Big Brother 16: Week 1 – Counting The Votes

This Thursday the first Big Brother 16 live eviction will take place when one cast member is sent packing with the undesirable title of “1st Eliminated Houseguest.” We’ve been watching the Feeds and know which way the wind is blowing as the votes are readied.

Joey Van Pelt on Big Brother 16
Joey Van Pelt on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Since Friday after the Veto Competition things seemed pretty set on where they were going. Really even before the comp there was a plan, but more of a backup option. Once all the pieces came together the opportunity was seized and the table was set. Time to feast on the first sacrifice.

Once Donny won the Veto it was obvious that he’d use it and save himself. Before the competition Devin had suggested to Caleb and Frankie that one of noms come down and Joey go up. They weren’t interested unless Donny or Paola actually won it themselves. Problem solved.

Joey even becoming an initial target goes back to her revealing her all-girls alliance and then pretending it never existed. This was possibly an attempt to cover for the other girls while not realizing how seriously the other HGs might take her actions. It made HGs suspicious of her.

On Saturday night Joey imploded her game by confronting Devin and telling him that she wanted him to go up and be the first evicted. Joey didn’t realize you don’t broadcast these sorts of plans, especially not to the target. It all worked in reverse and suddenly the house was fully against her.

You see, the first week of Big Brother can be kinda funny. Everyone seems to be in a bit of a daze as they acclimate to their new surroundings and when an easy target presents itself HGs tend to pile on in a mass, nearly unanimous vote. Most HGs are just excited that it isn’t them and will go along with whatever it is. “You want to vote out my mom? Yeah, let’s do that. I don’t trust her either!”

Joey is that easy target and as it stands she’s set to be voted out unanimously on Thursday.

Even Joey’s close ally Brittany came to her yesterday and explained, as Joey sat alone crying in the Storage room, that she (Brittany) wasn’t turning her back on her but she needed to watch out for her own game and was going to turn her back on her. Yep.

To her credit, Joey did make an attempt at campaigning yesterday and even made a bold move. She revealed to Hayden that she was “America’s Favorite” (rather than explicitly “Team America”) and that she had been awarded special powers that activated Thursday night. She suggested if he kept her then she’d keep him safe with those powers.

So yes, Joey out’d every alliance she joined this season in her brief time there. First the girls alliance then the alliance with viewers. Sigh. We’ll have to wait and see how much damage was done to the Team America twist. If Hayden doesn’t say a word then it’s done, but after she goes he may start to mention it and things could unravel. Not to mention, what happens when its first member departs?

Do you see a different vote coming this week? Still a few days left for things to change.


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  1. Bummer, that Joey won’t be around but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

    Devin should be out next considering he made bigger boneheaded mistakes in my opinion and the only reason he’s made it out this week because Joey made herself an easy target.

      • Yeah, alot of talk about Brittany going up. Almost a foregone conclusion. “Almost” because, well, it’s a week away and Devin may invite her to join the BS by then. Ha!
        If you nominate Devin, pair him with PaoPao to ensure he loses BoB. Add salt and let simmer.

    • Jacob, I couldn’t agree more. Devin doesn’t seem disciplined enough to even play the game. He’s a loose cannon. I loved it when Frankie was in the DR and called him a mess. Lol. Caleb needs to slow down too. Especially about Amber. He’s making a fool of himself.

      • Devin comes off like he knows that his way is right and others are wrong. Adding new members without consulting current members proves that he’ll over play and end up evicting himself.

      • So true. He’s his own worst enemy in the house. I hope he’s good at comps. Especially POV comps.

  2. darn i was hoping devin and joey would align, they could be called ‘the loose canons’ – a subdivision of the bomb squad…because obviously devin is already bored with the current members and wants to add someone new ;)

    • Lol. I just said that about Devin. Lol. He really cut his nose off to spite his face. I’ve watched every season of BB. I’ve always loved playing along. But I have never seen someone deliberately sabotage their own position in the game this early. There have been plenty of people that have done it, but never this early. Not that I can remember, anyway.

  3. Joey never had a chance remeber when she was cheering the girls in the first HOH. She has no game face and was hoping that ther personality would carry her through the game and it nver does (for any player in any year).

  4. I’d love to play poker with Joey. Not only would i win every hand but i’d be entertained in the process. There’s such a thing as a newbie recruit in BB but she’s practically infantile in her knowledge of the game. Sorry to see her go but would rather watch someone that doesn’t broadcast their strategy to the house and thereby having a dead in the water game before the opening credits on the first show.

  5. joey sucked! i hope all the recruits go home first this game is better when everyone knows what they are doing and has a passion for the game! good riddance

  6. Is it me or is this eviction taking w a y t o l o n g. There really isn’t any game play now because the dye has been cast. Come on BB…We now have to wait until Thursday…..Maybe that’s what I get for watching BB after dark and reading all these spoilers. Oh well, can’t stop now!!!

    • Yep, and getting closer to setting a date. Jordan has moved to CA now.

      • Unlike most reality couples they really do seem to be taking their time and trying to plan things accordingly. Probably more of Jordan’s doing than Jeff’s but meh it works.

  7. Unless Pow-Pow makes a deadly mistake between now and Thursday she is safe. We know though that some people can get cocky and make a mistake.

    • What’d Caleb call her – a “non issue”? Ha. If she ever gets the chance, she’s going for him. She called it from Day One.
      Not that she will. Just saying.

  8. Thanks Brenda…That is my favorite couple from BB. Do you see any showmance coming this year? Donny & Victoria?, Caleb and Frankie?

  9. “You want to vote out my mom? Yeah, let’s do that. I don’t trust her either!”

    Idk but this made me laugh for about two minutes straight!!

  10. These feeds are ticking me off..we pay to watch what actually goes on in the house and these “We’ll be right back,” stuff that comes on I guess when someone is getting ready to sing or say something we are not supposed to hear..what’s the point of having them?

  11. So, now Caleb is pissed at Amber because he thinks that she is just using him to get to the end. Now he says he’s not going to speak to her!

  12. I keep reading that Joey outed the All Girl alliance but can someone tell me how this went down? At one point and with whom did she do this? Thanks.

  13. the soon caleb is out of the house the better. He seems dangerous with his obsession over amber. How they cast people like him is beyond me, the guy is totally creepy and obsessive. He has already said some dangerous things about hurting people, the guy is a total tool.

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