Big Brother 16 – Week 6 Nomination Anticipation

The power shift has arrived on Big Brother 16 as Week 6 rolls in to the station. We have two new HoHs with one of them making a first visit to the penthouse suite while the other seems ready to do it right this time and not get so worried about the decisions needed to be made. Those decisions are coming up very soon.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

When last night’s show ended we did not know who won Head of Household on Big Brother, but luckily the Live Feeds came to the rescue and we discovered which two HGs held the power of nominations.

Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel are this week’s HoHs as the Battle of the Block twist continues. They’ll both be nominating two HGs today at the Ceremony and after listening in on their conversations we know who to expect up on the block.


It didn’t take long for Donny and Nicole to get together in the Hive to discuss their options, but both wanted to keep appearances that they were not collaborating on this decision. In the twist’s sixth week I’m not sure anyone would take that claim seriously though.

Donny said he would not put up Jocasta, a decision Zach later questioned Donny over by asking how long he was going to carry her. She’ll still go up, just not as his. Initially Donny discussed going with some bait and switch nominees, but finally seemed to settle on going for a big target up front.

Donny will be nominating Caleb and Victoria. He gave Caleb a long talking-to about how turn about is fair play and if he went up at the Ceremony then he’d have more chances at safety. Victoria is of course panicking, naturally, and is very worried about being paired with a competition loser like Caleb. Heh.

Nicole is going with a similar approach in her nominations. She’ll use one weaker player with a stronger one to get the job done. Hers will be Zach and Jocasta.

Later in the night Nicole and Donny agreed on a backdoor target should everything work out like they hope. Expecting Nicole to remain HoH they would target Frankie for a Backdoor, but settle for a Zach eviction. I’m kinda surprised they aren’t going for a Caleb backup eviction over Zach, but maybe Nicole is still miffed about being called a “Froot Loop Dingus.” Thanks, Team America.

Regardless of what they expect, it comes down to who can do it better in the Battle of the Block later on Friday. Will Victoria and Caleb be able to pull off the win over Jocasta and Zach? It totally depends on the challenge. It could either be a pure thinker comp like Knight Moves or another physical comp like last week’s cake building. Tough call on who could win.

What do you think of their nomination plans? Would you want to see Caleb, Frankie, or Zach evicted this week on Big Brother 16?


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  1. I never thought I would say this but please let Caleb and Victoria win BOTB!! This could be a risky move by not nominating Frankie and nominating Zach. They better hope that Frankie doesn’t get picked (or even win) the veto because that means that Zach will get vetoed. I want Zach or Frankie (mainly Zach) to leave.

    • If Caleb and Victoria win and someone other than Frankie or Zach winning pov as much as hate to say this but have that person pull Jocasta off (she needs to go also but—) and puts Frankie up against Zach now that would be Wonderful to see!!!!!!

      • I forgot this was a double eviction wk so if we could get rid of Frankie and Jocasta that would be great or Frankie and Zach would be wonderful :)

      • That is what I was thinking. Frankie & Zach NEEDS to be nominated together after the POV Ceremony. That is the only way to ensure one of them will leave. If Frankie is nominated against a Jocasta, Caleb or a Victoria than Frankie will most likely have the votes to stay.

  2. My answer to your question, “Would you want to see Caleb, Frankie, or Zach evicted this week on Big Brother 16?” is YES. Any of the 3 would be fine by me and another of the 3 in the DE would be even better.

    • I look forward to reading your comments six weeks from now that ‘Big Brother is so boring, why does it even exist, Jocasta and Victoria are going to make it to Final Three, blahblahblah’. Be careful what you wish for. You may be watching the longest nap in the history of network television a few weeks from now.

      • LOL. I already replied below. My wish would be for 1 or 2 of those 3 to go next week, followed by both J & V. I think it’d give us a shift in power + get rid of the useless early enough to have several good viewing weeks in the end.

      • as long as it seesaws in power, I’d be okay with that. There’s nothing worse than one alliance dominating the first six weeks and then another, less interesting alliance of misfits running the house for rest of the game. As much as Zach and Frankie can be annoying, could you imagine the lack of tension and intrigue a Nicole/Hayden/Donny/Jocasta alliance would have? I suspect we’d get a prayer circle before another backdoor.

