Big Brother 16: Popularity Poll – Week 11

Big Brother 16 Cast
Big Brother 16 Cast – Source: CBS

Which Houseguest is your favorite this week on Big Brother? Cast your vote now & tell us why you think he or she is the best of the season. This is purely a popularity poll so feel free based on who you think is playing the best game, looks the cutest by the pool, or even just annoys you the least. I’ll keep running this each week for the rest of the season for fun.

We are getting closer and closer to the America’s Favorite Player voting by CBS so this could give us a hint of who is going to pull off the big win there.

Check out our past popularity polls to see the latest trends for this season’s Houseguests on BB16.


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    • they are young and look good and can afford to disappear for a summer (almost everyone)
      they are typed cast Donny/Derrick/Nicole/Jocasta
      they are sort of famous (devin/frankie)

      • Jocasta, Victoria, Joey, and Christine for example fit none of the “necessary” stereotypes that reality shows use to cast though. I mean how could people in casting really have felt that they would contribute a lot to the season?

      • Jocasta- black female. Victoria- sheltered princess. Joey- outspoken counter culture type. Christine – hipster barista. At least a couple of those are the exact type they cast in survivor, amaing race and bb.

      • Sadly yes – but remember how it all got started? Survivor was the first major reality show to hit primetime and it was a simply concept. Everyday people put on an island together competing for money and voting each other out. They had teachers, truck drivers, mid-level business execs, bus boys…etc –> everyday people! The show was great! And so was the first few seasons of Big Brother also – everyday people who wanted to be on the show because they needed the money for important things (not fame or boosting their already overblown bank accounts).

      • These people you mention are what production considers to be cannon fudder, they are the once that are kinda the misfits and are easiest to evict so the others can form bonds, part of the show, make people bond with one another very tightly and during the last few weeks watch them tear each other apart. All this is, is an experiment into the human mind with the Humans as guinia pigs….. Fun to watch though……

      • What’s so hard to understand about that? I think Derrick was cast because he’s a handsome guy. Downright dreamy, if you ask me….*sigh*

      • Sharona…they’re talking about Devin. Are you talking about Devin or Derrick? I could understand you thinking Derrick is “dreamy”, but Devin?

      • My original post, in which I say DEVIN was cast for being ‘dreamy’ still stands. The one I wrote yesterday, calling ‘Derrick’ dreamy was a total mistake…I was tired. While I think Derrick is cute, DEVIN still gets my vote for being ‘dreamy’. What can I say? He’s gorgeous! (Devin…*sigh*)

    • Half the cast this year was recruited and didn’t even apply before being approached by ‘production’.. pisses me off

  1. Frankie is a legend in his own mind. It is also better to be thought ignorant than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Man you people sure are haters! He is a showman and a good person to be involved in biulding schools for African children. And Yes he has already been there and done that, so it’s not just for the show.

      • Wow you must not be watching the same show we are. Or else you like someone that talks about how Victoria should be raped, Jocasta should kill herself….would you like me to continue?

    • No you won’t! You’re done with the show and will never come back to it or this site again! You don’t like the twists except the button, oh and the America’s Team, oh and the double-eviction, and maybe the person coming back in the game, but aside from that you hate the twists… and don’t forget how much you hate the people on the show also! Like Frankie & Derrick & Cody & Victoria & Caleb & Christine & Nicole & Donny & Zach & Jocasta & Hayden and the others… besides them however you like the show… and… and… and… ;)

    • Yes you will, You’re like the rest of us – hooked and unable to turn your eyes away from the train wreck. Also, how will you be able to post if you don’t watch?

    • Yup, a lot of people think that Skankie Fankie Frankie is Only Winning because CBS is Helping him……and I too Believe this, so Myself and Others are Not Gonna Watch this S Season of Team Brother! It seems so Rigged for Skankie Frankie to Win! And now Skankie Frankie and His Sister are pretty much screwed with the public. ….or so I have heard and read!!!!

