Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It was a pretty lazy and quiet day in the Big Brother 16 house, which you sometimes have when there’s a blindside in the works. Amber and Caleb think Amber is staying, but everyone else plans to vote her out. So unless someone spills the news, we might have a pretty quiet week up until Thursday. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds so far today in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 29, 2014:

10:13 AM BBT – Feeds cut for wake-up call.

10:26 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs starting to move about.

10:40 AM BBT – HGs are locked down. They’re wondering if there will be a luxury competition.

11:55 AM BBT – Indoor lockdown is over.

12:32 PM BBT – Caleb tells Christine he’s glad Amber isn’t going home because he’d feel partially responsible (little does he know, the plan is to evict Amber). He also shares his suspicions within the alliance. He says something isn’t right. He also tells her that he’s going to try to make a deal with Victoria. He says he’s the reasons she’s off the block because he told Hayden to use the veto.

12:38 PM BBT – Amber and Nicole talking about how a girl HAS to win HOH this week before they’re all evicted. Amber promises not to nominate Nicole this week (she thinks she’s staying).

12:45 PM BBT – Caleb tells Christine that he had Frankie shaking yesterday and that he’s afraid of him.

12:49 PM BBT – Frankie has the HOH camera.

12:55 PM BBT – Frankie is taking pictures with the HOH camera.

1:04 PM BBT – Caleb tells Frankie that he was “bawling” in his goodbye message to Amber.

1:06 PM BBT – Victoria tells Caleb she doesn’t know who she’s voting out.

1:32 PM BBT – Another lockdown is called. HGs speculating why. But the lockdown only lasts about 10 minutes.

1:55 PM BBT – Frankie talking about doing the HOH tweets and says he was asked questions from people on Twitter.

2:35 PM BBT – Victoria is talking to Hayden about Nicole thinking she flirts with Hayden. Victoria keeps talking about who flirts with whom and says that she feels she can only confide in Hayden and Derrick and that she isn’t trying to upset Nicole by talking to him.

So Amber should be leaving this week and Caleb might be following close behind. But then again, these HGs chance their mind at the drop of a hat.

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  1. Frankie said this last night about Jocasta. I am appalled.

    “If Jocasta is pissed at me for putting up someone that is going to go home over her, she can just kill herself.”

    • I pointed that out on the blog here yesterday when I was watching the feeds and I shook my head thinking damn we got ourselves Andy 2.0. The thing I’m happy about though is his lies are catching up to him and the detonators are gonna flip on him too especially when Zach finds out that he wanted to backdoor him out the house and all this will start happening as soon as Thursday when Caleb finds himself in a state of shock after Amber gets evicted.

      • I agree! I can’t wait for all of his lies to finally catch up to him and when his alliance starts to realize he’s 100% in it for himself, he doesn’t care about anyone’s game but his! Like I know it’s Big Brother but I feel like protecting your alliance is a big part of it and all he does is bash on everyone depending on who he’s talking to!

        Thursday is going to be great.

    • Frankie figures Andy got away with it so he will too. Didn’t like Andy’s game play and I don’t like his. Don’t like Jocasta either.

  2. Like to know where jaGaaga got ordained as a person of the cloth.
    And where does she get the right to where priestly garments, or can just anybody go out and buy a bunch of said garments, and then wear them!

    • It’s ridiculously easy to become “ordained” as a minister or priest. Google it.

      • Well it really does depend which organization you are being ordained into. Most protestant & evangelical denominations start with a minimum masters degree in theology or sizeable amounts of counseling and/or ministry experience. But yes, there are ”those” online places where you can literally get your ordination papers after a couple courses and tests within a month’s time – the same applies to many other fields where sometimes ”online certification” is enough. I’m assuming that Jocasta took the traditional route however (even if she does have a flair for the flamboyant)…

      • Not sure she took the traditional route. What she said came out of the “Left Behind” series where most Catholics were not raptured. Just saying. Really have no idea where she trained or got her degree but all my years of church and the Bible I was never told Catholics were not Christians.

      • sadly there are segments of those in the faith (both Catholics & Protestants) who believe the reformation was an end to any likeness of faith between the two which has been handed down through several generations of misguided teachings… Heck we’ve still got issues as a church, but I’m glad that the majority seem to be educated enough to know that Catholics & Protestants can indeed share the same claim to faith. (actually there’s a great Simpsons episode about this)…

      • Oh and the “Left Behind” books are FICTION based on Revelations. Key word is fiction as the rapture hasn’t taken place yet.

