Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 3 Power of Veto Episode – Update

Tonight on CBS Big Brother Season 16 is back with the Power of Veto episode starting at 8PM ET/PT. Get ready for the house’s big plans put in to action with a dangerous target in their sights.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

After Sunday’s show we saw Devin dodge the block, but he quickly understood what was going on. The House was hoping to pull off a Backdoor, but could they keep Devin out of the Veto competition? It all comes down to the odds of the draw. Watch tonight to see what happens.

Speaking of Sunday’s cliffhangers, so what happened to Nicole’s disappearance at the end of the Battle of the Block? Ribbit, ribbit! You don’t want to be on the losing end of a magical challenge. Check out the photo gallery from a surprise punishment for Nicole.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers to arrive tonight on CBS? Get our Big Brother spoilers now and see what happened with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

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Update 2: Sneak peek pics of tonight’s Power of Veto competition. This looks awesome!

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  1. Even when you know what’s going to happen it’s exciting to watch. You get to see DR’s and stuff the cameras didn’t show, like when all 4 cameras are on 1 scene and people are missing. They will suddenly cut to one but you missed the1st part of the conversation.

  2. How can he keep saying he threw it? They would have won if Jocasta hadn’t knocked those pieces off. He even said so to Derrick.

  3. Hay Big Brother Caleb needs to be talked to sexual harassment is not acceptable.

    • Did you see that Frankie didn’t do squat…he shouldn’t get any money. I’m a mole, yeah right.

  4. Everyone needs to vote for the HG who are physical threats..don’t vote for floaters or they will for sure target Donny.

      • Donny’s won 1 BOB and now 2 veto’s. He could be viewed as a physical threat.

      • Exactly. Another one that they could say anyone is a floater. If someone doesn’t talk game to them they would say they’re a floater. They could go either way with a lot of them. Watch Frankie bring up Zach.

      • He’s loyal as long as you don’t give him a reason to distrust you. Donny just need to improve on his secrecy skills though so he doesn’t pissed off with people like Nicole.

    • I think if Donny and one of the girls win he will be gone next week. All they have to do is put up Amber before he writes her off.

  5. Could you imagine Donny, Derrick, Frankie and Cody in F4? I really think Brittany may sneak in there. She has made good friends with Derrick but Donny doesn’t trust her yet.

    • No. I’m tired of all guys. Frankie needs to go and Derrick has a final two with everyone. He’s going to get caught and I hope soon.

      • Me too. He’s playing Andy’s game and I hated Andy’s game. I think you can play with little lies instead of the whoppers he tells. Just don’t like that game play. Like Donny’s game now that he’s playing and like Derricks if he’ll back off a little.

      • Same here. Loved when Donny said in the SR tonight I’m not telling him my game play, he doesn’t tell me anything.

  6. Devin has to go … they can get Caleb out next week .but this week Devin for sure.. Stand Up to Bullies !!

  7. She is the type that deserves a Cody, anyway. Cody will play her, and ten other girls, at the same time in the outside world. Caleb seems like he’d be devoted to her. Now who wants THAT?! Any girl would rather have a player than someone committed to them. lol It’s funny what is deemed “weird” in this world anymore. I have a feeling Amber gets her wish with the type of guys she usually dates. Just make sure you STD test them regularly, Amber.

    • Would have loved to have met a Caleb back in the day. Went thru 2 till I found Mr. Right like that.

    • Caleb is basically stalking amber and is obsessed with her. Also they really don’t have anything in common. She shouldn’t have to date someone she doesn’t like.

      • No one said that she had to date anyone. Where did you read that? She mocks and craps on him for having a stupid crush on her — that’s the point. Like I said, Cody is a player type. Sometimes in life you get what you deserve, and Im sure Amber gets that type alot. Besides, there is a thing called editing (with music and all) to heighten this so-called “stalking.” You buy into this hook, line, and sinker, obviously. CBS seems to show that it is a bad thing for someone to want to commit to someone; it is better to be a playboy, I suppose.

      • You need to watch the feeds. Caleb is a stalker. He follows her all around, that’s ALL he talks about to everyone. She has tried to be nice to him and has told him over and over and over that she doesn’t feel that way about him but he is so immature that he doesn’t get it. He acts like he’s in grade school.

      • Well, my heart bleeds for poor Amber. She has a country boy with a stupid school-boy crush on her. Oh gads. Call the police. Um, there are much worse things in life than having a crush on you.

      • But you get it, and you’re surely right about this. It’s nice you know-it-all. I agree its useless.

      • I think he is too. Today he wanted her put up on the block. Lol. Tomorrow he will be saving her again.

      • Knew one quite well (stepson) who spent time in jail for it (did NOT hurt the girl). Caleb has not reached that stage yet.

      • Oh wow. My son had a friend who was in love with a girl and wouldn’t leave her alone. Her family threatened a restraining order. He finally took the hint but he was very young then. He now is married with a family and very happy. Was just immature then. And that’s how Caleb acts.

      • Well you notice I said yet. If he hadn’t started seeing the light I would be getting worried. I think production is keeping an eye on him.

      • Not in the kind of woman he is looking for. He wants one to like some of the same things and believe in God.

      • In her pre interview, did amber say she did or didn’t want a showmance. I can not remember.

      • Gotta agree with Lavendargirl watch the feeds, he is really obsessing over her at stalker like levels, its much more than a little crush. He is basically telling her he will follow her forever. If someone you don’t like and can’t take a hint started obsessing over you would you enjoy it? And she really doesn’t even like Cody

      • Thank you. I think the adults understand where we’re coming from. Especially being trapped in a house 24/7 with someone that follows you everywhere and won’t leave you alone. Creepy!

      • I don’t watch the feeds so I only see what airs on TV. Even with just seeing that I can say Caleb is creepy. If I was Amber I would be scared of him. It’s one thing to have a crush on someone but it’s another thing to be obsessive about it. What is he going to do to her when she stops being nice about her rejections?

      • On the edited version, he’s creepy. On the un-edited version…he’s creepier.

  8. Dan Gheesling is quite a little too hard on Jocasta over at Twitter tonight. I know that players just have to give courtesy even if they can’t play and all but what part of having to be in bed rest does he not understand?

      • Could be because she had been so sick. They told her if she didn’t get better she would be taken out. She probably didn’t rest till then.

      • Well, she knows she could have played if she wasn’t sick but for sure production was trying to avoid a repeat from the health emergency they had in BB9.

        She must prove next week that she can compete for her spot in the house.

  9. I want this TA to be over with. Donny doesn’t even like working with Derrick and Frankie. Derrick doesn’t trust Frankie or Donny. This whole thing is a bust I think.

  10. Caleb is one of those creepy scary Lifetime character. Poor Amber…. (poor Cody, he is the cause of Amber not “”loving” him. One of them must leave!)

  11. Basically, anyone that don’t belong to the alliance is a target. To most of them Donny is a priority. The “odd squad” should strike first when they get a chance….then again, I don’t expect a lot from Miss Bow Tie and the Crow

  12. Am I the only one who noticed that BBAD has tripled the commercials? Last yr they go 15 or 20 min before an ad. Now it’s like every 12 and you get 4 or 5 min of comm.

  13. I Acosta is fake her being on TV who bury ‘ s their head like that and fake vomit againshe’s phoneyes what she going to do next time she’s on the block

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