Big Brother 16: Amber & Brittany Scramble For Girl Power – Update: Veto Players Picked

The women of Big Brother 16 are in a bad spot and they’re starting to realize what’s going on around them as the guys tightening their grip on the house, but is it too late to do something about it?

Brittany Martinez on Big Brother 16
Brittany Martinez on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Flashback to 8:20AM BBT this morning as Amber Borzotra and Brittany Martinez talking about what they need to do to get their games back on track. They want to work together and to come up with a plan to get Amber in the Veto competition later today.

Amber originally asked Cody if she could host the Veto competition but started to think if she could get Cody to pick Zach then it’d up her chances to be drawn. See, they think the Veto host is selected first and then removed from the pool of players. Nope. They’re confused about the process and it’s messing with their plans.

Amber talks to Cody and says she wants to play in the Veto, but it doesn’t take him long to figure out why she wants in on that comp. Amber wants to play to win the Veto and save Brittany. No way, say the guys.

Brittany goes to Derrick around 9:55AM BBT and says she deserves to be in the game more than Victoria and Zach. Brittany uses “deserves” a lot to justify her existence in the house. She tells Derrick that Zach told her she was the main target this week. Derrick is pissed about this (as he says later) but doesn’t let it show. Derrick encourages Brittany to win the Veto and secure her safety.

Flashback to around 10:10AM BBT to find Derrick and Cody talking about the situation. Derrick relays his conversation with Brittany and reaffirms she is their target. He plans to make her feel as safe as possible this week if she doesn’t win Veto, but she’ll be going home on Thursday.

Cody is in agreement that Brittany has to go and she’s their number one target. Cody seems to have no idea that he should be more worried about Caleb at this point over Caleb’s jealousy issues. As for why Brittany is the big target for the guys this week, my theory is that Derrick is worried about her the most and so he’s made her everyone’s main target too. He continues to control his alliance and much of the house too.

We’ll soon know who is going to play in the Veto competition and soon after that the PoV results will be in. Once we know who has won the rest of the week’s layout will be much more clear.

Who do you hope wins the Power of Veto? Do you want Brittany or Victoria off the block?

Update: Players have been picked for the Veto competition: Caleb, Frankie Zach, & Nicole will join Cody, Brittany, and Victoria in the comp later today. Frankie will host.

It appears that Brittany had HG Choice and picked Caleb because he volunteered and she didn’t want to reveal she is trying to work with Amber. Great plan, Brittany. When you’re at home next week no one will ever know! Sheesh.

Update 2: Caleb tells Cody he told Brittany last night that he would NOT use the Veto if he won it so he doesn’t understand why she picked him. He just wanted to play to compete. Holy crap this woman has no sense in her head for this game. None. She had a chance to get an ally in the comp and by choice went with someone who told her they would not help her. *SMH*


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  1. Victoria “deserves” nice things, Victoria “deserves” people waiting on her hand and foot, Victoria “deserves” adoring fans. She does NOT deserve to be in the BB house! I know she isn’t any threat to anyone as Brittney maybe is but her “woe is me, no one likes me” routine is sooo old. I want her gone!

  2. sigh they don’t even know host is picked after players…

    Looks like brittany or donny is going to be out the door.

    • How would Britt know the convo Caleb had with Cody. Maybe she figured if she had picked amber her cover to partner with amber would be exposed. Maybe by picking Caleb, and Caleb was to win, she maybe thinking that amber could talk hi into saving Britt and keeping Victoria on the block. I know one thing, I hate seeing the same group of people in the HOH room every week. Come on other side of the house,except Christine the back stabbed.

  3. brit actually deserves to go home, this final decision just finished that for me. Zach Attack getting a POV win to send her out the door would be especially satisfying and fun on TV as he is the only one willing to tell is like it is in the DR

  4. Ok ya’ll, Cody just admitted cheating in the draw for Veto comp. Do you think BB will do anything about it? He said he put the chips in the bag and stacked them with a name he saw on top. He made sure he pulled the name he saw by they way he stacked them. Told Derrick in HOH room. Ck feeds between 12:00 pm and 12:05 camera’s 1&2.

    • That’s sketchy, but I doubt they’ll do anything. Frank did the same thing in BB14.

  5. I though the HOH has to tell the DR who the host is before they pick players? Then they come out of the DR pick players and then announce the host. But they say who is hosting in the DR

    • Nah. After all the players have been picked for the Veto comp THEN the HoH picks the host. Otherwise what if that player picked for hosting gets his/her chip pulled? Host is selected for “leftovers.”

      • If they tell the DR ahead of time they don’t put that chip in the bag. Well now that I just said that as I’m thinking about it I guess that wouldn’t be fair because then the host could go up on the block. Duh. Lol

      • Yeah, everyone gets a shot at being drawn. I think what you might be thinking of is how HGs tend to ask the HoH before the drawing ceremony so they’re considered for the role of hosting when it comes time to pick that person.

  6. Oh Brittany you deserve to go home for playing so stupid. Who cares if someone thinks you’re working with Amber. You’re trying to stay in the game and if someone is willing to use the veto on you guess what…you PICK them!!! If Amber won the POV and used it on you they would know then anyway.

  7. Haha and everyone thought Brittany was some strong player/mastermind. Nope she’s just another idiot who doesn’t use common sense.
    Stoked to see her walkout this Thursday.

  8. I hope Brit doesn’t win POV, the backup plan to backdoor Donny is really freaking me out. I don’t expect to see Donny win the entire game, but I would think they would rather have him in the house instead of some of these girls, Zach or Caleb.

  9. Did Caleb really tell Cody that if he won veto, he wouldn’t use it on her? Or was it something he made up? I would love to see Caleb,Donny, Amber and Britt aligne. And let the HG still think that amber doesn’t want to have anything to do with Caleb

      • Matt how would Britt know of this conversation, even Amber for that matter. I mean if Caleb had gone to Brit and said I won’t use the veto on you, I could understand all the uproar. I don’t think there were too many to choose from. I still hopes she pulls it out.

  10. Victoria and Brittany both deserve to be on the block because of their “woe is me” and “I am so deserving” attitudes. Plus, stupid is as stupid does, and these girls are super stupid. They have been in the game 4 weeks now. They don’t have a clue about the process even after all this time. Where are their brains? Oh…their brains must have gone out the door with Devin!!

  11. Oh, Brittney…what are you doing? These guys have ruled the house since day 1..why can’t girls play this game? I am still waiting for super fan Nicole to start playing.

  12. Feeds are showing Jeff…must be veto time! I don’t want Britt to win because I don’t want the backdoor plan to put Donny up go through.

  13. Oh no..Victoria won the Donny is going up..I hope the plan is still to get Brittany out.

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