Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 3 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was veto ceremony day in the Big Brother 16 house. And the veto was used. So that means a replacement nominee was named and someone came off the block. We’ve got all the reactions from that and a lot of talk about what to expect next week. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds so far today in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 14, 2014:

8:27 AM BBT – Devin is up making breakfast.

9:12 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:21 AM BBT – Feeds return. Some  HGs are up moving around.

10:35 AM BBT – Derrick and Cody talking about Caleb going home next week.

10:54 AM BBT – Victoria tells Brittany about the Team America Zach/Amanda rumor.

11:05 AM BBT – Caleb mentions the Zach/Amanda rumor that Team America started.

11:06 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto meeting time.

11:53 AM BBT – Feeds return. Cody and Jocasta are hugging. She’s wearing the POV necklace. Donny used the POV on Jocasta. Derrick nominated Devin in her place.

12:00 PM BBT – Victoria and Christine are talking about Devin. Victoria can’t wait to vote him out this week.

12:11 PM BBT – Brittany tells Derrick that she’s worried about next week. He says he’s vulnerable too.

12:14 PM BBT – Team America is discussing their mission. They’ve almost accomplished everything the need to earn the money reward.

12:24 PM BBT – Devin is claiming that he’s not going to spend the rest of the week campaigning. He says he just wants to enjoy his final days in the house.

12:35 PM BBT – Zach and Frankie are talking about their next targets: Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany and Donny.

12:50 PM BBT – Zach and Derrick talk about forming another alliance with Cody and Hayden. Derrick names it the Quad Kings.

1:10 PM BBT – Zach tells Frankie about his alliance with Cody and Derrick considering making the other alliance with Hayden. Zach says he’ll tell Frankie everything and that they’re still solid in their Final 2 deal.

1:45 PM BBT – Donny was trying to tell Brittany about the Zach/Amanda rumor, but Victoria had already told her earlier.

1:59 PM BBT – Derrick and Donny talking about how they’re doing on the mission. They’ve gotten three people to tell the rumor and the final part of the mission will be to tell Zach so he’ll address the house.

2:12 PM BBT – Derrick gets Zach and asks him to go back to the HOH room. He and Donny want to tell him about the rumor.

2:15 PM BBT – Derrick and Donny fill Zach in on the rumor. Zach puts it back on them and acts like it’s true. But then he says no, he’s not related to Amanda. Zach isn’t upset. He even says he kind of wants to tell people he is related to her.


So right now, you can bet Devin is heading home. Caleb sits on the block next to him, but while he’s a threat, he should be safe come Thursday. I don’t think Devin has anything to offer anyone at this point, so campaigning will likely do him no good.

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    • He and Frankie better protect Donny and quit throwing him under the bus. Largest bloop bloops I have ever seen!

  1. *sighs* Devin made BB16 entertaining.. Sad to see him go.. Hopefully Donny/Jocasta/Brittany/Victoria and MAYBE Amber wins HOH next week because Derrick’s clan are getting annoying with their egos. I feel like out of everyone Donny, Jocasta, Brit, Victoria and Amber would put up anybody. Derrick’s clan + Frankie, Nicole, Christine, Caleb would just put up the floaters.

    • What would be funny to watch would be Caleb and Amber as HOH. Having Caleb trying to put people on the block that he now want them to win BoB so his queen stay HOH.

      • I would like to see Donny and Jocasta. They would put up 4 of the BS. I just hope Donny doesn’t put up Derrick. It would be funny to see Frankie on the block. He would so freak.

      • Like Frankie or not, he’s been neutralized somewhat. I just think Donny is at the point where he has to go big before he goes home. He has to try for the guy that got Devin or one of his cohorts. Frankie can keep, game wise.

      • If Caleb does that for her he is beyond D U M B. She keeps pushing him away and toying with him and Cody. He needs to wake up his game. When he has the 500k in his pocket Amber will come running.

    • Don/Jo – yes. With Donny as her crutch, I can see that happening.
      Brit/Amby – no. We saw Amby wilt before. Brit will be unduly influenced, too.
      Vic is a wild card. Maybe she hates Zach that much, or Caleb. But I’m not convinced she’d hold up.

