Big Brother 16: Derrick Works To Convince Cody Of Double Eviction Targets

Big Brother Houseguest Derrick Levasseur has been hard at work this week to make sure everyone is on the same page for the upcoming Double Eviction. His page, that is. But there may be one wrinkle in his plan and it’s coming from his closet ally, Cody Calafiore.

Cody Calafiore plans his next move on Big Brother
Cody Calafiore plans his next move on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Derrick wants Christine out. He’s got Caleb and Frankie on board with voting her out, but the hold out is Cody. Cody thinks he has Christine in his pocket the way Derrick has Victoria in his so Cody doesn’t want to throw that away and it’s going to take some convincing.

Jump to 10:30PM BBT 9/3 as Derrick talks with Caleb and Cody. Derrick is pushing the plan to target Christine this round and then Frankie after that so that would leave the three guys and Victoria. Derrick says they could then celebrate for making it to the F3. Heh. Derrick won’t cut Victoria at F4.

Cody isn’t so sure about going for Christine over Frankie. Derrick points out if Frankie wins HoH and they get Christine out then Frankie can’t compete in the next HoH and they could go for him then. Cody protests saying he’s more worried about Frankie being there next week to win HoH and the Veto then putting up two of the guys next to each other. Derrick still has work to do.

Move along to 12:09AM BBT 9/4. Cody comes to Derrick and flat out tells him “I can’t go after Christine over Frankie tomorrow. No chance.” Derrick tells him that’s his call and he’ll support him. Derrick promises Cody that Frankie has told him he’d go after Christine, not them (Cody/Derrick). Cody thinks that could be a lie.

Cody points out that Caleb is fighting to keep Frankie in the house and should be a concern for them as well. Derrick suggests Caleb will vote out Frankie, but Cody counters that Caleb would only do that in a BD scenario on Thursday night. Cody says Caleb believes he (Caleb) can beat Frankie in a F2 so he doesn’t want to get rid of him. Still more work to be done, Derrick.

Back at it, Derrick is again trying to convince Cody to go after Christine. They’re talking again at 3:28AM BBT 9/4. Cody says if he goes after Christine and she stays then she’d be coming after him. (Well the same would go for Frankie, so?) Derrick says that with Cody’s “gift of gab” (?) he could smooth things over with Christine should she stay. She’ll cross to the other side if he makes that move, says Cody.

Cody has a new plan. He says he could put up Frankie with Victoria and then if Frankie comes down Cody would put up Christine. Then Derrick and Caleb, who would be in on Cody’s plan, would have to act like Cody betrayed them all. Cody could go up as decoy in subsequent nominations against Victoria and then Caleb/Derrick could vote her out. Yikes. This is Cody’s own idea.

Derrick says “Caleb does not have the mental capacity” to handle that plan. He points out that Caleb divulged their talk about BD’ing Frankie to Frankie of all things! Derrick pushes back saying Christine is the easier target that they need to go after first with Frankie as their back-up. It’s the same plan we’ve been hearing for days from Derrick and Cody gives the same uninterested replies.

Cody just isn’t going for this and it all boils down to perceived control. “I have her ear more than I think you have Frankie’s ear,” says Cody to Derrick. And that’s where things really stand in all this.

I do not see Cody going for Derrick’s plan. Derrick wants Christine out because she isn’t part of his master plan. Cody wants to keep her because she’s part of his plan. It’ll all depend on who gets HoH tonight and while Derrick will likely push again on Thursday, don’t look for Cody to capitulate on this.

What do you think is the smarter plan for the Hitmen? Would getting rid of Frankie or Christine most help their game and move them closer to the finale?



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  1. Don’t know what capitulate means.. LOL.. but I think that Derrick will get his way as always. Cody does everything that Derrick tells him to do so I will not hold my breath that he will start to play his own game.

    • It’s getting “real” now. Cody may be realizing it’s time to think for himself. I’m not so sure Derrick will get his way this time. They are both jocking for the same thing…a person that they each feel is a for sure vote for themselves.

      • I think the best part of all this strategizing is that they’re fighting over Christine and Frankie – not Victoria. She’s still not on the radar as being completely in Derrick’s pocket, and no one seems on to the fact that she’s Derrick’s plan for $500K. I really like watching him play the game – he’s doing a good job. Mind you, I do think it would be interesting to get Frankie out and have Cody and Christine v. Derrick and Victoria in the final four…

      • Good point. It will be interesting to see what happens for sure – I don’t see either of them bringing the other to F2 if there’s a way to avoid it.

    • Surely you’re joking about not knowing what capitulate means LOL. I think Cody might stay firm on this one, and Derrick needs to be careful how hard he pushes on this issue.

