Big Brother 16 Veto Plans: Will The Streak Come To An End?

The Power of Veto Ceremony plays out later today in the Big Brother 16 house and what has been an incredible streak of Veto action might be coming to an end.

Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16
Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The PoV competition played out late Saturday night and ran for over five hours of waiting as the participating HGs took their individual turns in a repeat of the “Keeping up with the Joneses” Veto comp from last season. HGs had to take a quick mental picture as they rode past the set up and then assemble it on the other side.

Now the winner from Saturday’s comp will have the choice to save either Jocasta or Zach or let it ride. Here’s what you can expect to happen.

Christine beat out Nicole by 30 secs in the comp to win the Veto. She’ll decide what to do with it. Now wait, you might be saying, “won’t she save Zach, her Detonators ally?” No, no she won’t.

Zach has gone so far as to ask her not to use the Veto so he can give a vote plea speech that’s a poem on Thursday night. What a great reason to get yourself evicted, right?

Frankie dodged a bullet here as Nicole’s plan for the Ceremony was that if either Jocasta or Zach came down off the block she would then renom Frankie and he would be sent home.

Christine is trying to play both sides of the house by telling Nicole that she doesn’t want to force her to get more blood on her hands by making a third nominee, but Nicole is on to her.

When the Veto Ceremony is over today Jocasta and Zach will remain the nominees for the week and Zach could be in some real trouble. After five straight weeks of seeing the Power of Veto put to use it will instead go back inside the box and await Thursday night’s Double Eviction.

What do you wish would happen? If you had the PoV around your neck, what would you do?


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  1. I’m glad Christine isn’t planning on using the Veto. Let’s hope that Frankie and Zach get the boot and sent to Jury (maybe) on Thursday.

    • If you’re glad that Christine isn’t using veto then there is no way Frankie will get the boot. Zach wont get the boot either since the numbers are on his side. Jocasta will be going home this week.

      • Well, the Detonators are really nothing any more. Zach has dug his own grave and it’s a really deep hole. I’m saying Frankie may get the boot if lets say Hayden wins HOH during the double eviction.

      • I’m saying Frankie could go home. I don’t know if you notice but there is a Double Eviction on Thursday. Unless Frankie wins HOH (because the twist will end leaving with only 1 HOH per week and no Battle of The Block) then there’s a potential possibility he could go home on Thursday as well as Zach.

    • Zach is out for himself! Derrick and Cody bettter see that. I am afraid Christine maybe next.

  2. Nicole’s best move would be to still back door Frankie. Although I love Frankie, that would be the move to make for her game. She needs to get he “friend” Christine on board. She actually has some good plans for BB game moves but does she have the heart to pull through with her plans is the question (I don’t think she does). Also she has told a few people about her plans & if she doesn’t pull through with them she risk the chance of being outed & becoming the target for double eviction week next week.

    • I am disappointed in the women this year. They just don’t have it in them to be strong and capable. Christine is all over the place and I don’t even know if she remembers which alliance she is with! All the women in the house should have watched BB CAN and watched how Neda played the game. It would have gotten them somehere, but I don’t see any of the women lasting. During DE, I think Christine is a goner if she doesn’t win HOH. Good! She deserves to go.

      • Exactly! The women should have kept their initial alliance & when Joey tried to form one Amber went running back to the boys. That’s why she isn’t there any more.

  3. This game is such a great human experiment. While we watch on TV and see who is actually running the house, the HGs seem to be oblivious. Donny made a point to Nicole that only 3 people in the house have never been nominated for eviction – Frankie, Cody and Derrick, but he never connects the dots. It should be obvious to all of them that Derrick is the puppet master. He is in everyone’s ears, like Frankie, and Christine. He seems to be more stealthy about it.

    • Yeah they don’t get the live feeds like we do. ;> But I have thought to myself that I might not be so sure who’s playing who either. Would be tough to know who to talk to and who to trust, esp’ly if you’re a fan and you know going in that it’s common to lie, double-deal and backstab.You really have to be a good judge of character and think on the fly.

