Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! All four competitors faced off for the chance to secure a seat in the F3 and choose who would come along with them. Ready to find out who won? Read on…

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Cody won the Power of Veto!

Cody holds the Power of Veto

It strongly sounds like Cody won the Veto as Victoria was packing (so she didn’t get it) and Caleb was worried about Vic being happy (like if she was staying, so he didn’t win it). Then Cody told Caleb something about if she was going to talk to him (Cody), as though the topic was if he’d use it on her.

Update: Yes, Derrick just made a comment to confirm the Veto winner. Cody also picked it up to go do DR. Per talks this weekend, Caleb will most likely be voted out tomorrow during the live show.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What do you hope happens at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be held during Wed’s live show.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Caleb is probably starting to realize what a fool he was for trusting Derrick and Cody. Cody is going to have that same feeling in a few days when Derrick picks Victoria for the final 2.

      • No she won’t. She turn to Derrick, like she always does and ask him “so what do you think? ”

      • Personally I think she’ll say: “So if this is the final round of the Price Is Right, where’s the guy that talks about hurting the dogs and stuff?”

      • She’ll say I fought hard to be in the finals like she says every week when she’s nominated.

      • I’d have to say, it would be in the best interest for their games to do so, but I’m not sure which way Caleb’s vote would go if the F2 was Derrick and Cody.

      • Heard dat! I reckon I’d vote for Derrick cuz Dagem Cody dun stabbed me in the back lol is how I see him reacting to the blindside tom. Should be interesting though in his mind trying to rationalize the whole situation till he gets to the jury house and figures out he was just another victim of Derrick and maybe a light will turn on and he’ll be like “Man!! he dun got BeastModeCowboy”

      • Now this is why I miss my Canman! You dun gone and made perfect sense to me. Really been missing your sarcasm and sensibility. Just got a few more days and this horrific season will be over.

      • lol I know it’s almost over and when this door closes Survivor begins. I missed keeping up with you on here, been busy with family here on my end but like you said this season is almost over. Looking forward to the jury response and finale, Do you think Frankie will get his Boo’s during finale since you seen how much of a sugar coat exit and response he got from CBS and producer picked audience?

      • That’s funny; I just used the phrase “sugar coat” on a different thread today. Anyway, Family is priority always. That exit was such a sham and a shame. We viewers deserved more respect and appreciation than that. It was like we got the black eye instead of Frankie… And I love Survivor,too. My favorite.

      • I totally agree, ha that’s funny you used “sugar coat” too. My only hope is that come finale night he will get boo’d by someone in the audience and maybe even get bombarded by Victoria’s parents come finale night before Frankie’s sisters hired PR folks give him a heads up about people’s perception of him and how to answer questions the media will ask since after the show before media gets them they have a few mins with family members to de-congest before they get hounded by media.

      • Hey hey hey now! This has been the Biggest, Boldest, most twisted summer of Big Brother ever! ….until next summer when 16 models, actors, relatives of past guests and minor celebrities compete on the Biggest, Boldest, most twisted Big Brother ever! ;)

      • haha. I hope they don’t do something like this again. Why would America want to see rich ppl win more money. The whole reality show idea is so NORMAL everyday ppl have a chance at big money. It’s the new American dream. I hate when they cast recruits/ models/actors that just want to get their name out there.

      • Hey wait a minute I’m going to be on next season. And they’re bringing on some old guys for me. Lol

      • If Caleb, wins, in my opinion, he’ll definitely take Cody. He is all about winning Comps and he feels, Derrick, didn’t do so, well. He believes winning, Comps is the key, to winning, it all. But, I am #TeamDerrick!! And, would love to see him, win.

      • If Cody evicts Caleb, I think that he would consider it as a betrayal in Caleb’s mind .. especially, after their recent talks this past week about F2, etc … re: Beast Mode Competitors, etc …

    • Why wouldn’t he? Remember, Caleb considers Derrick the “easy win.” That makes Caleb a threat to Cody’s game as well.

      • Wait till he finds out how much of a threat Derrick really was and how he has most of the jury votes locked, I doubt even then it would of clicked in his head that he would of had a chance against him in F2 if it went like he thought it would in his world even if the writing was clear on the wall for him to read.

    • It will be in Cody’s best interest to evict Caleb and here is why. Caleb could easily win the final HOH and then turn around and evict Cody while taking Derrick or Victoria to final 2.

      • Yup. Not to mention Cody actually has a good shot at wining the whole thing right now. It hasn’t been hard for him to beat Derrick at most comps this season, so unless he is crazy insane loyal, he’ll wisely take Victoria with him to the end!