      • Derrick can intimidate the girls when they disagree with him, but that tactic will not work so well with the guys. Since he hasn’t really been backed in a corner yet, I’m anxious to see what his strategy will be to try to get his way and if he doesn’t, what his reaction will be.

      • How frustrating for Derrick lol!
        Thanks Cody for finally standing up to Derrick even after 3 frontal assaults to change your mind.
        I might just start rooting for Cody if he continues to stand firm regarding Christine.

      • If he shows too much interest in this though I think Derrick will just get rid of Cody first! And I think he could pull it off… Not that I want him to! I do like derricks game. This far it has been almost perfect but I hate that nothing exciting has happend!

      • Are you serious right now? Derrick is the last person in the house to sit around and “intimidate” anyone. He takes a very strategic approach to every word that comes out of his mouth. He has been very kind in his words to every hg, which has been a huge part of his plan and impeccable game strategy. If you call planting seeds in peoples minds intimidation, then I cant imagine what you have to say about past winners like Evel Dick and Dr. Will. Derrick is a very smart player, and would be respected alot more if America hadnt expected him to trash his own game for the sake of carrying Donny to the money. That is the ONLY reason anyone can even muster up the balls to say anything bad about Derrick. Hes done nothing wrong to anyone besides play a hand in everyones eviction, which is the idea behind bb. He came in the house to play a game and hes been doing it better than weve seen in years.

      • I respect your opinion, but as a woman, I have felt intimidated for the girls more than once. As far as his strategy otherwise, I have had nothing but respect for his game and have stated it several times.

      • You don’t call him spending half an hour telling Nicole she’s an idiot/dumb if she doesn’t believe him, to the point where she started crying, as being intimidating?

      • You don’t call him spending half an hour telling Nicole she’s an idiot/dumb if she doesn’t believe him, to the point where she started crying, as being intimidating?

      • Well besides being a dictator and being part of the rape jokes and humiliating Nicole and using Victoria. Yep he’s a stand up guy.

      • Wow. I don’t think you have watched the same program. Yesterday, what Derrick did to Nichol was crossing lines game or no.

      • Mandi you are right. Derrick is not a bad guy, he’s playing the game well. A lot of people like Donny, understandably so. Donny is a nice man, but because Derrick wasn’t in the same alliance as Donny, people want to trash him, call him manipulating. Even Donny said Derrick and Cody were goodhearted, he was in the house with them 24/7. These Houseguests are a lot nicer than a lot of last year’s hgs. There were disgusting people on bb15, obnoxious, rude, bullying and racial remarks. The worst season!

  2. No matter what Derrick says, his intentions are to keep Victoria because she “is his”. Cody has similar intentions regarding Christine but Christine isn’t “controlled” nearly as much as Victoria is. As of now, Victoria is loyal to Derrick and would “bite the bullet in his gun”. Christine might bite something else, but she wouldn’t bite the bullet for Cody.

    • I’m hoping that Christine and Cody will stay loyal to each other. Christine has proven to be good at comps and this is a huge advantage for Cody. I don’t foresee Victoria winning a comp anytime soon but anything can happen on BB. I almost wouldn’t mind seeing Victoria go tonight since it would be devastating for Derrick’s master plan. I want to see an angry Derrick in the DR when he doesn’t get his way too.

      • I would enjoy seeing one thing not go his way just to see how he operates under different circumstances. There may be a side to him we will never see and that has bothered me all season.

      • Oh yes, I want to see that too. I’m very curious to see how Derrick handles adversity in the game.
        I have to admit I would like to see him throw a tantrum in the DR with tears included.

      • Oh great post! Derrick has to be panicked at the thought of Cody having Christine who can win comps and think opposed to Vic. No wonder he is in a hurry to get her gone. Right now Derrick uses Caleb and Frankie. I just want to see Derricks perfect arrogant plan to crash and burn. At least that would be a form of game justice.

  3. Okay, no body pass out from laughter…Victoria wins HOH in DE puts up Frankie and Cody, Frankie wins POV, she puts up Christine. Now what do you want Cody? Victoria has been studying almost non-stop. She could do it.

    • I was hoping for Nicole to win with last HOH for just the same reason. I don’t think she can win, but I would like to see some unexpected movement in the house. It’s just too predictable.

    • Could it be that Victoria was/is the true secret mastermind and not Donny? She was trained by the top secret agents, has a very high IQ and intelligence…. Humph? Okay, just kidding. BUT! She may just win this HOH and do some damage. Nicole has been talking to her all week, something had to stick. She could win and these boys wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

      • I have said before that wouldn’t it be funny if Victoria, Cody and Derrick wound up in Final 3 and Victoria wins the 2/3 competition for Final 2 and evicts Derrick? Victoria and Cody in the Final 2 and Victoria can argue that she played the best game because she took out Derrick who was the best player in the game aside from winning 2/3 of the last HOH when it counted. She can also say, she floated along since, she did not have an alliance. I think she beats Cody who did not make any big moves! I will be laughing my head off if it happens!