      • Oh my goodness, could you imagine? Victoria, Jocasta and Donny final 3. For the first time in the history of BB all contestants would be in bed by 9.

  3. Ok, I know I’m going against the grain but I just don’t get why getting rid of player that make the game interresting. We’re not even half-way. What does JoCasta and Victoria bring to the game ? I read people go on and on about been boring and predictable, ask yourself this: do you prefer a boring week now or later during the second half of the season ?

    I say, get rid of JoCasta and Victoria next week and we can have a party watching the second half of the season with some players, that even if you don’t like them, that are at least entertaining.

    • My guess is that people are more tired of the domination this season than the boring HGs. Get 1 or 2 of the detonators out and the power can shift back and forth more. J & V will be easy to get out the following week. However, this is just my opinion and I can fully see and respect your opinion, too.

      • Domination will end. I rather see the detonators eat each other at some point then seen JoCasta and Victoria in F6.

      • True. But sadly there are a growing number of Big Brother fans who want *everything* to happen each week not realizing that the instant gratification will eventually fade and make the show boring as a whole because its just a circus then. Like you said, the joy of this season will be in the detonators turning on each other

      • I agree 100% I don’t even want to see Victoria or Jocasta’s comments in the jury house. Even worse will be the three most boring HGs in the finale like last season. It wouldn’t have been as boring this week if they would have just voted out Jocasta last week. Get rid of the floaters now and the power struggle will be more interesting later.

      • This seems to be the feeling every year and then we end up in the second half of the game with such awful people that Andy and Gina Marie make a Final Two. Had it not been for Production throwing Rachel a competition she couldn’t lose to save her and Jordan in 13, we would have been left with a final four of Kalia, Shelly, Adam, and Porsche. My god… Just let the real players play and then they can eat each other alive. Why do we have to be stuck with Victoria and Jocasta for six more weeks because ‘it would be fun to see the power shift’?

      • I do agree to an extent. If I could pick the order, at this point, I’d like to see 1 or 2 detonators/Caleb this week, followed by both J & V. I think it’d give us a shift in power + getting out the useless early enough for the blood bath. I doubt it’d happen this way, though. Just wishful thinking.

    • People have really weird subjective reasons for liking and not liking HG’s from what I’ve seen. Reasons that generally have nothing to do with gameplay or personality. I can’t fathom why a bunch of ppl who have done virtually nothing all season suddenly “deserve” to win over the people who have been playing the entire time. But we justify it to ourselves.

      • well said. But I’d say it’s based primarily on 3 factors: editing (how the show portrays a person), character (how entertaining and/or likeable they are), and position (we all love an underdog for the most part)… :)

      • I think ppl often root for players with whom they identify. Sometimes it is by sex, ethnicity, religion, orientation. etcetera. Not always, but often.

      • I dont like Victoria but she is playing a good game by winning comps and keeping herself safe.

      • She is useless. She is keeping herself safe by ensuring that most people think she is a useless twit with no sense of game.

    • Actually later because last 5 weeks have been pretty dull. I could stand to have a boring week later.

      • Caleb is not a threat. Just let him think that he is in charge. I see Cody more of a threat. Donny should put Zach and Cody. Nicole should put up Derrick and Frankie. Nicole needs to stop playing everybody elses game and play her game.

    • They don’t but, this week, that is two sure votes on your side. Also, a double elimination week. If it was me, I will not put those two up. I would rather break up the Detonators by putting up Cody/Frankie and Derrick/Zach. Any combination that does not put Cody and Derrick or Zach and Frankie together on one side is good! That makes the alliance go after each other because now, they are fighting for their survival! The game will be more interesting if the Detonator alliance fractures and breaks for good! Then, they will have to scramble and play the game! Jocasta and Victoria you can easily evict the following weeks.

      • Well keeping in mind only one person is going to go with this particular HoH (hoping it’s Donny) – so even if we got rid of one Detonator the rest would still be bonded together and just boot Donny whom everyone feels is a threat now…

      • This is a double elimination week so, two detonators could be sent packing. When one Detonator goes, that is one vote they are out right from the start. Also, there is numbers on the other side if they use their heads. Why would you give up your advantage to the detonators?