  2. Derrick worries me…he said that all he is worried about is his Team America alliance bit he’s willin to through that out the window when it comes to Donny?? They need to realize that Derrick is runnin that house and they are just feedin the dragon…I’m ready for him to go…

  3. Depending on what happens between now and the live votes, my suspicion may be true about Devin. I think he’s been playing to the camera too much. No doubt he’s egotistical, but it’s amazing what people will do for “fame” (good or bad), and it seems like he’s trying to play a certain character he’s already created in his head. The first week when he turned to the camera after Donny left the pantry room to show that his tears were crocodile tears was very telling. He played too hard, too fast. Seems like Derrick is doing the same now this week, but less the explosive temper.

    • You could be right. I think half the house is in there hoping to be “discovered”. Just like last year. You have players this year who never watched BB and that is disgraceful.

      • Oh my Brenda. HALF the house? I’d bet my uncle’s favourite nephew that MOST of the house is there for their 15min of fame….this is BIG BROTHER! There are very few people who are regular contestants anymore (who simply want the money to pay for their mortgages, children’s education, or their parent’s hospital bills)…. If you watch the pre-show interviews many of them make reference that they were approached by the show – the show casts people now and very few can actually apply to be on it!

      • You’re probably right. Off hand I can only think of 2 not there to be discovered and that’s Donny and Derrick. Maybe Jocasta too I forgot about her.

      • Oh I wouldn’t say that’s true of Jocasta. As an undercover cop I HOPE it’s not Derrick! ;) And yes if Donny is truly the amazingly kind, simple man we see then he’s not there for fame, just a shot at improving his life and hopefully the lives of others.

      • Hi Matty :) I want say that I don’t think Hayden is there for fame. Yes he is a fan, but he is simple and goofy too.

      • Quite possibly. I didn’t watch his pre-show interview to see whether he applied or was casted like most of the others…

      • Lol everyone forgets Jocasta and Victoria are in the BB house. I think those two go shopping during the day and beer runs at night. Snooze fest those two.

      • Discovered yeah I agree she signed up for that, the showmance, nah too abrasive and she came off to the guys as “princess.”

      • Yeah but she was complaining to Derrick that the guys were too young or not cute. He said thanks a lot and she said you’re married you don’t count so I think she was looking to hook up. You’re right she turned the guys off right away.

      • And there is a possibility that she’s hoping to rally some media support around her ministry. There are some churches who firmly believe that fame in the media is helpful to their ministry…

  4. The floaters need to wake up while they still have the numbers. I don’t like some of them but for pure entertainment I would like to see an under dog make a big move…..otherwise, they’re siting ducks.

    • I think Jocasta, Victoria & Brittney are simply unaware of how ”out” they are. I think they feel they have ‘deals’ in place but don’t realize and don’t observe how they’re not included in most of the strategic talk… Sadly they’ll be picked off. Donny is a bit different, he sees what’s happening, but he doesn’t seem to be worried. I think he’s relying on being a nice guy too long.

      • I think Donny senses the urgency. He’s tried to deftly drop bait but no ones getting it. He told Nicole pretty soon it’ll be 8 against 6, then 8 against 5, then 4, until they’re gone.

      • True, but I think he’s hoping to incite OTHER people into doing something. He himself is not one to try and usurp anyone in the house.. he’s just hoping that eventually people will see the value in needing him (and until that point he’s been consistently nice guy which works in his favour…but now it’s starting to work against him and he doesn’t see that).

      • Yeah, I agree. I think he’d support Nicole if she’d made a move while she was HoH and even if he’d win HoH, I think he’d like to make a move. You need numbers when the vote comes. People might egg you on, atta boy, but once the POV is played, in the days up to eviction, if they wimp out, they’ll leave you flapping in the wind, you can bet they won’t save you next week. Frustrating to watch these ducks line up to get shot, hoping they last til Jury.

      • Brittany is a horrible mother. How can you leave 3 kids and go on here. She’s a floater and needs to go back home.

      • She’s recently divorced (like in the last year) could it be she lost custody and is hoping to win the money to be able to fight to get them back. She stated her father has paid her rent the last 2 months. I don’t know I’m just making a wild guess.

