Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 07-31-2014

Big Brother 16 - Episode 17 HoH comp
Big Brother 16 – Episode 17 HoH comp – Source: CBS

Wondering who won HoH last night on Big Brother 16? We’ve got your Big Brother spoilers right here with those results after Thursday’s competition ran long and they weren’t able to finish it before time ran out. Read on for the latest spoilers!

After twelve rounds we still had way too many HGs left in the competition. Cody had just been eliminated which left Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Donny, and Hayden all in the running. The show cut and we had to wait until the Live Feeds returned to find out who won…

Big Brother 16 – Week 6 Heads of Household:

Donny Thompson & Nicole Franzel are the new HoHs!

It came down to a tiebreaker and both got closest after all went over. This should really shake things up for the game as we’re hearing some exciting possibilities on the nominees.

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Keep watching your Live Feeds to find out who could be going up on the block as Donny has a big target in his sights and wants to work with Nicole for a couple of strong options on both sides.

Are you excited that Nicole and Donny are the Heads of Household this week? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Thank goodness. Now, are we finally going to see a power shift? It’s been 42 days of absolute predictability. Get a detonator out of the house this week! Time for operation Backdoor Frankie!

    • The only difference from every other week will be that Nicole and/or Donny won’t be thrown up there next to Victoria and Jocasta.

    • Has nice as this “power shift” is. Nothing will sadly change. It would be nice to get rid of Frankie, or Caleb, and Zach, but with Double Elimination, Donny could be gone next week too. I just hope they have a way to save him, because hes really the only thing worth watching because he is so nice and the rest or just so mean and sleazy. Let’s hope some does shake up, and not have the norm Victoria and Jocasta!

  2. Glad to see Nicole and Donny as HOHs this week. Lets hope they dont waste it by backdooring Caleb, which I fear they are going to do. Need to target the Detonators, preferably Frankie

    • I agree…but I really don’t want to see Cody or Derrick going just yet! But Zach…oh yeh, he’s getting a bit creepy with Frankie when he’s not even gay…or maybe he’s discovering he might be, but BB is not the place to explore that! :-)

  3. With Nicole being the HoH (hope she stays HoH till next week), there couldn’t be a better time for Hayden to kick start his brilliant idea last night!

      • To go after Frankie which I agree with them is a threat to their game and they’re right actually.

      • It’s time for Hayden and Nicole to become something more in this game than a screentime-hogging showmance that no one cares about.

      • What I want to see is the 4 Detonator guys, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zach is on the block. That guarantees two of them will lose their votes if they are on the block. On the plus side, you have Jocasta and Victoria’s votes to use to evict one of the Detonators guys. However, partner Cody with Frankie and Zach with Derrick. That guarantees that Zach or Frankie will remain on the block going into POV. It also splits the alliance along Zach/Frankie vs Cody/Derrick. Even if two of them play POV, if any of the alliance members get chosen—-they will be playing hard to win against each other! Wouldn’t that be great? Whoever ends up on the block be it Frankie or Zach can be immediately voted out. There should be enough votes to do so! You have Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden plus Nicole or Donny so, 4 solid votes out of 8. Hell, you do not even need a single alliance vote! Since, HOH will still be Nicole or Donny. They can be the tiebreaker although, you probably can easily get one more vote to get rid of one of the alliance members from Christine or even Caleb.

      • Great idea. But being that everybody in there is so clueless about the detonators and where the strength lies, I’d say you’ve got better odds of winning the lottery than seeing it go down like that.

      • Just one good reason not to put up Jocasta and Victoria is that is two sure votes on your side. So, why put them out and lose those votes? I think Hayden and Nicole more than Donny knows about the alliances so, can act accordingly.

      • You could be right about the 4 going up, but I think it’s more likely to be Frankie, Zach, Caleb and either Derrick or Cody. They still think that Caleb is in that alliance and has some power in it. OR leave Frankie out and plan to backdoor him.

      • Yeah thats a great idea actualy for people watching the show. the inside of the house is clueless who is all together, and who is even more together

      • Yeah… I mean Amber thinks Donny and Zach are running the house. That just goes to show how little the ones inside the house actually know.

  4. I expect Nicole to listen to whatever Christine tells her and do that …. which will be whatever the detonators tell her. I hope not, but won’t be surprised at all … and Donny? He may also just go along to get along. Again, I hope not, but …

    • Things have recently changed after watching the live feeds, Nicole and Hayden have agreed to stop listening to Christine because of who she talks to and they both have a plan to go after Frankie which in my opinion is a great idea and I’m glad they’re finally playing the game the right way.

