Big Brother 16: Two Houseguests Demonstrate Very Different Tactics

Following today’s Veto Ceremony where former allies were officially turned against one another we saw two very different tactics. It seems some players are forgetting we’ve reach the Jury stage of the competition.

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

When the Feeds returned from the Veto Ceremony Zach found his way out to the backyard and began working on Caleb for support. Caleb seems to have no interest in hearing Zach out but Zach didn’t let that or Frankie’s arrival slow him down.

Soon Frankie took over for Caleb and began yelling at Zach. Flashback to 12:40PM BBT 8/18 to watch. “I don’t understand how you can possibly be so stupid!” Frankie shouts at Zach. Then Frankie blamed the entire series of events on Zach. Frankie said this was all Zach’s fault and was a result of him not getting over their past differences. Frankie suggests none of this would have happened if he had only gone up on the block with Donny and thrown it as the group wanted.

This arguing goes on for about twenty minutes as Frankie continues to try and make himself the victim of these circumstances created by Zach. Frankie says his personal feelings weighed heavily on him as he struggled with this decision. Zach finally leaves and goes back inside as he should have done awhile ago.

Jump forward to 1:17PM BBT and you’ll find Derrick coming to visit Zach as he sits alone in the backyard. Derrick gives Zach a pep talk and encourages him to keep his chin up. He tells Zach he probably won’t be friends with everyone after the season, but that’s okay.

Derrick reminds Zach that he’s supported him before and he’ll continue to do so. He tells Zach that he won just be being selected to be a HG and the achievement in itself of doing that.

The entire conversation lasts about a minute. Derrick doesn’t berate Zach or try to make Zach the aggressor and himself the victim. He’s calm, kind, and then he’s gone.

Frankie told Zach this morning that he was powerless (as both HoH & Veto winner) to stop the train and it was all up to the house. Now it’s not just the house’s fault, but Zach’s too, according to Frankie. I don’t know why Frankie thinks he needs to be the victim. You’re cutting your own friend and ally. Own it. This “poor me!” approach is only going to piss Zach off and that is not the way you want to send someone off to Jury. It’s the same bad move Christine made last week that left her as Nicole’s top target if she came back.

I’m sure there’s no easy solution to sending someone to Jury without them being upset at you, but yelling at them that they’re “so stupid!” isn’t a good start. Derrick continues to play an excellent game and the other HGs are going to need to play catch up real quick as the Jury builds. Or at least they’ll need to start thinking about those five jury votes they’ll need to snag the crown.


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  1. You are so right Matthew. From the very 1st Jocasta till now Derrick has worked the whole house. The only one against him is Hayden and I have no doubt if Hayden comes back Derrick will convince him he couldn’t help it. He’ll also tell him the plan for the DE was to evict Donny but when Nicole was put up against him he voted to keep her because he could see hoe mad he was. If Derrick makes it to F3 with Victoria and Cody he wins. I feel at this point the ONLY one who could beat him in F2 would be Donny. Donny who had no alliances and has fought by himself the whole game.

    • Actually I don’t think Hayden is as upset as you might think. First his personality isn’t like that…Second, I think he’s a good sport who said it himself: ”They got to me, before I could get to them!” Simple as that. No bad blood.

  2. After reading this Frankie makes me sick – Frankie has continually been gunning for Zach all summer – I guess since Frankie can’t get Zach into bed he wants to get him out of the house – So stupid to create bad blood at this stage of the game especially when the player is on their way to the jury – Frankie have several seats

  3. Frankie just told Derrick they are viewing the tapes. They didn’t count Christine’s tiger as a personal item. Why I don’t know. Anyway Frankie told them he did hide her pink clothes, and he did, I remember him running up to the HOH and moving a plastic bag. So they will get the 5K after checking the tapes.

    • The tiger wasn’t clothing. But Derrick was saying that Frankie only did 1hr of the watch. Once again Frankie gets 5,000 for doing hardly anything.

  4. I’m sorry but Frankie is a moron. He puts up Zach who is one of his supporters in the house because he was pressured by the WHOLE house? What a load of crap. He has been gunning for Zach during the periods he wasn’t using him to earn $5,000.00. When Zach finds out how much Frankie used him he will be very hurt.

    • Frankie’s playing the blame game. Problem is it’s not working for him against the other HG. They don’t like it.

