Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 10

Eviction prediction time for Big Brother 16 this week as Nicole Franzel and Victoria Rafaeli plop down in the orange nomination chairs for the first round of tonight’s Double Eviction.

Big Brother nominees Victoria and Nicole
Big Brother nominees Victoria and Nicole – Source: CBS

The house hasn’t made any secrets of their target and we expect the vote to be an easy one. But once that’s through then hang on because here comes the Double Eviction craziness!

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother 16 this week in the first part of the live double eviction episode? Cast your vote now & read our predictions below.

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Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction Predictions – Nicole Franzel or Victoria Rafaeli?:

Nicole Franzel
Big Brother Junkies Nicole Franzel
Big Brother Source Nicole Franzel
Nicole Franzel
Big Brother Access Nicole Franzel
Zap2It Nicole Franzel
Nicole Franzel
Big Brother Fix Nicole Franzel

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Let me start by saying that I would like to see Frankie out the door second tonight as much as the rest of you. That being said, I would be thoroughly entertained if he won HoH, Christine saved herself by winning Veto, and somehow Derrick was evicted second. I think Frankie is the only one with a chance to not be stupid enough to hand the season to him. I understand that it’s almost impossible and I would really like to see Frankie and Christine gone, but I’m just saying… wouldn’t that scenario also be great?

    • Oh yes that would be wonderful. I am still watching this season solely for the days that Derrick and Frankie are evicted, since there is nobody left for me to root for.

      • At this point, I just don’t want Frankie, Christine, or Vicoria to be in the final 2. Everyone else I feel either did their share or isn’t a total Sh*t bag.

    • I’m hoping that Christine will see the light and will try to evict Derrick so she will have Cody all to herself. That’s probably why Derrick is so adamant to get rid of her.

  2. Cannot wait for tonight’s show. I always get some special goodie to eat during Thursday night’s program. Since the likelihood of Frankie leaving this week seems pretty low, I think I need some Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream….I’m on my way out now to get some. :)

    • Does it have nuts in it? Ice cold ice cream with lots of nuts seems appropriate for tonight’s remaining HGs (after 1st eviction.)

      • Ha! Another good one, redroses! No, just chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies. I was going to go with their ‘Hazed and Confused’ flavor, which also seems like an apt description of the HGs, but I don’t like hazelnuts.

      • Come on, Sharona! You’re killing me with this ice cream. I promise this to be a fact. Last week you had me craving ice cream so bad that I bought some for my freezer and I had stopped eating ice cream. I’ll add 10 lbs to my weight before this season is over and I am going to blame it on you, not my willpower. LOL

      • LOL. I’m truly sorry! I’ll stop with the ice cream talk. No more talk about ice cream. Seriously, I will not mention ice cream again. Because I KNOW how addicting ice cream is! So again, no more talk of ice cream. And if I do get ice cream for next week’s show, I will not mention that I bought any. (ice cream, that is.) Promise.

      • You know I’m playing with you. My husband is a cyclist…a very dedicated one, but, he eats more ice cream than anyone I have ever known. I have been guilty of getting into his, which he does not appreciate. So he tries to buy flavors that he knows I will not eat and I am fairly picky about my ice cream. If I’m going to eat it, I want what I want. But I did buy 2 half gallon containers on Tuesday. I can’t let ’em go to waste, so if you remind me every now and then, I promise, no more complaints. :)

      • Gotcha.. mentioning ice cream 50 times(well 7, but who’s counting)in one post! Ha..That was cruel and very entertaining. I was LOL!

  3. I’m probably going to catch a javelin on this but I don’t want Derrick to leave now that he has made it this far. He has in my mind played the game better then anyone and he should make it to the finale with Victoria and then Victoria win. He is after all happy with the 50K

      • She just might. The guys were talking last night and said if anyone takes Victoria to the final 2 they are voting for Victoria.

      • It’s likely that’s just something they tell the other guys as a threat. As long as there’s the illusion that you won’t get their votes if you vote our your fellow brothers, you won’t backstab. I guarantee you they would still vote for Derrick over Victoria.

    • I agree. I want to see him go to the end as well, but no way will Victoria win. No matter who she is with. Noone in the jury or house really liked her to begin with so it’s not like they will vote for her bc of that. & we know she won’t win bc of her gameplay. There are 2 types of floaters. 1. they have no strategy and depend solely on others to get them to the end and usually get there by chance. 2. they strategically play both sides and never have the target land on them. They may or may not be throwing comps. chances are they just stink at them. Victoria is the first. Andy from BB15 was the second. There is no strategy to her game except hope that Derrick can keep her safe. I remember a convo early on with Zach where he asked her who she would put up. She said, “put up where” She’s lost.

  4. Got the beer chilling ready for an exciting night. Have you not noticed that every time they make plans they go wrong? Remember all the plans to throw comps? Derrick doesn’t realize or maybe not worried about it, but Victoria plans on putting up Christine and Cody or Frankie and Cody. DE is always questions for HOH and I have NEVER seen Victoria study like she has this week. Stranger things have happened on BB.

      • I meant that seriously. lol not sarcastically.
        I think it would be great bc there isn’t much time in a DE so maybe she would think for herself and do something CRAZY!?!

      • I had no doubt that you weren’t being sarcastic. I’d LOVE that kind of game changer. Can you even imagine what would happen?!

      • doubt that it would happen, but what if Nicole could plant some doubt with Victoria about Derrick?!? They are getting close. Although, I do not want to see Derrick go, I do want to see the living room soaked with blood and tears after the DE (not literally)

  5. Since I don’t want Frankie or Christine to win either HOH tonight. Frankie and Christine will win both HOH’s tonight! That seems to be the way it goes.

  6. No blindsides, we knew every single week who was going home, no good fights or arguments, no luxury comps, no HN comps. Dear Production, please take BB back to the good old days next season. No BotB, no dual HOH, bring back nomination ceremony with the keys and big wheel, DPOV. We need to be excited to watch..I wasn’t this season.

    • Totally agree on the HN comps and luxury comps. I also liked when the whole house competed for what everyone ate. If they didn’t win meat or fish they got none. Same with alcohol, they had to win it.

    • I’d like to see more silliness, too! (Just watched on BB AU where they had a hilarious twerking comp!) Secret missions, a mole or something new would be great! Plus get rid of America voting, except for HN food or possibly silly things that won’t impact game play.

      • I wish I could vote on who should spend 24 hours standing with their nose in a corner and a gag in their mouth.

  7. I think this is the most stupid season so far because no one is willing to make any big moves it like they are chicken or something

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