  2. Congrats to Derrick. That was the last obstacle standing in his way of the win. I was a little less than fond of the guy for a long time, but now I just have to step back and applaud him for the game he has played. What else can you do but give the man accolades, and shake your head at everyone else who just didn’t even bother to give this obviously great player the attention he deserved? Easily one of the most dominating start to finish games in BB history rivaling Dan from season 10.

    • Don’t count him the winner just yet.. Cody might very well win the first round for HoH, then it’s Victoria vs. Derrick in a non-endurance comp which might actually go to Victoria (ok, not likely but it’s more likely than if it were an endurance comp) – then it’s up to Cody vs. Victoria for the HoH which I think Cody wins 99% guaranteed… And if you were Cody who would YOU take with you (Derrick or Victoria)?

  3. And with that, Derrick has won the game. Congratulations to him. Despite what a lot of people may think about him, I think he really does deserve to be thought of among the greatest BB players. You can say “But his competition wasn’t nearly as good,” but that doesn’t change the fact that his gameplay was masterful, to say the least.

    • Totally agree with you and I’m glad you stated the fact and truth of the matter that he should be thought of among the greatest BB players regardless of what naysayers say “But his competition wasn’t nearly as good”. His game play was pure chess and his latest move “Queen’s Sacrifice” (Chess move) on Frankie was the move to remind the jurors who already know his game play was off the charts and like you said deserves accolades and applause hands down.

  4. Maybe Caleb realizes now he should have listened to Frankie!! None of them should have trusted Derek to take them to f2. One can hope Derek still doesn’t win.

    • Why would one hope he doesn’t win? He’s played the best game out of everyone in the house by a mile, better than the evicted, jury, and the people still there. He deserves to win more than anyone else.

    • Yeah its not over yet. Derrick has played an amazing game, but Vic or Cody could still win it! I would say hands Derrick has played the best game in all BB’s. I wouldn’t mind Cody winning, he seems like he has a kind heart. Derrick is a brilliant guy. He really knows how to get people to trust him, he has a heavy hand in evicting them and they don’t even see it coming. Has there been any other player in BB that was never on the block?

      • Nope he’s the only one to do it and if he wins he’ll go down in the BB history books for not only doing and winning it but doing it in through a season with BotB in play which made it 4 times harder so it will be hard to argue that he isn’t in the top 5 automatically hands down.

  5. I am glad to say that Derrick has fooled all of these kids. Not on the block ONCE. Victoria acting like she’s a big shot is just as good. Can’t wait for the finale!

    • Derrick has made it the farthest without going on the block, but he has yet to achieve a clean sweep. He’s got to win that final HOH to achieve that.

    • I was surprised at Vic this last week, being the great actress she was with the guys. And Frankie thinks he deserves tobe on the stage! lol Maybe she’s not as useless as we all thought for all those weeks………….just sayin’

  6. Cody has been winning competitions Now he won POV, back to back. Derrick should really be serious on taking Victoria instead of Cody.

    • And Cody should really surprise us all by winning the last two HoH/Veto comps and take Victoria. I’ve said all along that he is a stronger competitor than people give him credit for… People call him a floater, but if you’ve read his body language and eyes he’s been clearly studying people while staying in the shadows – effective way to win (similar to Ian’s win, but with a lot more muscle). ;)

      • He had an interesting strategy, playing the Playboy using the Girls as a shield to protect him… First, he snuggled with Amber, than a jealous Beast Mode Cowboy got her evicted … Then he teased a bit with Brittany in the days leading to her eviction, if I recall … and then hooking up with Christine for a big chunk of the season, knowing that she would be the one going before he was due to the All Guys Alliance … then just played the puppet from his Alliance whenever he won a comp ….
        Cody’s only downfall would be to trust Derrick in convincing him to throw the Final Challenge(s) in the final HOH of the Season … He has drawn a lot of blood this season with the Jury .. but, has proven to be a comp beast .. and, if my math is correct .. has now surpassed Frankie (unless they still count Frankie’s 2 Rewind Comps ??) …
        A Cody vs Nicole F2 could be a toss up depending on how bitter the Jury may or may not be ??
        Derrick already has won a wad of $$money$$ as compared to the rest of the HG’s … and, unless he wins the last 2 of 3 Comps to F2 … the jury is out on if he is deserving to win this season … Hmmmm !!!!

      • Think you meant Cody vs. Victoria final but yes, pretty much agree with a lot of what you’ve observed. Cody played the ”boy toy” card well.