  5. Last night Cody slept with Frankie. It showed them in bed. Zach would not sleep with him, so he has to go. This is all so sick!

  6. I am so over Fakie. Someone please get this loser out of the house! Someone should punch him in the face for saying he wants to give Zach a slow drip, as to euthanize a dog or kill him like a baby. I’m sick of this punk and his holier than thou attitude. This TA sh#t is old, especially blaming Zach for everything. Sure it’s funny to hide their stuff, but always blaming Zach? The house needs to chill. What makes me so sick is these guests playing for 7th place or 3rd. I want to punch Caleb so bad! Why are you even on BB than if it’s not to win 1st! BB should be ashamed of these pathetic recruits they put on the show. Put some real people on that need the money and love BB. Give it to Derrick, because he’s actually playing for 1st!

    • Skankie also was telling the slut that he was going to break Zach and bring him down. I can’t wait until the day he’s on the block begging to stay. And it’s going to happen soon.

    • I wish this silly TA stuff was over..I don’t want Frankie getting any more free money. Really wish America did not vote him in.

  7. I don’t understand being friends with someone, all the I love you stuff and all and then acting like this. You don’t have to treat someone like that, game or no game.

    • Exactly. He tells Zach it’s not personal just game and then he talks crap about him.

  8. Why Frankie, Why? All he had to do is put him up do some damage control but he starts yelling at Zach for no reason at all he was going home no matter what, Dumb move by Frankie

  9. Frankie is such a disgusting, perverted human being. Him and Zach are supposed to be BFF’s so this is supposed to be game. Okay then why Frankie are you and that cheater Christine talking and all you’re saying is how you are going to bring Zach down and break him. Wow I’m glad I don’t have friends like you. Then the disgusting pig starts on about Nicole calling her a c##t. Well I hope she comes back and puts your ugly ass up and kicks you out!

    • Calling Nicole the “c” word did it for me..there is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior. He is repulsive. Does he actually think that he is going to have fans after this?

      • Remember when he read his letter and his sister said I have so much to tell you? She probably reads all the hate about him and wants to warn him.

      • Yes. His sense of entitlement is mind boggling. Let’s hope he is greeted on the outside the same way Amanda and Aaryn were.

    • The craziest thing to me is that they all can participate in the most vile and disgusting behavior and answer with “Hello, this is Big Brother”. IMO, these people do not change upon entering the bb house. It’s who they are. I think Derrick is probably the voice of reason outside the house. And Frankie is a real pig,inside and out. A perfect example…….Rachel. Nuts no matter where she is. Evil Dick…pure bastard. Danielle…spoiled, rotten, entitled witch, and on and on. Then there is Jordan….sweet as can be no matter where she is. JMO

      • Derrick? Voice of Reason? He’s a pretender, he’s Dr. Evil. The face you see is a false one. Frankie is so stupid: DERRICK is the one who should have gone on the block. Team America clearly means nothing–just ask Donny.

        GO DONNY!

    • You sure have some strong, hateful feelings towards people you don’t know…
      Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

  10. I am so tired of hearing Cody say how Donny has got to go he has never even won a HOH! Donny has worked his butt off to stay “alive” in this game! Cody has done NOTHING!!! I love Cody and have for awhile but him being on this Donny bashing kick is truely aggrevating me! My first choice to win would be Donny, second would be Derrick (he has played a magnificet game) and third would be Cody (if Hayden doesn’t come back in the game and I think he will-SOON!) Can’t stand Christine, Caleb makes me throw up in my mouth and Victoria she just needs to go! Donny HAS won one Hoh hasn’t he, but was dethroned???Frankie needs to worry about the kids in AMERICA and he might have a few more people that want him to win! He is a very likeable person but I don’t want him to win for charity when others want to take care of their families!!! Run a marathon FRANKIE!!!

    • I agree about not wanting Frankie to win. I read online (doesn’t mean that it’s true) that Frankie’s net worth is $1.5 Million. Another site said $500,000. So who knows. The point is that Frankie doesn’t need the money. Maybe if he went a month without hair dye and glitter he could build a school for those poor kids in Africa.

    • Cody isn’t ever a target because of social bonds with other houseguests. Donny is a target and will continue to be a target because he isn’t social and made no alliances. Social game is waay more important than comp wins.

    • Cody won an HoH with Frankie. I see where you’re coming from with the rest of your rant though.

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