      • They haven’t done double elimination for a long time my friend (going back at least 4 seasons I think)… Double eviction will happen but there is a whole new Hoh (which can’t be Donny or Nicole) leaving the odds very much in favour of the Detonators (or their outside supporters) winning it and simply getting rid of Jocasta, Donny or Nicole

      • It may not be Donny or Nicole but, it could be Hayden, Victoria, Jocasta or Christine. Remember too that Donny or Nicole whoever is not HOH anymore after Battle of the Block can still play for HOH! As long as Caleb or one of the Detonator guys do not win it, they can evict another Detonator. They have the numbers to do it too! As long as you keep putting the Detonator guys on the block, they lose their voting privileges and are weaker because of it!

      • I think the detonators will push for a Caleb blindside, knowing most of the other houseguests have brought it up before. If word of this gets to Caleb, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went after them.

      • There was a double eviction last season. I think Amanda and Elissa were evicted the same night.

      • Didn’t Judd go home during a double eviction last season? Maybe his first eviction.

      • Why wouldn’t it be? The more alliances there are, the better for the game. However, having one big alliance is not good for the game. We already saw last season where Amanda’s alliance rolled everyone out! Helen and Judd’s indecision saw them booted out deservedly so! I would rather have a Nicole/Haden/Donny vs Derrick/Cody/Caleb then, it becomes a more even match! Christine could be the swing vote. If Nicole and Donny screw this up, they will both be evicted in short order by the Detonators as they roll everyone up until the Finals!

      • Capt. It’s a battle in the house. Obviously there are fans that are rooting for Donny. Weak players like JokeCosta and Victorio, not only “Professional Pawn” lol but numbers and on Donny’s side. For now, Donny can utilize those two useless players. ,

      • Donny winning HOH last night was awesome, and something the fans has been waiting for.a long time.

      • What are you talking about, according to Victoria she is a competitive powerhouse. I mean she did win that veto that Caleb won but took the money. LOL

      • And lets not forget she is the best looking woman in the house (according to herself). Why else would her mom tell her the honest story of a 2lb bird having the magical strength to carry a 15lb (or more) baby!

      • Yes Cyril, that the game in the house. What I’m trying to challenge here, is people that say: “I want Frankie gone because he get on my nerves”. Who cares if he get on the nerves of a few people, He’s entertaining and he’s playing and scheming. I want to see that more than watching JoCasta crying because she didn’t win HOH. (off my soap box)

    • I wouldn’t mind Frankie leaving. But I’m with ya for the most part, I don’t want to see Zach or Caleb go home before the non existant people. I’m kind of interested how Caleb will act, now that Amber is gone.

    • I think there is always the sense that you want to bring weaker players to the end because no one would hardly vote for them…I do agree though that it would be nice to get rid of some major floaters like the two you mentioned!

    • I agree. The first half of the season is just the set up for the second half. If you get out the strong personalities and strong players early, the season will end as dud. Imagine weeks and weeks of scintillating conversation between Victoria, Jacosta, Nicole and Donny. Blech!

    • As a fan, I too would like to see Jocasta and Victoria gone ASAP. It would make for MUCH better game play down the stretch. With those two players gone, EVERYONE left would be a legitimate threat to win. You would no longer have weak players that can be tossed aside or overlooked. And, I’d really hate to see someone like Victoria make it further in the game than someone who’s been busting their butt off every week.

      But, I understand why nobody wants to “waste” THEIR hoh to evict them. Nobody sees them as a threat and they’d feel like they accomplished nothing if one of the two were evicted during their reign. Everyone sees them as a vote and someone who can be manipulated into doing their dirty work.

      A final consisting 9 of Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Christine, Nicole, Donny, and Hayden would make for some great television. It’d really be anyone’s game.

    • I agree. Victoria is pretty clueless. I have no idea why she is still there. Especially after comparing being in the BB house to enjoying “summer camp”. Ugh! And about Jocosta…speaking in tongues about a comp?! As if God really cares about a game show. They are both so annoying…

  4. Has Caleb found out that the house was against him and wanted to backdoor Amber and he was played? I am hoping he gets this information at some point…once he finds out that HE was ‘responsible’ for getting Amber out the door he will go berserk! He looked like such a fool … once he finds he got played by all the guys he is going to be p.o.’d . “she bit the hand that feeds…..” lmao. So happy about the winners of HOH – Derrick & Frankie are on my nerves and need to GO!

