Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 11 Nominations – Not That It Matters

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

The new Head of Household was crowned last night during a late night competition and the nomination plans decided upon quickly just as soon as they handled that other pesky aspect of the game that would make all of this pointless.

Big Brother 16 Week 11 Nominations:

Big Brother 16 week 11 nominations memory wall

  • Frankie nominated: Cody & Victoria

Frankie earlier justified his decision to Caleb and Derrick by saying each of them had kept Frankie safe twice, but Cody had only done it once. This wasn’t really his rationale, but he reverse engineered it as an excuse for his nomination picks.

Cody isn’t worried though as the main target from Frankie’s perspective is Victoria, but none of this matters at all. Not one bit.

The Houseguests pushed the Rewind button on Thursday night so both these nominees will come down from the block on Wednesday. Of course they could go right back up again if Frankie wins HoH and does it the same in round 2.

If that wasn’t exciting enough for you then check out which former HGs came back for a surprise party with the BB16 HGs and got engaged tonight in the backyard!

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Veto comp to be held on Saturday so keep an eye out and share the results soon!


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  1. As someone previously stated, this will be the week Victoria wins POV, and it won’t matter….however, if she does, and takes herself off, Frankie will have to re-nom, and that should make him the target of Cody and whoever else he puts up….Go Victoria, Go!!!!!

      • How about all that garbage Derrick was feeding her last night about being the best girl player this season cause she is the last girl standing. Garbage pure and simple any girl or guy that tried to play the game this season Derrick and his minions voted them put real quick

      • And Derrick always saying -playing this game to buy house for wife and child. Bet others have big plans also. And hate when they say Derrick needs the money for a house

      • All the brown-nosing Derrick does is eaten up by the others, including Victoria, who would believe him if he told her he was seven feet tall, handsome, and an Eskimo. They’re so tied up in their own little worlds, and have such unrealistic opinions of themselves, that they believe everything he says. It could only work this season; HG’s in most prior BB’s would have seen through him. They were (mostly) a much more cynical and aware bunch.

      • derrick was making her feel good about being the best girl in the house etc etc cause he knows she’s at the end of the road and will be leaving SOONER than later.

      • I hope watching Derrick on TV opens up his wife eyes! He tells you exactly what you want to hear. He is not genuine and not to be trusted. Pay attention to this wifey.

      • Mr smooth already has his speech ready for her and she will believe him instead of what she saw with her own eyes. MONEY-MONEY-MONEY

      • I watched that segment on BBAD and almost found that scene to be endearing, in a way. Hear me out…Derrick has dried more than his fair share of Vic’s tears this season, listened to her drone on and on about who she doesn’t trustt and her various reasons why. When she collapsed, he was one of the first tto her side. He is constantly making certain that she is eating properly and getting enough sleep . I think he is genuinely fond of her! Sure he is planning on her to be his shoe-in to win the halff mil, but he has tended her and patiently listened to her day and night. He has put more work ibto getting her through this game and to the end with him than any of the other players have put into thier own personal games all season! Victoria is not one of the crude, dispicable, players that we have seen more than enough of this year. She appears to be an insecure and sheltered young lady who has zero athletic ability or problem solving ability rwquired to succeed in comps. I believe the things Derrick said to her were meant so she could feel better about being there. The look on Victoria’s face was awesome! I think she has been the butt of so many “Victoria who?” jokes this season (justifiably so) and the victim of one seriously frightening “joke” that sounded more like a threat. I find it kind and maybe, just maybe, well intentioned that Derrick would choose to rally her spirits this way. Could he have been blowing smoke and roses up her arse and passing it off as perfume? You betcha! However, it was a very kind thing to tell this girl who has felt like such an outsider all season. Is it any wonder she clung so tightly to Derrick? I think not.

      • OMG can you image how Derrick’s wife is feeling about him and Victoria? Too close for comfort.

    • Who ever is up with Victoria will go home. Derrick will make sure. This may be the week that bites Derrick. He will be campaigning for Cody/Caleb to go home, then the rewind.

      • I don’t know…I think he’ll take this button thing as a consideration not to say anything, if he’s going with a negative outcome in his mind than say a positive one.

