Big Brother 16 Episode 10 Recap: Caleb The Stalker And Donny The Hero


I think we’ve got our next Brenchel, folks! How perfect are Caleb and Amber! Team Camber!

OK, I’m joking. As we saw during Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 16, Caleb has it bad for Amber, but he’s not even a blip on her radar. So the edit we get is far from the sweet showmance edit Big Brother typically gives us. It was actually quite creepy.

But the entire episode wasn’t just the story of a potential fatal attraction, it was also the story of a hero in the form of a school groundskeeper.

The episode picks up after the Battle of the Block competition and the houseguests find that Nicole didn’t really disappear. She just had to go to the Diary Room to puck up a frog costume. Devin quickly reminds us that he’s clearly the target and Derrick backs that up. The backdoor plan is on.

Meanwhile, Jocasta is near death, so the house pitches in to help her out. It was apparently a little too hot for her during that competition, so she’s found herself overheated.

More on Jocasta later. Let’s get take a trip to Creepville.

So Claeb threw the Battle of the Block to make sure Amber is safe this week. He decides to cash in his heroics with Amber. He thinks what he did deserves him a date to the Big Brother 16 finale. She says no and is clearly not even remotely interested in him. He gets super creepy and weird (as does the background music) and Amber gets upset. Cut to the next scene and we’ve got Cody giving Amber a back rub as Caleb watches and listens from the bedroom.

Caleb gets up, walks by, glares at them and walks on. Caleb decides to confront Cody about it. He says he feels like something is going on, and if there is, it’s fine. He just wants to know about it, he tells him. Cody assures him that nothing is going on.

Cody is now worried about Caleb, so he decides he might have to strike first. He and Derrick talk about the idea that if Devin escapes the backdoor plan, it might be the time to send Caleb out the door. Love bites, indeed.

I guess I should talk about the Team America mission even though I’d rather not even think about it, much less write about it. Anyway, Donny tells Nicole. Nicole tells Christine (point scored). Derrick tells Caleb. Caleb tells Amber (point scored). Derrick and Donny tell Zach. Zach tells everyone (final point scored).

Back to the walking dead (Jocasta). Seriously, she looks like death. She’s still laid up in bed and won’t even be able to play in the veto competition to save herself from the block. Speaking of the veto, competition, what the HGs didn’t want to happen happened. Devin got picked to play, along with Donny, Christine, Derrick as HOH and Caleb as the nominee.

At the casino-themed veto competition Devin and Christine square off and Devin wins round one. Christine is out. Oops. Up next is Derrick vs. Devin. Devin wins round two. Oops. Derrick is out. The next round is Donny vs. Devin. Donny wins won the third round, knocking Devin out. So it’s Caleb vs. Donny. And again, Donny wins the round and the Power of Veto.

My favorite part of the veto competition? Amber’s “Good job, buddy” hug to Caleb. Where she followed it with “ew, you’re all sweaty” and a dry heave. I think she’s in love, y’all!

Donny goes inside and shows the veto to Jocasta and tells her she’s not going home this week. And she explodes in tears. But those tears are dried quickly when Cody comes in and performs a striptease for her.

Elsewhere, Devin is defeated and knows what’s ahead. He knows he’ll be going on the block and most likely going home. And at the Veto Ceremony, Donny sets that plan in motion as he uses the veto on Jocasta. Derrick names Devin as the replacement and should be going home during tomorrow night’s live eviction episode.


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  1. I’m glad they finally shared the Caleb situation with the viewers tonight. I still don’t think they got across just how creepy he’s been acting toward Amber. I feel sorry for the girl because she hasn’t done anything to persuade him. In fact she’s blocked the majority of his moves toward her. The looks he had on his face last night in the backyard were bordering on stalker/serial killer. Seriously, they need to get him out of that house before he hurts someone. It kinda reminds me of Justin Sebik in season 2.

    • Ok, while I agree that his attention is way over the top it’s not completely true that she hasn’t done (anything) to lead him on. Last night we saw her give Caleb a hug and a kiss. When someone is acting like Caleb and the attention is unwanted the last thing you want to do is kiss and hug that person. That can and most likely would be misconstrued and seen as a sign that in fact the person really does have the same feelings as the “stalker”.

  2. Labeling Caleb a “stalker” is nonsense and a slap to people in the real world who have real-life stalkers. So silly. Stupid, immature schoolboy crushes are now labeled “stalking.”

      • He is a scary creepy man! He most certainly is a stalker! The way he told Amber she needed to “cuddle” with him for at least an hour because he got her off the block. I wanted to vomit!

      • I dont think he is But after seeing the last show I could see how you would say that

    • i am watching bbad; he was looking psychotic last night. he has cited a plan to get him and amber alone in the jury house; understand he no longer really wants the money. he believes “god” wants him and amber to be man and wife and if he has to convince her, then so be it. i really believe he has a plan to sexually assault her if ever they are alone. at one point, when caleb was so angry with her for rejecting him, that her family wrote about how they wanted to contact the producers about her protection.

      UNDERSTAND, this isn’t a case of “stupid, immature schoolboy crush”. this mutha killed an animal with a stick and brags about it and how good a hunter he is. he gets angry with her when she espouses her own opinion, he takes her clothing and wears them around his neck or on his head as scarves (staking his claim to the “competition”), tells anyone who will listen that he is going to get her to “cuddle” with him, and talks about her so constantly, some of the HGs have gotten concerned, esp. cody. calls her HIS princess, HIS queen.

      no, this is more than a schoolboy crush. this is a muthaf**ing grown ass man planning how he’s “gonna get his woman.”

      • no you’re just mocking the opinions of others and calling people who have an opinion immature (your opinion of course) all in three lines or less, you must feel so clever.

