Big Brother 16: Derrick Plans His Own ‘Funeral’ Moment

We’re getting down to the wire on Big Brother 16 and with the HG numbers dwindling and his game pieces on the block Derrick is preparing to cut one of them loose, but not without capitalizing on the loss.

Derrick Levasseur planning moves on Big Brother
Derrick Levasseur planning moves on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Last night Derrick did a little camera talking at 10:23PM BBT after discussing the Victoria situation with Frankie. Alone in the Fire room Derrick told the camera that he was about to pull off his own version of Dan’s Funeral. Okay, that right there is an immensely lofty goal, but let’s see where he goes with it.

Jump ahead to 12:27AM BBT 9/9 as Derrick talks with Victoria in private. He has just walked past Frankie and Cody who were discussing Victoria’s outbound path from the house. Derrick is sure to mention that to Victoria as he arrives to let her know it’s a lost cause.

Derrick tells Victoria that there’s no chance of her convincing Caleb to keep her, but she wonders if Frankie could be influence. Frankie would break any ties if Derrick and Caleb were split. Derrick isn’t supportive of that plan, but Victoria worries she’ll look weak if she goes without campaigning.

What Derrick would like to do, he tells Victoria, is to go tell the guys that Victoria is mad at him over refusing to keep her. He says he’ll tell them that he told Victoria he was keeping Cody who had been loyal to him all summer and that admission upset her.

The plan here is all about helping Derrick along so the guys think Victoria is mad at him and wouldn’t vote for him if he were to get to the F2. Derrick is trying to wipe away the appearance of a one-vote advantage between him and Victoria.

Derrick is coaching Victoria on all the things to say to Frankie about how so many Jury members won’t want to vote for Derrick. He includes Nicole, Hayden, and Donny in that list. Sounds like Derrick is making plans for getting to the end next to Frankie or maybe he’s just not concerned about whether or not Caleb would take him. Hmm.

Derrick and Victoria wrap up their conversation just before 1AM BBT and Derrick heads upstairs to tell the guys what happened (though it didn’t really). He tells Frankie and Cody that Victoria is blaming him (Derrick) for her going home. Derrick acts upset and frustrated by the situation to support this supposed divide between him and Victoria.

Once Derrick leaves Cody and Frankie continue to discuss the situation. They’re surprised that Victoria would have anything against Derrick for waiting to keep Cody over her. The guys seem to buy Derrick’s story, but it’s not creating any dust-up that I suspect Derrick may have expected. Perhaps this was just a gentle reminder that Derrick wanted to plant well ahead of when it might be a decision influence.

At this point Victoria is expecting to be evicted because the HGs aren’t sure what to make of the countdown clock. She’s resigned to being voted out and is willing to try and help Derrick as she goes. When the Rewind twist hits the house I don’t think this will have a negative impact on Derrick’s game, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As for this being a version of “Dan’s Funeral” I think that’s a heck of a stretch. Dan managed to avoid a seemingly inevitable eviction and play down concerns that he and Danielle were working together in his skillful move. This situation doesn’t do either of those but makes the guys think a vote for Derrick by Victoria might be up in the air. Not bad, but I wouldn’t call it a “Funeral” moment.


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  1. I think the MAIN reason Derrick wanted to do this is because Frankie was telling both Cody and Caleb that if Derrick got to the Final 2, the jury would vote for him because he’s a family man. Frankie was basically planting the seed that maybe we shouldn’t try and sit next to Derrick after all.

    Derrick got word of this and was obviously annoyed. So, he now wants Caleb, Cody, and Frankie to think that Victoria, along with the rest of the jury, is mad at him and most likely won’t be voting for him if he’s in the Final 2 regardless if he’s a family man or not. Derrick is once again trying to play the “I’ll get smoked in the Final 2” card, which has worked very well for him up to this point.

    • well said AND as we have been thinking of Derrick in the final 2–where he would win— first he has to get there, and he sure isn’t winning comps to get himself there, so somebody might have to take him, the question is who would and who wouldn’t??

      • Yes which I’m sure is part of his game strategy. He’s been throwing a lot of comps so that he doesn’t look like a threat which will indeed get him taken to the final 2 if he doesn’t win the final hoh on his own.

