Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 7 Monday Night Highlights


In quite possibly the most boring day in the house, the Big Brother 16 HGs at least got to find out from fans outside the house who America is really rooting for: Zach. But seriously, Big Brother is going to have to give these people booze if they’re this quiet at final 9. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house overnight.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 11, 2014:

 4:00 PM BBT – Absolutely nothing going on. Not even sure anyone aside from Donny is awake.

5:25 PM BBT – Nicole telling Victoria she’s creeped out by how much Christine flirts and is all over Cody. She says they’re way too close considering she’s married.

5:33 PM BBT – Derrick and Christine agree they want someone who actually played the game to win.

6:55 PM BBT – Nothing is going on. HGs are making dinner, working out, and chatting.

8:00 PM BBT – HGs talking about traveling to space, space stations and Google maps. No, I”m not kidding.

8:32 PM BBT – Victoria hugs Derrick. She says she wants to be the last girl in the house, not Christine. He tells her he wants her and him to be the last people in the house period.

8:44 PM BBT – Nicole is talking to Victoria about how awful Christine is and how she makes fun of everyone and hates everything. They also think she and Derrick are becoming too close.

9:04 PM BBT – Victoria is worried what people will think about her hanging out with Nicole. Derrick tells her it doesn’t matter who she hangs out with. Victoria does say she’ll feel bad voting out Nicole.

9:10 PM BBT – Nicole crying to Cody. She’s upset that she’s going home.

10:03 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick talking about next week. Cody thinks they should put up Zach and Donny. Derrick says it depends on who wins HOH.

10:17 PM BBT – Fans outside the backyard yell “We Love Big Brother” and “I Love You Zach!” The HGs go on lockdown. Derrick asks Christine if he should tell Zach. She says no. Then she says it’s disgusting that he has fans. Then talks about how horrible it is that Evel Dick has fans.

10:22 PM BBT – Derrick tells the others. They talk about how cool it is. Feeds cut for some reason.

10:45 PM BBT – Feeds return.

11:00 PM BBT – Cody tells Derrick if anyone other than them win the game he’ll be so mad. He thinks no one else has played the game like them (Not sure what Cody has done, but OK).

11:04 PM BBT – Derrick says Donny needs to go next, then Victoria. Cody doesn’t want to be in the house with Frankie and Zach much longer, though, he says. He suggests Frankie or Zach go after Donny.

11:34 PM BBT – Frankie and Zach talking about how much better they feel about each other now and that they love each other more than ever.

11:50 PM BBT – Nicole and Victoria talking about how there will only be two girls left after this week. Victoria says she has to win HOH.

12:09 AM BBT – Nicole says the only person she’d be upset with winning the game is Christine. She then starts figuring out the best way to get people to flip and keep her. Nicole asks Victoria if she’d vote to keep her if she got Derrick & Cody to go along with that too. Victoria thinks it’s unlikely.

12:45 AM BBT – Cody talking with Derrick and worried about a Juror returning to the game and exposing them. Cody thinks they could work with Hayden if he came back.

1:05 AM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria that Joey ruined the chance of an all-girls alliance with how she handled it. Derrick denies there was an all-guys alliance that needed to be combated.

1:50 AM BBT – Zach tells Frankie how close he came to be evicted this week and how the house was planning to send him out. Frankie doesn’t seem to believe it but is hurt by the news.

2:00 AM BBT – Realizing his goodbye message was too mean since Nicole will be in Jury, Zach wants to go redo it.

4:00 AM BBT – HGs wrapped up the night and are going to sleep. Frankie camera talking about how relieved he is to have revealed his secret of Media Mogul status and how he doesn’t think it negatively impacted him in the house.

Not much is happening yet, but Nicole is starting her campaign trail. But most people’s heads are already into next week. It’ll take some hard work on her part to convince the house (Derrick) that she should stay.