      • This is absolutely ridiculous. You need to take a deep breath. This is Big Brother. They have camera all over the place, they can see everything. They have psychologist (if not psychiatrist) on staff. They talk to Caleb every day in the DR. CBS will NOT let anything happen. You can bet your life saving on that.
        Even in the jury house, HGs will never be left alone. CBS is there.

      • One word…PLURAL
        psychologistS, psychiatristS

        Your commentary is what is ridiculous, the producers/security are not right on top of them, he could hurt her badly b4 anyone reached them.

      • I think you are absolutely right. Big Brother needs to step in and take action before Amber gets hurt! When I was a young girl, I was stalked by a co-worker. He constantly talked about my looks and my body to my fellow co-workers. He would move his chair in his cubicle so he could look at me. He wasn’t fired but he was moved to another office in a different building. It was MY co-workers who finally went to my boss and said “enough is enough” it may “just be a game” but sexual harassment and stalking is a very real problem in this country.

    • Everybody now a days blows everything up People are getting worse all the time

  3. Uh… “puck” up? LOL

    I think Allison needs to have a talk with Caleb and let him know that if he doesn’t back off Amber that he’ll be removed from the show. I hope they’re keeping a VERY close eye on him. He could seriously hurt someone before BB has a chance to intervene. Look up “creepy” in the dictionary; there’s a picture of Caleb.

  4. I was reading the chat rooms today on the live feeds. They were commenting on Christine’s behavior last night they were saying how she was rubbing Cody’s head and her leg was rubbing his leg. They also said that she was talking dirty or she talks dirty. If it is true, that’s wrong. The girl is married and should act married. I don’t care for her. Especially bad mouthing Nichole. They also said that Derrick is acting strange about being married. The only reason I said this is because Derrick said the other night that people can lie about who they are, but when you have pictures of your family that is the truth. Can you imagine staged pictures of family. I mean the man thinks of everything. What’s to say faux family?

    • Big Brother is not there to regulate morality to the house guests. married people flirt and sometimes cheat and I personally think that is between them.

  5. I think that Amber will be able to sue Big Brother for “Work Place Harassment” and she will have it all on film to prove it in court. Caleb should be evicted from the BB house.

    • Big Brother is a work place? Don’t you think she should self evict now and find herself a lawyer? Do you think she can find one?

      • 1-800 Call Sam. I don’t think you’ll get it though. Commercial on TV where I live for a lawyer. Lol

      • Yes, they are being paid to be on the show. I think if Caleb were gone Amber & Cody would be having a hot & heavy showmance.

  6. So Caleb keeps saying he’s over Amber but on the feeds he is in the HOH watching her and Cody in the kitchen and he’s been talking for an hour to Zach about guess who? AMBER. He is obsessed and creepy. I’ll bet out of all the conversations he’s had with everyone 99% are about Amber.

    • He is so creepy! He had only known the poor girl for a day when he started talking about her….oh he creeps me out! BIG BROTHER do something about this guy!

  7. Why do some of you people watch big brother I swear a lot of you arent mature enough to watch this show Grow up its just a game

    • I am very grown up. Unfortunately when I was a young girl, I was stalked by a co-worker. He constantly talked about my looks and my body to my fellow co-workers. He would move his chair in his cubicle so he could look at me. He wasn’t fired but he was moved to another office in a different building. It was MY co-workers who finally went to my boss and said “enough is enough” it may “just be a game” but sexual harassment and stalking is a very real problem in this country.

      • Im sorry it happened to you but its not a big problem in America I know many many people and not one has ever said theyve been stalked I think our biggest problem is over blowing every thing that happens Again this is my opinion and I could be wrong

  8. AS for Caleb he is cute and sweet but i bet he is a stalker type. And if CBS isnt careful Amber could sue them. I am a victims advocate and if she even almost doesnt feel safe they better do something about him. before the king ends up with a bad case of the law. Seriously he is delusional about her.

    • I totally agree! That guy needs to be ejected from the big brother house now.

    • They have a contract, and i’m sure with 16 seasons of experience, there is all the clause needed to prevent Amber from suing anybody.

  9. Why the hell isn’t anyone talking about Jacosta? It’s a miracle that after she gets the veto she is 100% better? Do people actually buy that nonsense? And what was she worried about anyway? Nobody was voting her out. She is useless.

    • She was at her worst during the day of the POV comp, which happened around last Saturday. The ceremony happened 2 days later so she already recovered by then.

  10. Ummm… I am shocked that a lot of you are downgrading his behavior.. His behavior toward her is NOT normal in any sense.. He is a STALKER… period! She gives him absolutely NO signs she is interested in him and he continues to beg her to go on a date with him and does not accept no for and answer, calls her his queen, throws comps for her “safety” (obviously to get something in return), wears her clothing, glares at any guy that talks to her… He is dilusional. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make it to jury with her.. i would definitely be worried if i was her.

    • She did said she would go on a date with him after the show. They even settled on Chick-Fil-A.

  11. Caleb is obviously obsessed with Amber. Get a clue dude. Women hate wussies! Those guys trying to please a woman at every turn don’t earn any respect! A guy with confidence that does not get awestruck before any beautiful woman gets 10 times more respect! Amber is a good-looking woman but, Nicole is way better looking IMHO! I would pick Nicole every day of the week! Also, she seems more down to earth girl next door type!

  12. Well, Devin’s game is done for. There is no way he can rally up enough support to get Caleb evicted. And Caleb, Leave Amber Alone!

    • But instead they are going to evict poor Amber because she is a “distraction” to Caleb’s game….big mistake.

  13. I know this is from a couple eps back, but since there was a little couple talk here, I think that instead of Zankie, they should be refering to that hilarious Frankie and Zack bromance as Frack.

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