      • People think it’s rigged because Frankie wins so much but did it ever acure to you that he is a winning because he honestly wins! I hope he takes it all and if people are mad, DON’T WATCH!

  2. Woo-hoo Donny is still on top. Gone but not forgotten. Everyone left in the house is brain dead except Derrick. Victoria: She seems sweet but clueless. Cody: I think he’s only there to be massaged by anyone. Caleb: Dumb as a box of rocks. Thinks he’s gonna win a truck or a recording contract thru Frankie. Derrick: Smart, using his undercover skills to manipulate. Frankie: Don’t get me started. A vile, violent, disrespectful, sociopath who spoke about euthanizing, beheading, causing an allergic reaction of, the gang raping of, wishing for the suicide of other houseguests. Calling the women houseguests C**t, bitches, saying lesbians choose that lifestyle and generally behaving like an entitled pig who knows he can get away with anything he does because he has a quasi-famous sister. Not to mention the fact that he’s a camera whore.

    • You hit it on the nose, Dee Vetri. What a bunch we’re left with. I still think it would be hysterical if someone took Victoria to F2 and the jury was so disgusted with the other players that they gave the $500K to her. That could be a new winner’s strategy – be as much of a non-competitor as is humanly possible, make sure the other players know how bad you are, float to the end, and WIN. lol

    • yes. we know. we hate Frankie.

      Man I’m so glad comments on these articles are so diverse. It’s like everyone feels the need to say the exact same thing in every comment section of every article.

      • Then, Gellie, why do you keep reading the comments? You could stop doing it, thereby saving yourself what appears to be extreme stress.

      • I remember a time when BBN comment sections was discussion about the game… Those were the days!
        Now is a mud slinging forum for grumpy people to expess their hatred of a player. It’s old.

      • I’m not grumpy But,if anyone has slung mud, it’s Skankie. Plus, there’s no game play to discuss. And, talk about hatred, who spews more hatred than Skankie? Whatever comments are posted here are a direct result of his hateful and violent comments and actions. BTW, Are you Ariana incognito?

    • Love, love your statement. I feel this way also. Derrick is the best player, Caleb is all brawn and NO brains (AFP yeah right!! In his dreams) Victoria hasn’t a clue, Cody is there for looks, and no words can describe Frankie. He is the most disgusting player ever. I thought Evil Dick was bad but Frankie twirls and skips through the house spewing horrible things out of his mouth. He is grabbing and mauling all over the men. I want Frankie out so bad. They blew their chance a few weeks back. They had him and was going to be evicted but Caleb had no balls to put him up so Victoria went up. IDIOT!!!!!

  3. I broke down and watched Sunday’s episode, not that it matters since everyone I like is gone. No one left is very interesting, and as a group they’re an abomination. Frankie’s arrogance is beyond belief. If he wins (and even he doesn’t) he will sashay out to the stage acting like he’s the greatest human being since Jesus Christ. I think I would gag watching him prance around in the midst of all the confetti falling. After CBS let Nicole and Donny leave the house BEFORE the button twist, please, for the love of God, Frankie has to be evicted before final two. Even if he lost, I couldn’t bear to hear his speech about why he should win. He’ll probably get ready to jump as they announce America’s player too, before he hears it’s Donny, not him. There should be a rule that if you are the least popular houseguest, the $500,000 automatically goes to the runner-up, as a safeguard and punishment for being such a drag on the ratings. I hate wasting my time writing about such a loathsome player but seeing his smug face as he gets people evicted has been so over-the-top, it’s killed all the fun out of being a BB viewer this year.

    • So very well said. I agree 100%. Let’s keep our fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the button twist helps get him out.

  4. I’ve always wondered why the “token” gay is always a guy on BB…and I think Survivor as well. HEY CASTING- DO YOU HAVE AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION??? GIVE THE LESBIANS A CHANCE!