      • Depending on whether you’re a pre, mid, or post millenialist… not all believers believe the rapture is in the future (some believe we’re in the midst of the waiting period between the rapture and the 2nd coming)…

    • I still cannot believe that JaGaga told Cody he wasn’t a Christian because he was Catholic. Where does she get off saying stuff like that. I am Catholic and I know dam well that I am a Christian. As soon as you are baptized, you have been brought into the Catholic and Christian communities. Now, Cody thinks that he is not a Christian because JaGaga told him so….

      • Amen. Beth. I couldnt believe she said that crap either. Im sure she will get an earful from someone down the road for stinking the place up like that.

      • I wish I had been there cause I would have given her an earful on that remark she made. Talking about stirring the pot, I would have put the cover on that pot and put it on high and let her boil for a while!

      • Let’s hope so. But sadly my guess is that she would more likely be surrounded by a small community of people who truly believe this to be a truthful teaching… It is important to remember she’s not that old and hasn’t been a minister for that long. She herself is not God and will occasionally get things wrong because she’s only human… I hope that at some point she gains some insight and wisdom on this however.

      • I’m a Catholic and I’m a Christian as well. I don’t know where Jocasta is coming off saying that comment.

      • It is old Southern anti-Catholic crap. I am Catholic and grew up in the South, and heard that crud all the time. Southerners always hated Jews, Blacks and Catholics. Seems Jacosta still has some of that old time Southern poison in her veins, even if she doesnt intend it.

      • I really take offense to you throwing Southerners under the bus (bloop bloop). Every Southerner does NOT think that way. In high school all my friends were different religions. So we all decided to attend a service at every Church. Catholic, Baptist(me), Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian. It was very enlightening and I learned a lot. Since that time I have respected all religions. The Bible teaches we should respect all. Deciding who is a Christian is NOT anyone’s job but God. Certainly not Jocasta.

      • Honestly Brenda, Jason’s a pretty stand up guy in most of his comments, I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend or over generalize. I agree (and love) when you said that only God judges who is a follower of the faith and who isn’t. Well said. :)

      • I am sorry to offend. In my defense I stressed that her thoughts were left over from a bygone era. I used the past tense and the word “old” twice. It was not meant to condemn the modern South. Still, I am in my 49’s and grew up with some really outrageous antiCatholicism. So at least then it was very real. I love the South in many ways, but certainly dont miss the way I was treated for my faith.

      • She has no idea what she is talking about…and she needs to keep her mouth shut on things that she does not know anything about. I live in GA as she does but do not know where in GA….I may have to find out and send her some words of wisdom…since she has no wisdom and does not know when to keep her mouth shut!

      • I agree. I am also Catholic which makes me a Christian. And how did she just happen to have her garments with her? If she brought it in the house with her that was strange. Was she planning on having a service for everyone.

      • She is strange. I am sure that she brought her garments in with her *just in case*…lol. I bet she was looking for an opportunity to preach to people about her ministry. From what I see, she holds daily Bible readings and I can only imagine what she says in her interpretation of those readings. If she told Cody he was not a Christian, can you imagine what she is saying to the others? And the other HGs seem very gullible and probably believe her and hang on her every word.

      • One of my best friends now is Catholic. Not a doubt in my mind she’s a Christian.

      • Wow that’s ridiculous. Catholics are most definitely Christian. They believe in the Trinity and that Jesus is God. If he were Mormon on the other hand, then we might be having a different conversation…

      • Wow she really said that and in that same manner? That’s horrible! I am extremely apologetic & embarrassed by her actions if this is the case. The sad truth is that some people do come into the faith (and surround themselves with a community of like minded people) who sometimes get a wrong teaching into their lexicon. Jocasta may be a minister but please understand she’s like anyone else who is on a journey and she may not have been exposed to enough Catholics – she may also not be aware that the Protestant church wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the Catholic church (and in fact there’s been a movement across many countries for the past decade to reunite aspects of the Protestant and Catholic church)…

      • No need for you to apologize Matt. When she was talking about this subject, I felt that she said it with an authority of the Catholic religion which she is not…evidently. It is sad that because she is a minister, people must feel that she is an authority on this subject. I got the feeling that Cody believed everything she said because of the way he answered her. I just hope that he questions this and looks for the right answers and get them. It would be so sad if he felt he wasn’t a Christian just because he is Catholic. And to add insult to injury, she did something..I cannot remember if she said a prayer or what but when she was done, she told Cody that he was now a Christian and he was saved……way too sad…

      • Oh my. Sadly there are those within the faith who honestly believe this is a righteous path. Far too often, it is a self-righteous path that glorifies our own desire for recognition, esteem, and the need to be in control of somebody else…

      • very true and very unfortunate….It is sad the state of our country is in….even religion..