      • Yes, my bad .. Victoria .. Ooops …!!

        Derrick has a strong argument for Loyalty, since he and Victoria had a F2 Alliance from the first week, well before the Hitmen Alliance with Cody …
        Yes, Cody has won comps, but his decisions on how he handled that power were not necessarily his … Whereas, Derrick strategically won (and loss) comps and the one’s that he eventually won, he used it for his best interests and has the edge of Jury Management … Even Frankie blamed Caleb and respected Derrick’s game, in his hand in the blindside .. and, likely felt betrayed more against Cody for him having casted the final vote for his eviction …

  7. Great situation for Derrick. Cody gets the blood for betraying Caleb. It’s another comp win for Cody, but Derrick can easily remind the jury that competition wins mean absolutely nothing (not sure how people don’t understand that after this many seasons).

    As long as Cody doesn’t decide to take Victoria, Derrick’s got it in the bag.

    • lol, Cody taking Victoria would be epic! Derrick, probably the best ever to play the game is out and 2 of the biggest floaters ever in the final two? lol unbelievable

    • Confused and probably think how he missed it even though the whole jury will try and explain it to him that he had no control whatsoever since he claimed to be the king of the house.

      • Yea same here I do feel bad for him but if anyone needs a wake up call come finale night it’s Frankie since his exit was the biggest sugar coat exit I’ve seen given to a HG in the history of BB. Either way though team Derrick hands down since week 2 and I’m glad he’s getting this win, highly deserved and will be marked in BB history as one of the greatest players regardless of what naysayers do or say. Wonder how Frankie and even Caleb will react when they find out how much of a threat Derrick really was when they get to the jury house.

      • I think Frankie knows, but Caleb will never believe it. Now here is to hoping Cody doesn’t try to get cute.

      • If Caleb refuses to believe it then watch how the jury members to point out the key game moments and have his world come crashing down and when it finally comes to finale and every HG returns, his Amber dreams will be crushed on live TV I think then it will click that everything he ever said and believed was a lie and he’ll have a hard time gripping what happened.

    • I don’t think he’ll ever believe that. Like a lot of people, his pride won’t be able to accept that there was a LOT more happening without his knowledge and control. He’ll probably think if he had just made one or two changes in his strategy he could’ve won the whole thing…

    • huge blow to his ego, he thinks he was the smartest, strongest and most liked by us. Sorry Caleb, think you’re leaving without any bonus money

  8. Cody is really building up quite the resumé for his final jury speech and judging how everyone in the house doesn’t seem to see Derrick as a jury threat Cody may have a strong chance of becoming the winner of Big Brother 16. While I’ve been rooting for Derrick all season long I easily see Cody as being another winner I’d be happy with this season.

    I can’t imagine what Caleb is feeling right now. Derrick and Cody managed to convince him to put up his strongest ally and get him out of the house thus making it even easier for Derrick, Cody, and Victoria to get to the final 3. Frankie had two opportunities to turn on his alliance last week and he chose to protect them instead and go after Victoria until production stepped in with the button twist. Caleb must be super frustrated right now. Oh well, that’s the game. And it’s good gameplay on Derrick and Cody’s part.

    • Joe as always love your posts and I completely agree with you with Cody building up his resume and how he might pull off a win as I been rooting for Derrick this season as well. Caleb will find out the truth when he gets to jury house and maybe then realize Derrick wasn’t some Jamoke he could of easily beat in F2 or maybe he’ll have hard feelings towards him for pulling the wool over his eyes but in all fairness though everyone took a turn on playing with Caleb so it be hard to argue in his case for holding hard feelings towards only Derrick alone, just wouldn’t be fair so hopefully he figures out and remembers it’s just a game and you don’t necessarily need to be a competition beast to control the game, it’s usually the mind that trumps over matter 99% of the time, I’ll leave the 1 with Caleb to fuel his ego.

      • Hah! Very true. Watching Caleb talk about how he would vote in jury was so painful to watch because he actually said he would vote for whoever won more competitions. Listen, I want to reward competition beasts just as much as the next guy, but there’s more to Big Brother than competitions. Otherwise we’d be watching American Ninja Warrior or Wipeout.

      • Wait til the house finds out Derrick is a cop. Remember him saying how ppl might not be who they say they are. I thought I remember him almost making a deal of that. Will he continue his job if he wins? They may offer him a severance package. Sine they’ll think he’ll act as if his stuff doesn’t stink & might not care if he’s late or performs will thinking,, what can they do, fire me attitude. Be interesting to follow that story. Plus that extra $50K on that final teamamerica deal.. who’ll be the first house guest to say, I figured he was……. since the way he did things, & paid attention to details etc..