      • agree it is his game strategy, but not that he has been throwing comps, physically he is no match for Frankie cody and caleb, mentally he is cool as a cucumber, and at first I thought he would be in the final 2, I was just not sure with who, now he either wins his way in or the final winner has to choose him, and therefore he has a 50/50 chance of that happening, time will tell

  2. I don’t think Derrick’s little plan even comes close to Dan’s funeral. Dan was on his way out the door and somehow convinced a group of “somewhat” intelligent people to allow him to stay. Derrick is playing the game with a group of idiots, so convincing them of anything is not a hard thing to do. Plus, if Derrick allows Frankie and Caleb to continue on, his game is going to end real soon.

    • It’s not like he has a choice ATM with victoria and cody up. But, hopefully someone not named Frankie will win the HoH after the rewind. :D

      • That is why you should not allow strong players to continue on until it is too late to do anything about it.

      • Remember when Devin went against his alliance to get a strong and unreliable player out?

        That’s why you don’t go against your alliance until you know for certain it’s the best possible thing to do. You have to remember, they had 2 weeks where they were going to go after Frankie but he won the veto both times.

        Then last week, Nicole scared Derrick or Frankie would’ve went home last week as well.

      • Do you really believe that Nicole scared Derrick with the Dan game play thing? I think Nicole would have been better for Derrick’s game. However, he chose Frankie and Frankie will probably be the person that ends his game.

      • Do you forget that it was Derrick and Cody that betrayed Nicole and Hayden? Hayden knew it, you have to know he told Nicole about it. Nicole even said she was going after Cody (you know, Derrick’s main partner.) Whereas Frankie would be going after Victoria, (possibly Christine), and Cody before Derrick.

        How in the world would keeping Nicole be better for Derrick’s game than Frankie, knowing what he knew. (Besides the fact Frankie wins a lot more competitions.)

      • If Derrick was such a good player, he would have worked on Nicole, just like Dan “misted” his group. Remember last year when the guy reentered the house (I don’t remember his name and not interested in finding out), the people that he trusted the most are the people that voted for him to be evicted. Well, when he came back, he did not know what to believe, and joined the same group that voted to evict him. If Derrick is the 2014 Dan, don’t you think he would have been able to convince Nicole that he was not the mastermind behind the plan.

      • I would like to see you in the Big Brother house so you can go against your alliance and get evicted the first couple of weeks, since you know how well to play this game ^_^

      • Do you know how you can tell who is losing in a debate/conversation? The person who changes a simply debate/conversation into a personal attack. Have a good day.

      • Right! I don’t mind people telling me why they don’t agree with what I wrote, but flipping the script and making me the subject matter, is not cool.

      • The only thing about Nicole, is that her head wasn’t in the game when she came back in. He could have used that to his advantage. She would need someone to work with and he might have been better off working with Nicole and Victoria than working with Caleb, Cody and Frankie.

      • Yep he probably would have but Caleb, cody and Frankie were also worried about the 3 girls. Derrick would not have been able to keep them all 3 very long.

      • Because Skankie is going to end his game if he doesn’t get rid of him! Now it’s too little to late.

      • But they also had two weeks where Frankie didn’t win veto, the last two weeks before the second DE last Thursday. They should have made the move then. Frankie is the best competitor in the house left, and something tells me he will win HOH after the rewind or Veto. Derrick made the Helen decision and soon he might find that he is the one being evicted by Frankie.

    • Are Britney, Danielle, Shane, Frank, Joe, and Jenn really that much smarter than the people in the house now? They were all pretty bad.

      • True, but Britney is one of the worst players of all time, Joe and Jenn were pretty much Victorias, and Danielle is possibly the most easily manipulated of all time. Frank and Shane also weren’t really stellar gameplayers themselves

      • I agree. However, this group is so darn dumb, they think/thought Donny is/was brilliant Donny is well rounded and possesses a lot of common sense. Is he brilliant…..ummmmm no!

    • Even if you don’t compare the current houseguests to the houseguests Dan’s second season, this still isn’t close to Dan’s funeral. Dan was walking out the door next without a doubt and Dan changed that, it was brilliant. Derrick is just using this to try and get to final 2 and then try and win, without being in danger this week its not even close.

  3. No… it would be like a Dan funeral if he managed to keep Victoria. But since that vote won’t happen anyway it doesn’t matter.

    • I can guarantee you Derrick would have 0 problem getting Cody evicted over Victoria. He just doesn’t want that. :P (Not that it matters with the rewind twist.)

      • I think Der was afraid to go for Cody just in case of rewind. If that was not a question to him, he would dump Cody in a second. He really wants Vic for F2. He is scared to show his hand.

