Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Tuesday Night Highlights


The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds were more of the same today (Caleb talking about Amber, Frankie and Zach confusing Twitter with their “showmance” and Devin being Devin). But we did get to meet a new houseguest, Alex! Yes, Alex is the 17th HG, but not really. It’s Joey’s alter-ego and she (or he I guess) is desperate to drum up votes for Joey. I’ll let you guess how well it goes.

Read on to find out about Alex and what else happened on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Tuesday evening.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 1, 2014:

3:35 PM  BBT – Caleb is again talking about Amber. Only now he’s upset with her because he realizes she isn’t into him.

3:55 PM BBT – Caleb and Zach say there’s no way Joey is staying. They expect a unanimous vote.

3:58 PM BBT – But of course talk turns back to Amber. Caleb is not convinced Amber just wanted him to carry her to the end. He wants Amber to be the first of The Bomb Squad to get evicted.

4:01 PM BBT – Joey introduces her alter-ego Alex. He’s a really aggressive guy who walks around the house screaming and grabbing his balls. She thought it might be a good way to save herself, but it really just freaked people out and made her target even bigger.

4:08 PM BBT – Brittany breaks the news to Joey that her plan failed and that people are actually pretty freaked out by “Alex.”

4:25 PM BBT – Zach and Derrick are talking about their mutual dislike of Devin. They really don’t want him to win HOH and they can’t wait to tell Donny that Devin never had his back.

4:30 PM BBT – Cody joins the other two guys. They solidify their final 3 (even though Zach is still loyal to Frankie — I think).

7:30 PM BBT – Caleb and Hayden agree that Brittany and Paola need to go next.

9:15 PM BBT – Joey becomes Alex again. People aren’t impressed.

10:00 PM BBT – Victoria is upset that Joey ruined her bathing suit. It’s mild, but it’s the first time any of the girls have been really upset with one another.

10:54 PM BBT – Zach and Frankie are talking in the HOH room. Zach wants Devin out. But Frankie reminds him that they need him for numbers. Frankie says Donny, Jocasta, Paola, Brittany and Nicole need to go.

11:25 PM BBT – Joey feels like people are saying their goodbyes already. It’s upsetting her.

11:40 PM BBT – HGs speculating over next HoH competition. Derrick doesn’t think they’ll get another endurance comp just yet but maybe a step up/down one.

11:55 PM BBT – HGs gather for a talent show. Zach and Frankie’s talent is spitting grapes in to each others mouth. Um. Hayden recites poetry in a silly voice. Derrick’s talent is going to bed. Shouldn’t that be Zach’s?

12:10 AM BBT – Caleb suggesting Amber still likes him. Cody warns Caleb she may be using him. Caleb says Amber can go after 4-5 other HGs leave.

12:25 AM BBT – Frankie and Cody discuss the Devin situation and fear he could expose the Bomb Squad. They consider their best option may be to wait for a Double Eviction to get him out.

12:35 AM BBT – Frankie really hopes America starts voting for things like HoH. Yeah, of course he does. Then again, he didn’t win first Team America, which shocked me.

2:38 AM BBT – Caleb and Frankie in HoH bed. Frankie having to role play as Amber so Caleb can retell how he accused her of talking about him and how he’d go get the HGs who told him what she said. Caleb goes on and on about how when he asks HGs what they think of him he’s told he’s the most amazing, sweetest person they’ve ever met. Good grief, this guy is a nut job.

So it looks like Joey’s last-ditch effort failed miserably. Even Alex couldn’t save her. In fact, Alex made the situation way worse. She is sure to go unanimously now. On a brighter note, it definitely appears that Caleb has realized that Amber just isn’t that into him.

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  1. It was fun… but could Alex be the first play of Team America?
    I didn´t saw anything for people to vote but it´s kinda weired (even for Joey…) to have that idea.

    • I really doubt it. Like you noted, there was no vote yet and the other 2 HGs haven’t been assembled yet. We’ve seen HGs do alter egos before and I really believe this was her attempt at humor in a bid to stay in the game.

  2. Caleb is ridiculous. So now that Amber doesn’t want him , he thinks she played him. That is ridiculous. This is going to ruin Amber’s game simply because some nutjob is obsessed with her.