      • Well let’s rewind (sorry no pun intended)… If Victoria wins, then it will most likely be Derrick who gets put up by Frankie to sit beside Cody. This leaves the voting to Victoria & Caleb who would have voted out Cody. Thus there’s no campaigning by Derrick and voila Frankie is the target for the rewind! :)

      • actually, I think Caleb is more closely aligned with Cody, than with Derrick, forcing a tie-breaker vote with Frankie. And that one is hard to call, because on one hand, Derrick is Frankie’s biggest competition, but on the other hand, Derrick is part of team America and that have that special alliance.

      • I don’t know about that… why would he need to campaign? If Frankie won HOH and placed both of them up on the block again, veto wasn’t used– I would think he would keep Cody over Victoria. Why? Well, simply because he can 100% trust Cody and he would get rid of his strongest, most trusted ally. I think Cody, until Frankie is out of the game, will not be leaving. The only way Cody leaves, is if he is put up against Derrick if a veto is used. Frankie wants Cody out of the house, that’s for sure.

        I think, Victoria or Frankie will go. Worst case scenario, Cody leaves if Derrick is placed on the block with him. I think Caleb and Derrick are the safest people in the house right now, unless Derrick and Cody want to stab Caleb in the back, but why right now? Their goal at this point is to simply oust Frankie.

        Are they too late? I don’t now, I do think however that if they can’t get Frankie out this week and Victoria doesn’t go home… then Frankie’s chances of winning increase. At all cost, Frankie has to go home… he wants to keep Victoria just as bad as Derrick (that says enough).

      • There going to have a hard time getting Frankie out. I think they may have waited to long. Especially now that he has an idea they are aiming for him. He’s sly and sneeky a liar and plays dirty, so he thinks everyone else is too.

      • Well I think of it like this… if they don’t get Frankie out this week then they could potentially send home Victoria and have another shot at it next week.

        Cody, Derrick and Caleb would be dumb to turn on each other now with Frankie still in the house– I think we can all agree on that. As much as it would be nice to keep Victoria in Derrick’s mind, he needs to let her go if it gets too messy.

        My view on things:
        Frankie- Physical & Mental
        Caleb- Physical
        Cody- Physical
        Derrick- Mental

        If Frankie saves himself this week, then it would be smart to oust Victoria because odds would be less in favor for Frankie to win. Why? Because we would be more likely to see a real physical competition; and that simply won’t happen if Victoria stays I think.

      • i think you may be right, he may wait till last minute to do any talking but I think he will at least try, not sure how hard he will try—and this might be the thing that comes back to bite him!!

      • derrick has said he’s ready for her to go now so i doubt he will try to save her ass any longer.

  2. Wait will somebody still leave on Wednesday even if the button is pushed? Kinda like a double eviction where the HOH, vetoes and noms happen all within an hour?

    • No one will leave. The new HOH that night will remake nominations and play veto and then evict someone on the same night. Kind of like double eviction nights.

      • But the reason they did this twist, I am assuming is because they had an extra week left. What will be the point if nobody leaves during Frankie’s reign but somebody will still get evicted on Wednesday

      • Usually, the week before the final week of the season have two evictions happening to cut the final 5 to straight out Final 3 right away.

        In this case where we have 97 days in the game in total, we’ll be seeing single evictions from now until we get to down to final 3.

      • They need to evict someone Weds. That will be the final 4 final 3 will be the 17th. The finale is on the 24th. It will be like a double eviction I think/

      • One person will be evicted, however it will not necessarily be the same two that are in the chairs going into that night’s eviction because the clock will reset on the game, those two will come off the block, the HOH game will be replayed, that HOH will make on the spot noms, then they’ll play veto, have the ceremony, and vote. There are only 5 people left in the house so it doesn’t take as long to vote or go through knock-out comps. I wish they’d show some more jury house footage. They never seem to show that anymore.

      • Funny I was just thinking that a couple weeks ago. Not sure why we don’t get to see the weekly installment of the dvd updates and their reactions to each new person coming in the house…

      • Here is how it will work on Wed. Since Frankie’s skanky fingers pushed the Rewind Button so come Wed. there is no nom. on the block. any longer and Frankie is no longer HOH. There is a new HOH comp. and 2 new guests are put on the block hope it is Frankie for him being the curiosity cat who pushed the button and that should be what he gets.

      • I don’t know about that…there are 5 left in the game and 3 weeks left of the game, including finale night…with no more DE’s. So I’m thinking someone will be evicted, but the comps will have to be played quickly in one night.

    • Yes..they’ll have to rush through them like they do on DE night! Can you say “spicy” like Frankie can??

