Big Brother 16: Did Frankie Awaken A Sleeping Beast Mode?

Caleb Reynolds was completely fooled this week as Frankie Grande and most of the rest of the house manipulated him to get Amber Borzotra on the block under the guise of it being his own brilliant idea. It didn’t take him long to figure out that was a big mistake. Or was it?

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Now that Amber is just a few days from eviction Caleb started to hit the panic button, but it didn’t take long for the guys to come up with a new plan.

As of Tuesday night Caleb thought he had the five votes to keep Amber. “For sure,” Caleb told Amber. He definitely does not. Amber will be evicted and the house was trying to decide how to deal with it the best way to let him down easy.

Flashback to 4:31PM BBT 7/29 as Hayden, Cody, Derrick, and Nicole discuss whether or not to tell Caleb. They all want to give him the heads up because they know how he could react and blow up over the situation. Cody says he doesn’t care if this falls on Frankie because of Frankie’s attempts to drop it on them.

Guess what Frankie wants to do? “Operation Brittany” is the mission to keep Caleb & Amber in the dark. Last night, 9:45PM BBT 7/29, Frankie tells Zach they need to blindside the pair. Instead the guys decided on another plan later in the night.

Flashback to 12:12AM BBT 7/30 as Frankie details out the new plan. They’ll lean on a new angle that Amber is coming after Caleb and blames him for ruining her game (not too far off). If Amber doesn’t blow up on her own at Caleb then they’ll tell him the story on Thursday. It doesn’t take that long.

Jump to 2:01 AM BBT as Frankie arrives in the HoH room where the guys have been telling Caleb what they “know.” Frankie lays it out bare for Caleb and says he wants to tell him something. Caleb jokes that he’s Amber’s target. Frankie just stares back at him. Frankie proceeds to tell him that Amber is going around the house and telling everyone Caleb is her target because he’s “ruining her game.” Caleb asks “how am I ruining her game? How am *I* ruining her game?? I’ve done nothing but help her game.” Caleb waits a moment and then storms out of the room pushing Frankie away who tries to stop him.

The guys panic and scramble to keep him from rushing to Amber. Caleb wanders around the house for awhile before returning and letting the guys talk him down. He’s now fully on board with getting her out. Caleb is very upset and wants to make her life hell and prank her. The guys are all relieved that this went way better than they thought it might for a bit there.

Had Amber gone home in a blindside for Caleb he would have been furious and bewildered. With HGs expecting an endurance competition we might have seen this mythical “Beast Mode Cowboy” arrive with a fury and a vengeance to come after Frankie and company. Now, instead, we’ve got a Tame Mode Caleb who is once again getting easily manipulated by his allies and he won’t have a clue.

If this season is in need of a power shift then an angry Caleb winning HoH and coming after Frankie and Zach could have been the shot in the arm needed to get things moving again. It won’t happen now though. At least not that way.

Are you glad Caleb found out that Amber is going home? Will he be able to keep his mouth closed about the guys’ plan as they suggested or will he tell her soon? How long before Caleb reverts to wanting to save “his queen?”



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  1. Well as much as I feel sorry for Amber (for Caleb not cuz she’s going home), Caleb getting mad at her is the best thing that could happen to her, otherwise she better be shopping for an RO as soon as the leaves the house. Caleb just needs to be sterilized.

    • Electro shock therapy might help Caleb too…anger seems to be boiling up inside him and he’ll need an outlet to let it loose – just not in the BB house – a rubber room perhaps?

    • Exactly. The sooner she is out of the house, the safer she is. He needs to go next, for the safety and sanity of the other house guest.

    • Sadly i really think Caleb is not mentally well. I feel bad for him he truly seems mentally challenged.
      My guess is his family who know him from prior to the game were very worried about how he was going to behave, being this dumb is not something someone develops in one day.

  2. Hopefully Caleb & Amber have a talk so that they can expose Frankie and his crew. I agree Matthew, an angry Caleb winning HOH will be the powershift this season desperately needs.

  3. This season is becoming predictably boring. While I like the houseguests (overall) better than last season, the house itself is falling into the same rut. Wish there was a Janelle or Jase type who wasn’t afraid to shake things up and had the power/cunning to do it. Zach starts to make things interesting …but then he let’s Frankie and/or Derrick talk him down too easily.

    • Agree. Why are they so afraid of Caleb after the eviction? Thought these guys were so tough?

