Big Brother 16: Week 4 – Counting The Votes

After a tumultuous build up to Big Brother 16’s Power of Veto Ceremony on Monday we now have our final nominees for the week and are ready to “crown” the next evictee ahead of Thursday night’s live eviction show.

HGs counting the votes on Big Brother 16
HGs counting the votes on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

While we were this close to an exciting and potentially back and forth vote, the chances of that happening now aren’t good. Instead we should settle in for a landslide vote if not a unanimous eviction in the next vote on Big Brother.

The final noms for Week 4 on Big Brother are Brittany Martinez and Donny Thompson following Victoria Rafaeli’s use of the Veto to save herself. Cody put Donny up in her place as a reliable solution to cementing Brittany’s demise in the game.

Brittany is wavering between confidence and despair. She’ll have a conversation and tell one HG she thinks it’s a close vote. Then the next person she talks to it’s a discussion on her doom. Of course it doesn’t help when Zach catches her alone and lies saying she has his support so she should keep on campaigning. Flashback to 3:50AM BBT 7/22. I’m sure production appreciates Zach’s efforts to screw with her mind so she doesn’t roll over in the game.

I just don’t see anyone voting to keep Brittany over Donny. Detonators are all sending Brittany home. Jocasta is definitely keeping Donny. Caleb, Amber, Hayden, and Nicole are all going to keep Donny too. Victoria is just sort of out there in the game, but Derrick will probably reel her in and make sure she votes along with the crowd, not that it’d really matter.

While Cody could be a tie-breaker this week there’s just no chance of that coming in to play.

When Julie Chen reveals the vote on Thursday night you can expect it to be a 10-0 with Brittany heading out for her eviction interview. Cast your vote in our eviction prediction poll below.


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  1. A lot of people left in the house are just going to “roll over”

    All the drama-queens are gone. Prepare for another boring season.

    • What are you talking about ? Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Caleb-Amber-Cody triangle, Donny, Christine, Victoria, …. Plenty of drama left. Things are picking up.

      • Caleb-Amber-Cody Triangle?? ololololo

        None of these people has big personalities, there will be no fights ,this season, and backstabbing …nothing interesting

        And all the guys are boring to make anything interesting, Devin was the only one and he is gone.

        I already can see this being Donny vs the whole house.

        And of course CBS will make sure Donny wins

      • Totally agreed. We haven’t even seen the diabolical sides of Zach, Christine & Frankie yet – they’ve been lying in wait, but that will soon change given who they seem to be.

      • It was doomed to be a bad season when they cast some of the dumbest houseguests ever seen, and Derrick. Donny is the most entertaining in the house, but Derrick is doing his best to save the season.

        I don’t care about fights and drama, I watch becuase I like the game. I want to see people try and outsmart one another, backstab, manipulate, etc. Derrick is the only person who has proven to be remotely capable of any of those things. From a game standpoint, the majority of this season’s cast could fall in the dumbest ever category.

      • LOL. Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of people complain when their favorite is voted out of the house: the ratings will drop!! the house will be boring!!! maybe DR will magically save them just for me!!!!

  2. While I don’t dislike any of the Detonators, except may Christine, I do want to see a power shift. I would like to see what Victoria would do with HoH just for the entertainment of it. (not a Vic fan at all)

    • She’d attempt to get rid of Amber, more than likely… unless ‘instructed’ otherwise by Derrick. Vic’, Chris & Nic’ all appear to have a thing against women who garner more attention than them.

      • Sadly, that happens ALOT in this game, heck even real life. Most women don’t play this game with brains, they play with emotions and cattiness.

      • We need to bring Danielle Donato back… she’s one of the only women to play the game (note, I didn’t say THE only woman) who really focuses on the game more than anything else…

      • Give me a break. Danielle Donato should lose all credibility after her terrible game play during season 13. She justified her dumb and irrational moves by saying she was “bored” working with the veterans. Really? I don’t care how bored I am, I’m not making dumb game moves because I’m tired of working with a certain alliance. Cost her $500k.

      • Fair – BUT at least she was making dumb moves because she was bored and not because the boys were telling her everything to do (I’m looking at YOU, Amber).

      • She’s really quite bad to be honest. Terrible in S13 and really overrated in S8. If you’re looking to see a female game player come back, Danielle Reyes should be the one you’re looking for.

      • I haven’t seen Danielle Reyes season yet, but I’m working my way backwards. I’ve heard good things about her game play and that she got totally ripped off during her season for the win. And I agree with top/down as well – we just need a really solid cast – there’s always some duds, but if you get a couple really good players on opposite sides, that’s when the fun starts!

      • why bring any OLD players back ? there must be a million fans willing to play. The problem is with the crew that picks the cast…

      • The problem I think is that they recruit players rather than pick people who really wanted to go on the show.

      • Well in fairness they don’t really cast women on this show for their brains do they? I also wish there were some kick butt women strategists who take the men to the cleaners in how well they control a crowd, but so long as we keep going with the TnA casting we’ll get the same predictable results.

      • if they are going to pick women for something other than brains then they should pick a couple of real horny sluts, now that would keep the house interesting !

      • They have indeed. Amanda last year stayed in bed with McCrae most of the day… And who could forget Natalie who kept saying her body was Matt’s for the taking? I think Pau Pau, Brittney, or Victoria could have gone down that path this time.

  3. I agree it will be a 10-0 vote. Next week I would love to see someone outside of the power alliance win HOH. A Jocasta / Donny pairing in the room of power would be fun to watch as the entire rest of the house would be scrambling.

  4. Relax !. There are still 13 HG’s in the house. If one of the big guns gets nominated, like Caleb, Derrick, Cody, or any of the guys, then will see some fireworks. These guys are not gonna stick with each other forever…just watch and enjoy.

      • Definitely! Drama is in the forecast, after the weaklings are gone. Boring? Lets break it down Capt.
        1. Derrick: This guy will be all out He will use all his skills he learned as a Policeman. “21 Jump Street”
        2: Caleb: I see Rambo lol
        3: Zack:. This guy is suicidal, He will declare “Jihad” soon
        4: Frankie: He will run his mouth, and reveal everything that will cause so much dissension among the HG’s “Andy”
        5: Cody: He will use his good looks and charm and will probably sleep with Christine if he had to.

  5. I want to see Frankie, Christine and Caleb gone… with a Donny HOH. Dam near threw a fit when I saw Frankie was choosen as America’s team member. I don’t trust him any further than Nicole could throw the boy. Frankie and Christine make a perfect couple…. both snitches. Caleb is just plain creepy with this Amber infatuation. And when did Victoria enter the house…..

  6. What bothers me the most is the ones who don’t do anything, then are in the jury. I checked the houseguest tracker, believe it or not Devin is #2 on footstep counts and he has been gone 4 days.

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