Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 3 Wednesday Night Highlights


The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds were light on game talk Wednesday night, but the houseguests were more entertaining than they have been in a while. Caleb is convinced he’ll be a superstar and Zach wants to punch Victoria in the face, but wait, he takes that back.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds last night.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 16, 2014:

3:55 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown. HGs will be in all night.

4:10 PM BBT – Devin keeps talking about his eviction and what he’s going to do. Production keeps cutting to fish.

6:26 PM BBT – Caleb is saying that he is no longer interested in Amber.

7:05 PM BBT – Caleb is now telling some of the others that he thinks Amber is setting herself up for when the alliance turns on her.

7:12 PM BBT – HGs talking about how awkward it is around Devin now.

7:16 PM BBT – Caleb leaves HOH. Cody starts making fun of him then mentions he’s worried. Derrick tells Cody that if Caleb wins HOH, he won’t let him come after him.

7:30 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody are talking about Amber’s feelings for Cody. Despite how it seems, Cody seems annoyed by her. They decide it’s a good idea for Cody to keep her on his good side.  Derrick tells him not to lead her on, but to be nice to her.

8:08 PM BBT – Frankie and Zach meet in the storage room. They hug and talk about their final two deal together.

9:09 PM BBT – Apparently Caleb has a problem with estrogen levels. He says he needs to see the doctor and ask for an estrogen blocker. I don’t know why a “beast mode cowboy” would admit to having unusual estrogen levels, so I’m going to guess he’s just confused. But it can be an issue, so maybe he’s just open about it.

9:40 PM BBT – Donny and Hayden are playing chess and talking a little game. Donny again mentions that he thinks Derrick is the ring leader of the big alliance.

10:29 PM – Several HGs in the HOH room talking about how much they don’t like Victoria. Frankie can’t stand sleeping with her. Zach wants to punch her in the face. Derrick tells Zach he shouldn’t say that. Zach apologizes.

11:20 PM BBT – Zach and Caleb are left in the HOH room alone. They have a long conversation that includes a lot of delusions about what life will be like for Caleb after BB16. Caleb thinks there’ll be a red carpet at the finale and that he’ll arrive home in Kentucky by limousine where paparazzi will be waiting to snap photographs of him.

11:50 PM BBT – Caleb tells Zach that once they’re at jury and Caleb wins HOH, Amber and Frankie are going on the block together. Caleb says he doesn’t trust Frankie.

12:35 AM BBT – Derrick and Cody talking game while Derrick is in the bath. They talk about who should go up next week and who would put up whom.

1:25 AM BBT – Brittany making jokes about Devin’s attempts to win her over with pickles. Wonder if he’ll give her more on the way out the door to win her over.

2:20 AM BBT – Brittany is still really excited about the red solo-style cups they got. She thinks there is a secret meaning behind them. Nope, CBS just started selling them on their website and they promote those products by giving them to the HGs.

4:20 AM BBT – Cody and Hayden still up, snacking, and chatting in the kitchen about sports. Rest appear to be sleeping and preparing for the big day ahead.

There was virtually no campaigning from Devin last night. He knows his fate has been sealed. There was one opening where Caleb told Zach he wanted Frankie out soon, but that didn’t take off like it could have. Though with Zach’s need to get rid of Devin it’s not surprising.

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  1. I assume Caleb was given DVDs of past seasons to watch so surely he would have had an idea that BB finales don’t involve paparazzi and red carpet, with past HG’s walking in gowns and tuxedos as it it is an Oscar-night event.

    Had to roll my eyes with whatever delusions that comes out of his mouth. LOL

    • You used the right word, delusional. Watching this kid on the feeds last night talking about finale night and the red carpet and Rachel Reilly loving his about full of yourself..I really wish Caleb was going this week instead of Devin. It’s like he is desperate to have someone notice him. Kinda sad.

  2. Soooo Devin is a bully because he “doesn’t respect women”. YET Zach said he wanted to hit Victoria (a female might I add) and always talks crap about her and threw frisbees aggressively at her during an HOH comp…. Yet Devin is the bad guy? Devin never said he wanted to hit somebody, he never even disrespected a girl in the house. But Devin is still the bad guy? I don’t understand people’s logic.

    • I don’t think Devin is a bad guy. I think he got caught up in the beginning of the game, got ambitious, got paranoid etc.. I also haven’t seen him disrespect any women in the house.