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  1. I don’t have feeds, but with BBAD and these recaps, I have concluded the following:
    1. Derrick is the only one who realizes taking Victoria to the F2 is a garaunteed win for him
    2. If Cody is F2, I wonder if votes would go his way? He seems to think he’s a stronger player than he is, and all he is thus far is Derrick’s side kick
    3. Christine is about to have 3 votes against her in Jury. 2 more against her and she can’t win.. Unless the 3 in there think her backstabbing them was good game play (possible, after 1-month cool down period)
    4. Zankie is legit again.
    5. I believe C&D are wrong to think Hayden would work with him. I don’t think he would be so forgiving and gullible to their reasoning for voting him and Jocasta out

    • Ask good as Derrick is, I think he would only beat Cody or Victoria in the Final 2. I’d vote for everyone else over him, even Christine no matter how vile her gameplay is.

    • You are right about most all you said. I don’t think Zankie is totally back. Nobody really trust Frankie now. I believe for Derrick to win he has to get Frankie out. Frankie IMO is the most physical threat in the house. Derrick can make it to the end then.

      • 6 hours late on my response and 3 BBN posts today later, my response!
        What leads me to believe they are back is from watching BBAD from Sunday night when Zach and Frankie went to talk in the fire room. It seems pretty sincere. Though I would agree Frankie is less trusted, I just think Zach has that breakup-let’s-get-back-together relationship mentality right now

  2. Media mogul — what an arrogant jerk. Who, besides an egotistical jerk, even says stuff like that?

    • OMG! Why all the Frankie hate? That’s how he sees himself. He worked his ass off to get his followers by doing his thing. I myself am wondering exactly why Cody can deal with Zach and Frankie? Is it too much for him? Does he have a problem with their relationship?

      • Who says it’s hate? Why use the word hate? Why? Frankie is annoying as buck! that’s why few care. He won’t win squat.

      • He doesn’t act like he has a problem with their relationship. His eye-rolling every time either Frankie or Zach says/does something stupid, which is a lot, makes me think that Cody thinks they are both annoying and he’s sick of them.

      • Perhaps Cody should look in the mirror when he and Nic or Christine are laying in bed with hands all over each other.

      • I thought it was just Christine that he had his hands all over. At least Nicole is single. Either way I agree with you!

      • Because Frankie is an egotistical pathological liar … he sees everyone as below him. The day that he gets voted out of the house I will be ecstatic. The way he goes and hugs everyone, kissing butt is just too much. I can’t stand Frankie … and it floors me that Zach is so naive that he’s back in good with him.

    • UMMM, the other ego…Derrick, when he got mad and said Victoria is HIS and stormed from the room. Mister perfect in some eyes, but to me any married person doing what he and Christine do is the lowest. Feel sorry for their marriages.

  3. Cody thinking he deserves to win is laughable, all he has done is doing a good job at following Derrick around like a puppy.

