‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Big Brother 16 spoilers with Veto Ceremony results are in for this week. Sign-up for Live Feeds now and watch the HGs plot and plan for Thursday now that they have the final nominations.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The House has come together over the past few days to work in unison and keep the target on one Houseguest. Today’s events won’t be the last step in the process, but it is a critical one.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Donny, used the PoV on Jocasta. Derrick named Devin as the renom.

When the Feeds returned the HGs were hugging and congratulating one another. Nicole said “that was emotional. Our Veto meetings are emotional!” Derrick thanked Donny for using the Veto.

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The final nominations for Week 3 on Big Brother 16 are Caleb Reynolds and Devin Shepherd.

Do you think Derrick made the right choice for the Veto renom? His goal has been to get Devin out and this was his chance. Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted? Caleb or Devin?

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  1. As much as I dislike Devin, I would rather see Caleb go home so that my favorite (Donny) is less of a priority next week. Hopefully!!

    • I would love to see Caleb go only because there should be a curse for “throwing a competition”. People shouldn’t be rewarded for that.

      • I agree. What I would really like to see is how having 2 HOH who are NOT working together would play out. All these thrown competitions were a result of HOH’s playing together. I think what could have made this 2 HOH twist truly exciting, is if they were forbidden from talking to each other until the nominations.

      • It won’t be long before we get two HOHs that are not on the same page. And I agree, if you throw a comp, then you get what you deserve.

      • He didn’t throw it but I assume it’s only because he didn’t have to with Jocasta was so inept in the comp so he didn’t need to.

  2. Hm just before veto Team america completed their task. no thanks to Frankie tho… (Seems kind of dumb he is getting 5000 for nothing and Donny and Derrick are getting target on their back)

    • I agree, Frankie should have been more involved. Donny is being targeted and this will just add to that target.

    • I agree, the player should not get it if they do not help achieve the group task. If they wanted to make it like an alliance with “America” they should have given weekly bonuses for keeping everyone in the alliance safe. Not that they would blow up their games to help save one of the three, but at least make more covert moves to that end.

    • Not a big Frankie fan, but he did come up with the most plausible idea for the rumor mill, and then gave Derrick and Donny the “how to” implement the strategy. He’s kinda one smart cookie! HG’s better watch out…

      • He’s smart, but the best move for his game would be to BD Brittany because she’s on to him. She was in BH the other night when he stuck his head in. She told the person she was with that Frankie was popping in everywhere like Andy from before. Frankie and Derrick both said they would protect Donny so we’ll see.

      • I hope Donny remains safe. It’s a shame that he has such a huge target on his back but I remain hopeful that he’ll get through it.

        EDIT: Messed up on spelling Donny’s name :P.

      • You are correct Brenda. I hope Frankie sticks up for Donny. If nothing else, Frankie has great comedic value for the show. Would hate to see him go too soon, but I really don’t want him to win! There are others I am rooting for to get top 2.

      • Donny definitely needs to make jury, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if he was at least in final 3?

      • yep I totally agree with you – he’s not a likeable person but he is a smart and observant person…

    • I think that’s a very smart move… Frankie is quite cunning . Not surprise that he will make it to the end.

    • I really wish Frankie wasn’t a member of TA. Donny and Derrick did all of the work on this one. Maybe different people will do better with different tasks..let’s see how the next one goes.

  3. Derrick is going to really have to pull out his bag of tricks to save Donny next week if Donny doesn’t win HOH. He has managed to change Calebs mind before so all I can say is GO DONNY win HOH!

  4. Well, he’s not fighting for it, he’s not campaigning, no strategy in place. Then he deserves to go….at least Howard from last season…played pool all day.

  5. If Devin goes home, I am not watching this season any longer. Devin is no bully. He has not put his hands on anyone nor has he verbally assaulted one person in this game. He has done nothing different than any other players on Big Brother. Derrick is doing the same thing Devin did last week. Derrick has been telling others how to play the game. But, he is not being victimized, he is not a target. My problem with this is that, because Big Brother is an intensified version of the real world, the Big Bad Black man gets called a bully for playing the game. No, I am not pulling the “race card” because there is no such thing, when you live with these perpetuated stereotypes, it is no card. When you see it playing out on TV, it sucks. When I see Devin, I see a big teddy bear, just trying to make friends in a house, sure he made some bad alliances, but doesn’t everyone else. What I saw was people deliberately trying to upset him. I don’t see the problem everyone has with Devin. Zach deserved to go on the block because Zach was not going to protect Devin in the alliance. His loyalty had already faltered, but Devin wasn’t loyal by putting Zach on the block? It is the reinforcement of prejudice and stereotypes and I’m not here for it!