  5. Prediction: Next season will have more older house guests than usual but they’ll all end up being assholes.

  6. I have loved Frankie! Much less he wins when he has had too. He has made it fun to watch! Go Frankie!!!

  7. I think if there had been one or two more people that were older, like Donny, he might have played a different game. When he told Julie that he went to bed early because he didn’t have anything in common with the others, I get it. I think casting needs to remember that next year. BTW, Production and Casting Dept’s : You need to remember the following…There are a huge number of us that have watched BB since it’s first show on 07/05/1999. Some of todays viewership weren’t even born by then! Who do you think knows more about BB, we baby boomers (who have been here watching since 1999) or the younger generations? You might want to think of that when you’re getting your advertisers lined up next year.

    • Where did you come up with that date? BBUS premiered in July 2000. It doesn’t really help your case when you get the date wrong. I’m in my 20s. I have watched from season one. I know my BB history very well. So I’m going to have to disagree. The older generation isn’t typically as important when TV target audience is concerned.

      • Something weird is going on with Disqus…NotABabyBoomer was originally posted as ‘Bella’, replying to ‘Bella’…hence my confusion.

      • Sometimes Disqus gets funny and mislabels the author of each comment (or more correctly displaces it so that it looks like somebody else wrote it). If ever it seems like the wrong person is being credited for a comment, just refresh your page and it’ll correct itself.

      • And sometimes there are those that change their names to protect the innocent (themselves)! LOL

      • They had 2 seasons in one year, once! I think it was because of a writer’s strike that was going on.

      • You count 2000 as #1, not #0, they had 2 seasons one year…add on 13 more years (one season per year), what do you get? I get BB16..LOL

      • I stand corrected. The original BB from the Netherlands began in 1999. So sorry, I got that mixed up. I hope you can find it in your “new and younger heart” to forgive me. Don’t you really mean, “The older generation isn’t typically as important” as yours?

      • Yeah, someone disagreeing with you claiming your generation should be the more important one certainly calls for an attitude. It was a fair statement. You claim your generation should have priority to others due to knowing more about BB and yet you simultaneously get your facts wrong.

      • Speaking as a gen-X’er (neither a boomer nor a Gen Next person) I appreciate what BOTH of your generations contribute. Yes reality shows will always be about the hot bodies you find in 20-something year olds, and yes they don’t provide the same perspective or wisdom as somebody who’s older, but can’t we appreciate what each generation does in fact bring? I mean Gen-Next’ers are so super adaptive its crazy! Baby boomers are so respectful and organized no wonder they own everything! Heck if I could take the best parts of each generation (including my own) and create one person out of those strengths, the game would be over before it ever got started! Ok, now you can go back to arguing over which of you is better (but I hope you won’t cause you both seem like well spoken and intelligent people)… ;)

      • Loving the butt kissery, Matt. Truly adorable. You going to show Derrick how it’s done next season? I’ll be rooting for you.

      • I think the Amazing Race has a mixed of people not just hot bods. It is my favorite reality show and they get themselves out.

      • Your parents allowed you to watch this show starting at the age of 8, 9, 10, or 11? Not sure I would have allowed my daughter to back then…she’s in her late 20s now. She said it’s not a show she can relate to at all! LOL Says she’s too brainiac for it! So I don’t even discuss this show with her at all! LOL Love, a very open baby boomer!

      • Nothing inappropriate on the show, maybe the feeds. She knows right from wrong and loved Frankie, but now finds him as obnoxious as me.

      • The edited show we all see on TV really doesn’t have very much, if anything, in it that would be bad for kids to see.

      • My daughter was so darn curious and if she found out there was After Dark on Showtime back then, she’d have wanted to see that too, where are the craziness went on! LOL

      • I’m 78 years old. I watched all the seasons last year downloaded from Piratebay. I can’t wait for the next season. I think WE are the targeted audience.

  8. MATT B. you have to give up any private life you still have left. We need more of these posts. Fantastic job!

    • MATT S. says please give the guy a break – he does a good job and probably has little to no social life as it is already so that the rest of us can enjoy. Good on ya Matt from your fellow namesake!

