‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the results were just as we expected. Sorry, Renom Rule hopefuls.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After last night’s craziness with Team America and the missing items the house settled down long enough for Zach to get confirmation of what he suspected. Frankie was targeting him for eviction. Now just one step left to make it official.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.


This week’s Veto winner, Frankie, did just as he promised Zach last night. Frankie used the Veto on Caleb and replaced him with Zach.

The final nominations for Week 8 on Big Brother 16 are Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance.

Things look very bad for Zach’s chances this week. He’s all but a certain lock for eviction, but don’t forget an evictee from the Jury will return this week. Zach could be right back in the game just after he’s evicted from it, but there’s no guarantee.

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    • Zack will get a small taste of his own medicine because I suspect what I saw on After Dark- Cody will be gone.

      • I sure hope Cody goes before Zach…time will tell. Maybe DR will suggest that to both Derrick and Frankie and Derrick will be in charge of convincing Donny, Caleb and Victoria to vote Cody out along with him…Frankie can’t vote and Christine will be outnumbered, so a tie doesn’t occur…and not tell Christine of these plans. They got Hayden followed by Nicole this way!

      • WHAT? I watched after dark but that didn’t seem the case. I hope you are right because I LOVE Zankie!

  1. I was hoping that Frankie would pull a big move and surprise us all by nominating Derrick. But he’s just as we suspected: a dimwit with no balls.

    • You have that right he is a snake have you ever seen him lick his you
      tongue like a snake?? Hmmmm

      • I THINK Frankie has balls.They just don’t roll straight and that may have been his last chance to hit the headpin(Derrick)

      • What’s wrong with all you people? If Frankie wasn’t on this season, it would be boring (well, maybe not since there was Zach). But he did add alot to this season. I love him!

  2. I’m sad to see Zach go. His antics and unpredictability have made this season less boring.

    I’m really hoping either he or Hayden make it back in this week…but fear that by some fluke Jocasta will win and re-enter the game. Then this season truly will die a horrible death.

    • If it’s an endurance, I fear Jocasta won’t make it back in…but hey, you just never know!!! Weirder things have already happened! :-)

      • Jocasta had trouble just walking out to the backyard to do the challenges – Never in my life have I seen someone with so little endurance – How did she pass the physical – She seems like a nice lady but not a very interesting player

      • they treat jury members with royalty, so she may not want to get back in. If it is endurance Hayden has a good chance. If it is mental Nicole or Zach. Zach may win also if it endurance.

      • Probably because it takes so long to set it up since they started the BotB twist. They probably have had it set to begin the game and end the game before this season began.

    • I agree totally with you for sure one of them will be back jocasta can’t win anything!

    • Frankie is just doing what he thinks is the right thing..keep a TA member from suffering the fate of the numbers!

      • But why would he have to worry about Derrick? Derrick can mist his way out of it and convince the house to vote out Cody. If TA was such a thing for them Derrick wouldn’t go against Frankie once all was said and done. I think Frankie put up Zach because he’s to afraid to do anything else or to make a move.

      • Derrick told the others he wanted Frankie gone to stir up trouble and have it be on their heads and not his! Watch closely how Derrick spins it for them, though, so the target is off him and on them!

      • I wish it would get out that he is a cop and a liar. Derrick is my least favorite HG, with Zach coming second. GO DONNY!!!

      • And don’t forget how horribly they treat Donny, who is a member of TA. Team America doesn’t relaly mean anything to Derrick (who should have been on the block) and Frankie (who I love, but showed himself to be STUPID). That said, I will be ecstatic to see Zach go. As Zingbot said, and I paraphrase: Who thinks a gator chop and being unemployed is cool? No actually cool people.

      • If Zack goes, comes back in and doesn’t win the HoH and is the target/evicted again, it just buys my favorite Donny another week. :) Frankly, I don’t see any of these Detonaters being anything but spineless…..they sure aren’t beasts and they never make a big move unless Derick tells them to.

      • That’s why I want Hayden to come back in. He said he’s ready to out Derrick and Cody (via interview with J. Schroeder)!!!!

      • I wish Frankie would have just stood his ground for Zach. Even if it meant they would be coming after him because they are anyway. It would have made me think alot of him.

  3. Now, I only hope Nicole or Hayden can return and win HOH. They have to because Derrick and the Detonators will target Nicole or Hayden if they manage to come back into the Big Brother House.