  4. Zankie is back? Seriously? I thought that Zach was just playing along with Frankie, before the knife comes out, at the opportune time …
    How would Caleb feel, if Zach and Frankie hooked up again? Afteral, they are now BFF’s .. even in this morning’s BBAD episode, while working out together, Frankie was serenading to Caleb, “You Are My Beast Mode ‘Gay’ Cowboy” .. and, I thought I even caught a smile from Caleb’s face … :)
    And, outside, Derrick, Cody and Christine were chatting about who goes next, etc .. and, then the topic of Frankie and “Operation Clean Slate” came up, and Derrick comment, that he/they had moved on for now, but, will never forget what Frankie did/said … while Christine commenting how bad, bad Frankie was, etc …..
    So, Christine may actually be playing both sides now, with her F3 with Derrick and Cody and maintaining a string with Frankie ??
    And, to not disappoint, should one of them win HOH next week, guess who they want to be nominated .. Yep, Donny and Zach … with Victoria and Caleb (most likely) in that order, depending on BOTB and POV, but Derrick kindly reminded them that “hold your horsies …” as it will depend who actually wins HOH, if not one of those 3 .. Ha !!!
    Since Christine can’t play HOH next week … if there is a Zankie reborn, I could see her switching back to a Zankie Alliance shoule one of those two win HOH …
    The worse case/nightmare scenario for Derrick and Cody would be if both Donny and Victoria happen to win the HOH’s … Ha !!! :)
    Then, they realize that at least one of them may end up on the Block and get evicted .. Oooops !!!! Ha !!!
    As for Victoria, if she was crying and in tears after having been betrayed by Derrick that he was in 95+ alliance and sub-alliances, and not one of them was with her, other than their F2 deal … as if he had cheated on her … imagine, how she will feel once she finally realizes that she was used, despite having been told by virtually everyone else that is/was not in the BS Alliance the truth about Derrick’s lies and manipulation …
    In effect, whether knowingly or not, she was Derrick’s best “snitch” of all this season .. as, everytime the Girls talked to her about strategy and what he/they said, Victoria would go back and inform Derrick …
    From all the “BS” Victoria has said about Nicole while repeatedly throwing her under the bus, I find it hard to believe that shey has any sympathy and actual tears about evicting her out this week, as she claims …
    So, she may actually be the “sleeping horse” this season, if she can win one or two comps, when it really counts …. As she could possibly make it to F4 …
    Assuming that Nicole is voted out this week .. imagine if Frankie, Zach and Donny could work together with Victoria as the swing vote ?? I am pretty sure that Christine would hop aboard this train in a heartbeat …

    • I seriously believe Zach is just playing along until he has the opportunity to see Frankie walk out the door!

      • I agree. Before Zach won POV, he would have needed Frankie’s vote to stay in the house. It wouldn’t have made sense for him to be mean to Frankie. I think it is a case of keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  5. Frankie is delusional with his self importance!! P.S. Arianna Grande (who he obviously likens to Madonna status) is his HALF sister….he needs to step off a little bit. I am disappointed with how this is going to play out…I feel bad for Nicole and wish she would have found a voice sooner in the game – b/c at least she is trying to play! I am happy that at least Zach is not letting Frankie ‘get away’ with some of his antics…someone has to call that boy to task! I wish Nicole would speak up more and expose more people etc…I hope SHE is the one who gets to come back in the house!

    • Why are you saying HALF sister like that somehow makes them less related? A sibling is a sibling if you share both parents or only one…

      • Way to say it. My brother has always been my little brother. Never have we thought of each other as halfs!!! Insulting.

      • Right. It’s the same way with me and my little sis. Never once in her 25 years have I referred to her as my half sister.

    • With bullying being such a hot topic these days, I wonder how his sister and her management feel about him threatening that Ariana’s fans are going to make Nicole’s life hell on social media? Not a good look for an up and coming, not yet established pop star.

  6. Ok, I am not a Christine fan, never was and likely never will be .. However … Why the hate for Christine? She is the only woman playing to win this Season …. First, she found herself in an alliance (albeit by Devin) in the original BS Alliance, made a side alliance with Frankie… She made a trusting friendship early on with Nicole (hence, Nicotine” … and, have lied, backstabbed / frontstabbed, flirted with Cody … and, stayed trued, more or less to her Alliance and have recently, finally won a few comps when it mattered …
    In my mind, no difference than most of the guys this season, and / or ever played in Big Brother history .. but, is scorned, while the guys who would do the same thing are considered “Great Players” yada yada yada …
    As have been said, it is Big Brother, the person who outwits, outplays and outlives everyone else wins … Ooops, that was a reference to Survivor, eh !!! :)
    Derrick came into this season with one goal in mind and it is/was to win … Frankie came in with a similar agenda, as have Nicole, based on how she has appeared to play it out …
    Though, I think where there is a difference is that Derrick hasn’t really taken it to a personal level, as compared to Frankie and Nicole ???

    • Christine did nothing but lie and rely on her “alliance” until she won a competition last week- she’s a weasel. She was in the right place at the right time, got in with the right people.. but her herself, did nothing. She madeup a lie about Hayden & Victoria to try any alienate Nicole from him and it backfired – If Chris just stuck with Hayden & Nicole, they could be a powerhouse – but she chose to flirt and hide behind the guys. Oh, by the way – she’s married and her flirtations with Cody and the others is just disgusting.

