Big Brother 16: HGs Prepare For Blindside In Double Eviction

Double Evictions on Big Brother are always intense and tonight’s promises to deliver again on that expectation with another blindside, but which side will be caught off guard?

Will Frankie Grande see what's coming?
Will Frankie Grande see what’s coming? – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 house has been preparing to send home Zach Rance after Hayden and Nicole took the reins and lead the Detonators to turn on their own in a surprising series of events. After a last ditch effort to keep their numbers strong Caleb Reynolds was able to reunite his allies.

It wasn’t so much that Caleb convinced everyone that they needed to keep Zach as it was that he got them talking and once they started talking everyone realized how well Haycole had managed to divide and nearly conquer them. From there it was obvious that they needed to band together.

Hayden and Nicole are confident that Zach is about to be evicted in another landslide vote and they’ll have a house unified against Christine and Frankie. They’re about to be very shocked.

The house has turned and the votes have gone with it. Zach will have at least five of the votes to stay and that’s what he’ll need to avoid the tie-breaker role held by Nicole who would most definitely vote against him.

Get ready to watch Haycole panic because when they enter the first HoH comp of the night it’ll be Hayden and Donny vs the rest of the house. Nicole isn’t eligible and everyone else remaining, plus or minus Victoria, will be working against them together.

Tonight is going to be an incredible episode for drama and action and when that second eviction hits I think we could be saying goodbye to Hayden or Nicole. It could be a rough night for Haycole fans. Then again, anything can happen and should Hayden or Donny beat the odds to win the power we could see a very different outcome.

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      • Matthew she’s probably been watching BB from last year and thinks that’s how BB is supposed to be which is why she finds Blindside and house flipping in this season which really part of the game in every season since it started boring in her Myopic mind.

  1. If Nicole gets the boot she deserves it for thinking she could align with Cody and Derrick. Plus she is an annoying whiner. If Jocasta goes first and Nicole second the annoyance meter for future episodes will drop significantly.

    • I completely disagree. She’s a great and honest player who has a lot of compassion and integrity for the game. She’s been treated terribly by Christine who is a back stabbing, cheating wh**e. If anyone needs to go it’s her !!

    • It’s a CBS show, so in my area it is only shown on CBS. You have to check your local guide to find out for where you live.

  2. These double evictions are so nerve racking…especially tonight knowing that Hayden, Nicole and Donny are in for a big surprise. I really hope that Donny or Hayden can pull out the first HOH comp..if not, they are toast!

  3. Does anyone think Zach will get a shot at stardom after BB? Not BB All Stars or another reality show but a scripted deal?

    • You never know who is going to have the longevity after the show. I don’t know if Zach will be one that stands out or not. I was thinking that Cody may have something before Zach would.

    • Go to the other thread. The one which Matt has all set up with votes, etc. Double Eviction live recap.

  4. I will laugh hysterically if Hayden and Donny manage to pull out an HOH win tonight. The entire house against them, and they manage to sink every single one of them? Now THAT would be “expect the unexpected.”

    Then again, the best definition of that would be Victoria winning HOH, lol.

    Either way, expect the house to explode after the first eviction tonight, alla BB13 DE where Jeff was voted out!

  5. Just Found Out there’s Only 1 HOH & U Won’t Believe who Won!! That’s Y I always said If someone Is a Physical Threat, Watch Ur Back!!! Caleb Is The New HOH!!! OM !!

  6. Okay,so Jocasta gets voted out, but she is one of the New Jury. The Twist she might go back in? LOL.. Caleb is Loyal 2 his alliance & Voted 2 Evict Hayden & Our Fav, Sorry Donny….

  7. Whew A Mess! Donny saves his self & Drum Roll, Caleb tells Nicole 2 sit next to her man A Mess!!

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