      • Call me naive, but I truly do think Derrick’s main priority is his family. He really doesn’t strike me as a diva and I think he actually does want to go back home and return to work and get things back to normal… A few hundred thousand dollars richer, of course.

        He’s mentioned several times over the summer (including tonight) that he would like to blog or podcast about Big Brother in the future and he could possibly try to turn that into a career, but that may be way down the road for him.

        We often forget- $500,000 is a lot of money and I’m sure it can help out his family in numerous ways, but it’s not exactly “quit your job” money.

      • If he wins, closer to $600,000 when you add the TA Missions, TA Bonus and $$ money during comps …
        And, yeah, how old is he anyways? Late 20’s or early 30’s ?? Probably, not that many years in police to receive that much of a severance package, especially if he voluntarily resigns …
        I could see him taking time off to be with the family and to decompress from his vacation in the House this summer … His days as an undercover cop is pretty well over now .. unless, he goes in deep and moves to another part of the country without access to television .. Ha !!!

      • lol, we don’t have very much information on Derrick’s profession because he obviously doesn’t talk about it with the houseguests (The different qualities and stories about Frankie’s 10,000 roommates, or Caleb’s hunting life I could go on about for hours) but I got the impression that he USED to be an undercover cop but was no longer. I could be wrong, though.

      • Yes you’re right Joe. I think Derrick has stayed true to his objectives and I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether the ”after parties” and minor celeb status changes him or not. Some people when they’re done with their reality show go on a huge minor celeb kick and try to turn themselves into a star (Jun from season #4, Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brandon…etc) some others just go back home and try to live a somewhat normal life with a bit more money in their pocket…

      • I think I’ve heard him say he wants to win to buy a house, not sure of prices in R.I. but it would be a down on a nice house in CA. Maybe cash for a nice house in R.I. I bet he loves his job, work and puts everything into it and will stay with the department.

      • Donny probably figured out Derrick, as a trained professional spook, he can spot another enforcement offer a mile away .. Ha !!!
        Derrick even told/warded Victoria a few times that when she leaves the House and watches the season, that she may not necessarily like what she sees, but just remember it was ONLY a game .. blah blah blah .. and, if he can bring her to the end and give her at least $50K on a silver platter …
        As far a Caleb and Cody, they have both said to one another on several occasions that they both are already “Winners” as a result of being on Big Brother and winning the $$ was just icing on the cake .. and, that they’d be happy to be in Top 3 … Well Caleb may not make it to F3 nor AFP … Could be one bitter Jury Member ..
        Cody may have lost two more jury votes in Frankie and Caleb this week, while Derrick is sitting pretty …

    • How do you think production stepped in with that button? They needed to extend the game one more week since CBS didn’t have a show for the week in between the finale and Survivor starting. They knew what they were doing. Wanted to finish with one & start the other. The new season of Survivor will have the folks waiting for the BB finale. I think it’ll be 90 min because the final 30 min will be with all the house guests gathered maybe for a Q & A session. But I do think production did have some say in things dealing with Frankie. I think if Frankie would’ve won , CBS , would’ve used that opportunity to piggy back on Frankie’s charity, you know, to say they were good guys.

      • Oh, I guess I worded my own post weirdly. I do not think production intentionally tried to ruin or benefit someone’s game with the button twist. I think it was just a way for them to extend the game one week longer than it was originally intended, no matter who was HoH that week. Did the twist negatively impact Frankie’s game more so than the other houseguests that week? Yes. But I don’t think that was because production personally set out to get him. Any HoH that week was going to get screwed.

      • CBS is the producer of both of these Series, and should have known their scheduling well in advance …
        The button twist, in various forms, have always been offered up in and around this point in the game .. sometimes it offers a reward and sometimes not … and, for Victoria, the button was her reward for all the hard work she has done this season to survive 8 and going on 9 eviction episodes .. and, for Frankie (or whomever the HOH would have been) not so much .. Ha !!!
        Having said that, the previous week(s) Frankie was on the hot seat, to be blindsided, and Production, if anything put that in to probably benefit/save him in their original intentions (yes, conspiracy theory here) and it just happens that Frankie decided to go on a comp winning streak and blew everyone’s plans out the door, especially his .. Ha !!!

  9. I love Derrick’s game play, he is brilliant. But Cody-my goodness. I have swooned all summer watching this man. So Sexy!