      • I read something on here the other day that her and Cody were dry humping in the bed..what the hell?

      • They absolutely were. And during the “action” the camera panned over to her picture of her and husband on their wedding day, then panned back to them humping. After the fact, she apologized to Tim, and Cody said “yeah, sorry Tim.” Girl is a pig.

      • 100%, Golden1. Hahaha She IS a weasel, a snake….you name the belly-crawling critter & she’s it!
        1. She has spent a LOT of time with Frankie, trash-talking other people on a PERSONAL level, which is horrible. Trash someone else’s game or moves, but NOT them personally, IMO.
        2. There is the lie she made up about Vic & Hayden – that’s a crappy HUMAN move! I get that her goal was game-related, but that was NOT the way to go about it.
        3. She IS sucking up to the guys (likely because she was the nerdy girl in high school who never got male attention and now that she has it, she’s eating it up like it’s her last meal!), thinking that she’s going to the end with them. In reality, they will DUMP her azz sooner rather than later. She’s being Brigaded and there is NO WAY she doesn’t know this – she knows BB history very well. The disgusting thing is that I don’t think she even cares at this point!
        4. Her completely inappropriate flirting with Cody is out of hand at this point! Even if you don’t care what people outside the house think of you, RESPECT the vows you took and the man you took them with, please! Keep your freaking hands to yourself. Cody isn’t innocent in this, either, though. HE needs to stay away from her, too. P.S. I have a feeling that old Calzone is going to get a butt-kicking from his very Catholic family when he gets home!

      • Wait, isn’t Christine the one who says how disgusted she is when other hg are flirting with each other? But she is MARRIED and flirting especially with Cody playing with his hair and stuff. In my eyes she is not playing a good game, she is jeopardizing her marriage. I know for a fact that if I was in that house and doing what she is doing with the male hg’s, my husband would hand me divorce papers when I got out. A half of a million dollars would not excuse my behavior, no amount of money would. Just saying.

      • True. I don’t hate any HG. I may hate the way they are playing or in Christines case I hate her laugh, drives me crazy. We don’t know these people outside the hse except for Donny. I think we are truly seeing the real Donny. I think he has been the most honest HG in BB history.

      • I try to always remember that these people are in a very different situation than they would EVER be faced with in real life and therefore deserve a bit of a break regarding their behavior. However, some of the ways they behave IN the house has a direct correlation to how they behave OUTSIDE the house and for that reason, I can tell that *I* would not like some of them very much as a person. Case in point: For the longest time, I thought that Frankie was the type of person I would probably be great friends with in the real world. As time has gone on, however, I realize that that definitely is NOT the case – from Christine’s description of how much of a Diva he was on the football trip to his rubbing his triumph in Nicole’s and our faces to his BLATANT petulance and pouting at every single camera for 8 hours when he was nominated & before he won BoB! He’s showing himself to be a pathetic, sad little man who is more deserving of pity than praise.

    • I don’t like Christine because she doesn’t seem to have a game plan of her own. She, just like most of the women this season, is hoping that some of the guys take her to the end. She had more than enough chances to really turn the game to her favor, but each time she gets talked into doing what the guys want.

    • Well said. I still don’t like Christine as a person, flirting with Cody so indiscreetly but as a game player…she is “good” at the lying and backstabbing all with a smile on her face. Her giggle is just annoying! :-)

      • I so so agree that Christine’s giggle is annoying (to the point of distraction). Her unfiltered flirting with Cody is disturbing and disgusting.

    • Christine is hated because all she does is either snitch on those on the outs and does not have any game play to advance her own interests. She is floating by her alliance and nothing else. And her safety is borne by their huge numbers. There are 6 of them including Caleb which makes it practically impossible for anyone in the house to challenge them! That said, she should be playing strategically to eliminate the biggest threats like Frankie and Derrick. Like it or not, she has to deal with them if she wants to win and the deeper they are in the game, Derrick and Frankie only gets stronger with the opposition all evicted and sent packing. Is she playing sure, she is but, only barely. Going by her game play, if she is beside Frankie or Derrick in the Final 2—-she will lose badly!