    • Me too, since neither of them know about who the TA members are/were that were chosen! It’s definitely going to be a challenge getting any three of them out, since Donny is a Veto beast!!!

      • Donny I think knows he is being set up with the Christine move to throw the game. Hopefully, he would be smart to align himself with Hayden or Nicole if they manage to get back in then, they can protect each other thru HOH and POV as best as they can. If they can last long enough, maybe, they can evict Derrick and/or Frankie. That would give them a chance if they succeed in doing that.

      • It’s funny, though to find out that Christine handed Caleb and Cody bones that didn’t fit during BotB..LOL! But I bet she didn’t know that til later…maybe still doesn’t know it! :-) Caleb mentioned it last night on BBAD!

    • Yes one of them will or Zach and if he does it will be great! Heads need roll starting with Frankie and Christine

      • I’d love to see Zach or Hayden or Nicole come back and align with Donny. Unfortunately, if Zach comes back, I doubt it would happen. He’ll try to get back into the detonators. Even Hayden and Nicole aligning with Donny is iffy, because they’re more likely to try to pull a couple of the detonators than stick with Donny. I love your wishful thinking, though!

  4. Hopefully this will be the week Zach finally leaves.

    Hope either Hayden or Nicole returns with an HOH win.

    • I could be wrong but I thought the contest to get back into the house was yesterday. How can they evict Zack on Thursday, have an endurance contest on Thursday after he leaves and then have him compete in the HOH – not possible – I think Zach is gone for good. Again I could be wrong but I thought I read somewhere the contest to get back into the house was on Sunday last

      • Julie said on TV that the competition would be on Thursday. If it is endurance though, it may take a while, and we would be left hanging on who won till maybe, the next day. It may be similar to last year where you have an HOH for those in the house plus a separate competition for those in jury but, they can also win HOH at the same time.

      • Yeh, it’ll be a LIVE HoH comp, just like it was last year. Zach is evicted then goes right back inside to compete, just like Helen did last season!

      • don’t forget that last year all jury members went in and then they went to the backyard. Hopefully Haycole will get some drama stirred up as soon as they walk through the door.

      • Maybe Hayden, but as much as I really like Nicole, I almost bet she could find out everything Cody and Derrick have done and she’d still trust them. She was already informed when she was still in the house and still trusted both of them. That’s the only thing that worried me with her. And I’m just venting here, but what does Cody do besides whine and ride derricks coat tails? He def shouldn’t still be there!!

      • The eviction will happen at the beginning of Thursdays show, then like before I’m sure the 4 evicted will compete to get back in. Then they could start an HOH and if it’s endurance it will air on Sundays show.

  5. Bye Zach. I will pray for a miracle for you, but I fear that is one prayer that won’t be answered. At least it’s at a time when you get a chance to play to come back.

  6. Know what’s more fun than watching feeds? Watching all those #Zankie numbskulls on Twitter have an online breakdown and split up into camps supporting either Zach or Frankie.

    • Loyalty evidently does not extend to the viewers as it probably does in the BB house (Caleb being the only loyal one left)! LOL

      • Caleb is an obsessive freak. i want him, Cody and Derrick gone post haste. Lying pig Derrick first.

  7. We need someone bold to return Thursday they need to shake everything up. I’m beginning to think it’s rigged

  8. Well, there goes Frankie’s game. If I were Zach, I would Evil-Dick my way right out the door this week. Before I left, everyone would know that Derrick is in charge and has had a firm hand in all decisions, and they’d be reminded that Cody is a coat-tail rider. Then, once entering the jury house, more of the same would be spilled to the other evicted HGs. This move of Frankie’s, if Zach attacks, could send ole’ Victoria right into the winner’s chair. Terrible move :/

    • Now that is what I fear most, but if Hayden wins the return, he’ll be sure to out them with confidence and proceed to get the next floater out after he gets Derrick and Cody first! :-) It’s a pipe dream, I know…but oh what a dream come true that would be if it goes off without a hitch!

    • I fully expect Zack to explode and expose Frankie for the a$$hole he really is,and if frankie or derrick put Donnie up again i hope he exposes TA to the house and tell them how much they have already won,neither frankie or derrick would get 1 jury vote a floater would win.

    • I’m hoping that the evicted house guests take part in an endurance challenge in front of the other players – Nicole and Hayden could expose Derrick to the other players while battling to return to the house – Would love to see the look on Derrick’s face when the curtain is finally pulled back and the other players see that it was him all along pulling the strings

      • I don’t think Hayden or Nicole would have a problem going after Derrick – They have nothing to lose once they come back into the house

      • That’s a shame. If Derrick wins, I’m done with BB. He’s the worst, and the way he’s treated Donny is shameful.