      • Could I frame it more in the context that this is the state of all humanity regardless of religious or national alliance… I’ve yet to meet a person alive who doesn’t daily struggle with issues that the rest of us also struggle with.

      • When Cody said he was Catholic the first thing out of her mouth was “we need to convert you then”. I was also not shocked that she didn’t know much about the Catholic church or Theology in general. Since when are Catholics not Christian? Duh, most of the other Christian religions including JaCosta’s “non denominational” broke off the Catholic Church. If she were a REAL minister, she would know this. Anyone can get a piece of paper that says Minister or enter that in their bios. She is useless in this game, she needs to go soon.

      • very true and she needs to read a book on religion and the beliefs of Christians….and who Christians are. This is why so many people shy away from the Catholic church these days…from people who do not know what they are talking about telling people wrong things about things….namely religion…she needs to get a life and go home

      • Remember Jocasta’s jibberjabber that I guess we were supposed to take as “speaking in tongues”. Who wants to be a part of that?

      • Speaking in tongues is a way of praying in many religions…especially the Pentacostal churches. I am surprised that no one said anything about this…it looked like the houseguests had seen her do this before. It is an accepted way of praying but it was just overlooked.

      • Have you ever seen or heard anyone speaking in tongues? I have and she was definately speaking in tongues…

      • oohoohoohoohdedededededecacacacacacacaeeeeeeeeeeeeetetetetetetetetetetetete…….look, I’m speaking in tongues!

      • I believe she said different noises….they reported what she said in one of the forums

    • Anybody can be “ordained” by going to certain websites, filling out a form, and waiting by the mailbox for the certificate. What’s more, at least some of the certificates are state recognized and enable one to legally perform weddings.

    • i was very surprised to see her dance moves up in the hoh room when amber did her butt move and sat on cody.

  3. “Frankie: “I cannot wait for Amber to fucking go!” Christine and Frankie are angry that Amber keeps hanging out with them.”

    I don’t understand their hate for Amber. From what I’ve gathered, she cooks, cleans, never swears and is nice 100% of the time.

    • This always happens. It isnt rational, but emotionally it makes sense. It is very difficult to be kind to someone you are about to backstab in a big way. I dont think she is really annoying as a person. What annoys them is how it makes them feel to be around her, but they cant quite see that. It makes sense that they just want this to be over and done with because it is so awkward.

      • Dan was never mean to anyone he was about to back stab. It’s only awkward for like one minute – the minute it takes her to go from the nomination chair to the chair outside with Julie.

      • If you are speaking of Dan Gheesling, he’s my all time fav player. He was a master of deceit, but was still always kind to ppl. While his deceit angered ppl, I bet long term he is friends with his former housemates.

  4. Thanks again for the update Branden! You and Matthew do a great job and I’m sure it’s as boring for ya’ll as it is for us sometimes. We don’t tell ya’ll enough, but it sure helps as I cannot watch 24/7 and with the updates I can go back and see anything I missed. So THANK YOU BOTH!!!!!

    • This is the first season that I knew sites like this one were available. I am really enjoying BBnetwork because the constant updates and how many ppl comment here. It definitely changes the way I watch the show. So add my thanks to the pile for Matt and Branden!

  5. So… ya think Zack is gonna get charged to replace the felt on the pool table?

    • I thought it looked like he did that on purpose……… he just ruined all of the fun…seems like they play pool most of the time.

  6. I am going to laugh my ass off if Donny and and one of the outsiders get
    hoh and watch Zankie,Cody,Christine, and Derrick Run around trying to
    save their asses ALSO i cannot wait til both the annoying Frankie and the annoying Zach are gone

    • Why do think Derrick and Zach are trying to keep Donny and Victoria in their pocket? They can’t get them all out at once and there’s always a chance one of them could win HoH. They plan to control their nominations, too. I don’t think Derrick will let Frankie go to the end. He might play Cody by saying let’s take Victoria to F3 so we can easily eliminate her. Since they agreed once Jury starts, it’s every man for himself. You too, Christine.

      • As long as Team America is in play, the prospect of an extra 5K per week in the pocket will likely keep the target off Derrick and Frankie if Donny wins HOH.

  7. Once Jury starts we should see some bombs drop since it will be every man for himself. But obviously Derrick isn’t waiting til then to strategize scenarios for how he will take out his alliance members, especially the stronger ones and those who stand a chance against him in F3.

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