    • Let’s put it this way, other than the claim that he doesn’t respect women:
      1. He undermined his own alliance when he took in 2 more members under their wing without getting consensus with the other members, which pissed them off.
      2. He made promises he can’t keep as it seemed so easy for him to have his mind so swayed that easily when Brittany played the parent card so that Devin can veto his own nomination on her.
      3. He pissed off the alliance even more when he put up one of their own in Brittany’s place, without their consensus (although Frankie was on the campaign to put Zach up and take him out).
      4. He demanded a unanimous vote from the house to take out Joey when it’s not even that necessary to do so.
      5. As Frankie would put it, Devin was really all-over the place in his gameplay, from going paranoid on Donny’s occupation to his frequent emotional breakdowns to his petty quarrels over the smallest things such as lotion and bedsheets.
      6. He had Hayden an honorary member of the BS alliance, making it an essentially 9-person alliance. THAT’S PRACTICALLY THE WHOLE HOUSE!

      • Umm I dont see how Devin is a bully? Hes crazy yeah, but bully? I dont think so. Zach basically said he wanted to hit Victoria.

      • I don’t think Devin’s a bully either but he’s an emotional wreck and overplayed his cards too early.

        As for Zach, he has issues with Victoria but not the type that he’ll treat women bad in any way (and he’ll be forced out of the game if he inflict violence). He just needs to learn when to shut up.

      • What I don’t get is why Devin gets a lot more criticism when Zach basically said he wanted to punch Victoria in the face

  3. Caleb cowboy is a hot mess. He is so full of himself that he just can NOT accept the fact that Amber is not interested in him. Eventually his ‘love’ for her will turn very sour and she will be his number 1 enemy. Amber is obviously thinking she is hot sh*t (I wish I were a 350 lb woman… etc…) she is not playing her cards right. Cody doesn’t like her in that way – she is going to alienate a lot of people. Victoria seems to be #1 Floater as of right now. They don’t even really show her on camera. Her day will come – she’s not even playing the game right now. I know this next part is unrelated as of now – but I can’t stand Frankie! Someone kick his a** out! All of his theatrics and ‘faces’ … thinking he is the cutest thing ever makes me sick. His glitter body shimmer, glitter painted nails, and jewels on his face make me squirm. He thinks he’s the cat’s a** and needs to get kicked off! One final thing – Jocasta. LMAO. I have had heat exhaustion before and her ‘reaction’ was beyond overboard. Give me a break. “giver/receiver wah wah wah … good grief!”

    • I agree I have to add one more thing Frankie did nothing on America task but give the idea of Zach being Amanda cousin but he did none of the work. I want him gone because of this. He better shape it up this next round.

  4. Matt, can you put up a gallery showcasing the many facets of Caleb’s fashion sense? I think I’ve just about seen them all: From Cowboy Caleb to Hipster Caleb, to Hoodlum Stalker Caleb, to being the distant metrosexual cousin of True Blood’s Lafayette Reynolds with the way he’s been wearing those shoals as bandanas these past few days.

  5. Only 8:00 am in the house and Devin already sitting in the chair starring at the wall. Don’t ya’ll think that’s weird? He’s the creepy one.

    • It’s just creepy to you because you don’t like Devin. But if it was anybody else like Donny its not an issue. Staring at the memory wall isn’t creepy I think.

      • Wrong it’s creepy because he does it for hours and hours and hours. Even when he was HOH he starred at it on the HOH monitor. Whoever did it I would think it’s creepy. Out of the week I think he has starred at it about 90 hours. That’s allowing 56 hrs for sleeping and a few for talking and showering the rest starring at the wall.

  6. Hate to step on your words, but I like Caleb. He’s a little too hot for Amber, which makes me think as HOH if he ever gets it, will make him put her up for eviction. One thing feelings do when they get hurt is change. I’d like to see him go far in this game. But she has him off his game, get rid of her and get out there. No in the house on camera sex is worth throwing away a half million dollars. WAKE UP CALEB!!!

    • I agree. I think I liked Caleb more when he first went in the house. Not as much now, due to the Amber craziness. I don’t watch the live feeds, but I could only hope he wasn’t serious about expecting a red carpet and limo waiting for him, etc. I would have liked to see where the game could have taken him, if not for the Amber “obsession”. I do think it is funny how Caleb is being criticized, when people thought Amber should have taken advantage of the fact that Caleb was crushing on her. Just so it would help her game. Hmmmm, now wouldn’t that only encourage Caleb into thinking he might have a chance with her? Doesn’t that only encourage the “stalking” behavior? I am so over the obsssinwth her. I also wish he’d wake up!

      • On the feeds amber leads him on. I believe his ‘crazy’ is edited to seem played up in regards to amber. On the show they dont show her leading him on a lot when they are one on one.

  7. Caleb is on steroids. When you cycle gear, you need a proper post cycle therapy otherwise it can severely destabilize your hormone levels.

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