      • One can wish. The question from the last POV that Vic said she didn’t understand was very clear, so what she didn’t understand I dunno.

    • I’ve been saying BB 16 has brought me to this: VapidVic for the Win! And if that isn’t a statement on this season I don’t know what is. Plus when Fakie, CrazedCaleb and Derprick get out and read people are saying that their heads might explode.

    • Imagine that !..That will be EPIC ! Of all the people, Victoria is the one that will save this season…I will be lmao

    • Without influence I could see Victoria putting up Zach and Britney with The Pink Hat as renom……..

  4. Here is the Quote of the Week….Derrick says “Caleb does not have the mental capacity” to handle that plan. An I strongly agree LOL

    • I love that too! I’m not sure that Caleb has the mental capacity to understand that he doesn’t have the mental capacity, but boy does he think he does. He thinks he is master of the house. I would love to be with that guy when he watches this season at home. Except that would mean having to spend time with Caleb. He really has no idea who is in control.

      I am all for Derrick for the win, but I think he may have underestimated Cody a bit.

      • Was laughing at Caleb when Derrick told him that he was the best in competitions and if he reached Final 2, he would win and get all the votes. Also, that Derrick said he would be happy getting the 2nd place money. Also, told Caleb that Frankie and Cody are not going to take him to Final 2 because he would win over them! And Caleb agreed 100%
        Like the frog in boiling water, he thinks he is getting a steam bath until, Oops, too late! Sorry, Froggy.

      • I find this so hard to understand too. Caleb is a grown man who has been to war and is still so incredibly naïve.

      • I doubt Caleb will admit to being outplayed by Derrick even if he watches this season multiply times.
        Caleb is the type that would argue the point endlessly and never admit to being outplayed. He still doesn’t realize Amber really did NOT like him either.
        We can only hope at this point that Caleb learns some much needed humility after the season is over.

    • Caleb’s brain has a maximum capacity of one thought. That’s why as soon as he decides to tell a lie, he immediately believes his own BS because his brain isn’t capable of remembering the truth. It’s also why he is so hot and cold about Frankie. All Frankie has to do is distract him for a second and they’re friends again.

      • They are talking about turning against each other. Have not done it yet! Somehow, I feel that Victoria probably could end up following Nicole to the jury house which means we have to wait the following week for some real backdoor!
        Let us see it first. Too much talk about big moves this season without actually making any big moves!

      • Can’t wait to see Derrick’s DR session if Vic is evicted. It will be only the 2nd time this season that Derrick didn’t get what he wanted – that is if Cody remains stubborn about evicting Christine.

    • and nominate jury members…maybe 3 even. nice. let’s have a look at that hand there. would he? use Cody as a pawn (since Cody is offering) if Christine won POV? That way Derrick sends one to Jury and has one in the BBH who is unhappy that she was nominated (instead of 2 left in the house unhappy with being nom’d)?

      • His best bet would be to eliminate Caleb – Derrick probably thinks he can beat Frankie in the finale and I have to agree with him on that one.

  5. I have no idea why you all want Frankie out. I think Derrick is doing a great job. Christine is the most dangerous player right now and it is time for her to go as well. Do not get me wrong, I really think Derrick should win and taking Frankie would guarantee that as well. I agree the season is boring at night (BBAD) But it is really nice to see the ones that I wanted to go go! My team is winning! Yea!

    • The majority posters that are so adamant about getting Frankie out before F2 don’t want him to get any more money than he already has + his stipend + jury. I wish he wouldn’t even get that. He’s been the most vile, vulgar and mean person in the house this season. No one else even comes close. IMO, his worst offense was his rape joke last Saturday or the kill yourself/euthanize comments about other HGs. Others might say that his worst offense is touching a lot of the guy’s private parts. I don’t care that he’s gay, nor do I care that he likes to dress in drag. I do care that he is one very sick, messed up worm.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. I watched that video about the “rape joke” and it made me sick. He’s getting such a good edit. At least last year, yes I know different year and all, but at least year Production started showing the true nature of the contestants, well as much as they could anyway. I don’t get why they seem to be protecting Frankie the way they seem to be. I think he’s even worse than most of them last year, but that could just be me. In the least he is vile and disgusting.

      • Got it. I was thinking it was something like that. Ugh, I’ve heard she’s as bad as he is. I used to like her but the more I hear, read and see about the Grande’s the less I care for any of them. Wonder if a letter campaign to the sponsors of Big Brother could effect a change?