    • I think you’re right that this could totally ruin her game and it’d have been all in Caleb’s head. I guess there’s no preparing for ending up in there with a nut.

      • Exactly. This is something completely out of her control, unless she tried to show up as a homely girl. In the later seasons maybe that will need to be a strategy.

      • If Amber were smart, she would of thought of this as a possibility to rejecting him. Seriously, I mean you not only reject someone’s advances (I don’t blame her–though I thought Caleb was so sweet and cute before he turned the crazy on), but you reject the HOH and someone in your alliance and you don’t think of ways to cover yourself!???

        To me that’s crazy, I have no clue how Amber can even go about her day without any clue that Caleb and others are planting this idea of her using him.

    • I know!! Caleb is crazy! I feel bad for Amber. I think she is handling it the best way she can, but it really does suck for her game…

      • Yes, but when you come in as the female eye-candy hoping to sway some men, don’t be surprised by how stupid some of us guys will act. Caleb seems genuinely certifiable, but this isn’t too uncommon for men who don’t get what they want…n’est pas?

      • I think Amber came in as herself. She is a good looking girl. She didn’t even use those feminine wiles as she or Victoria suggested they would. She just existed and that’s enough for Caleb to act crazy.

      • I agree. She didn’t even get a chance to play with his emotions, because he is so delusional already.

      • I agree with the other posters, she didn’t flirt with him AT ALL or any other guy for that matter. The way I see it she’s been as sweet as Nicole and Brittany in the house. I actually think Nicole, Paola, and Victoria have done more to try to be flirty.

      • Could be – I don’t have the live feeds so I can’t say I have the ability to observe and study how each of them are acting towards each other before I see the edited version on tv. My point was more to emphasize that it doesn’t take much flirting or disinterest (either way) to make a guy go bonkers and get weird… Wouldn’t you agree?

      • Yeah I’ve been mostly following the blog updates and I will watch it on TVGN if I can catch it but I see your point. I suppose it’s the same way for women, all it takes is a friendly smile and polite chit chat for people to think there’s a chance for something. I feel for Amber I do, but I hate how some people are suggesting she used Caleb and how Devin has led Caleb to belive that she bad mouth him when she didnt. But I’m disappointed for Amber for not thinking this up as a possible consequence to rejecting Caleb’s advances. I mean he’s Hoh and in your alliance and you think just saying “I just want to be friends” doesn’t leave room to be thrown under the bus.

    • Yeah it’s stalking 101: She doesn’t really care about me, so therefore my obsession with her is a result of her using me. What a bitch!!!

    • I just watch the whole thing. I tought that was pretty funny. Didn’t hurt anybody.
      And Brittany, OMG, she really like to play mother.

      • It’ll make for good TV. Yeeeaah, I see Brittany mothering becoming a negative if she rubs the wrong person at the wrong time with it.

  3. This Caleb kid is absolutely ridiculous! I don’t think I have ever seen a HG so in love with themselves..well, maybe besides Dr. Will!! He is going to ruin Amber’s game, which is so unfair for her, all because he thinks every female in the house should be in love with him. He is conceited, ugly, arrogant. I can’t stand him. I feel bad for Amber. I love Nicole and Cody..I really hope they make it to the end..but, Caleb is already planning Nicole’s demise. I pray he goes very soon.

  4. I think that Joey/Alex was seeing the positive reaction to Frankie’s various different characters and thought people will like her too if she acts like a character. This was an epic fail. I can’t wait until someone other than the bomb squad is in control, they will turn on each other so quick, they’ll be dizzy.

    • I really hope Donny doesn’t win HOH..because Devin will be in his ear the entire time, and Devin is playing him like a fiddle.

      • Me too. Donny seems like a genuine guy. I’m also really liking what I see of Derek, Christine, Nicole and Hayden. But Devin and Caleb act like pre teen girls. Devin likes to be dramatic even when there is no reason to. Caleb is obsessed with Amber, I imagine that his notebook would have her name in hearts all over it.

      • I feel bad for Amber..Caleb is going to ruin her game. I think she is a BB, it would have been nice if she knew how this game is actually played and could have known exactly how to deal with this conceited and arrogant jerk that is Caleb. Between Caleb and Devin, I don’t know which is worse. They both irritate the heck out of me! If Donny were to win HOH..Devin would once again think that he is the HOH and try to rule the house and tell people what to do like he’s been doing. It doesn’t take long for viewers to figure out the HG’s they like and don’t like, does it?