    • I’m seeing that Nicole might be on to Christine. Donny put that bug in her ear as to just how trustworthy she isn’t for Nicole’s game.

  5. Unfortunately Donny and Nicole will have to pick one strong player and one weak player and just hope the right duo doesn’t win BoB. Donny won’t put Frankie or Derrick on the block due to America’s Team so I’m thinking he’ll either target Zach or Caleb. Whichever one is it he won’t put them on the block so the possibility remains to back door. It’s been quite interesting listening to all the convos Donny has had. Many of them are shaking in their shoes worried he’s targeting them which is just fine by me. I hope he remains HOH this week and gets Zach or Caleb out. I didn’t like what Caleb had to say to him earlier. What a jerk.

    • Put up Derrick/Frankie in one group and Zach/Cody. You need to split these guys up and make them go after each other! That way, you have them fighting for their own survival which means they do not have loyalties to each other! Better still, you keep the votes of Jocasta and Victoria. I hope they do not listen to the alliance members asking them to put up Victoria and Jocasta because if they are on the block, you lose those votes which you will need at the eviction! Going into POV, you would have two alliance members on the block and with this split, you also have the two groups fighting each other for survival. Whoever remains after the POV, you can evict! That gives you all the flexibility to target the alliance and break them up for good! Double elimination week so, they need to try and win HOH again and target one more alliance member to bust that Detonator alliance for good!

      • They already have 4 votes guaranteed provided you do not nominate Victoria and Jocasta. So, you have Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden and Nicole or Donny. Tie breaker is the HOH but, we have 8 votes this week so, Donny and Nicole if they play smartly can get one of the alliance members out guaranteed! Hell, you do not even need one vote from the alliance members but, you certainly can get one more vote from Christine or Caleb because they could care less as it would not be them on the block anyways!

      • That’s all good and dandy, but they are trying not to get any blood on their hands, so they’re playing it a bit safer by choosing one strong with one weak player each!

    • After thinking about it I was glad Donny lost. Due to the double eviction on Thursday I’m glad he’ll have the opportunity to play for HOH. I’m also hoping they’ll go back to one HOH since it would be extremely difficult to do all the steps they currently need to in order to get the two nominees.

    • Me too, and I also love how Nicole is being proactive this time as HOH, unlike last time when she was playing scared and having to be guided through it by Derrick. Finally, after six weeks, we have a woman in the house actually playing the game!

      That Hayden/Donny/Nicole convo was gold! It’s GAMEPLAY! Gaaaaammmeeeepllllaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

    • would like to see four boys instead of four girl. And back door Frankie.

  6. Hayden was a heaven sent. He enlightened Donny about Frankie. He told Donny if it was a DE he/Donny will be the nominee.(Frankie’s Plan)…awesome meeting in HOH with Donny/Nic/Hayden. So Caleb or Frankie

      • Me too!!! It’s game ON finally for him!!! I couldn’t be more pleased! :-)

    • I just hope that Donny trusts him and doesn’t turn and go to Derrick asking about it.

      • He knows he’s low on the totem pole of the alliance and they’re only using him for numbers. He’s been giving a lot of inside information to Nicole for a while now and last night to Donny. He exposed Christine’s true color to Nic Although they think she will jump ship and join them.

        Check this out, Derrick just formed a new alliance with Hayden/Nicole/Cody. Plan B right?.. Derrick is sleek and on top of his game. Do they trust this newly formed 4 member alliance? We have to wait and see.

      • OMG…I sure hope they don’t let in a Detonator…that will be their downfall if they do! Also, he and Cody have a final 2 alliance going on as well!

      • I really like Derrick and want to see him make it to the end. He has played the game hard from the beggining. He also plays a great social game.
        As much as I get annoyed with Frankie, he is also playing a good game. I think he needs to go if Derrick has a shot though.

      • I agree with everything you said. Both of them are playing hard. Frankie is so unlikable, playing an unlikable strategy….I can’t cheer for Frankie.

      • I don’t think Donny will snitch on Hayden…now that he knows Hayden is taking that big chance of confiding in him!

  7. There’s gonna be no big move made. The stupid twist makes them too scared to do anything major. All the detonators will still be here this week.

    • EXACTLY… This new version of the double HOH’s heavily favors the physically strong players and I hate it.

    • Don’t worry though, hopefully after next Thursday’s Double Eviction the twist will end and these strong players will be sent to jury.

    • Don’t be so sure about that! I think Zach or Frankie might be going home this week with none the wiser!

  8. Donny is in a good yet still difficult position at the moment. DE is happening next weekend plus to the other two hurdles : BOB, POV. So I’m hoping he makes it out alive while making the move to EOD the Detonators from their dominance on Thursday.