    • Totally agree. I really do like these houseguests as a whole, but there is virtually no long term strategy being implemented aside from a few players.
      I like Derrick and so far, I think he deserves to win, but a power shift would make things much more fun to watch.

  4. Why can’t these HG’s keep their mouths shut and let the drama unfold. I was looking forward to tomorrow night and Caleb’s reaction after Amber left. Spreading even more lies about Amber..these people have done this poor girl so wrong. I am all for good gameplay in the BB house, but this situation was just downright mean and nasty..there is no telling what Caleb will do to her now.

  5. His ego will not allow him to keep his mouth shut till Thursday. The more he sits around and broods over it the more unstable he will become. I think something will set him off and he will lash out at her. The fact that the “men” in her alliance want her out because of an imagined “female” alliance are the ones responsible for using Amber to push Caleb over the edge. This was a dangerous and irresponsible action. I think this is going to blow up and the victim will be Amber. Let’s just hope someone will actually step in stop this crazy dingus! Why would any of these guys think there could be an all female alliance? Obviously every chick in there is ready to be sacraficed for the all male alliance.

    • Exactly right…why are they so afraid of Caleb in this endurance comp, if that’s what it is this week..I have heard Cody say many times that there is no way Caleb could ever beat him in an endurance. I really hope that Caleb and Amber get together before tomorrow night and figure this out. With Caleb walking around the house with this false information and the way he likes to get back at her and try to teach her a lesson and scare her…BB producers may want to keep an eye on him for now.

      • Lol im already taking bids as to calebs excuses once he fails an endurance to any houseguest.

    • The only female who would even think of trying to do anything would be Nicole and watching her at times makes me want to pull my hair out..she is so timid and soft spoken.

    • He could actually end up saving her. If he attacks her or anyone else in the house and is removed they could cancel the eviction, or make her 1st jury member.

  6. Has there ever been another HG that’s been played for a sucker so thoroughly? I can’t believe Amber and Caleb haven’t connected the dots yet.

    • Danielle Murphree, Season 14, the dumbest of the dumb BB houseguests. Dan played her like a flute, through the whole game. I think she truly had no idea Dan would backdoor her boyfriend like that.

      • True, but Danielle did benefit from all that mental anguish. I doubt she would have gotten anywhere near third place without Dan. Caleb, on the other hand, is currently positioned to be evicted in the coming weeks.

    • Think it was Season 3 when Marcellas Reynolds was on the Block, and won the POV, but did not use it on himself, ’cause he was convinced that the other HG on the Block was the target … and, guess what happend ??? Ha !!! :)

  7. This season is getting VERY BORING!!! Its a competition.. not a house vote! I am very disappointed in BB!!! How about letting a “floater” win and shake the house up?? C’mon production… keep rigging it!!!

    • All these “big” guys.. none of them can say anything about a “floater” because they are all riding each others shirt tails to the end! Makes for a very predictable and boring season… time to change the channel!

  8. I really don’t feel sorry for any of them. For the recruits to go in thinking they had a chance because production set them down with previous shows to watch is stupid. It’s a game and they had no idea what they were getting into. The so called super-fan Christine never watched live feeds but she thinks she knows it all. Nicole another super-fan wants to just sit back and float thru not making any moves. The only fans playing good are Derrick and Donny. Derricks moves are slowly catching up on him. Donny’s plan to sit back and observe is sort of working, but now that he’s starting to actually play he’s making the same mistake others have made and that’s trusting Christine. Frankie throws everybody under the bus everyday, his game has already caught up with him. Nobody trust him anymore.
    Caleb will not be able to keep his mouth shut till Thursday. Expect an explosion before hand. BB better keep an eye on him.

  9. I was really hoping that Caleb would be blindsided with Amber’s eviction. The house is getting boring. I’m sick of seeing landslide votes, and no back and forth drama. I want to see someone win the HOH who is willing to go up against the ones in power every week. I have never seen so many non alliance members be convinced to use their veto on someone on the block whom they don’t even care about, just to please the HOH and their backdoor plan. Someone’s gotta grow some brains and balls.

  10. I feel sorry for amber. She is being targeted because they don’t like her. If it was for game, they would get rid of some of those floaters.

    • But why dont they like her?

      Is there anything I’m missing in the live feeds? :/
      Amber seems really genuine and nice on bb.