  7. At least Nicole will have at least 1 week in the jury house with Hayden if/when she leaves the House on Thursday … Have to admit when she did her DR Session on Sunday … “No one gets between Her and Her Man .. ” in reference to her nominees .. Ha !!!

  8. Yes, well… Christine can posit all she wants about how she wants someone who actually played the game to win but unless she somehow lures Jabba the Hut into sitting alongside her as the second in her final two she will not win. People who are hip deep in weasel dung rarely do – sometimes the stink of it is so overpowering it refuses to be washed away.
    Why on earth would Derrick want to get rid of Victoria as part of next weeks’ order of business? Loyal, obedient purse poodles willing to let you do all the heavy lifting of their thinking for them don’t just come along like a Cracker Jack prize out of the Purina puppy kibble everyday you know, it takes a ginormous stroke of good fortune to luck into a lap dog of Victoria’s caliber.
    Zach is vermin. Mildly entertaining vermin mind you, sort of like a mouse running around having the time of it’s life in your garage until you discover the little bugger’s been making a nest for himself and the missus in the air ducts of your husband’s mid life crisis sports car, then it’s to the traps you go, SNAP!!!!! So long, vermin.
    I would like to feel sorry for poor Nicole and her pitiful tear streaked face but I just can’t bring myself there. She woke up, smelt the coffee and discovered there was an actual game afoot far too late in the day. Too little, too late. People who want to win this game start playing from the get go, they do not lounge around poolside like a gas station basset hound laying on it’s sunny patch for half the summer.
    But even with all of that, ladies and gentlemen, delusional dip shiite of week award must surely belong to Cody. He’ll be so mad if anyone other than he or Derrick wins the game because no one else has played the game like them??? Bwahahahahaha. The man is up to his water wings in deep sea floatage and wishful thinking. And now, if you will excuse me I need to go and ask my husband to tape my ribs back together, I think I may have cracked a couple of them laughing at Codys audacity of hope.

    • Cody has done nothing but lay all over most of the females in the house..watching him and Christine makes me nauseous. Derrick is doing all of the work for Cody..he is just along for the ride. I really liked Cody at the beginning of the game..not so much anymore.

      • You’re right. Maybe Christine has a chance sitting next to Victoria, but that is the only person I can see her having a chance against. I think even Zach would beat her easily.

      • When Donny goes as long as Frankie is not in the final 2. I could care less as they all are about alike.

      • I would still hope Derrick wins. I don’t think he has played a malicious game. He made an alliance within an alliance while keeping Victoria close. I also hate to see the person playing the best game get evicted a week before the finals, but I think that is what will happen to Derrick.

  9. Does anyone think that Derrick will try to switch the vote to Donny leaving? It would be better for his game because Nicole would target Frankie and Christine. But if Derrick, Cody and Vic offer to vote to save her, all they need is one more vote, which I think Zach may be up for. Donny would target Cody, which is arguably Derrick’s closest ally. We’ve seen Derrick change his mind and the house in the last minute.

    • Production could put a bug in his ear,and change things up again.By the way.Wasn’t there a season when the evicted guest tried to leave the door was locked?Maybe that will happen again.I don’t remember the reason for that.Anyone remember?

      • Because Donny refused to participate in a TA challenge, which cost them each $5k.

      • But Derrick turned it down this week. Another 5k gone. So they want a chance to win more.

      • Yeh, but that will be the reason Derrick gives, saying they could have participated in the first one!

      • Maybe because all 3 TA members are past the 1/2 way point and figure they don’t need that when the bigger prize is closer to get instead. That to me sounds a bit overconfident, even though it’s quite possible to achieve. Time will tell!