      • Zach is probably a decent enough guy deep down, but his behavior in the house generally has been beyond the pale. I hate evil characters. Donny is really showing his mettle. Zach being nice to Donny is probably one of the few instances of his being genuine in the game, then again, he realizes Donny has been a target for no reason outside of ageism and knows Donny can do nothing to help or hurt him.

    • I hope Zach gets the boot and makes a great speech revealing Derrick for the lying creep he is.

  9. Frankie’s response after the veto meeting:

    ‘Frankie says I am shaking! My whole body is shaking, my heart is pounding. Cody hugs Frankie. Frankie tells Caleb you owe me one! Caleb says I know. Cody says I know my lap dance was better! Frankie says you both tired to give me good an@l but I’m sorry. The only thing I could base it on was co*k size so sorry Cody’

    Wow all I have to say is, if you needed more reason to be annoyed of his antics, this should be enough to see his mission is turn every guy in the house into his own personal male dancers lol, so diabolical he must be stopped ha.

  10. I’ve been a “Zankie” fan from the beginning but now, Frankie’s dead to me. What a stupid game move he just made when he could have targeted someone who’s flown under the radar the entire time like, oh, I don’t know. . .Derrick?!?! Zach had Frankie’s back. They were bff’s. Why cave to what “the house” wants instead of playing your own game? SMH!

      • Is anyone in the house unaware of Frankie the snake? Everything he does. Oh we’ll, is big brother. He owns most of it PROUDLY. He’s been relentless throwing his best buddy under the bus, telling lies about him and been trying to. Get him out. Thank the Good Lord Frankie does not love me!

    • At this point in the game you don’t do what the house or your alliance wants you do what is best for YOUR game – He should have put Derrick up on the block – Less than smart move stabbing Zach in the back

  11. Frankie is always talking about a d–k in his a$$,i would rather someone shove a stick of dynamite up his a$$ and lite the damn fuse ,i hate that pink haired camera hogging little bastard,i hope either zack or hayden comes back and exposes him for the little bastard he is.

  12. Zach can do a lot when he reaches the jury house. Expose the Detonators and the members. He must make sure Nicole and Hayden understands that Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine and him are the Detonators. By exposing them, the other house guests, Nicole or Hayden if they make it back, hopefully, will be better prepared when they go back into the Big Brother House. He has nothing to lose and exposing his ex-alliance members is best move he can make!

    • He exposed them when they were in the house. No one would listen to Zach. Hopefully between the 3 of them (I say 3 bc Jocasta doesn’t have a chance) they can put their stories together and know who the enemy is.

      • Lmao @jessalli…. I was thinking the same thing…Zack has told everyone everything and they still do not listen. Btw….will the jurors have time to confer? I thought last year they all competed together and last standing houseguest and last standing juror was how it went.

      • Last year, (Please someone correct me if i am wrong) They were not allowed to talk game at the jury house. They all came in the house thru the front door. It seems like Jessie was talking about stuff the second she got in. I think once they are in the house they can… and I’m sure they can talk while the comp is going on. But once they fall (or are out of the competition) they have to leave immediately. Remember Jessie fell and then said eff you amanda!

    • I do, too, but I would bet that he won’t get a chance. I am thinking – could be wrong – that as soon as Zach is evicted he won’t even go to Jury House; that he’ll go to BY and compete against the first 3 Jurors to return. ??

    • Even if he can’t speak with them at Jury House, he can shout out to them in the BY before/during/after the competition to return to the BBH. Surely Production won’t say anything about that if they allowed Christine to not only “throw” BoB but “helped” her competitors.

  13. I wish Frankie would’ve kept Caleb on the block and they would’ve voted him out. I’m sick of hearing and seeing him. But I know they kept because he’s so darn easy to manipulate.

  14. Frankie is a genuine piece of crap. This crop of houseguests are truly horrible people. I love me some BB game and lying and deceiving, but the way they talk about Zach and Donny, and the way the think they are superior to everyone else is just disgusting. Cody, you have done less than donny you POS. Frankie..no words can describe your treatment of zach. Props to you Derrick, for convincing the house that you’re an honest guy. I don’t know if you are smart or if everyone else is that blind. Christine probably takes on the worst human being in the house award. Every time I hear her talk about Zach, or flirt with cody (and talk about kissing with him), I genuinely hope someone stands up and knocks her a** out. Seriously. Donny, props for being a good soul, albeit not the best social player. Caleb, you are the biggest airhead I’ve ever seen. Gotta keep that bomb squad that you put together and are the leader of together right? Who am I forgetting?? Oh yeah that one girl. Oh well.