    • Why ???? why does JoCasta and Victoria deserve more to be there than Derrick and Frankie ?? Why ???

      • Nobody “deserves” to be there any more than another. They are there as long as they can manage to stay. That is the game.

      • The game is the game. But why as a viewer, would you wish for Derrick and Frankie to go before JoCasta and Victoria.

      • The HGs don’t deserve to be there, right. But us as viewers deserve a good game. Right ?

      • Ummm…. because? I’m kidding. I’m with you Capt. I think it’s people’s emotional subjectivity and love for the underdog that people say things like ”deserve” and ”earned” the right to be there. Take it with a grain of salt and don’t let it bother you… last season people said the same thing about Elyssa ”deserving” to be there in the end (which ticked me off royally also). ;)

      • Been around long enough, stuff like that don’t bother me. This site just needed a good shakedown. I started a good discussion, didn’t I.

      • I never said I was rooting for Jocasta or Victoria. The only reason they are staying around is b/c the rest of the HG’s know they can be easily evicted/non threatning. I would rather see Donny or Nicole win over Derrick or Frankie. I think Frankie is a little weasel who is not very kind overall. Derrick just irks me…he has his hand in SO many pots – I know it will get burnt eventually. The way Caleb just got played by who he thought was on his ‘side’ I wouldn’t mind seeing him go against Frankie & Derek. My opinion is Hayden hasn’t really played the game…so i’m on the fence w/ him. Christine seems shady…like she will do anything to get further, so that could be interesting. Haven’t seen/heard too much about Cody this week…

  5. I want Frankie or Caleb gone. I like Zach in the game so I want him to make it as far possible, maybe even Win. Theh should nominate Frankie, not Zach

  6. What I want to happen:
    Donny: “I nominate you Frankie and you Derrick”
    You both have been lying right through your teeth the whole game and are so fake. Frankie your hair is just as stupid as your whole over the top personality. You will never be as successful as your sister, who btw we all know is Araina Grande. Derrick you think your so good at this game, but you think we wouldn’t realize you have a final 2 with everyone here? Btw its pretty obvious your a cop. Lastly, Fuc* you both”

    Nicole: “I nominate you Christine and you Cody”
    Christine your a lying troll. You keep saying your with me, but continuously lie to me. Your face is almost as ugly as your personality. Also, the whole getting out of being a have not is bull. The reason I nominate Cody is he is your cuddle buddy despite saying your married. Also Cody you think you can just bro your way to victory and flirt with every girl. Both of you can shove it.

    Zach: “Well shi*”

    • I agree with you on putting up 4 Detonators at once! That is the best move. Putting up Jocasta and Victoria waste their votes! There are already 4 votes on their side, Victoria, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole or Donny. HOH breaks ties so, they can send one detonator home without needing one more vote. Still, keeping Christine for one more vote on your side makes perfect sense. So, if it was me, any combination of Frankie/Cody and Derrick/Zach is fine. Just do not put Zach and Frankie together. The same goes for Cody and Derrick. You want to split the detonator alliance by pitting them against each other. Let them play POV because they will still be against each other even then! You control the votes, you can control who gets evicted first too!

      • Is that the 5th time you’ve posted that lol? Honestly imo they shouldn’t put up zach. Most of the detonators want him gone. If you get rid of him, you just did their dirty work. He isn’t that much of a threat either. If Zach is on block he goes home and dynamic of house really doesn’t change much.

  7. That is a huge waste. Jocasta and Victoria are sure votes for your side so, why waste their votes? Sure, one is getting off but, you will still be wasting one precious vote. It should have been Cody/Frankie and Zach/Derrick. You guarantee two alliance members on the block going into POV. Also, you put two groups, Cody/Zach vs Frankie/Zach against each other! Divide and conquer. They should not be listening to any alliance members whose advice is self serving at the very least!

    • Not to mention if only one of the Detonators is on the block come eviction, they other four could vote to save them. Then they only need one more vote and the other person the block goes home.