  10. Derrick already working on jury votes like a champ. And I believe he has no intention of voting out Victoria ever.

      • But even last season, which was a bitter jury, wouldn’t vote for GM. And Victoria has just about as much to do with the game as GM, except hasn’t won many comps on her own. Derrick hasn’t sent anyone out of the house feeling bitter towards him. Even Hayden could understand why they voted him out.

      • Not sure about the dislike, but GM was good at individual comps and I believe that gave her some of the respect from the jury. Victoria hasn’t done anything in this game other than be a pawn, not sure that anyone has any respect for her game.

      • No…she’s a quieter version of GM! Silence is very golden than all out there like Frankie and Zach can be! :-)

      • Vic is Derricks “goat” to drag to the end so he wins the big bucks. She would get some money, which I don’t think she deserves. Just my opinion.

      • I don’t think any BB jury could be bitter enough to give Victoria the win.

        And as of now, none of the jurors are even bitter at Derrick.

    • I agree. He would be smart to take her to the end, because she would be a bitter jury member, but Cody may not be.

    • Assuming that Derrick makes it to the F2 … Does anyone think that he would reveal his true profession, before the casts are made ??

      On the other end of the spectrum …. Does anyone still have any doubts that Donny isn’t (err, was) just a school ground’s keeper, before entering the BB House this season ??

      • I think he would because it would help him explain how in control of the game he was. Derrick is good at stroking the egos of his fellow houseguests and I think that will translate into making a good speech to the jury.

      • What? Donny isn’t really a Vet from Vietnam War ?? :)

        eta: Sure hope he gets his old job back, assuming he did quit his job, before entering the House .

      • If he didn’t have enough vacation he probably did. Public Service is that way. To do another job or run for public office you must resign and lose your seniority. So hoping he gets right back in.

  11. So Christine thinks it’s “disgusting” that Zach has fans??? Effectively calling someone else “disgusting” – really, Christine?? I would really like to hear from her why she finds Zach having fans “disgusting”. Details please.

  12. say why is Christine a vile gameplayer when Frankie -and- Zach -cheated technologically to find out all the house plans. And F threw everyone under the bus, slimes his way into the HOH room and has stayed there just about every week, even Christine went to another room to sleep, lie after lie about his personal life such as “star” status and followers. the guy is also related to the CBS Family (Ari and Hayden too)…against the rules aint it?? If this is a game then Frankies not only vilier than Christine but also one of the most despicable player too… not to rival Dirty Dick of course… Frankie is running out of game. How soon if (when?) Derrick really comes after him.

    • Hi Jan… did Frankie and Zach cheat technology and find out all the house plans? And how did you find out that Frankie and Hayden are related to the CBS family and how are they related?

      • this i know for sure when Zankie were together F used his knowledge of video cameras and tv equip to spy on an HOH game and it was on the ticker tape on BBAD as well that nite after the fact. the feed was cut, when it came back up Derrick and Cody in HOH room discussing their growing dislike of Frankie and Zach, Cody said something akin to …yeah and especially since he used his background in video stuff,,,(obv my words).
        Thats one of the reasons they BDd Hayden, F saw that his time was coming up and whispered in the HGs ears.

        now I have not researched it yet, another thread saw a pic of Julie Chen and Ari together plus a diff thread said that F and H were related to cbs employees specifically saying that CBS is the owner of the record label that ari is signed on too. but you know i dont even care anymore BB is rigged otherwise they would have thrown Zanckie out right after that for cheating. bet cheating like that is going into BB game rules now! huh doubt it…

      • very interesting Jan…I had no idea that Frankie was cheating like that….thanks so much for that information. But, how is Hayden related to CBS?

      • like I said I had not researched this yet…it was a thread that I had read… Do you know?

  13. I hope Nicole comes back from jury, but after watching Jocastas interview with Jeff, it wouldn’t be bad if she came back

  14. everyone is wantin for donny to come bck if eliminated. seriously, who cares abt him bein nice, if someones gnna cme back, i want them to stir ish up ! & we cant depend on donny to do tht, at least not in an entertaining way

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