      • I really don’t know how Amber should deal with Caleb. I don’t think she has made a final 2 with him, so much as he brings it up and she doesn’t dispute it. If she were to openly reject Caleb, she would be the next one out of the house, as he seems to have more numbers than she does. If she plays along with him, she is a target from the rest of the house for being tied to him and not to mention that then she will be stuck spending close personal time with him which just seems scary.

      • Yep, it’s really not fair to her. Production always is trying to change things so why can’t they have a talk with him to leave her alone.

      • He is obsessed with this girl and thinks about her 24/7. When they went to bed last night, or I should say this morning, he was still ranting on about her.

      • They are going to end up HAVING to step in. That’s all he talks about. Sitting in the hammock reading the bible and still talking about her.

      • But I fear if production steps in, she will still be a target. He would most likely feel that she told production he was scaring her. She is in a no win situation. If America’s Team had better perks, I would rally for everyone to vote for her.

      • That’s true. Her only chance to play the game would be if she could convince other HG to get him out, that’s not going to happen.

      • I think people are frightened of him and the ones that aren’t are aligned with him. I was hoping that Devin telling Caleb about Amber saying Devin was her type, would turn Caleb and Devin against each other. Instead it seems as if she is the one who will pay the price. Still hoping that these so called Alpha-males, Devin and Caleb, will turn against each other soon.

  5. All these “friend zone” memes floating around the internet…then you have Caleb. It makes me wonder if everyone that was friend zoned are as crazy as this guy. lol

  6. Caleb concerns me. Know someone who once had a Judge lock him up for over a year because the Judge “thought” he might harm the girl. Caleb is acting a lot like that guy. Normal in every other way except for the obsession with the girl. Hope production is keeping a close eye. Amber seems to be a good player. Still early so we’ll see. Like her though.

  7. I’m hoping the sane members of the Bomb Squad join forces with their sub-alliances (Christine w/Nicole, Frankie w/Victoria, Amber w/anyone but Caleb!) and oust either Caleb or Devin preferably by the back door next week. If anyone but Devin wins HOH I think this could work.

  8. I really like Nicole and Christine. I think at this point, they are playing the smartest game by hanging under the radar. I think they can get by with this strategy for a couple weeks because it seems everyone has their sites see on Devin, Brittany, and Paola. I can even see Caleb being evicted before they even think about Nicole or Christine. I think Nicole is being smart right now by not setting a showmance in stone too. There are 3 guys totally obsessed with her, and three guys I feel like she could get to protect her if needed. Christine has alliances on both sides, which is to her enefit. I think it should be interesting to see how far they go.

    • I love Cody and Nicole as a team..wish they would form an alliance..or have they, and I missed it?

    • I agree with you on Christine & Nicole!! Cody & Hayden are the two I can think of who have the hots for her, who’s the third?

      • Yes! Zach said he wanted to ask Nicole to BB Prom. I hope she teams up with Cody though. He is really likeable. However, I feel like that could get her in trouble because it seems like Pow-Pow or Brittany might not like the idea of Cody snuggling up with someone other than them.

  9. Julie my idea for voting changes ..YOU HAVE….The twist is really two extra games…One extra HOH and in truth one pair ,of ‘ON THE Block’..twosome play a game to get off the Block…Tonight if the winner of the VETO is on the BLOCK then FRANKIE could replace that person on the Block….Except for my Idea which is better,this Concept does break up some groups but in the end when there are a few player you will have to go back to the way the Game is always been played.. You will drop the DOUBLE HOH when where are 8 Houseguests left, I predict or that will be the last 2 HOH games..I will be watching to see JULIE if my Idea is BETTER…of course it is…..

  10. So I was hoping Joey would get das boot first because I immediately took a disliking to her, but oh my goodness, this was overkill….she didnt just hit the self-destruct button she mashed it.

  11. The winner of the Veto tonight could take a Houseguest off the Block or the winner could be on the Block Then FRANKIE could be on the Block as a replacement

  12. Tired of Joey and her endless “liberal” blabber – but, almost more tired of Frankie’s telling us repeatedly that he’s some singer’s brother. Enough of both of them already.

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