      • Perfect! So, let me catch up…people don’t really like Devin and some people are trying to make it a race issue…am I correct? It couldn’t be because he is the most amazing flip flopper of all time, nor one of the most disloyal and dishonest houseguests in recent memory? Is that about it? Or that if anyone disagrees with him or calls him on his stuff, they’re out?

      • Wow ! You’re up to date!.So what do you think of the cast this time? Not bad huh.. We have no Andy..but we have Frankie. lol

      • I am getting used to the cast and I think it’s pretty good. Not sure who my favorite is yet, although I liked Devin, at first, and quickly realized he had no idea what he was doing. I’m just surprised he didn’t start a 16 guest alliance. Frankie is hilarious and a very good player. He makes me laugh. It remains to be seen how strategic he is. Fairly good competitor, very smart, and very aware, though. I like Zach event though his pre-house interview made him seem like a douche; I like Nicole because she’s so damn cute; and I like Brittany, because she lives near me!

      • Yeah, when he stated recruiting more members, that’s it for me. I said this guy is nuts. I like Britt too for the same reason. Zack is ok.

      • Agree 100%. To add to Britt, she is paying attention. How can no one especially super fans not see what Frankie is doing. Couldn’t stand Andy last yr for the exact same reason. Now “As the Andy turns” continues. Yuck!

      • You got it Dan, you took the words right out of my mouth! Also Cyril, the housewives comment was funny:)

      • I do like that too. Sorry I’m a reality junkie and that show has lots of drama. Lol

      • Your secret is safe…unless Devin finds out and tells the whole house at 3:33 in the morning:/

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always found it funny when a HG reveals himself to be a huge threat so early on in the game. I guess some people can’t help it lol.

    • This must be your first time watching BB because Devin has not played the game. The first couple of weeks you need to lay low and if by chance you get noticed do not back stab and call your game out to everyone. The only reason to keep Devin in the game now is to take pressure off some of the other people for a week or two.

      • Exactly! Devin broke all the first week “player rules”. Yes, he was a dictator; he invited others to the BS alliance without notifying others, told Amber who put up and pretty much spoke on everyone’s behalf. The second someone verbally disagreed with him, he put them on the block.

      • Exactly GeorgiaSmilez, he asked the alliance what they thought and when Zack voiced his opinion, like Devin asked…he puts him on the block and deserved the Zack Attack that ultimately took his power away and set him up for eviction this week! He is no victim, he is a poor player and deserves to walk out that door! The Devtopia Empire fell pretty quickly lol

      • Actually, Zach mentioned it first—to be put on the block. Dumb move. Devin is a simpleton, so of course he took the suggestion.

      • Totally agree that it was a dumb move, but I believe Devin was already going to put him on the block after he spoke up against the dictator! Then again, thanks to Zach we got some juicy drama from the veto ceremony and Zach made everyone feel liberated to hate on Dev and his game and to go after him! It could’ve cost Zach, but I liked what transpired from his “put me up, I don’t care anymore!”

      • I don’t think Devin would’ve really put Zach up if he didn’t mention it himself. Devin took it as a go-ahead, like “I dare you.” But true, how Zach turned it around was pretty epic. Wouldn’t have happened without Derrick’s help, though. I’ll forever remember everyone’s faces when he did speak up against Devin—classic “oh no he didn’t!” Good stuff this season.

      • I’d keep Devin, dump Caleb. He did basically not fully attempt to win. I’m a Donny Nicole fan here. Caleb should go

    • Iriel, you’re right it is not a “race card” issue, it’s a poor game play issue. Is he a bully? That word gets used too loosely, but he did demand people vote his way and took over decision making behind his own alliances back. As for Zach, Devin asked who they, the alliance, wanted out and because Zach spoke up and it it didn’t align with what King Devin of Devtopia wanted…he decided that he couldn’t trust Zack and put him on the block. Devin wasn’t loyal to the alliance not to Zach! It was Devin who told Amber and Christine about the secret alliance and added them to it when the others had no idea. He strong armed for votes and adding a reluctant Hayden to the alliance, once again without having full backing from his alliance. His conversation with Brittany was condensending and that can be seen as being a bully! It is not because he is a “Big Bad Black Man” it is because he tries to strong arm people into doing what he wants in an aggressive way and it backfired on him and he now stands a chance, because of his poor game play, of being evicted! He throws everybody under the bus and then feel blindsided when others decide to throw him under the bus! He’s paranoid and disrespectful to other player’s games, especially the women! Would he hurt someone, NO, but can these girls be scared of him, YES! The way he played Donny was sad, even though I believe Donny manipulates the others in his awe shucks way of playing. Maybe blame Frankie for being in Devin’s ear, but he’s going home because of his game play, not because of the color of his skin!

