, he should have stuck to the task at hand and talked general stuff. The fact that he keeps talking game to house guests who are in a strong alliance with everyone pretty much following Derrick should have made him play his cards close to his chest. The same goes for Nicole, she blabbed too much to Cody and Derrick without even being certain of their trustworthiness! Also, applies to her trust of Christine.
        “Loose lips sink ships.” “Silence is golden.” If they only used those sayings, maybe, they would have been better for it! Donny and Nicole had their chances but, wasted it as
        they did not really analyze the situation on who should be trusted and who should not!

      • I think Donny did analyze the situation, but unfortunately missed a key component – the fact that there was an existing alliance composed of all the other males in there except Hayden + Christine, and that every single one of them would run their ass back to Derrick to report every thing he said. I think he knew there was a big connection and that Derrick was pretty much running things, but didn’t realize it was an alliance that had existed since the beginning of the game and involved so many people. There was no way he could get around the alliance because every guy he could have talked to was in it.

  4. Nicole is definitely the bigger threat to this group. The reason she was voted out was because she tried (twice) to make a move against this group. I hate to see Donny go but I will be pulling for Nic to step up and win HOH if he leaves.
    I am still not sure why Cody is so adamant about voting Donny out. Is it because of the comment Donny made about Cody coming across as a youngster (paraphrasing)? It really seemed to upset Cody.

    • I think it’s personal with Cody, because he thinks Donny insults his intelligence all the time. And this is the only way he can figure to stop it.

      • Cody will still feel and be stupid, whether or not Donny is evicted. He showed that so many times.

      • yea and then last night Caleb saying he was a genius. These boys and I mean boys in there should look at Donny as an example of being a real man.

    • Nicole went up to HOH remember. She told Cody that he can use her. That she is all alone in the house and will not be running to anyone. A very compelling argument. That is at least, one sure vote which is why I do not understand these house guests being very afraid to make a move. Irony of ironies, Cody said he is worried because the person who makes the move to evict someone usually wins! Of course, you dummy. Once, you are evicted, you are done.
      The 2nd chance given to Nicole is long gone! Either play or get played. At some point, someone who is HOH will make their move.
      If you wait too long and waste your chances, there is a very good chance you will wind up on the block and there will not be enough votes to save you!

    • I think that Cody thinks that he can control/work with Nicole (Ha!) and he can’t with Donny.

    • The reason Cozy wants Donny out is because he knows Crustine wants him out. If he goes against Crustine’s wishes, no more inappropriate cuddling, rubbing, insipid laughing together, back rubs or hand holding between them. He’s thinking with his

      • Yep and he had it out for Donny even before then. Cody was always complaining that Donny was floating, skating his way out of being evicted. And then to add that Donny is a secret genius, super spy, CIA, FBI, UK’s Intelligence, a UN Super Power Infiltrator just burns Cody’s buns.

        Cody is jealous of Donny because he is not so easily lead like Cody is. When Cody grows up, he wants to be Donny :-).

      • Cody calling Donny a floater is BS he is the floater not Donny. Donny has been busting his hump in comps to make it this far what did Cody do besides make an alliance with his daddy I mean Derrick and do whatever he was told. Derrick insults Cody worse to his face and yet Cody does whatever Derrick tells him because he can’t think for himself. Derrick saying to Cody those are big boy moves when Cody talking about backfiring Frankie. In other wards Derrick is saying don’t do something to complex for a little boy to him

  5. Despite the criticism against Caleb, he has shown that he is at least thinking through his game (or maybe production is using him because he is so easily led?). You would think Derrick and Cody would go along with him as Nicole has told Chris on numerous occasions that she would go after Der, Cody and Frankie should she win HOH but not Caleb (that I can recall) so he is not in trouble either way (except that he and Donny could work together down the road should he stay).

  6. Might be smart to keep him at this point. We haven’t seen an endurance comp yet, and usually a smaller female wins those. I doubt Donny stands a chance in an endurance…

  7. I don’t like the flip-flopping debates this week. I’m still holding out an extremely slim hope that production will throw a wrench into things and do a BB twist that takes both Donny and Nicole off of the block at the last minute. All this flip-flopping is giving them footage to keep with the old tease the viewers that it’s going to go one way, and then the vote is unanimous the other way. Come on BB production; shake it up!

  8. Usually by this point in the game the HGs from opposing alliances begin to make agreements guaranteeing the safety of the current HOH for the next week, if the survivor from the block comes into power the following week. I guess because the detonators are all that’s left besides Donny and Nicole, they aren’t worried about their safety. If Nicole makes it and wins HOH, I wonder if she will yield to the temptation to nominate Christine and Frankie or go after Derrick and Cody, the bigger fishes.