  9. So is it just Duck Dynasty fans voting for Donny or something? Guy had no game. Made no effort to make friends or form alliances. He just went to bed.

    • Once again reminding people that the fan poll is for how ”liked” the houseguests are (for America’s Fave Player). It’s not a poll on who has played the best game or has manipulated others the best (in which case yes, most people can concede that super nice guy Donny isn’t a top 3 player in that regard).

  10. AFP will be Donny, but I think Nicole should win. Frankie at 2% is no big deal he won’ win, but Derrick at 23% could catch up.

  11. DUH, Donny IS The Favorite and Frankie is the Most Hated Ever….I mean Ever in Big Brother History Frankie Grande should and will be the Most disgusted and Hated Forever! Donny was and is so Sweet and Real…..Donny is so Great in Everyway! P.s. Does anyone remember how Nasty and Cruel Frankie was to Jocasta after she gave a beautiful prayer/ mock funeral for his Grandfather. ……Frankie Said Horrible Things about Jocasta on the Live Feeds. ….Frankie is a Horrible person. ..he does this to everyone, Frankie has Never had Empathy….his sister is the same way ( from what I and others have read of and heard of on and off line…..that is what we all have read and heard)! Gosh, I hope this isn’t true!

  12. Frankie needs to go after what he said about Victoria he’s a sleaze bucket in my book. Donny was so sweet and down to earth

  13. People only like Donny because they feel sorry for him. That’s not a reason to give someone a prize. Yes, he did win a few, but Big Brother isn’t about being a loner. You have to play a social game and manipulate throughout the season. Donny laid low and won a few times. How is that incredible? It isn’t. Derrick is a fraud to me. He got lucky because Devin & Caleb started their 8 person alliance. Derrick has kept out of fights and pretty much floated through the entire season. Aside from him weirdly obsessing with his manipulations of Victoria… he’s done nothing worthy of winning this game. And after Nicole told him he was “Dan worthy”, he’s gotten to DR and almost keeps patting himself on the back like he is sending them out one after another. Try doing that without an 8 person alliance from the start. Try doing that on other seasons when it was half the house vs. the other half. Derrick has benefited from a bad cast of contestants this year, he’s benefited from a Day 2 alliance, he’s benefited from floating, and he’s benefited from lying to a dumb girl. Bravo Derrick, Bravo! What a joke. As much as I can’t stand Frankie, when it comes down to it, that little twerp has managed to play a social game that works with that group, he’s managed to win (some questionable, I know), and he seems to figure stuff out faster than the others. Cody is a floater. Caleb, who creeped me out because of Amber, has shown a funny side that was missing early in the game. He doesn’t seem smart enough to figure out what is going on, but I think he’s more worthy than Derrick or Cody.

  14. I don’t understand why Donny is so overwhelmingly popular. Is he a nice guy? yes….is he amusing? sure…..did he play a good game this summer? definitely not. He constantly aligned himself with the weakest players in the game, and broke other players’ trust in him by blabbing things they told him in confidence. Overall he played the game very poorly, which I think ultimately real fans of the show should acknowledge at some point.

  15. Donny was a sweetheart and put his all into competitions and trying to stay loyal in the house. But Donny is gone now and we have to get over that. Most of you are saying why Derrick? He is a sleaze. Unfortunately the game of big brother is social and manipulative. If you guys can’t admit Derrick has played the best game out of anyone this summer there is something wrong. He has stayed loyal to everyone he has big promises with so far and has manipulated when needed. Also he has played the best strategic game positioning himself as a good guy. Do you see anyone keeping their eye on him? Like Cody on Frankie. I don’t think so. By far the smartest player and that is why he is my favourite.

  16. Donny and Nicole are the best Frankie and Caleb are the worst. They need to get together after the season is over they will make a good couple and could get married next season on the show.

  17. I think everyone is voting for Donny because they pity him, he is an extremely lovable character but he played a horrid game.

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