      • Because Frankie pushed the rewind button he is no longer HOH on Wed. the noms come off the block and a new HOH comp is held and 2 new people are on the block with a new HOH. Hope it is Frankie gets put on the block for tingering with the Rewind button. He has to be into everything.

      • Don’t we all know that by now? Well, maybe not all…Caleb is an example of who doesn’t! :-)

      • Someone has to go to jury Wednesday, not enough time left in the game. They wouldn’t have another DE next week.

      • I’ll ck. Thursdays show about to come on TVGN. It goes off and BBAD starts. Every Friday they show the 3 shows of the week before BBAD.

      • Re-watched and Julie did say Lie Eviction. It will like a DE. They will have HOH and POV in live sow and evict someone. Derrick can’t play it resets to after last weeks eviction. At 7 central

  3. I’m wondering if the same comps will be replayed or will they be different? If nothing is different, Frankie could very well win it again and the twist won’t matter whatsoever and the others will most likely make the same errors as before. Time will tell, huh?

    • They will likely be different combo of comps again just so it would be fair for everyone. If they did another mental comp for HOH this week, then they will surely not be doing that again for next Wednesday.

  4. Frankie is totally boned by the twist unless he can pull out HOH again or veto. Derrick pretty much has the final two locked down, especially if Frankie goes. Caleb and Cody are both 100% convinced that they can beat him and would rather he get second over Victoria, so he’s good. All he has to worry about is that his game was TOO good and the jury does’t realize how much he did; but it seems like he has Zach and Nicole for sure, probably Hayden, and Victoria/Cody (whichever goes to jury); and he can hopefully pick up the rest with his answers to jury questions.

  5. Well, if Victoria wins POV then she WILL be evicted right?LOL.Even with game rewind a week, Victoria will be nominated again with whoever so, the rewind week will means nothing.Boring again!

  6. I’m still hoping for a Victoria HOH (quit laughing) to shake things up. So if she wins Thursday she will put up Cody and Frankie. Right that down.

      • Actually if there was a challenge where they have a mock Marks & Spencer’s or the Gap, and they have to guesstimate prices on a shopping spree, our girl Victoria would win hands down! Then again, her answer might be ”Um, I’m not sure, usually this is the part where mommy gives me her credit card and I just tap the little buttons on the pay pad”. ;)

      • If it is a true or false type questions for the HOH, Victoria might just luck out and get everything right.
        Look at Derrick being right and everyone else wrong to win HOH! Victoria is probably due to win one sometime. Now, could be it!

      • It would have to be true or false questions about herself…..cause shr is just clueless about everything around her…..and even then I am not sure.

    • I’m right there with you. Victoria gets the final HOH and vote out Frankie. That would be apology enough for me if I was her family.

      • Just know her family is proud of her and would like to see her win. She has been in another world. But she studied hard last week.

    • She could pull out a win. She came close a few times so maybe Wednesday will be her night finally.

  7. This is a week of television and feeds that doesn’t really matter. What will be the BB announcer say..”WHO will win the Power of Veto that’s not gonna matter” lol ..Will the Veto be used on the nominees that’s not gonna be voted out?.lol..tune in Wednesday…….

  8. Not trying to be a pessimist, but I bet you anything Frankie wins the rewound HoH anyway. I just have a feeling. So now I just hope he actually is targeting Victoria, though I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll like him more if he does that, unbiasedly, because it’ll mean he’s up for battling with the best as well as honouring deals.

    • Oh you know that wouldn’t happen. I don’t really like Frankie but that would be a horrible game move for him. His best bet at this point would be to put up Derrick & Cody together. This leaves Victoria & Caleb voting. Victoria will vote out Cody, as would Caleb. Poof.

      • I think he might be able to convince Caleb to take down Victoria. And of course if Victoria wins PoV then again Frankie can put both Derrick & Cody up… The interesting scenario will be what if CODY wins PoV (for the rewind), who does Frankie put in his place? He has to pick either Derrick or Beast Mode which is going to draw a line in the sand.