      • Looked like he was a copy cat of Amanda last season when other house guests had to bow to her will! Devin probably thought, he could do the same! lol

    • Are you kidding me…are we watching the same show? If it wasn’t the race card you should have left “black” out of it…Devin needs to go simply because he can’t be trusted…he outs everything and doesn’t even talk to his other alliance members about bringing in other people

      • NathanB, I caught that too! Didn’t want to use the “race card”, but went to it right afterwards! Instead of looking at as racism, maybe you should look at it for his destructive game play! Donna hit the nail on the head…he can’t be trusted! Period!!!

      • Let’s leave it at Devin played like a Big DumbArse Delusional Dictator of Devintopia who has a Daughter.

        (He was playing too hard, too fast because he wanted to go down as Devin the Great, instead going down as Devin who played a BS game!)

    • You are a idiot he started scheming the very first day and opening his big mouth go back and look at the tapes.not the race card give me a break

    • Devin’s game play sucks, he made a play that someone does when half the houseguest are gone and not when everyone by one person is still in the house.
      Also when anyone says they are not playing the “race card” they are as Nathan posted if you weren’t actually using the race card then why did you use the words “Big bad black man”????
      Anyone who watches the show knows that Devin is black and it doesn’t need to be pointed out to anyone.

    • Devin’s gameplay is horrendous, and he uses his daughter as an excuse for everything. He threw a fit when his alliance didn’t vote the way he wanted, and that’s pathetic.

    • I bet you voted for Obama too. And, you still think Obama is an ok guy.
      Devin is a bully and a moron. We will miss you. :o)

    • His dimise has nothing at all to do with the color of his skin .
      He is the dumbest player ever.Dumb is colorblind my friends.

    • I have to wonder if you’re watching the house feeds. He’s extremely moody. He’s backstabbed a number of people in the house. He has a creepy obsession with brittney. In conversations he comes across as very “passive aggressive (“I don’t really mean to threaten you….but yeah this is a threat”). Anyway that’s why I don’t like him. I also don’t like Caleb (for similar reasons)…I didn’t like Aaryn Gries (for similar reasons)….or Gina Marie (for similar reasons). Derrick at least has charisma, he may be controlling but he’s using a lot more tact. Anyway that’s my opinion.

    • So what I’m hearing is if you don’t like Devin because he is one of the 5 worst players in the history of the game then you are a racist
      ??? I just want to get my facts straight before I say that is one of the most idiotic comments I have ever heard. He may be a big teddy bear and a great guy in person but he has absolutely no common sense when it comes to BB. He has done everything wrong since day 1 in the house. He was part of creating an alliance on day 1(bad move), he then went behind his alliances back on the same day (horrible move duh), then he got completely paranoid and screwed over his entire alliance. All of this was done in the 1st week. Unless production gets involved there is no way he should be staying in the game after this week. Not personal, not racial, just facts!!!

    • Let me counter act this if Devin stays i aint watching. He is a liar and a cry baby when he don’t get his way. He seems to be he could be a male pig and doesnt find women worht talking to.

    • You just can’t come on here and claim that the house is racist for Devin putting a target on his own back, for playing a dumb game, for throwing his alliance under the bus, for being disloyal, disrespectful to the women, being condescending, for his own paranoia, contradicting himself, for POOR gameplay behind his alliance’s back, strong arming people, disrespecting other’s game and for creating Devtopia! BTW he is no Howard, who was more of a teddy bear than Devin…he eats those for breakfast lol

    • Most don’t like Devin because Devin played Big Brother like a jackass. It as ZERO to do with the color of his skin. BTW, Devin hasnt been called a bully near as much as the white chick from last season.

    • Are you related to him? Race has nothing to do with this. He doesn’t know how to play the game and acted like a dictator. If you didn’t do what Devin wanted he through a fit like a two year old. Watch the feeds.

    • No one likes devin because hes nuts not because he’s black! Come on really? ? Thats ridiculous, laughable that thats where you feel the need to take this

    • Get real, Devin and Caleb stare down people. They both are using that tactic. Devin more than Caleb. It has nothing to do with black and white.

    • Right Dr Will was mean and Evil Dick was a actual disrespectful dick and they one cause America loved them and bought them back every chance they got. If Devin was pressuring Nicole like Caleb does Amber it would be a totally different story too.