      • Many have said that they’ve written to CBS, including me, but you’re the first one to suggest the sponsors. Could work!

        On a positive, Ariana does have a good singing voice.

      • Yes, he’s a worm! Let’s go fishing with him….deep sea. OK people it’s a joke. I wouldn’t want to drown him. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him neck deep in his own manure…so we’ll settle for earthworm.

      • Hmmm, what about a flea? Pesky bugger that can perform in a circus, but is really only good at biting and sucking blood.

      • Hey, hey … why are you insulting worms ? What did they ever do to you ? Ha !!! :) :P
        Just remember, they had ample opportunities to evict Frankie from the House, and chose to keep him in the game … so, he must be giving them something that they want … Ha !!!

      • Noodles? lol..I’m just gonna have coffee . Karens “get that out of my head” comment ruined my appetite.

      • Hey, I never heard of it either until I started watching reality TV. I imagine Frankie could explain it better than me!

      • I feel bad about calling you a dingus. I thought it just meant someone who is acting silly. I got to thinking about it after I did it and checked online for the definition. I apologize. You are definitely not a dingus.

      • Well, you’re not that either and I need to look that one up to make certain of its’meaning, too. :)

      • It’s a clueless person. I thought it meant silly. OK, we were both doofuses on the definitions! LOL

      • That was strange. I said not to worry about it, because I thought it was a joke and was laughing. I refreshed and our conversation was gone.

  6. Skankie must go! Also, what happens if Christine wins HOH tonight? Is she going to put up Frankie and Caleb? I want both Skankie and Beast Mode Idiot out already.

    • I’m hoping against hope that she would nominate Derrick so that she would have total control over Cody. I may not care too much for Christine personally but I believe she has the ability to get both of them to the end. Surely she’s realized that Derrick is bad for her game by now.

    • Go Victoria Go, is right ….
      She is gonna “Bobbitize” all those Guys, when it is said and done … Look at what she did to Zach’s (err, Her) hat …. Ha !!!!

    • Oh, Victoria–bless her heart. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we found out she’s actually a card-holding member of MENSA? And that her Ralphie Wiggums persona was actually her intended game play?

      • I swear, seriously, I have thought that, but why would she hide it from America in her DR sessions? If it turns out that we’ve all been played, would that not be the ultimate expect the unexpected?

      • That would be a thing of beauty. The more I think about it, the more excited I get…I hope we’re right!

  7. Cody has to step up and do what’s best for his game. He knows as long as Frankie is in the house he doesn’t stand a chance, because Frankie isn’t to be trusted, he’ll strike first given the opportunity. Someone has to start beating Derrick at his own game. Hopefully Cody will win HoH tonight and best case scenario him or Christine wins POV, that way it can be assured Frankie goes home and no one uses the Veto. I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick actually tries to win HOH this time to make it so his plan stays in place. Please send Frankie packing tonight.

  8. Since Cody is really playing for $50K he should go along with Derrick. Derrick’s plans kept him here all this time and he thinks Derrick would take him to F2 (though I doubt he would since Derrick’s playing for his family). Why not let Daddy Derrick take you to “the end”?

  9. At this point I do not care as long as it is a big fish that gets backdoored.
    Whether that is Frankie or Derrick is fine with me. I will settle for Cody or Christine too for starters. Now, the ninnies have to evict each other for good. Just not Victoria because it would be wasted and we have to wait one more week for the ninnies to move against each other! Caleb can stay too as he is just there for his vote.

  10. This is completely off topic, but is anyone else having problems with Disqus since they made changes yesterday? I have problems loading comments and checking on replies/upvotes.

  11. Derrick Jr. doesn’t have it in him to go against his daddy’s wishes, if Derrick Jr. wins HOH he will do what his daddy wants him to do.

  12. Oh snap, someone finally has a backbone (well, at least for now).

    As long as Victoria, Caleb, and Derrick don’t win HoH in the next two rounds, there could be hope for some interesting game moves yet.

  13. Well let’s get one thing straight! It doesn’t make a difference because either Derrick will be gone or he will NOT take Cody to the F2! He is not stupid! Most likely to beat him besides Nicole which will be gone ( none of which I think will if F2) They are so blind! Cody is starting to see so he might be gone sooner than we all think!

  14. One thing everyone of them have forgotten. Showmances must be broken. Looking at the remaining players, Crisco, VicDer. Caleb is alone and so is Frankie. The most dangerous is the couples.

    • Fraleb is also a ‘couple’, of sorts…..and Fakie is the most dangerous and venomous HG left in the house. Kick him to the curb and get him out, NOW !

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