    • To me there is nothing sexy about a man who sucks and swallows snot all the time. Obviously he has a problem/habit that he needs to seek medical help for. It’s annoying and unbecoming.

    • I like Derrick and he’s played a great game, but it’s not over till it’s over. Frankie might have more influence on the jury than we’re giving him credit for…………….

  10. I hope Cody wins the final HOH because after an entire season of predictable evictions I would like to see some excitement or suspense. I think both Cody and Derrick deserve to be in the final 2, but if
    Derrick wins HOH he’s taking Victoria. If Cody wins I’m not sure who
    he’ll take. I would be happy with seeing either Cody or Derrick win BB. Anyone but Victoria.

  11. I can just see it now in Pt1 of the Final HOH Comp, if it is an endurance type comp … Victoria gets eliminated first then Derrick negotiating with Cody to let him win the comp, as he has never won a physical comp before, and says that Round 2 would be easy to beat Victoria (assuming Caleb is evicted) .. and, it would just be them for the 3rd Part and who ever wins that will bring the other to F2 … and, Derrick would even suggest that he would throw the final comp to Cody … Don’t do it Cody !!! Ha !!
    Or, somehow the Princess Warrior finally decides to wake up this season and blow the guys out of the water by winning 2 of the last 3 comps of the Season … Ha !!!!

    eta: Anyone knows exactly how many times that Victoria has actually voted this season on an eviction episode ??

  12. You know that BB16 is winding down and that BBAD is so boring when your television broadcaster kills the BBAD episode one hour earlier than usual to show Millionaire Matchmaker (??) … Ha !!!

  13. As a Derrick fan, I’m SO happy that Cody won the Veto. I think Caleb was too wishy-washy to necessarily stick to bringing Derrick to F2, so I’m very happy that things are finally working out the way I selfishly want them to :)

    • There is/was potential for either Cody or Caleb to bring Victoria to the end of the game with them as well… They’re not the brightest suns in the sky, but they do have the ability to use their fingers to count and connect the dots sometimes…

      • And if they take their shoes off, they can use their toes. Sore subject with me as I have grandchildren and see the lack of education they are receiving. Math is not important. Kids at age 8 are expected to use a calculator to do math. Ask your average teen what 12×9= and they can’t tell you without a calculator. Not meaning to take that out on you Matt; just saying out loud what I was thinking at the time. My apologies.

  14. Speaking of Caleb’s constant obsession with Amber, should Derrick and/or his family now be worried about Victoria? She came on BB to find a Showmance, and may have found Derrick and his family … As, did she not comment about wanting visit and meet with his family after the show has ended on several occasions?

  15. I am bummed..I know I was grasping at straws but I was hoping Caleb would pull off the veto and take himself off..I would have loved to see him compete in a real comp in the final 3. I know no matter what Derrick is going to win but I have really been rooting for Caleb the whole time. He is a sweet guy and I hate that his is getting blindsided..but that’s Big Brother..I still think he would have had an advantage had there been more endurance comps but I guess we will never know..the rest is so predictable now..I am not too excited to watch till the end..I will most likely DVR it and watch it when there is nothing better on. Can’t wait until next year..hope the cast is as nice as this one was.

  16. Please. Caleb is so out and they need to get him out because he is great at physical competitions. Plus he can never keep his mouth shut (because he is so worried about how he will appear, “got to be strong macho loyal man”-hello, it’s a game of lies and you almost blew it a few times with that)…although at this point I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Even Victoria can even keep secrets and her mouth shut. Frankie would never have seen it coming if it wasn’t for you Caleb. Caleb had his 15 min of fame…..he is done but I’m sure we will see Beast Mode on TV in the future. He is very entertaining for sure. If I were Cody, Derrick or Veronica I wouldn’t keep him around because of that. It’s a game people, for $500,000. I’d take Victoria to the F2 also……to guarantee I get that $500,000…even if she doesn’t deserve the $50,000, especially so close to the end to get that grand prize. Not to mention, Derrick is the only one who really played the game fully and wasn’t delusional (Frankie/Caleb) or can’t make big moves (Cody). Derrick worked hard at this game EVERY DAY from day one. That is some patient hard work and juggling and Veronica coaching, lol. He deserves it. I’d be so disappointed if he doesn’t get it. I really don’t care who the F2 person is. I think it would be unfair for the others to win out of sheer luck in one competition after all that calculated hard work Derrick put in. I think the house guests see that too and respect Derrick for it. PS Go Donny, hope you get favorite.

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