    • I can understand where you’re coming from, as I’ve seen how people can take hating on someone too far when they’re from a minority group… However, I don’t think that’s the case here. Devin has been a back-stabber and cheat, like throwing Paola under the bus and nominating Zach. Who could he possibly rally to evict Caleb, aside from Brittany? No one trusts him, and rightfully so. I also notice how Devin never takes the women seriously, except when he becomes attracted to them (Brittany). That’s pretty terrible behaviour, regardless of any race. Also… people like Jocasta, Paola, Amber, and Frankie (hello Team America) just fine, irrelevant to them being part of various minority groups, because they’re likeable people and/or strong players. Devin is not likeable or competent, at least in the BB world.

      It’s true that people generally prefer Derrick, and for good reason. He hasn’t back-stabbed anyone, and has kept his head in the game and been respectful. People want to side with someone like Derrick because he’s trustworthy

    • Have to agree w/ u, Devin did what he had to do to further his game by putting Zach up. Not sure how Derrick putting Devin up further his game. I also don’t think Devin is a bully, however, I don’t understand how Devin did not see how he threw Caleb under the bus, unless he was acting like he did not understand, but yes he threw Caleb under the bus, not necessarily a bad game move. Who doesn’t make bad game moves. I don’t see Devin as a big enough threat to get rid of him this early in the game.

    • I agree and understand what you are trying to say. I am a huge BB fan but I am also not blind to the way things are in that house. Normally on week 2 the HOH will get his/her wish. However, the house went against what Devin wanted for obvious reasons and none of them have to do with the way that he is playing the game. It was week 2 so who cares. Yes, he was trying to do things to soon but honestly no one but Zach has a real reason to dislike them. Normally, personalities like Devin stay much longer because no one likes them so you would be guaranteed a win in the finale. I watch to be entertained but I can’t take the things on this show to personally or listen to non-minorities try and tell other racial minorities about their experiences. There are different rules for different people in the game. Jocasta will be gone soon enough as well. Only reason some people like her now is because of how close she is to Donny. Racism is not always overt it’s actually worse because it’s subtle today and there will always be another reason for why they do what they do to some people and not others. Devin should have known that he could not play like that idiot Dick because the same rules do not apply. A black person will never win this game and I have accepted that along time ago. Hell, the racists last year lasted longer than the black people they harassed, people see what they want to see but, if your not black your opinion on the matter is not really relevant. Don’t take it to hurt because most on this site wouldn’t understand anyway, this is stuff that we deal with everyday. My husband sympathies but since he is white he can’t relate.

    • When people say he is a bully it’s not because he has said anything mean or anything to anyone nor has he put his hands on anyone. I think the reason people are calling him a bully is because if you didn’t say or do exactly what he wanted he no longer trusted them and was all set to put them on the block. You can’t ask people what they think and then when they tell you something different than what you think they’re now untrustworthy and you might have think about putting them on the block. If you don’t want their actual opinion…..don’t ask!
      The other problem with Devin is his erratic behaviour, bringing 2 people into an alliance without talking to the other alliance members, thinking someone is something they’re not and now don’t trust them.
      I’ve never seen anyone on this show before change their mind so quickly he would sometimes contradict himself in the same sentence after taking a breath, it was quite something.
      Telling Brittany she needs to learn to speak for herself not the other people in the house and then half an hour later telling someone that everyone thinks this or that. It’s crazy crazy behaviour. Selling out the alliance as soon as something doesn’t go his way.
      It’s got nothing to do with him being black, I liked him when he first came in the house as well, and he’s rather nice looking, but then he lost his mind, and I suspect outside the house he’s a great guy.
      This house just makes people crazy.

    • You do make a valid point about Zach (and others) making the first move to oust Devin. Devin was also previously disloyal to Donny and took great joy in announcing it…
      I cannot profess to know what it means to be a black man in the USA, but being bi-cultural I can attest to how tough it is to accept any other cultural bias against me (which I’ve faced a lot of). But there’s one piece of wisdom I’ve gained from the experiences I’ve had –> For every hate I experience I’m sure there are people outside my culture(s) that feel a sense of hatred from the cultures in which I come, and I have to accept that as I feel I am victimized by other cultures from time to time, so do other cultures feel victimized by my culture. And so it goes around, and around, and around, until somebody chooses to break the cycle and love instead of hate.
      For this reason, I choose not to think of Devin as a hate filled person as some suggest, but neither do I see people on this site being hateful towards black people or any other culture. I choose to love and accept without colour in my eyes when I look at another person.

  6. Devin is the only hg that should go. He played one of the top 5 worst games I have ever seen anyone play. His lack of common sense and overall paranoia and going behind the back of his own “alliance” cased him to be the next one gone (unless production gets involved. It amazes me how people who have watched this game for years suddenly become completely irrational in the first week. Horrible horrible gameplay.