  4. No matter how good Derrick is, he can’t pull off a Funeral moment at this stage in the game. He’s already in complete control and likely winning; it’s impossible to be in a better position no matter what he does.

      • Cody, Caleb, and Victoria are all definitely taking him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie was also.

      • Frankie has been working on Caleb and Cody by telling them that Derrick would win because he is a family man. I really don’t know who Frankie would take, everyone else is more liked by the jury than him. Derrick would actually be his best choice because he could try and convince the jury to vote based off competition wins.

      • I agree about Cody, but I never know what Caleb is going to do. He talks one way and then does something else.

      • if Victoria is evicted she can not, cody and caleb might take each other, lots can happen in just 24 hours!

  5. It’s time for Victoria to go. Wait this week is a rewind……’s probably time for Victoria to go, but instead of sending Victoria home, prolonging the viewing audience agony seems to be a better choice

    • I agree. While I might not like Frankie’s attitude, he at least deserves his spot in the Final 4. Victoria wasn’t even upset that she was nominated, it actually took her 4 days to realize she was going to be evicted and think about campaigning for votes. Cody is better for Derrick’s game because he can win comps. So even if the rewind turns out the same as it is currently, it will be Cody and Derrick vs. Caleb because Frankie wouldn’t be allowed to play in the next HOH.

      • Frankie is definitely a guy that most people, including myself, find hard to like. However, Frankie is playing a good game. Frankie is doing what he needs to do to stay in the game…….he is winning comps and not relying on others to keep him in the house.

      • I have a feeling that if Frankie happened to win the HOH in the Rewind that he would nominate Derrick, just to spite him, so that he does not go through the whole season without being on the Block, at least once … As he would then be the one that nominated him, and/or responsible for his eviction … Ha !!!

        Imagine, if Derrice got evicted, it would be Caleb, Cody and Victoria able to compete in the next HOH comp … and, would be a real hoot, by chance, should Victoria end up winning that one, the one that matters the most … Ha !!!

      • If Frankie puts Derrick up and Derrick gets evicted, then Frankie deserves to win……no matter how repulsive Frankie is.

      • Here lies the buzz … Frankie has played the strongest physical BB game, but, his social game has sucked due to him vying for the villain-esque type game he has played, imo … Had he just not pushed his non-game cr@p, I think he would have been portrayed in a more positive view and may have won it by his merits … All the other stuff, just turned some of us off the wrong way .. and, when he specifically said/asked last week, “How many days has he not slept in the HOH room?” think the answer was 18 days (or 20) was just another example of how privledge of a life he has lived, and he makes up his own rules …

        He just overlooked the fact that it is the Jury who decides on who they vote for to give the $$ to …

      • Would Derrick get evicted in that case? If he is on the block with Victoria, I imagine that Cody and Caleb will still vote out Victoria. If he is on the block with either of the guys, Victoria will vote to keep Derrick and I would think since both Caleb and Cody expressed wanting to take Derrick to final 2, they would evict each other before Derrick. Frankie might take the swing at Derrick, but I think he would miss.

      • I think the rewind is just prolonging the agony. This rewind means ABSOLUTELY nothing, since Victoria is there.

      • I agree. Way to what should be an exciting time in the final 5, into a boring week that doesn’t count. Is anyone really looking forward to tonight’s episode?

      • Tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight will just be veto and the stupid TA mouse task, and all the speculation about the button, but none of it matters at all since we will replay the week tomorrow night.

      • Oh. I thought the next episode was due to air on Wednesday. This has been one of my least favorite seasons, so I haven’t been keeping up with it like I should.

      • Too much of a herd mentality this season. Only two votes weren’t unanimous. Even when they decided to press the reset button, they all pushed it together.

      • At first Frankie was against it, but after he won HOH, he was the one who wanted to push it the most. I wonder if he thought no matter what the twist was, the HOH was safe.

      • Oh, no, I forgot. We have to watch the mouse rubbish. Stupidest task yet. How could they lose? I guess I’m just irritated at Frankie getting another $5K. Still, it must get expensive buying all that face cream and hair dye, after all, a guy gots to look purdy.

      • Well, Derrick has already won $25K, if my math is good …
        So, if they did not actually catch a mouse/rat on the weekend … Why would they not be still at it in trying to locate it and/or be stil freaked out by it, that it is still somewhere in the House?
        Now, if Frankie and/or Derrick were to shout out “rat” or “mouse” during the live show, to keep everyone off guard … Ha !! :)

      • Doesn’t Victoria always seem like she’s in a dream world? She looks like someone who’s heavily sedated, but I don’t think I can blame it on that. When she’s thinking, or staring into space, she looks like her brain is a million miles away. Probably a sweet girl in the real world but I just can’t figure what BB thought she would add to the mix as an HG.