      • The oldest is by a different bio dad and she said they’re separated, not divorced yet. He’s taking care of them while she’s here but no divorce custody from what I’ve gathered so far. She drives a Beamer 5-series, I think she said, and she’s dating some actor but said she can’t say his name because he didn’t sign the waiver. She’s supposed to be an event planner so not sure why her dad’s paying her rent. She also did the “Whisper” video.
        At one point she said Devin reminded her of her ex in a bad way; later she said he was a good dad to the kids, etc. he’s an older man, whatever that means (since she’s what – 29?) she told one of the girls something about her “678” rule: 6′ tall, 7 figures, 8 yrs older. So if he’s 8 yrs older, that’d make him only 37. Who knows?

      • Oh my that’s kinda what I was sensing from her to be honest… She seems like a nice enough person but has been caught up in the whole ”me me me” cultural mentality of North America (more money, more cars, more popularity…etc) I for one hope she learns about herself as she’s in the house (much like I hoped that for Pau Pau) because I’m sure that deep down inside of her is a person who can be sweet and not fixated on all that the world ”owes” her…

      • See I think Brittany HAD potential. She’s mad she wasn’t part of the B.S. Maybe if she’d studied past seasons (especially The Brigade) she might get “Bros Before Brittany” and get the nerve to put up a new alliance. But I don’t see her doing it. She will keep voting like a sheep with the gang that wouldn’t have her rather than stoop to allying herself with the Outcasts. I think she’ll be happy to make Jury.

      • Well easy now. Proclaiming somebody a horrible person or a horrible parent without really knowing them is pretty serious stuff… I do agree however that I get a bad vibe about where her priorities are in life, but again, it’s hard to say for sure because we only get the edited version of her…

    • Its a code name for his ongoing coke addict. That child in the pictures is not his daughter.

  5. Hayden will be in a nice position.
    Frankie and Donny are going to blow up everyone else game (Donny will probably blow up his own, too.) lol

      • He already has. He’s started swinging WAY too early. He needed to win the veto his first week in the house (which he did) and then just sleep for a couple of weeks and not give anyone any reason to remember he is even there. In less than four weeks in the house Donny has won 3 competitions, including 2 vetos. No one else has even won 2 competitions.

        He has outed himself as a huge threat, both mentally and physically for no reason at all. He wasn’t going home this week and his ally, Jocasta wasn’t going home, yet he fought hard for and won the veto. The funny thing is that the houseguests were saying that even if he did keep his word and use the veto this week, they still wouldn’t trust him.

        He constantly floats from person to person without building relationships with them first and tells them everything he knows and what other people have shared with him. The houseguests don’t trust him. It’s funny because I see people whining about Frankie’s game as a floater and loving Donny for doing the exact same strategy except for the fact that he’s not as good at it.

        He has absolutely no grasp of what’s going on inside of the house and he’s left out of all game talk because of his reputation of being a loudmouth. Donny has blown up his game.

  6. Has anybody noticed how really lousy the kitchen is? the fridge is in the SR. How jacked is that? I thought they had a dishwasher several yrs ago but I guess I was wrong. These people are always lousy housekeepers. It’s funny how they always lock them down in the HOH so they can clean the LR before the live show.

  7. Devin was always going to crash and burn early. He was into too many twists and turns so early in the game. I was breathless trying to keep up with him and his dictatorial style. Not sure I will miss him, but that smile was priceless. That was a good lesson for us all…….”the power is not in the hands of the leader, but rather in the hands of the people”. The highest number of votes will win every time. Serious words to remember. THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER!!!!

  8. Caleb is so stupid at least acting stupid. Don’t know him so shouldn’t say that. He’s 100% sure when they get out Donny is former military not a groundskeeper. LOL Maybe gullible is a better word since he jumped on Devin’s misconception.

  9. As long as Victoria and JoCosta go, I will be happy. They are boring and dull as the bromance of Frankie and Zach

  10. The trouble is the Battle of the Blocks have become WHO will throw the Game…. ROLLING a Ball would stop that or picking a CARD etc.

  11. Yep, they are sending home another non-threat. Devin is hated all around. What’s the hurry in evicting him? Zach — saved last week for some dumb reason — is already a threat. Just had to keep him over Pao. lol Dumb.

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