  7. I can’t stand Devin and I really want him gone…. HOWEVER, the smarter move would be to get rid of Caleb…. HOWEVER, I really want them to evict Devin on a unanimous vote. Either way, one of the giants falls Thursday night.

    • Agree. The smarter move would be to vote out Caleb. He’s the stronger player. Devin only won HOH on a technicality. Also, he’s no longer a threat because everyone in the house dislikes him, and he’s shown that he’s capable of imploding on himself.

  8. Honestly, the smart move would be to send Caleb home, he’s a very strong competitor. Devin’s game play has left him looking the fool, making it very hard to like him. but then again I guess this ins’t about making people like you.

  9. Cody & Zach planning who they’re putting up next week. Think Cody said Jocasta and Victoria cause they have to backdoor Donny. Previously they were writing off Brittany as a lost cause and chopping her. Gotta actually win HoH first, boyz.
    At this point, I’d love to see Donny & Jocasta win HoHs next week. You know, just to see an upheaval. Donny watching the HoH cameras and the girls floating around him. If his days are numbered, be nice to take one of the bad boys down with him.

  10. For Entertainment purposes: Caleb can go
    For Strategic purposes: Caleb needs to go

    Hopefully things change within the next 3 days and they send Caleb packing

  11. If team TA gets the mission done i don’t think that Frankie should get the money cause he’s not doing anything to help .

  12. I am glad that Devin will (might) be leaving. Now Brittany can concentrate on her game and not worry about Devin. Besides that, now I don’t have to hear about or write about him. My grandson, who is 6, his name is Devon. And auto correct always wants to put a o instead of a i.

  13. I do not care which one goes this week. If keeps Donny safe I hope Caleb goes!!!!

  14. BB HGs still have yet to learn to play the game. With Devin being the biggest target, it is best to keep him around, also best to keep him to the end b/c the chances of him getting juror votes are slim. Devin goes home this week and who is the next target, keep Devin and he will continue to be the target. Devin’s target is Zach not Derrick. Devin goes home this week and I bet Caleb/Derrick goes home next week. I am all for floaters going home. Hate to say it, but Devin has made week 2 of BB more interesting. Devin’s move wasn’t as obvious whereas Derrick’s was too obvious. The best move is keep Devin mid season. Remember Devin won his HOH only b/c Hayden and Cody were disqualified. He won POV, but did not really have a huge competition, Devin probably not as much as a threat as one would think. The best move was to get rid of another floater such as Jacosfa or Victoria which is also no blood on hands, now that you get rid of the biggest target, you become the next biggest target.

  15. Devin is annoying, but the smarter move is to evict Caleb. He is actually strong at competitions and too arrogant. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie were jerks but they played good games, which is I guess why America liked the former though I hated Boogie.

  16. I’m not at all a fan of Devin’s, and I’m black woman. I agree somewhat with both agruments. Some of his dislike in the house is rooted in fear of the Big Black Man, but his game play has been poor enough to warrant the hate too. He does appear to be sexist, a bit of a bully, and paranoid. I wish his game could have matched his attractiveness, but that was not to be. I hope the viewers can separate his horrendous game play from the color of his skin and just move on when he’s out–but that has NOT been my life experience and I’m much older than Devin. In fact, he could be my kid.

  17. Devin needs to go , he is unstable and he shows it, He cannot keep his word and falls for any sob story, and will back stab and will not keep faithfull to anyone. I think he tries to please everyone in the mean time it destrorys his game since as we all know that is impossible to do.
    Donny is a surprise ,he truly is playing a good game, He plays dumb but is not. he has them thinking he is weak, he is not. and he can play everyone. He is slipping right by most eveyones radar,

  18. Devin is going home because he is a hot head who did not use his intellect in the game but instead created a lot of rift in the house with some of the HG’s and his so called dead alliances, two stabs on the back, Paupau and Donny, the most was the stab on the back of his Double D’s alliance Donny, which was not necessary most especially in the beginning of the game, the sad thing is that he had just formed an alliance with Donny, the trust between him and Donny quickly vanquished because he tried to have Donny evicted in the first eviction and then admit to Donny that he was the person who led the coup in trying to send the bearded one home. What a dumb move, where has this guy been, you don’t try to send someone home and then tell the person that you did, If this happens to me, I will put your behind on the eviction block the minute I have the chance to do so.
    Devin, good reddens, go home and join the rest of us in watching your former HG’s on television, you use your brain, think before you say or do anything in the Big Brother House apparently you failed that’s why you are on the verge of being sent home, nobody’s fault but yours. Adios Amigo

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