      • I think she lives in a very sheltered world and usually doesn’t have to make very many decisions for herself. They only reason I think they put her in the cast is because she represents the spoiled princess type. But I’m with you, I don’t know what they thought she would add to the cast or the game.

      • If I recall, she was there for a Showmance this season as her primary goal ???
        And, you would have to admit that if you were almost taken away be a Crow when you were a child, you would have issues, as well … Ha !!!

      • She had showmance as her primary goal? I didn’t see her act at all flirty with anyone other than Derrick. She seems to have lost her mojo. I’m afraid that crow must have spilled it all.

      • At the beginning of the season, she tried to flirt with all the guys and none of them took the bait. They thought something was a little off with her.

      • Kind of like in nature where the animals instinctively know that another’s DNA isn’t up to par and won’t mate with them?

      • She is eating up this “last girl standing” routine right now. The way she primps all the time, constantly adjusting her clothing..brushing her hair, putting on her jewelry so she can go outside..I am starting to think that she thinks she is playing house with Derrick!

  6. I think Nicole’s comments about Derrick playing like Dan have gone to Derrick’s head. While I think his intention was to play a Dan-like game, he wasn’t getting too cocky about it until Nicole said it. Now he might be in danger of over-playing his hand before a big twist arrives.

    • Right! Derrick is no Dan. Dan would have broken up the all BOY alliance the first chance that he got (without jeopardizing his game, of course). Derrick is playing a good game, because he is the only person left that has a little common sense.

      • Dan would have used Cody to get Frankie out a couple weeks ago, then dumped Cody at Final 3 and taken Victoria. If Dan didn’t win final 3 HOH, either Cody or Victoria would have taken him anyway.

      • Derrick will still be able to convince Cody to do that. I think that even if Cody wanted to nominate or vote Derrick out, he will ask Derrick if its okay or is it too soon. I can even seeing this conversation taking place at Final 3. In other words, Cody is a Dodo.

      • I can just picture it now, if Cody were F2 and sitting beside Derrick and/or Derrick was on the Jury … and, Cody asking Derrick … what should I say, Derrick ?? Ha !!! :)

      • Sitting next to each other in the final 2…
        “Derrick, am I allowed to campaign for votes against you in the final 2?”
        “No Cody, its too soon.”

  7. Doesn’t Victoria always seem like she’s in a dream world? She acts like someone who’s heavily sedated, but I don’t think I can blame it on that. Every response seems to take her a long time to formulate; when she’s thinking, or staring into space (hard to tell the two apart), she looks like her brain is a million miles away. Probably a very sweet girl in the real world but I just can’t figure what BB thought she would add to the mix as an HG.

    • Sorry for my double posts. My computer has become passive-aggressive, freezes on me mid-post, lets me back in to finish, then shows the incomplete post as Guest (which I can’t delete), and the finished one under GMaG. Really not trying to be a space hog here.

  8. Derrick has played a good game- the best game so far. What I really want to know is why the rewind time is at 5:35pm… 8:35pm MY time… Meaning it’s more than halfway through the love show. I’m thinking the eviction ceremony IS going to take place and that WILL mess up Derrick’s game because the other guys will know that he gave Victoria a sympathy vote. (The first time all season- we all thought Cody was going to give Christine a sympathy vote!) Then, just as Julie announces that Frankie has to perform the tie-breaker vote, that is when the REWIND will hit! I am sure hoping for some excitement on Wednesday night- and as sad as it is, I pray that production has a hand in helping Victoria win her first HOH so that it will finally be the ‘twisted summer’ we have all been waiting for. Then, if she’s not as dumb as she has been pretending to be all summer long, cards will finally be shown as she nominates Frankie and Caleb. The bad card will be if Cody wins POV and removes one of them, forcing her to put Derrick up- and him leaving Wednesday. I’ll be sad, but it would make for an interested finale! I ultimately want Derrick to win the whole thing, but Wednesday night will be a great show regardless of what happens. I’m terrified, however, that whoever wins HOH will try to nominate 2 house guests, other than Skankie, will a backdoor plan that fails again- worst case scenario. Looks to be an interesting night- I am also hoping that ratings don’t go down because Hell’s Kitchen starts Wednesday night too! Just my rant. We will all see Wednesday at 8:35pm!!!!!!