    • there’s different ways to ensure 2 detonators end up on the block thus nullifying their votes… My personal suggestion (if I was a coach for Nicole & Donny) is this: Put Zach/Cody against Frankie/Jocasta – here’s my reasoning…
      1. Most likely Zach Cody (hopefully nominated by Nicole) will win a battle of the block against Frankie/Jocasta (Zach isn’t the target anyways)…
      2. Whomever wins the POV is irrelevant because Derrick will be the replacement nominee so you could potentially have Frankie & Derrick up there at the same time (now I realize Donny wouldn’t want his Team America folks there…. or wait… would he? thnk about it)
      3. But in the event Zach/Cody lose the BotB then Cody goes up against Derrick on the block… either way win-win

      • Not going to happen, since there is a new alliance of Nicole/Hayden/Cody/Derrick. Both Cody and Derrick are safe in the first eviction this week.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s likely to happen either… the odds of getting enough outside supporters to turn on the 4 guys is very unlikely. They’ve done a good job of protecting themselves.

    • LOL – You act like Donny and Nicole know about the Detonators alliance. From the outside looking in, sure, Cody/Frankie and Zach/Derrick should be nominated if they want to shake up the power. But obviously Donny and Nicole don’t know they’re all working together…

  8. As much as i would LOVE to see Victoria leave this week, mainly because she is boring as heck and adds no real value to this show, I think it would be wise for Donny to nominate Derrick/Frankie and Nicole nominate Zach/Cody or Zach/Caleb… probably won’t happen, but wishful thinking! Sidenote: I really like Derrick, but i think he needs a littke taste of the block this week! :)

    • I just want that to happen because you know they would turn on each other in a heartbeat. I think Frankie would be the first to spill the alliance to someone else in hopes of staying safe this week.

  9. Personally, if they’re going to backdoor Frankie and go for a Zach eviction, then what’s the point in backdooring Frankie? Unless one of the two nominees wins PoV, I think they shouldn’t use it so Zach can go.

    • I think maybe they are concerned that Joc or Vic will be evicted unless they manage to get 2 alliance folks on the block.

  10. I think Donny and Nicole should go to the Zach/Cody/Derrick/Frankie and tell them they are nominating the 4 of them. The reason is they want to backdoor Caleb and want the strongest players playing for veto. It doesn’t matter which HOH wins BOB, they still have the option of getting one of those four guys out or Caleb.

    • That would be great, except that I’d eliminate the telling them until after nominations. Derrick’s silver tongue might persuade them to put none of them up. Plus, with the new alliance, Nicole won’t put up Cody or Derrick this week.

  11. Nicole/Derrick/Cody/Hayden have a final four deal, people. That is why Nic isn’t putting up Derrick or Cody. She trusts them 100% and wants to get to the end with them.

    • It is a newly formed alliance. Too early to say it’s that solid. I’m not sure if Hayden is trusting this new alliance…we have to wait and see.

      • I just hope his alliances don’t catch up with him. If one leaks, he could get into trouble.

  12. Wow, didn’t expect them using the perennial participants to play for BOB but let’s see how this goes.

  13. I’m wondering, if Jocasta and Victoria weren’t put up every week, if they would ever get any air time, lol.

  14. I am still laughing at Victoria saying Caleb is bad at compitions How many has she played in and won and how many did Caleb play in and win ????

    • You do know this is the same girl who is convinced of her mom’s story about a crow carrying her away when she was a baby right? ;)

    • She played in more comps than Caleb and has one or at least handed one POV win plus one BOB win. :)

      • Caleb won that comp. He just wanted $5k more than veto. So the only comp she won is BOB against Pao and Donny first week.

      • I just don’t think we should count that as a win at all. She didn’t win, she came in second, and just so happens that second place that week won veto.

  15. It comes down to the veto. Right now, the Detonators know that while they have lost the HOH room this week, they still have the votes if Victoria or Jocasta is sitting in an orange chair on Thursday night. Donny and Nicole need to make sure that the veto is used on whichever one of those two women does not win BoB, and then backdoor Frankie. They would have the votes to get rid of him (Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Victoria, Jocasta) though it would go to an HOH tiebreaker.

    This is the only scenario that benefits either HOH. If they let the Detonators manipulate or outplay them into a scenario where Victoria or Jocasta stay on the block, Donny and Nicole will have wasted this week and the Detonators’ stranglehold on the game will only continue to tighten.

