Big Brother 16 Episode 16 Recap: Jocasta Prays, Caleb Sulks, Zach Attacks


Big Brother 16 won’t give up on two things: convincing us there are showmances in the house and that Zach is a bad guy. So we got a lot of that on Wednesday night’s episode and if you’re a Live Feed watcher, you know what’s true and what’s not. So I’ll just leave it at that.

The episode picks up right after the Battle of the Block competition. Zach is dethroned as HOH and Frankie is ready to set his backdoor Amber plan in action.

Christine and Nicole are celebrating their BOTB win and Victoria is in tears and blaming Jocasta for their loss. Even though we all saw that Victoria was a mess during that competition.

And then we get the “Zach might be a villain” edit that only the television viewers at home will buy. But on the other hand, Frankie decides to talk to Zach to get him to calm down so people won’t be asking him to backdoor Zach. But Frankie still needs Team America’s mission accomplished, so never mind. Scratch that. Let’s get him to blow up at the veto meeting. And Zach agrees to do just that.

After a weird bit on Hayden, Nicole and Victoria, aka the worst love triangle in the history of love, Derrick gets a letter very similar to Frankie’s letter. His grandfather has also passed and his family also insists he remain in the game.

But now back to horrible showmances. Lets check in on Amber and Caleb. He still thinks they had a great date. She still thinks it was awful and wants nothing to do with him. He is finally picking up on that after a nice silent treatment. That’s followed up by a Zankie segment, which actually could have more legs than Camber or whatever you want to call Caleb and Amber.

We see Zach offer Frankie a back rub, followed by a few “I love yous” and pecks. And that’s that. Is Zankie really a thing? Check out the Live Feeds to find out.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining Frankie, Victoria and Jocasta are Hayden, Donny and Christine.

But it’s time for more Caleb and Amber drama. Amber is getting under his skin by just existing and he promises us “no more romantic cowboy in this house.” We’ll see about that, Caleb.


Luckily we get to move on to the Veto Competition. Let me see if I can explain this competition. The players have to get on a fake horse and um, ride it for 60 thrusts at a time. They then get 30 seconds on a clock and have to run to stack some gold bars before the 30 seconds run out. Then they have to go back to the horse and repeat until they have 60 gold bars stacked. That person wins the POV.

Hayden wins the Power of Veto and the let’s back door Amber talk begins. Hayden plans to use the POV on Victoria and Frankie will nominate Amber after he talks to Caleb about it. Luckily for Frankie, Zach takes of that for him. Zach decides to make Caleb think it’s his idea to put Amber on the block this week.

Caleb doesn’t plan to evict Amber, but wants to scare her. But he doesn’t know that everyone else’s plan is to evict her. Like Zach said, that was too easy.

It’s time for my least favorite part of this season: Team America. They get one more shot to mess up Zach’s game by convincing him to blow up at Amber at the veto meeting. And that’s what happens. Hayden vetoes Victoria, Frankie puts Amber on the block and Zach goes off on Amber. I’d talk more about that if it were an actual fight and wasn’t staged for this horrible Team America mission unbeknownst to Zach.

The good  news is, the Team America mission failed. HAHAHHAHAHAHA.

So the final nominees are Jocasta and Amber.



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  1. I would have liked them to use the clip of Amber saying I am being made a target because I will not be in a showmance. She said it after the veto meeting. It better be on the show for tomorrow with all of Frankie’s lies.

    • Preach! I want Frankie AZZ OUT!! Zach too! Frankie wants Caleb, Vic, Chris, & Nic wants Cody. They think with Amber out of the way, they can he the man of their dreams!! It’s pitiful sad day when a gay man is jealous of a woman!

  2. Zach’s attack at the veto meeting was the most painful, most atrocious and most grotesque thing i’ve seen all summer.
    i wish i could unsee something.
    but i was ROTFL bwahahahaha

    • Try watching the last episode of “The Leftovers” on HBO for grotesque, painful, and atrocious.

  3. I am sick of Jacosta using Jesus! I am a Christian, but do u think Jesus really cares about BB!

    • Jesus does NOT exist, get over it. I would be more interested to know if Bart Simpson is rooting for jacosta.

    • My question is, who cares what you think? Good for Jocasta for displaying her faith. It’s a sad day in America when a Christian is being attacked by another Christian for displaying her faith. God Bless Jocasta.

      • Here’s the thing though… Jocasta comes off as disingenuous. It seems like she’s trying to play the role of “super Christian woman.” If it was authentic then sure, I wouldn’t mind her always talking about Jesus. But it seems so fake. Nobody talks about God like that in the real world.

        IMO a lot of what she’s doing is for show.

      • She can talk about her faith, pray, speak in tongue as long as she wants, but damn ! she has to win. She hasn’t won crap.

  4. My thing with this BB season 16 is shake IT Up, Please!!! Make the competitions more Physical ! Let’s have
    a wake Up! It’s like watching Sleepless In the BigBrothers House Series! I can’t even watch until the Live shows> For the 1st time No Showmance,Ummm I’m bored Come On BB Wake them Up..

  5. I loved how Hayden’s scoreboard display said “YES!” after he won the Power of Veto.

  6. This is how this is going to go…Frankie is going to get the golden edit from Grodhog, and all his stupid little fangirls are going to tittering about how cute and funny he is.

    Of course, those of us who watch feeds will know better.

    • You’re right. And my goodness did tonight’s episode feature a boat load of Frankie. Every other DR they showed was Frankie trying to be funny. Let the other house guests get some love.

      • It sure looked like Frankie had been coaching Zach on how to mug to the camera in the DR.

  7. I am not saying Zach is a villain nor do I watch the live feeds but his speeches aren’t necessary and he has come across as a big jerk since the show started.

    • That’s what he’s about though, and probably the only reason he got on the show. We’re watching a TV show and TV shows have certain characters with certain personalities. Michael Scott from The Office was a boss with poor judgement and a lack of perspective. Zach from Big Brother 16 is the unemployed frat boy who tries to be funny.

      It also helps that Big Brother tells him in the Diary Room to be “meaner”.

      • I didn’t know they tell him to be meaner. It gets old, the show trying to manipulate things. In any event though the immature frat boy is not funny to me.The Office is a comedy show that I can’t watch because its so stupid imo. This is supposed to be reality tv so he can be himself but I don’t have to like him or care for his jerky side. Some of his antics are funny but he has a mean streak I think that’s unattractive.

  8. Zach Attack and his insane speeches/antics are hilarious to watch. Most entertaining part this season, save for Least Mode Cowboy’s failed attempts of chivalry. I want more lulz from the Florida Douche Zach Attack.

  9. No mention of next week’s TA mission. I’m not a fan of the TA missions, but next week’s will be good, if America votes for the “get 2 TA members to win/coerce their way to becoming the HOHs.” If this is their mission, then only 1 of 3 things can happen, since Frankie is ineligible to play for HOH.

    1. Derrick and Donny get HOH. Derrick remains HOH after BotB and finally has to play the game for himself. He’s been avoiding this at all costs.
    2. Derrick and Donny get HOH. Donny remains HOH after BotB and we have a true wildcard HOH! This sends the detonators into panic mode.
    3. They fail the mission.

    The other TA mission is stupid, so I’m really hoping the HOH one is picked.

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