‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 5

“Operation Brittany” is in effect this week as the Big Brother 16 Houseguests have resumed their mission to blindside this week’s target. No easy feat considering their plan was already exposed, but that’s not going to stop them.

Frankie Grande counting votes on Big Brother 16
Frankie Grande counting votes on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

There will be nine votes on Big Brother this week which means no chance of a tie and Frankie Grande’s role is over for the week. So which nominee can avoid racking up five votes against her? Let’s count them up.

The Brittany “operation” is a reference to the HGs tricking the target in to believing she is safe for the week. This seems to be part sport and a larger part of trying to keep the target from blowing anything up as they wait to get to eviction night. Right now, Amber is that target.

Yesterday when Amber was renominated she realized she was in real trouble and so did Caleb. Caleb went around the house scrambling to gather votes to keep Amber safety after realizing he had put her in the way of danger to soothe his ego. Nothing like a little time to wash away reality though.

By this morning Caleb was back to asserting he was in control as the HGs were telling them overnight that they were going to vote to keep Amber. I think Amber is a little more cautious about her chances as she told Caleb the guys had possibly formed a new alliance without. “I run the alliance,” said Caleb. “I. Run. It,” he added for emphasis.

At this point the only person I see voting to keep Amber is Caleb in which case we’d get a 8-1 eviction vote with only Caleb casting a vote against Jocasta.

As always though, we are still a long ways away from Thursday night’s vote and much can change. Can Amber pull another four votes in to keep her around? I’m doubtful, but you never know.

What do you think will happen on Thursday night for Big Brother 16? Will Amber or Jocasta be evicted? Cast your vote in our poll now!



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    • I am thinking he may be stupid! You never say that even if it is true or you get blindside.

    • To set the record straight from earlier comments, it must be said the Caleb is clearly an abuser. But not just any kind of abuser, he is a mascara wielding abuser. And, we all know that is the very worst kind.

  1. Amber is done. I think it would be great and make things much more interesting if she could get some support and stay, but the weaker players just aren’t playing smart at all this season.

  2. These HGs better be careful. Once Caleb realizes that he’s NOT in control of the “alliance,” he’s gonna be pissed. Look for Caleb to win HOH this week, as we could be in for a endurance comp the week. At that point, the only hope for a Caleb eviction will be BotB.

    • I think you’re overestimating Caleb’s ability, he’s still only won one comp and there’s no reason to believe that Caleb has any ability to do anything. Even if he were to put up his target, the house might vote out the other person just to give him the finger.

    • It might be a comp that requires thinking, or eating pickles, and Caleb will be a goner.

    • Even if it is an endurance test, it may be one where they have to lean out. Those work to the advantage of those who are leaner. He is a heavy dude and prolly isnt suited for such a contest.

      • True. Still not sure why people assume that the most muscular person = a strong competitor. Survivor proves over and over that lean muscle mass tends to outperform bulky muscle mass. A swimmer’s physique ends up usually being better than a body builders physique, unless of course it’s a power competition which almost never happens on Big Brother.

  3. The smart thing would be to get rid of Jocasta.. She is not a strong player, she’s always getting sick, & she is not on the side of the women. Amber is a strong player. These R some of the weakest women! The strong women R gone! Joey, Brittany , now Amber! Now what is left Crying Victoria, Silent Nicole, & I’m Just Here Chris..

    • No actually the smart thing is to get rid of Amber. Even though I want Amber to stay so badly.

      • I agree, if she is gone that is one less person that the Detonators don’t have to worry about.
        Jocosta and Victoria will only win a HOH if they fall ass backwards into it.
        Derrick can control Hayden & Nicole so that would leave only Donny that they have to be worried about.

      • Yeah, it kinda sucks how these women R dropping like Flies.. Dang I would love 2 see the women come in strong, but maybe next season.

    • Joey was in no way a strong player, she knew nothing about the game and to assume that she could do anything is ridiculous.

      Brittany actually thought that Caleb was running the house and that she could trust Derrick and Cody, so she’s obviously not very perceptive.

      Amber, I’ll give you that, she can win comps, but she’s proven that she can’t handle being under pressure time and time again.

      Sorry, but in general, the women aren’t very strong this season.

      • I do agree with U, they R not strong, this season.. But U have admit the ones that R there now, except Amber R the weakest.

    • That’s why they’re keeping Jocasta because she’s not a strong player.

  4. Ok … so Amber goes home … maybe! But I would love to see two of the weaker links win HOH for next week. And, put up 4 of the stronger players. So, I hope Christine and Nicole win.

    At least there would be some movement in the game… because right now it’s boring and tedious to watch them pick off the floaters.

    • Christine and Nicole will do whatever Derrick says. Tbh I’m not really sure if they will make a big move. I’m not sure if any of the remaining houseguest will.. except for Jocasta & Donny maybe… and MAYBE if Caleb is angry over Amber’s eviction than we might see him go after the people responsible

    • No Christine will do what the guys want. Donny needs to win because he will do what he wants and not listen to everyone else.

      • Don’t you think that Christine might just be a tad pissy because she was nominated? Hoping she grows a spine when she realizes that women are the targets.

    • I agree! I love BB, but this year is the most boring in a long time. None of the people are the least bit interesting, with the exception of Frankie. This year is just dull and boring. I hope that I am not getting tired of BB, I hope it is just the uninteresting people.

