Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 4

Ready to find out who will be sent home tonight on Big Brother? Either Donny Thompson or Brittany Martinez will be heading out the door on Thursday night and things are looking pretty solid on how that will turn out.

Donny and Brittany face eviction on Big Brother
Donny and Brittany face eviction on Big Brother – Source: CBS

There are ten votes up for grabs this week on BB16 which means the HoH would have to break any ties, but I don’t see it coming to that. The house may be telling both nominees they’ll be safe, but we know who is hearing the truth on their fate.

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother 16 this week? Cast your vote now & read our predictions below.

More predictions are in from these Big Brother sites and we’re all in agreement.

Big Brother 16 Week 4 Eviction Predictions – Brittany Martinez or Donny Thompson?:

Brittany Martinez
Big Brother Fix Brittany Martinez
Big Brother Junkies Brittany Martinez
Big Brother Source Brittany Martinez
Brittany Martinez
Big Brother Access Brittany Martinez
Zap2It Brittany Martinez
Brittany Martinez

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. Unless the house suddenly realizes that Donny is a bigger threat especially in competitions, Brittney is sadly going to be evicted tonight by a unanimous vote.

  2. I want Donny to stay and win HOH. Donny has won several comps so it’s possible. Donny is smarter than they think about BB. Brittany never really impressed me that much. Didn’t dislike her she just didn’t play the game well. People don’t realize it but Donny and Derrick are actually playing the same type game. Derrick is just better. They both talk to everybody and everybody likes them (except Christine). Donny just didn’t get in the alliance to start.

    • Britt’s plan to stay backfired this week..she came on way too strong the last two or three days. Overly nice, sleeping in the HOH room, she should have showed this side sooner.

      • If she just wanted to stay – totally agree.
        If she wanted to make a big move, agree but if she felt “safe” all this time, I just don’t see her doing that.
        But as far as staying longer in the game, sure. She should have developed relationships and played nice from the beginning. I know she didn’t know that then but j/s.

      • They sure convinced her she was safe. Two weeks ago she had her guard up. As soon as it came down the guys were after her. But the mean girls including Frankie want the guys all to himself. Did the convo between Britt Cody and Amber really happen? When Amber went back upstairs and told Cody Britt was smack talking him and amber?

      • Oh I don’t know about the convo btwn Brit/Cod/Amb. ??? Even if it did, it might have been “edited” in Ambie’s favor.
        Those are some mean girls for sure – goodness gracious – looks are deceiving there!

  3. this makes me very sad. And if Frankie somehow decides to leave after Brit has been evicted, that would be horrible

  4. Brittany will definitely be evicted tonight, probably by unanimous vote. The HOH competition tonight is the only real drama. I would love to see Donny, Jocasta, or Victoria be the two winners and nominate for eviction four Detonator alliance members. Big Brother this season is getting boring because it is obvious that the Detonators are controlling everything and one of them will win the $500,000.

      • Joey was stupid! She first outs the 4 girl alliance then, tries to start an alliance in full public view of everyone! Dumb as they come! She should have sticked to the 4 girl alliance and tried to keep everyone on board! Keep it kosher on the down low! Stop blabbing and telling everyone what your plan is!

    • Victoria won’t..she is Derrick’s shadow right now. She will do what he tells her to do.

  5. The worse thing about sending Britt home tonight is because they are not being truthful to her because they are afraid how she will act this week. that is lame. To see mean girls laughing that she is going home is horrible. Now Cody is trying to find excuses to validate putting her on the block

    • I would have liked to have seen her stay until at least jury and get that money for her family. Disappointed in Cody this week.

      • I think she’ll do fine. I don’t think she’s really enjoyed her time in BB so she may be entirely ready to go home and see the kiddos and her family. She was selling high end face cream (thus her unfortunate Twitter handle: @britt4skin) and her parents seem to be well to do, based on the pics from their house she posted (lush pool, etc). The kids look happy and well kept and I would betcha, jury or not, she’ll turn the lemons into lemonade with the offers she’ll get after she gets out. THAT part of the experience – I think she’ll really enjoy. :) I mean, look at Jeremy from last year – He’s still partying like a rock star and he went home the 3rd week. Lol. Your girl will be fine, I think. ;>

      • Wouldn’t it be something that being evicted 10-0 there is a twist that prevents her from leaving? Her and Donny win HOH and put up 4 with Derrick and Frankie being 2 of them.

  6. Brittany is my favorite, so I want her to stay.

    But none of these people are smart enough, so they will evict her, and they will keep in the house the person that won the most competition, the smartest, most likeable, best social game.

    Because nobody really left in the house has personality, I don`t think any twist will change anything.

    I want Donny and Jocasta to win HOH also. ( Too bad they are too boring for the show)

    • Blame that on the producers. A “physical threat” is about as vague as it gets. Amber is clearly a physical threat among the girls… that’s for sure. She won a physical HOH after all, and she’s done fairly well in the BOtB competitions.

      They should have just made the mission “nominate Caleb”, because that’s what everyone wanted.

  7. I don’t think it matters who wins HOH – they are all too scared to go after the Detonators…Derrick will figure out a way to manipulate whoever is the new HOH.

    • Agree lol…. except for Jocasta maybe. But regardless we are looking at Derrick’s 3rd HOH reign in a row

  8. Some of you like her, some have no use for her but, honestly, what good would it do to keep Brittany? I had hope for her in the beginning but she never “got it” and I still don’t think she does. You have to ask yourself: What would she do if she stayed? Ok – other than lay out in a bikini and tan (I realize that alone is enough for you guys – ha ha)…She said she’d let “them” run her HoH (don’t see Donny doing that), that her target was Victoria, etc. Said better: I “think” she’d just play Derrick’s game if she stayed. She complains no one votes their own mind but remember that SHE has voted with the house the whole time, too. Pot – meet Kettle. Maybe she would rally on her own but I don’t think so; I think Donny has a better chance than she does, sheerly on strategy/game knowledge. Derrick doesn’t want Cody taking her to F2 but if it wasn’t for Team Amercia, I think Derrick & Frankie would have buried Donny by now. And that is the only reason he’s still whistling.

  9. I think the Americas choice this week is Bogus biggest physical treat is Caleb.they should not have collected. And Frankie’s. PERFORMANCE. AND THAT WHAT IT WAS. From a you tube PERFORMANCE. About his Grandfather. After 2 minutes it rang hollow.

  10. I saw a picture of Donny on my facebook page without his long beard..he looks like a totally different person. I have come to the conclusion that Donny is playing a part..playing very simpleminded..but, is a BB mastermind! Go Donny!

  11. Okay WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SILLY CHALLENGES!!! I’M I the ONLY 1 WHO DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THIS CHALLENGE !! What the Hezzzy!!! I mean come BB!! Really!!!! I CAN’T!! This made absoutly NO Sense!! Listening 2 Country Music!!! WHAT!!!!!!!! And Then having Hayden & Nicole Kissing Ewww!!! I CAN’T!!!! I’m Over this!! I might look @ the End… Maybe~~~~

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