  15. Zach should have listened to Nicole instead of throwing her under the bus … he actually knew better, but chose to stick with his so-called alliance who had repeatedly was stabbing him in his chest ….

    Most likely if and when he is evicted on Thursday, may not necessarily have time much time to spill the beans to the rest of the Jury House …

    So, yes, time for another Zach Attack !!! Ha!!!

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Helen spill a lot of beans to the other jurors while the HOH comp was going on last year? Hopefully if Zach doesn’t get to talk to the other jurors prior he will openly expose everyone during the endurance comp to try to catch the other jurors up to speed.

  16. I think the next Team America Mission should be Donny Frankie and Derrick to make the final three. That would shake the house up.

    • I think it should be “expose the team america alliance”. Then, it should have a part 2 directed towards Frankie and Derrick. “Try to get each other out. Whoever gets the other out first wins $5000”. Then, it should have a part 3. “Zach will return for whoever is evicted out of Frankie and Derrick and will have a 1 week immunity”

      Make it happen production. Screw these people. As jerry would say, they are all JUDAS lol

  17. Frankie is such an ass! He is the biggest liar in the house. Condescending and hypocritical..can’t stand him. Where is that Diamond Power of Veto when you need it?

  18. Hoping there is no eviction and Christine is booted out for cheating in the BOTB. She was not only trying to throw the competition she was passing bones to Caleb and Cody and is much worse than throwing the comp (and Caleb was penalized for it….which is fair but Christine plain out cheated and should be grounds to getting kicked off and sent packing….not to the jury house but home).

    • Agreed Christine should be told to pack her bags and be sent home for a blatant violation of the rules – She can go home and answer to her husband, pastor and congregation. Loved last night when everyone was calling or out for her inappropriate behavior, she’s made a mockery of her poor husband and their marriage

    • I think Christine’s actions are low & contemptible, but I don’t think it would be considered cheating by the powers-that-be.
      IMO, the Double HOH’s & BOTB are the reason for all this competition throwing.

  19. I would not worry to much about Frankie Derrick has been discussing his eviction with Cody so hes not far behind Zach

  20. OK, I am gonna dream for a second here…… After Zach’s eviction and the comp for a returning player, Zach and Hayden tie.. BB declares a Draw and sends them both back in. (I know it wont happen, but it would be fun as heck!)

  21. I was dreading this. Not that Production “planned” this but I wanted Hayden to return WITH Zach still in the BBH. That gave better odds in comps for a real battle of the Titans. You’d have a houseful! Now just Donny + 1 won’t be such good odds.

  22. I think Donny could save zach by exposing team America. He could just tell Christine and unleash chaos in the house.

  23. I know this sounds ironic based on Jocasta’s religious background, I pray to God that she doesn’t come back in.

  24. I’m so happy Zach got nominated!!!!!! Now either get Hayden or Nicole back in the house.

    • Zach has a stronger chance of coming back in the house cause of how recent his eviction is compared to Hayden and Nicole. He might want revenge more then those two unless you were actually hoping the he get nominated and not think he would have a chance against them two.

  25. It might be for the best if Zach returned, He for sure knows all the secrets and lies and who was behind everything. The only thing he may not know is there was an alliance of NIcole Hayden Derrick & I believe Cody…

  26. My two favourites on the block together. Great. I guess it’s pretty late in the game so it’s been a good ride. Please, please, win the returning player competition, Zach.

    I’m kind of annoyed how Cody and Zach were close in the early stages but just drifted apart. I mostly blame Cody for that because he followed Derrick too closely due to their final two agreement. It is what it is.

    • Nah actually it was Zach’s fault for drifting apart. He went to Frankie and ratted Cody and Derrick out to him about their alliance (LTA) and trusted Frankie which is ultimately his downfall. You reap what you sow I guess.

  27. Do none of these idiots except for Derrick not realize that at some point (soon) they will have to turn on each other because their # is up? They are all so dam stupid. Frankie Cody Christine and even Victoria make Caleb look smart…Stupid stupid stupid…

  28. If Nicole gets in she will almost certainly go after Derrick and/or Frankie which is great so thats why she needs to come back! Christine would definitely owe her and if Nicole is smart she could manipulate Christine into thinking she will be going up unless they work together so they could form a trio along with Donny!!