    • President Obama just announced he will speak to the nation on Wednesday during primetime. Not trying to start a political conversation, just wondering about what that will do to a live episode of BB.

      • Maybe CBS already knew that— maybe that’s why it’s at 5:35? Hmmmm… I saw on another post that Obama’s Presidential Address was going to be earlier in the day on Wednesday. Who knows… But if it cuts into the live show and we miss something big, I’m going to be SO MAD!

      • Please give the President credit……..He at least waited until the rewind day to do the Address. The President knows that we don’t really care about happens on Wednesday……lol.

    • I think it is based on when the actual vote usually takes place on a live eviction show … I suspect that Julie will start the show with her usual blah, blah, blah … and, recap from the POV comp ??

    • I might be wrong, but I believe Julie said that the rewind would be announced right before the live voting begins. So, 8:35 is the approximate time that LIVE voting would begin.

  9. I am tiring of Derrick’s antics. At one time I thought he was playing a spectacular game, even if the HGs made it easy for him by being so willfully blind. But now, he is getting on my nerves.

    If not for Cody’s stupidity, Victoria’s cluelessness, Caleb’s blind loyalty, Nicole’s incredible ability to blunder her way from week to week and Frankie’s narcissism Derrick would look foolish with his plans.

    What amazes me is how the HGs talk to themselves about Derrick but never put 2 and 2 together. Frankie was studying the BB events the other night and he mentioned Derrick had no BoB coompetitions because he had never been on the block. HELLO-O! Anybody home?

    • You can almost put the blame of the people left in this game on one thing, the week that Donny and Nicole were co-HOH’s. Had they just agreed to put up 4 of the strong guys, this alliance would have imploded a while ago. One of them would have ended up going home and we might have seen a different half of the season. But instead they both put up pawns and one of them ended up going instead.

    • Ahhh yes, but then Derrick would be playing a different set of manipulations with a different set of house guests. He just got lucky since most of them are easily manipulated. He has played a pretty good game so far imo. He has done it without cruelty or being unkind in any way. He seems like a truly good guy who would use the money wisely. Frankie was comic relief but his ego is getting far to big. He thinks because he said he’s playing for charity that he should win. All though they have all been being a bit cocky which well they are guys so bound to happen. Caleb has been his same cocky self since day 1. Cody has been his same “good ol boy” self since the beginning. (Not a lot going on upstairs but sure is pretty and kind) I can’t even start with Victoria. Omg I haven’t cared for from the get go. She really seems to have no life experiences to even play this game. It’s as if not only has her life been sheltered but someone has literally made every decision for her in life. It is kind of sad. Poor gullable girl. Soooo in all my order to win would be Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria. Although if Victoria out lasted Frankie I would get a good laugh!

    • Derrick’s starting to buy into his own hype. Yes he has played a good season, but Dan’s Funeral should go down as one of the greatest BB moments/moves ever. This is no where near that.

      • Along with when Danielle talked Marcellas out of using the veto, then sent him packing. That was a great move, as well. Derrick trying to get a F2 vote…….whatever!

      • Danielle doesn’t get enough credit for that. It’s always about how stupid Marcellas was, but she really did work some magic on him.

      • I think people liked Marcellas and were mad at Danielle for what she did. I believe that is why some people don’t like to admit what Danielle did was just as brilliant as Dan’s funeral.

      • Danielle was a bigger villain than Dr. Will in a lot of polls. That’s how it works. Look at all the people on here complaining that they are rigging the show for Frankie, but they are the same ones wanting some BS twist to save Nicole or Donny. A lot of people would have cried foul if Jessie or Natalie won the Coup De Tat seasons ago, but Jeff won it so it was okay. Nothing wrong with liking certain people, but it is amusing they way they view the game based on who they like.

  10. Does it count as a funeral moment if no one in the house is smart enough to think you ought to leave, and therefore you’re not in any real danger?

    As much as I hate Frankie, I reallllllly want this guy’s ego knocked down a peg.

  11. Derrick is beginning to believe in his own reviews and honestly when you think about his game plan,really is about luck more than anything else,because the others came in with no real plans in their heads except fly by the seat of their pants from week to week,

  12. Puhleeze Derrick is no Dan Gheesling and this was no “funeral moment” by any means. Besides Cody and Caleb didn’t care. Victoria has got to go. I hope these guys would “wake up and smell the coffee”!

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