  11. Everyone is scared of making a move… and be bitten in the week after.
    Derrick is playing the puppetmaster very well. Only Donny and (strangely) Victoria know there is something “fishy” with him.
    Frankie… well he is the other dude from a previous season. He thinks he has everybody under his control, when he is just the middleman.
    Zach… is a mouthful that thinks that he is the best man of the universe.
    Cody… using his looks and trying to get out of the way everytime something happens.
    Christine… like cody. She just jumps out and waits on the side of the road.
    Hayden… his idea of reeling Nicole into a showmance is making some points and nobody cares about him. That way he is sailing around.
    Nicole… with the showmance in place and Christine alliance, she is trying to decide between the bed sheets action or jumping into the side of the road.
    Caleb… very easy to get ideas into him. The “white horse chavalier” can be is doom, or not.
    Donny… he stays on the road but trying to dodge everything that is throw to him. He already knows that Derrick is lying about is life and he knows that Frankie is jumping arround everyone alliance. He even knows that Hayden is trying to make a play with Christine and Nicole.
    Victoria… she is a good player. She fights for the things even that she is too arrogant and just a small girl that wants to get clothes and products to use.
    Jocasta… she is the clock on the wall. Everybody knows she can´t win any competition. She just stays behind all the time. When they want to take her out, everyone will vote for her to go away.

    Amber… she will be out the door tomorrow. She played a good game but made very bad choices when she needed to play. She “survived” Caleb strikes but she was lost on her Cody and Zach “great bodies”.
    That´s why she will go out with a 7-2 votes tonight. (caleb and cody will vote for her to stay). [cody will vote for her to stay to open the door for next week voting… people will be thinking on who was the other vote and he can blame anyone. He was talking about that this morning when he was alone on the pool]

  12. Somehow one of the “floaters” need to win the HoH, until then the game is going to continue to be boring. The person that is most dangerous in the house is Donnie. He just sits back and watches everyone else around him scramble..quite sneaky but it’s effective so far. If the others don’t pay more attention to him, he is likely to win it all. He has gained the trust of most of the players and come jury time he will get the votes.

  13. The only chance we have is for a floater to win this upcoming HoH. Donny (I don’t consider a floater) or Jocasta, can potentially shake up this game. Victoria, she would just do what the others want her to do…poor girl is so naive, she actually thinks people like her. Nicole (floater), wouldn’t do anything either. She wants to act tough with that mouth, but she’s so timid, and she cries about stuff. She doesn’t want to win comps anyways, and she’s already stated that. Christine (a HUGE floater), will just do what the others want her to do too. If she’s a BB super fan, she should know she’s expendable on her alliance, but she won’t make a move because she’s stupid. She shouldn’t be calling anyone annoying, because she annoys me with that HUGE nose of hers. She’s a snake, reminds me of Ronnie from BB11. I wish Caleb would wake up, but what do expect from a BB Recruit? His best bet is to start working with the other side. Start pulling Hayden aside, Donny, and Jocasta. Hayden can work on Victoria and Nicole. Get them to trust him. If by some chance Caleb wins HoH, he needs to start playing the game. Time for Cody, Derrick and Frankie to go up. Zach is no problem, because he’s trying to play an evil Dick game, but you can sway Zach. Have Donny have a talk with him and I bet he can flip Zach, plus Zach believes anything, plus he likes being the bad guy. Putting Cody, Derrick and Frankie up will make them battle it out, and they’ll very quickly start throwing each other under the bus. Someone needs to start weakening the other side. Once one falls, they normally all fall. If Donny wins, leave Caleb out of the equation and somehow work with him, he needs to go after the three in Cody, Derrick and Frankie. Something needs to happen, because this game is getting stale quickly.

  14. Caleb is not well mentally, everyone sees that. He should be the poster boy for gun control, i wouldn’t let him in a million years use firearms. With all his craziness i can’t help sometimes feeling sorry for him, he really needs help

  15. They better pray and hope that Zach doesn’t get too cocky and spills the beans about Amber not really coming after him Caleb. Considering that he wanted to talk Caleb into leaving the house with Amber when she gets evicted, It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that happens!!! Caleb would blow up the house!!!

  16. Who thinks all that Caleb will talk about is Amber even after she’s evicted? ME!

  17. Glad to see these HGs figured out the danger they were putting themselves in. This might be the smartest group of people to play this game.

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