    For the tricky part, he made a promise not to put up TA members but given the circumstances, he will have to at least put one of them up (or have Nicole do the other since she wants Frankie’s head).

    Plan A should, and I assume it would, be to backdoor Caleb. In order to hide that plan is to nominate 4 other people. Nicole and Donny know, or at least know now, the existing remnants of the BS Alliance controlling the house. Those are the people should pick as pawns for this plan to work.

    That would defintitely give some guarantee to any of the pre-BOB noms that they’ll have some level of safety.

    Plan B, if Caleb wins POV, then there’s no choice but to dismantle the 2 Detonators that were nom’d by the reigning HOH.

    So who to choose…

    Nicole will definitely not put up Hayden, Christine and Jocasta. She’ll likely not attempt to put Victoria as a safe pawn since Hayden had just courted her as an unknowing jury vote for his alliance with Nicotine.

    Donny will not put up Hayden, Jocasta, and Victoria. He knows Christine is not to be trusted but he won’t risk getting on Nicole’s bad side if he puts Chris up pre-BOB.

    And now to the current deadpool: Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Zach, and Frankie. Only Caleb have taken part in the BOB but the rest haven’t. But all of them are threats to the other players’ game so these are the available options presented to the two.

    Dream noms:

    A)Nicole nominates Cody and Frankie while Donny puts up Derrick and Zach.

    B) Nicole ups Zankie and Donny ups The Hitmen.

    BOB has been all physical challenges with one sole memory-based game. I expect production going all out with a full-on physical comp for the likely final BOB.

    Update: I figured the possibilty of Caleb winning veto and take one of the noms off. A Plan C would require Christine as the only possibility left to guarantee a Detonator leaving. Nicole is not willing to do so but Donny can if it comes to that point (assuming he knows Xtine is still working with the big boys).

    • Hayden was playing with Victoria since he’s been noticing how close she’s been getting to Derrick and since he’s never made her a target, it was the perfect chance to get her to side with him just for the amount of time he needed her to by making her choose him as Houseguest Choice in the POV and in turn remove her from the block if he should win before evicting Amber! IOW…she owes him!

      • Indeed. She’s a potential jury vote, or even better, the better choice to take to Final 2.

  9. That Victoria/Derrick double hug last night was way too suggestive. I thought you loved your wife Derrick!

    • I sort have been getting this weird chemistry vibe between them… thought it was in my head though. Hmmmm

      • I don’t think it’s in your head girlygirl. Did you notice Derrick’s seductive eyes just before the 2nd hug? Also, their faces were heading towards a lip kiss, when he turned his head so they wouldn’t. Their full frontal close hug was too revealing.

    • Remember, Victoria is the creepy one wanting to cuddle up to those she feels makes her safe in the BB house. He wasn’t making out with her for crying out loud!

    • I seriously doubt his wife is worried or has anything to worry about. He’s too respectable. He’s a good guy. Victoria on the other hand… well, nutjob comes to mind ;-) imo

  10. I don’t know where they get these people from. Big Brother is no different from Survior. Outwit, Outplaly, Outlast. You have to do some lying in order to stay in the house if you think you are going to play a clean Mother Teresa game then it is no need for you to go on the show.

    • A couple of players beyond BB1 played an almost clean game. Dan for one is the best example I could think of a houseguest who played a near-clean abd honest game in BB10, not much so for BB14.

      I didn’t watch BB11 much so I don’t know how well Jordan played the game during the weeks that followed Jeff’s eviction and remained well-liked among the jury.

      • Dan lied his fair share of times in BB10. Ollie and Michelle could definitely tell you about it.
        And Jordan was carried to the end on Jeff’s shoulders.

      • But he stayed loyal on that season to one player and they rode it off as a pair. As for his stint in BB14, he burned too many bridges to win his way to the top.

  11. donny wont put up derrick or frankie they are both team america players

    • He didn’t, but he won’t mind Nicole backdooring Frankie if that’s what she chooses to do and give her his vote. That is if she can convince Christine into using the Veto on Jocasta!!! I’m so hoping that’s what Christine ends up doing…it will shake the house up even more than it’s starting to shake now with Zach being paranoid and fearing he might be a target for going home. Zach is really his own worse enemy! :-)

  12. I really wish they’d do away with HOH altogether and nominate like they do in the BB UK (all houseguests nominate) and BB Australia (houseguests have 5 points to assign to 2 players) person with the most nominations goes up and the public votes on who leaves.

  13. Donny is a bore. Dudley do right could go home and I’d never remember he was there

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