    • I’d love to see it my friend, but sadly as RedRoses pointed out it’s going to be hard to get enough outside supporters who won’t bend to the will of the Detonators. Remember that each of them will be campaigning on behalf of whoever is threatened within their alliance for now…

      • That’s why the final block needs to be either Zankie or Caleb/Frankie for it to work. Hayden/Nicole/Donny will all be on the same page. Donny can work over Jocasta and Hayden can work over Victoria, reminding her that Frankie has nominated her TWICE. If that core trio holds together and puts up one of those two final blocks, the Detonators will lose one of their core members.

      • but that’s my point – you forget that Hayden & Nicole are outside *supporters* of the Detonators. THey are more likely to listen to Derrick & Cody than they are Jocasta & Donny.

      • I agree. Nicole has basically been outright told by Zach about the BS/Detonators. Even if she wasn’t, the clues were so obvious last week of who was working together.

      • I think she knows about the alliances. There are reports of a new alliance of Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Nicole. If that is true and it it holds then, Frankie and Zach probably will get booted out including Donny!

      • Yeah.. Derrick just formed this alliance last night. He’s always 5 steps ahead of them. In fact he was thinking of adding a 5th person which is Donny,

        but thought maybe they don’t need a 5th person

      • they would need him for a potential jury vote. No way he’d want to keep Frankie and Zach first over Donny.

      • Hayden and Nicole spent an hour talking with Donny in the HOH room last night. They both wants Frankie GONE. Just because they’re protecting the Hitmen doesn’t mean they’re going to do their bidding. Hayden even said that booting Vic/Joc would be a waste of an HOH.

      • yes they say this now to Donny keep watching your feeds and watch what they say to Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody & Zach… Remember, Cody also told Donny that he’s absolutely safe until what happened?

      • What makes you so sure they’re not just blowing smoke? Besides, a few days ago Hayden told Nicole during their hammock flirting that he thinks Frankie needs to be targeted. He’s not going to waste this week getting out another woman.

      • Matt, I’m a bit frustrated with you. I’m going to try to say this as nicely as possible. Voicing your own thoughts is great! Whether or not I agree with them, they are well thought out. However, speaking for me is not OK with me. Saying I said something I didn’t, meant something that I didn’t or left out something that I didn’t intend to say, has happened 4 times in the past week. Please stop speaking for me. You’ve been wrong about my thoughts every single time.

        BTW, I am purposely attaching this comment to an old post, because it is just meant for you. I’m not trying to be mean or to step on your posts. I’m just letting you know that I’m perfectly capable of voicing my own thoughts.

        Thanks, Red

      • lol. oh my I’m glad you’re saying this as nicely as you can… point noted and I shall refrain from commenting on your posts. I ask the same of you in reciprocal respect. :)

      • I didn’t ask you to not comment on my posts. I just asked you to not speak for me while commenting. Please just refrain from saying I said or didn’t say something. That’s all I’m asking. If you could just phrase your replies as your own thoughts, that would be great.

        Anyone is free to comment on anyone’s posts. I think that my replies to you, which haven’t been many, have been respectful to you. So, if I feel like commenting, I will. And I will continue to be respectful.

      • as I mentioned, I think it best I refrain from commenting on your posts and would ask if you believe you are a respectful person to then do the same…
        we obviously have a difference of perspective on what has been said thus far and who is (and who isn’t being respectful). I’m sure you’ll agree that this difference probably won’t be worked out here online.
        so I’ll simply wish you the best in your endeavours and keep a polite and respectful distance to avoid causing you (or those reading) any undue conflict.

  16. Let’s hope Zack wins the BOB because without him you lose like 90% of the personality in the house. Plus if Frankie goes up he will go nuclear which will be great.

    • I would definitely put them on opposite teams. That would ensure one of them would be on the block after BOB. And maybe get them to start targeting each other instead of the lost little lambs who don’t want to play the game or get blood on their hands.

    • Ooohh yeah – then we would maybe get to hear that music BB plays when something is crazy/unexpected/dire – that (can’t describe) woooooooo wooooooooooo

  17. So last night Nicole told Derrick that Frankie is her target, and she said that Donny would probably nominate Christine is the veto is used. I’m thinking maybe she did this so Derrick would tell Frankie and Frankie would convince Caleb (one of Donny’s planned nominees) to throw the BOB so that Donny will stay HOH and renom Christine instead of Frankie. Maybe I’m giving Nicole too much credit, but it doesn’t matter because it seems Frankie is the target this week.