  29. This season is becoming so predictable, in some ways it’s even worse than last season! You might as well just either give Frankie or Derrick the money, you just know that Production is not going to allow anyone else to win this season! Donny’s probably not even a lock for getting the Viewer’s Choice award at the end, Production will rig the voting and make sure that Frankie wins (we have NO way of knowing how accurately votes are tabulated on any reality show).

    • Dude Big Brother uses keys that you insert in a round table meaning Production has no say on who votes for who. As for who wins there’s no way Frankie is walking away with the 500k with that many jurors that feel his intentions for what he wants to do with the money will go to the charity he says he will donate to. Look at what Adam did in season 9 and how that played out, This game is Derrick’s to lose cause I see him taking the money over Frankie any day.

      • Umm, I think he was talking about Frankie winning America’s favorite. Production could easily manipulate that.

      • Yeah your right I didn’t catch that, I just thought it was someone new who was comparing BB to other reality shows, totally my fault and I can see how he would see Production having an impact on voting for America’s Favorite Player. Especially with this lawsuit I’m hearing is going on with that whole process of voting it might get ugly.

      • Don’t be a sore loser, lying is part of the game buddy, that’s why it’s called Big Brother, now run along and get yourself some candy to cheer yourself up little guy, it’ll change that frown away and bring you to smile again remembering it’s just a game lool.

      • Little guy? I’m a 53 year old grandmother who does not eat candy. And I was taught that lying is never acceptable. That’s why I support Donny, an honorable HG. Take your childish condescension and stuff it, clown.

  30. I think Cody should be voted off. What has he done? What has he won? What is his game? Cuddle and pet Christine and kiss up to everyone else. He thinks he is a pretty boy, he may be gay and sleeping with Frankie! I think Donny should win. He is in this game alone. All the other players have everyone on their side throwing the challenges for them, and low- life Christine giving the bones to the other side! He has truly played this game by himself and is still in the game. That is a winner to me.

    • christine makes my blood boil…..lowest form of dreg….her witchy laugh sends chills up my spine,,,and her display with cody is disgusting, she must be attracted to his nasty odor,,the other gals seemed to turn their heads when he is near…….

  31. How are the houseguests so stupid as to not be discussing the return of one of the jury members into the game. Julie was quite clear in her statement to them that this was a possibility.

  32. Zachs game has been entertaining but he has thrown many of his alliance members under the bus and is continually exposing everything he knows to players that offer him nothing in return. He has wrecked / destroyed completely any trust that anyone might have had for him. There is no way to salvage a train wreck of a game like that. Zach is the obvious choice for eviction. He benefits nobody by staying in the house. He committed BB suicide a few times but is finally dying this thursday. (resurrected ? maybe).

  33. On BBAD Christine has her hands rubbing all over Cody …again….Guess she figures her pastor goes to bed early…..go figure

  34. I can’t stand Frankie!! Why is he even there if he is such an “Internet/youtube Mogul” as he put it! Plus his sister is a celebrity. I admit that at first I liked him. But then he started to back stab people, who he was in alliance with. He also started to act like he was better than everybody there! I know its Big Brother but why are they allowing him to be in the show knowing there are others who deserve to win because they are average people who should get a real chance to win! If he thinks he is better than everybody there and his sister is a big time celebrity, why doesn’t get his sister to donate the money to the African Children he said he would donate when he wins. Lie…. that’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. I know CBS needs rating but it’s not really fair. I agreed with Zach when he said they should hand Frankie the prize they are just wasting everybody time. ): I felt bad for him because he was right and before that confession, I didn’t really like him. Now I am team Zach but over all I want Hayden, Donny or Nicole to win because they didn’t lose themselves to this “game” and they are the most down to earth. Why can’t a good a player who is honest and humble win Big Brother? Why act like backstabbing and lying is ok? This is one the reason why I didn’t want to watch it!! But here I am ranting about this show!! LoL

  35. frankie is an ugly lizard…zing * christine is a witch…zing* derrick is a gurgle talker…zing* cody constantly hawks lougies…zing! donny is a gorgeous hunk of loveliness…props* zach is zany…props*…but beast mode get better every week and had the best line in bb history last night with “my boy sniffy”….we laughed so hard…..PROPS……

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