Big Brother 16 Episode 4 Recap: Joey Flubs As Donny Rebounds


I have a feeling America is happy after Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 16, even though Team America is already in danger.

That’s because the soft and gentle groundskeeper has not only stolen the hearts of many, he also snatched up the Power of Veto from a group of kids half his age.

But with his win comes a blow to Team America as Joey is the official replacement nominee and most likely the one heading home this week.

The episode picked up right after the Battle of the Block competition. Caleb, being the only HOH standing remains cocky. And of course Victoria and Brittany are happy to be off the block. But Donny, Paola and even Frankie (having just been dethroned as HOH) are worried.

Donny, even though he just lost the Battle of the Block, is shedding happy tears. He’s just happy that so many people in the house care for him. Meanwhile, Devin is in the HOH room running his mouth about how perfect he is and how he can’t wait to get Donny out. Then he goes downstairs and listens to Donny, still in tears, tell him how emotional he is for everyone being his friend. Devin decides that Donny is just acting and continues to piss off America by his insensitivity. thinks he’s faking.

The Donny paranoia quickly expands. Not only do they think he’s a good actor and a super genius, Devin and Caleb now think Donny is former military. Devin even suggested that Donny is a former Navy Seal.

In the Diary Room, someone clearly asked Devin “What if you’re wrong” because he then pretends that he’s sort of upset for doubting Donny. He even musters up some tears. But I don’t buy it, just like he isn’t buying Donny’s life story. Can Devin get evicted this week?

Meanwhile, Joey calls together the all-girl alliance that she’s been pushing since night one. Only now, it involves all the girls. And none of the girls are interested. At all. Like Jocasta said “you can’t start an all-girl alliance with seven girls.” And Derrick sees this happening, so he takes the info to Caleb and Devin. Later, Amber, being a part of the Bomb Squad, lets Caleb know that Joey is trying to lead the charge.

So then everything gets awkward. And people are acting weird around Joey. So she decides to tell people what she was up to. She realizes it could have gotten her in trouble, so now she’s nervous. She doesn’t really do a good job at cleaning up her mess though. The fact that Joey has never seen Big Brother is really standing out now.


It’s time for the veto competition! This week’s embarrassing game is called Miami Lice. The players: Caleb, Paola, Donny, Victoria, Zach, Cody  have to find letters among a giant lice infested head soaking in an even larger bathtub. The person who spells the longest word wins Veto.

In the end, only Donny and Zach even spelled words. Zach spelled “Warning.” Donny spelled “Splitters.” Donny won the Power of Veto! So Joey again gets nervous and tries to do damage control. And again she doesn’t do a very good job.

At the veto ceremony, it’s no surprise that Donny used the veto on himself. It’s also no surprise that Caleb decided to name Joey as the replacement nominee. Uh-oh, Team America! What are we going to do now?


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  1. So why is BB hiding Caleb’s obsession with Amber? This fact is playing a major role in the game and not one word about it tonight.

    • I can’t take much more of it! Devin basically bullied Amber last night telling her what a horrible person she was for treating Caleb the way she has. Devin is a time bomb in that house just waiting to explode!

    • I suspect the staff wanted to see how it played out. Caleb and Amber cleared up their differences tonight and both realized that Devin is a liar and had been fueling the confusion. The entire ordeal should be played @ CBS shortly.

  2. reposting from last one:

    After watching: Donny still my favorite
    Devin still a douche
    From what I saw Joey wasn’t really that bad
    Jocasta basically laughed at the idea (hey jocasta how’s your alliance comming owait…)
    Instead of playing both sides Amber rats it out. Really rather be in a group of 8 where every1 else in alliance will beat you?
    Girls alliance could have worked and is not like the girls even disliked each other, they were just too dumb to do it and Joey is getting the heat. Really expecting a man to win this season, girls seem to dumb (par christine)

  3. Caleb…How many times we’ve seen this kind of player, cocky and thinks he’s running the house. Just wait, somebody will nominate him and he’ll be like a dog with his tail tucked in between his legs.

    • ITA with you. I think he uses a threatening demeanor with other HG which makes me uncomfortable.

  4. Who would have thought out of the SIX people playing the POV only two of them could even spell a word? Not a very bright bunch. Devin is paranoid about everything. He won’t last long, that’s for certain. With all the extra games needing to be played this season there are going to be a lot of things that never make it to the show basically because there isn’t time.

  5. Note to Production: Please call Caleb into the DR and tell him to stop all of this BS about Amber! Enough is enough! This guy is delusional..he is insisting that Amber apologize…for what? This live feeder is sick and tired of listening to it.

  6. Devin crying in HOH, called a house meeting, confessed to everyone that he was behind Donny’s nomination. Say’s “From here on out, I’m gonna be honest as I can. “I wanna be a role model for people and my daughter”…Get rid of this nutcase…..soon

    • Devin did a “Joey” tonight. His days are numbered. Even his boy Caleb will not fight for him to stay in the house.

  7. Amber needs to get a protection order against Caleb as soon as she gets out, he is scary creepy! (and a professional hunter)

  8. Well it was fun. But… those guys are “super fans” and didn´t even tried to make a word, even that it had only 4 or 5 letters? WTF was that? And even zach hidding the letters… he had the S on his hands and throwed it to the bottle. Even that he wouldn´t win… he would get a 8 letter word.
    Donny was funny. Everyone thinking that he had a 4 letter word or something wrong… he gets out that 9 letters word.
    Joey had a funny face when he reveals the word…. but it had a few seconds until the production validated the word.

    And Donny ex-navy seal??? A seal is a seal until 38-45 when it gets into a high position or moves somewhere else. So someone is thinking that Donny is Rambo? Or may be Einstein in disguise? Ariana get a hold on your brother!!!

    • To be fair to Frankie, his facial expressions during the conversation where Caleb and Devin are talking about Donny being a Navy Seal are priceless! Secret genius may be a bit too much from Frankie, but at least he’s realistic enough to realize that these two boys are insane. I think the houseguests need to do a one-two-eviction-punch and get Devin then Caleb out of the house!

  9. As of right now, I only like Donny, Christine, and Zach. Donny, especially! I cannot stand Devin or Caleb, they are complete nutcases. I hope they’re both evicted soon because their egos need deflating.

  10. Boy my preseason predictions were completely wrong! I thought Devin would be my favorite cause he seemed like such a great guy and I thought Donny would just be annoying but I had that completely backwards Donny is easily my favorite and Devin is just an idiot!

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