      • Oh I’m enjoying this season (minus the ridiculous and consistent casting of part time models just for the tna factor and maturity factor)…

  5. Amber’s only shot at staying is to convince Christine and Victoria to evict Jocasta. If she can convince Christine than she will have Hayden & Nicole’s votes locked in too.. Than all you need is Victoria and that’s it. But I don’t see that happening unfortunately so bye Amber :(

    • Nicole and Hayden will not vote to keep Amber as Amber has targeted Nicole before so, I doubt she would even get their votes. Christine is probably not going to vote Jocasta out. I think Amber is so totally done. It was her own fault for not paying attention. When she was put on the block multiple times, that should have told her that the Bomb Squad alliance is no good! Even if she did not know about the Detonators, she has to know that the guys are targeting her! Bad for her, she got on people’s bad side so, she does not have any ally except crazy cowboy, Caleb.

  6. The look on Caleb’s face when Amber gets sent packing on Thursday is going to be interesting to see.
    Caleb thinking that he is in control of the alliance is hilarious, the only reason he is even still in the house is because Derrick kept him there.
    Caleb winning one of the HOH’s would be fun.

  7. I’ve been wanting for Caleb to go home. They missed that opportunity. Since Caleb is still there, I want Caleb to be really really pissed of Amber’s eviction, win HOH and create havoc among the Detonators…..something has to happen, it’s getting stagnant in the house.

  8. Here’s what I hope happens Thursday. After Julie tells the HG’s the results of the vote and that Amber is evicted, she then says that due to Caleb’s assault on Amber with a pillow and subjecting Amber to emotional abuse he is being evicted instead.
    I so want to see Beast Mode Cowboy’s face when his jaw hits the floor.

    • wouldn’t that have to have been done soon after the incident? Not days later.

      • Maybe or they could just say the matter was under investigation and the decision wasn’t final until Thursday. I’m sure they’re creative enough to get around it somehow:) It’s really upsetting to a lot of people that Caleb is bullying a girl just because she doesn’t want to date him. I’m just an old fashioned gal but this type of intimidation against Amber is making my blood boil.

    • That would be the best thing to happen….Caleb is a f*^k#%g stalker and needs to be stopped

    • Frankie is going to get caught. People are already talking about him. His name has been mentioned by several people as to who they would put up. My dream nominations if they still have 2 HOH’s would be Caleb and Frankie, Christine and Derrick. Watch the drama begin!

  9. Poor Caleb, he hasn’t run the alliance since it was created. Derrick has. Derrick even gets Frankie to change sometimes or I would have said Der & Fra run it. Amber will go and if Caleb doesn’t know ahead of time we can expect fireworks. Caleb will win HOH if it is a strength endurance. However if it is just endurance look for maybe Donny or Hayden (I’m hoping Donny) to win. If Donny wins and keeps HOH after BOB then expect Jocasta to be safe this week. I think if they have 2 HOH’s this will be the last time. I actually hope they don’t tell them until after the comp that’s it’s only one.

  10. Another note; if Donny were to win HOH I think he would put up Christine and Caleb with Caleb the target. I am seriously worried about Donny now because he has started talking to Christine. He just made a big mistake, but thought because he was good with Hayden he could do it.

    • Its scary to watch Donny talk with Ratine but to flip the house they need her. Its a risk he has to take. Let’s hope Hayden has more control over Ratine then Derprick.

  11. I’d like to see Amber go first. They could get JoCasta out anytime since she litterally does NOTHING, but the smart thing would be Amber. I really do not like her as a person and I don’t like her “gameplay”. Farewell Amber (:

  12. This is kind of random and off topic – but I did NOT like how the houseguests entered the house this season. I feel it changed the game in a bad way for many of the players. I wish Amber would stay to rile up the house and target some of the guys…Jocasta is a joke and I wish she would get voted off. She will stay though b/c she is weak and they think (rightfully so) that they can use her now and just pick her off when needed. The guys are running the house…Amber is a threat to them b/c they know she will stand up and fight. They don’t want anyone going up against all of their ‘grand plans’. Also, Frankie is a little weasel a.k.a. a run-back. All he does is run back and tell everyone what is said…I liken him to Andy from last season and hope he gets the boot sooner rather than later.

    • We are missing the kind of trouble maker that Joey tried to be. I couldnt see it then but now it seems her departure was a major factor in making the game dull.

  13. Hate to say it but the only time these women rally for people to “think/vote for themselves” is when they are on the block and otherwise, they vote with the house and vote each other out week after week. Now Nicole thinks the (BoB) twist screws over the girls. Oy.

  14. To set the record straight from earlier comments, it must be said the Caleb is clearly an abuser. But not just any abuser, he is a mascara wielding abuser. And, we all know that is the very worst kind.

  15. I dont think that Caleb won’t not even try to win the HOH because he will be so wrapped up in guilt over being the sole one responsible in sending his lady love out the door.

  16. I’m still struggling to understand why Frankie is keeping up this charade and letting Caleb think Amber is staying. If everyone supposedly hates Amber, then her eviction should be a lock. Why are you setting up Caleb to go into the next HOH comp with revenge on his mind?

    At this point, Frankie better pray that A.) Caleb doesn’t win HOH, or B.) if he does, that he’s stupid enough to blame other people like Zach or Nicole.

    • She did lead him on if you like the feeds. She liked having him as a puppy dog, how he’s gaga for her and she loves it (all the attention).
      I think it’s sick on her part so I’m happy she’s leaving.

  17. I think it is way too funny that Caleb thinks he runs this alliance where he is not even a part of. He is a major narcissist!! And yes, it is sad that because of him, Ambers game is destroyed. Karma is a bitch so Caleb better watch out!!

  18. I think it is way too funny that Caleb thinks he runs this alliance where he is not even a part of. He is a major narcissist!! And yes, it is sad that because of him, Ambers game is destroyed. Karma is a bitch so Caleb better watch out!!

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