  9. I was thinking….if we are all so angry at the way this bunch of entitled, spoiled rotten monsters have treated Donny…can you even imagine how his family and friends feel? I know lying, cheating, back stabbing are all part of the game. Having said that, the kicking when down, isolation and shunning are just plain nasty. Donny is down and out, we get that…not one of them could have just told him, as they did with everyone else, and just had a good time this past few days? Again, the people who KNOW Donny must be so ticked.

    • I agree. It’s got to be breaking their hearts. Hopefully they are following social media or if not, being told, how much America cares about Donny.

      • Donnys fiancé posted on her face book page an address to send Donny a card. Also she is taking up donations for his eye surgery if anyone is interested. I myself sent him a card and thanked him for a great game. He is the only one who kept his morals in place while playing BB

      • You are welcome. I just wanted to share. Donny has allot of fans out here. Caleb and Frankie can think different. Donny is now in the viction chair crying. I hate these detonators. They are such bullies.

  10. Watching BBAD that I recorded last night and I can’t believe Nicole is falling for derricks BS. I think she is falling for it regardless of what advice Hayden gave her come on Nicole do you not remember how he lied to your face last time he’s doing it again

    • Did you see her pep talk in the fire room? She’s prepping herself for her acting and lying the rest of the season.

      • Yeah Redroses, I saw that! I was so proud of her. I’m hoping she’ll remain strong and do what needs to be done. She also should remember the advice Hayden gave her.

      • I’m glad someone else saw it, too. She’s smart. She knows that twice she failed to break apart the alliance. Maybe her plan this time is to infiltrate them. If that’s it, she’s well on her way. Last night everyone, except Christine, wanted to talk to her.

      • I don’t have it recorded. If you get a chance, can you find it and watch again? Let me know if what I think it was is true or not. Thanks!

    • I would love to be in the BB house and take down all the detonators. They all make me sick the bunch of bullies.

  11. I want Donny to blow up Team America as he walks out the door. The house will then turn on Frankie and Derrick :) This is my wish….lol

  12. TA voting ends at 10 a.m. PT. I believe most people voted no from what I’ve seen online. I think production is going to let TA know this, and then attention whore Frankie and ass kissing Derrick will panic, realizing America hates them and wants them to keep Donny, and all they will have to do is pull in Caleb or Victoria and keep Donny. As much as I love both Donny and Nicole, it’s only fair Donny stays since Nicole already got voted out once.

    • Darn it! I just saw on the Wed Feed Recap post they’re gonna tell them at the live eviction. Come on BB – tell them sooner than that!

  13. Every week they play like they thinking of doing something different and never do. I don’t even entertain the crap. I thought Cody was trying to save Donny the other day. If he had said save Donny Derrick would’ve thought of a way to change they mind anyway like he probably got yo Caleb.

  14. It was useless just sending one person back in cause none of them could’ve probably done nothing because they don’t have enough votes

  15. Derrick is not going to keep Donny because he wants to use Nicole to get rid Frankie.

  16. Tonight’s HOH comp has a nearly 100% chance of ending up with the Detonators in control again, but it all depends on the comp. If it is the Wall endurance competition, then the chance of the Detonators remaining in power severely decreases, as that particular challenge tends to favor the smaller HGs – namely, the girls. So we’ll just have to wait and see what Big Brother has in store for us tonight.

  17. Let’s all get our collective good vibes going and send them to Nicole. I don’t believe in surrounding myself in negative energy so I can’t send bad vibes to those who I don’t want to win. With that being said, at the end of the day, if anyone out there doesn’t mind getting blood on their hands, by all means—send that negative energy!

      • Nicole has to win HOH! I must reiterate: I can’t send out bad energy. But if anyone out there does NOT have a problem sending out negative vibes, there are a few HGs you could target…I’m just sayin’…not necessarily suggesting anything. Can’t wait for the show…I got some Ben and Jerry’s ‘Salted Caramel Core’ ice cream so, I am good to go!

      • I have only good energy today, but according to the last I read, Donny may be the one needing to win it. Now, I’ve got to say, shame on you for putting thoughts of ice cream in my head. Now I can’t resist the craving and have to have a little. Thanks, Sharona…….LOL

  18. Like someone said before, Donny should go even though I love him. He will be so happy to go to the jury house with his friends Jocasta, Zach and Hayden and actually not be secluded. If he stays he will go back to suffering and I feel Nicole has a higher chance of blending in as the Detonators auto destruct. If Donny stays the Detonators will stay unified in their hatred for him.

  19. If Donny is evicted tonight, that’s all for this season of Big Brother for me.
    He has more class than any of them and kept above the cruel jabs. This show has about run it’s course. Donny is the only true ADULT in my opinion. Here’s a trick. Ask each person what they will do with the money should they win.
    I would imagine Donny would give to church or charity. Can’t say that about the rest of them

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