      • That’s why it might be interesting if the rewind yields the same results but we get to see how everyone feels after Frankie tried to backdoor them! ;)

      • My thought exactly. Frankie was pretty pissed off when he learned the guys were gunning for him. When he questioned Derrick in the kitchen, Derrick played stupid and wouldnt give Frankie any straight answers. I honestly think that Frankie decided right there to get rid of Derrick….the same way they got rid of many of the earlier players….through the back door! I would bet Frankie uses the POV if he gets it or pushes for POV to be played so he can lift Victoria off the block and have Cody and Derrick in the hot seats. If Derrick goes home, there isnt much real competition left for Frankie..I have noticed Frankie has been blowing lots of smoke and roses up Derricks rear this week….perhaps he is gearing up for the ole Judas’ kiss?

  9. Was anyone else as sick as I was watching Derrick talk to Victoria last night, telling her she was the best girl player in the house, and how proud she should be of that. Winning wasn’t such a big deal, he said, being last girl in the house was a huge accomplishment. She gobbled it up and thanked him for his kindness. Excruciating!!!

    All the brown-nosing Derrick does is eaten up by the others, especially Victoria, who would believe him if he told her he was seven feet tall, handsome, and an Eskimo. They’re so tied up in their own little worlds, and have such unrealistic opinions of themselves, that they believe everything he says. It could only work this season; HG’s in most prior BB’s would have seen through him. They were (mostly) a much more cynical and aware bunch.

  10. I hope they wait until after the votes on Wednesday to announce wait you’re not evicted then tell them about the rewind. Then whoever was voted out will know.

  11. So is BBAD on yet for me I still have just over 3&1/2 hours to go if it is just wondering how insufferable Frankie is being tonight

  12. This is a repost of sorts……The timer is set for 5pm Wednesday. That is California time . At 5pm when the show started Caleb was still HOH. Some 20 minutes later eviction and Derrick was HOH. Frankie won POV and another eviction. Couple hrs later Frankie won HOH. It would seem that u have to consider the timer being set at 5pm. But there will (I assume) one eviction not 2 …It all goes back to the timer..

  13. You know there is a way Derrick can be harmed by this rewind him not knowing what’s coming if he figures out the best way to save both Cody and Victoria this week Derrick wins the veto and takes one of them down for their vote to get caleb out. As caleb would be the only renom possible. But then rewind hits and depending who wins hoh Derrick could be in trouble so it will be interesting to see what happens

  14. Does everyone in the house know that Derrick wants Victoria in the house so he can be F2 with her? If so, wouldn’t that be an incentive to get her out, or do they all want her there for the same reason – i.e., easy to beat in F2 due to her floater status and generally lousy season?

    • Derrick wants her but they don’t know that. They nominate her to get out stronger people and leave her in because they think they will easily get her out later which is now. It amazes me no one has asked him why he protects her.

  15. So only positive is rewind will take away 5 g if the accomplish the TA mission. People please. Vote on the hardest mission. We don’t want to give these two any more jack after their gang rape Victoria comments and voting out Donny. BTW, they don’t deserve it after the way they talked to America and blamed us on their fail mission.

  16. I loved Nicole’s goodbye message. Cody and Caleb need to put their big boy undys on and play Big Brother instead of Big Baby! I think it went bright over their heads. Cody did have a surprised look on his face but…why is he pouting now?

  17. If this going to be a rewind week. Does that bring back the double eviction that just happened?????????????????

  18. Let’s see we are left with a butt pirate who thinks America is in love with him ( hope he gets more boos then Christine got) then a girl that is more like Swiss cheese a lot missing and stinks at this game. Then you have a so called cowboy that acts more like a stalker and thinks he is going to meet and fall in love with Frankie’s sister, he’s more like a (mimbo) yes that’s a male bimbo. A cop that just makes every one do what he wants no matter how much he has to lie. Oh and then there is Cody, really who cares all he has done all season was try to pick up a married woman. Speaking of Christine, when I was a kid I use to wear glasses and a nose like that as a joke hope your husband finds you relationship with Cody just as funny. You know she wanted him so bad since out side the game he would have never even said a word to her. Well it has been one boring season and hope once it is over they all look back and say oh you mean all 5 of us didn’t win. Let’s also hope we don’t have to see any of them ever again on any thing. Sad that all of the real players were the one’s that got voted out first.

  19. Frankie Grande may gone down in BB history as one of the most biggest competition winners.. This is now 9 comps that he has won. People can hate on Frankie all they want. But one thing that they can’t take away from him is the facts.. The facts are that Frankie is winning the comps and leaving the other house guests in the dust. Being well liked by the viewers doesn’t do anyone any good inside the Big Brother house when it comes to winning or losing comps.

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