  18. From a conspiracy theorist point-of-view, it appears that this Season’s edit as been pro-Frankie (ie Producer’s Choice for whatever reason) … and, if he gets evicted after Jury begins, I suspect they will introduce some sort of Pandora’s Box twist, where the first 3 Jury Members will have an opportunity to return to the Game ..
    Frankie reminds me of BB Canada’s first Season, where Gary was the odds-on favourite by the Producers from day won to win the Season … and, almost did, except for one Jury Member who voted for the wrong person in the final vote … Ha !!!! But, now he is one of the special co-hosts on BB Can ….

    • Not sure if they are trying to set him up for the win, but his edit last night was pretty good. Frankie has been a jerk for most of the week, but we didn’t see any of that last night.

    • Ugh. You could smell the blatant riggage for Gary long before the season even began. That he lost on a goof is hilarious.

      I didn’t see BB Canada this year. Was it any good?

  19. Mosyly just excited to see how this week will play out with none of the Detonators in power. It doesn’t matter to me who goes home. Plus, it’s a double eviction week, so this could be the most interesting week yet.

  20. its a double eviction next week so i think zach should get the boot first(HELL YEAH) cant stand him, then Frankie or Caleb should go.

    • Then we can have a house of nichole, jocasta, victoria and donny! Holy cow that would be fun to watch…

  21. I’m confused about all the anti-Derrick comments… why do people want him evicted so bad? I am a superfan who has watched since season 1 and he is easily playing one of the best games I’ve seen besides Dan, Dr. Will and all the big names. He gives no info but manages to get people to open up, he’s willing to keep the votes beside him until he needs to get rid of them, and he’s making solid alliances. Not to mention, he has an amazing social game. Why are some people rooting against him? As fans, aren’t we rooting for the best game player??

    • So far Derrick deserves to win this game. I agree that he is playing a great social game. If you read his CBS bio, he has a great strategy and its working really well for him.

    • People want it both ways. They want the floaters evicted because they’re useless, but they also dislike the players ACTUALLY playing the game and manipulating others into doing their dirty work. They think it’s bullying and unfair. Apparently everyone loves the player in the middle – one who isn’t exactly a floater, but also not controlling the house ie. Donny and Nicole.

  22. Frankie a rat, meh, perhaps. Playing the game, absolutely. And in no way is he anywhere near as bad as Andy. I think that title goes to Christine. Why are Frankie, Caleb and Zach the only options for eviction this week? I mean of the 3, Caleb isn’t playing too hard of a game, but he’s easy to manipulate. I think there are 3 people in that house that need to go first because they truly serve no purpose. Christine, like I said does nothing but rat people out. Does she not realize she’s at the bottom of the boys alliance? I guess if she’s playing for jury then she should not be allowed to get that far. Now, Victoria and Jocasta. What purpose do they serve? NONE! Some might say “well they’ve won BotB” can’t say they aren’t floaters. Ah well yes I can. First, BotB’s have been a team effort and easy as fricken hell to win. Plus, if you are lucky enough to be on the team permitted to win and not actually being given the win because the other team is throwing the comp then goody for you. As for Victoria, good grief her alone makes me want to punch my computer screen. Such a selfish, nasty inside, petty little vile person she is. She was handed her POV because Caleb was too greedy and wanted the money. Stupid move.
    At this point, if you are a floater you need to go. Save the game play and battles for those who want to be there and are playing the game.
    Donny and Nicole’s nominations are going to be good. I like their strategy. One weak one strong. But my target would be one of the remaining girls. They had their chance to work together and they blew it because it’s been proven, girls can’t successfully align. And, never will.

    You have to give the boys credit where credit is due. They are playing a damn good game.

  23. Caleb needs to go…. He’s kind of freaky, stalkerish. The last thing he did that sealed the stalker idea for me was putting Amber up to “scare” her and allow him to control her. That is NOT normal behavior even for BB.

  24. Why does everyone want Frankie gone? Because he is actually playing the game?! Yeah, let’s leave the floaters in so they can pull an Andy and win the whole thing. Makes no sense. .

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