    • Loved that it was revealed to Amber on her eviction interview that Derrick was the one basically running the house and not who she thought it was! LOL

  4. Getting sick of Christine. They should evict her next since, this is a double eviction week! What needs to happen is someone to plant seeds of doubt into the minds of Derrick and Cody. Maybe, Nicole can tell them that Christine is planning to target both of them next! That would be very believable if she were to tell Derrick and Cody that! Also, tell them that Zach and Frankie have agreements with Christine. You got to split the Detonators. Sometimes, the best tools are just lies and deceit. Have these house guests who are supposedly fans not seen the work of Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie and Dr. Will among others?

  5. Frankie or Zach can go…wont bother me ONE bit. But if I HAD to choose, I would get rid of Zach. He is so immature and I want him to reevaluate his sexuality. He KEEPS saying he is NOT gay…but clearly he is. Bye Zach.

    • Also, I dont understand why he’s always wearing the same clothes? Blue shirt, pink cap? Did he explain that at all?

      • CAN YOU READ??! I want him gone because he is an obnoxious jerk!! The fact that he makes it a POINT every episode to say he is NOT gay, yet he kisses, fondles, and lays up with an openly gay male is another aspect of his personality that I do NOT like. GTFOH and stop reachin

      • cody and frankie be wrapped up the same way and no one says a damm thang….. Not as much but still, they do… rubbing on each others arms

  6. As a matter of fact, take Jacosta off the block and put up Frankie. It would be GREAT to watch those two go at it and through each other under the bus to stay in the house. By putting up those two, it would GUARANTEE that one of the 2 players in the house would be gone.

  7. Is it just me..or is Derrick fine as hell?!! Whew!! Nice lookin dude with some sexy lips. #HeyBoo

  8. Christine is one of the worst players in there, though really they’re all pretty awful besides Derrick. She is incredibly dumb when it comes to this game, despite how smart she may think she is.

    • I totally agree. Christine is horrible. She is the reason Amber went home. Amber was the only girl who was really going after the guys. I am rooting for Nicole and Hayden. They know exactly what is going on in the house and they are going to strike soon.

      • Amber or Joey? Joey knew she needed to target the guys. Amber was the one who “tattled” to the guys Joey’s intentions. Its a bit poetic that that is the same reason she was taken out. The fact that christine and the women in general do not see the men targeting them is frustrating to me. Why continue putting jocasta and victoria up when those are the votes you can manipulate. Its naive to think that the bomb squad disbanded entirely after Devin.

      • That’s why I felt bad for Joey now that I’ve seen the episodes before the live eviction. She was practically exposed by the time she made her “house meeting” so we can’t really fault her. Those are two weeks we won’t be able to get a good look of.

      • I disagree about Nicole; she’s made some pretty bad decisions already this season. And Hayden also doesn’t seem to recognize that Derrick’s running the game. He sort of reminds me of McCrae though, where he definitely knows what is going on and when he’s being lied to, but he just doesn’t do anything about it.

        I’m still pulling for Derrick though

  9. I would LOVE to see Christine go this week…. Take Jacosta off the block and plop Christine right beside Zach.. Sick of her backstabbing, jealous ways as well as her equally annoying antics! UGH~ Bye Bye Christine!

  10. If the right person wins HOH on Thursday (Hayden, Derrick, Donny, Cody, Jocasta, or Victoria), Christine and Frankie are going to be in some serious trouble. Pretty much everyone is on to them at this point.

    It’s interesting how some house guests lose all perspective in the Big Brother house and don’t realize they’re playing way too hard. Christine and Frankie are all over the place and don’t even see it.

  11. Again production is stepping in so the “star of the show” does not get voted out (Frankie or Zach). This game is suppose to be about big moves throughout the game not just the last few weeks (which has happened in the last few years). Look people will still watch no matter who gets voted out. It will always make for good TV for big moves and then more shake up not just get rid of the weak (not saying keep all the weak players), but can we please have some big moves made and shake up the BB house from time to time.

  12. Nicole is a dingus… and her dork surfer freeloader guy. and the female Christine needs to go also

    • Kingyag your name sounds like your bleeding like a rag with you having something against Nicole and Hayden. Kind of shows you probably weren’t given much hugs when you were young to have something against quirky, intelligent, nice people. Now with Christine I totally agree with you with her having to go because I don’t like Rats and calling her just a female alone doesn’t do her justice period.

      • Nah, i s till get my fair share of hugs to this day. and it’s not so much quirky as it is dorky. and measure of intelligence is subjective.

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