Big Brother 15: Where The Houseguests Stand As The Numbers Dwindle

Andy, Spencer, GinaMarie, and McCrae on Big Brother 15

After this week’s eviction there will be seven HGs left in the Big Brother game. Divisions in the house have shifted and now spread across the spectrum ending with Elissa on one side and McCranda on the opposite end. The remaining four other players fall somewhere in between on a sliding scale that could move with where the power falls on Thursday.

These four “in between” players, Andy, GinaMarie, Judd, and Spencer, find themselves in an excellent position to play the field. If you missed yesterday’s write up on The Exterminators, the latest alliance (of sorts), then be sure to start there first.

Andy is in the best position here falling right of center and edging closer to McCranda. He’s deeply embedded with McCranda but he’s got his other foot in the Exterminators’ boat. The only place he’s not welcome is with Elissa who seems to be the only HG in the game to recognize his duplicitous behavior having called him out privately on several occasions for running everything he knows back to McCranda.

Yesterday after the Veto Ceremony he assured Judd he was dedicated to The Exterminators but in the next breath said they needed to “keep this up,” referring to his alliance with McCranda, in case they won HoH on Thursday. Andy’s immediate interest in The Exterminators was to secure the other three votes to insure his safety. Once he gets that he can dump them and like a moth to a flame he’ll be free to move where the power is once again.

Since Elissa unable to compete for HoH this week it is highly unlikely he’ll be nominated next round.

GinaMarie slides closer to Elissa on this scale. She has maintained a good social game with both sides, but McCranda does not trust her. At least Amanda doesn’t, as she declared yesterday, and that’s as good as speaking for both her and McCrae.

With Elissa ineligible to compete GM might need to be worried about being a pawn in the next round of “Evict Elissa” should McCranda grab the power.

Judd is definitely over on the Elissa side of things though he’s held up appearances with McCranda. Just as Amanda declared GM could not be trusted she said the same for Judd. He was part of the post-Ceremony meeting with McCrandy, but that was mostly for appearances and so they could tell him the Amanda & Andy fight was fake before Aaryn had the chance to break that news.

I’d put Judd in the safe zone for at least another week. The Exterminators won’t target him and McCranda has bigger fish to fry at this point.

Spencer is probably the closest to center right now. He’s not at odds with Elissa and his name isn’t GinaMarie or Judd when it comes to McCranda. That’s good enough for him at this point. Unless he wins HoH he’ll be a non-factor again next week, but I don’t think he’ll even risk that happening.

When it comes time for the next HoH competition only six of them will be able to compete, but I believe only four will be trying. Andy and Spencer have the most to lose by winning HoH. No one in the house will be after them and picking sides via nominations would only expose an allegiance that might later have to defend. Both privately said that they want Elissa gone next week, but if they’re unwilling to stick their necks out then they might as well be wishing for gumdrops to rain down in the backyard.

GinaMarie and Judd will both be fighting to win and are Elissa’s best hope for safety. If either wins HoH then I think we could see McCranda up on the block together for the first time. Speaking of, McCranda will be gunning for the power as well. Should they get the win then you can likely say goodbye to Elissa as McCranda won’t break a tie in her favor.

As for this week, well I completely skipped over that or any positioning for Aaryn because at this point because Aaryn is heading to Jury. They know it. She knows it. Everybody knows it and are just counting down the days.

Which HG do you want to see gain power next and who should go up on the block?


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  1. I want Judd to win HOH and put up McCrae vs. Amanda. Do you think Amanda would even be out of the nomination ceremony before she was stabbing McCrae in the back?

    • So for finally sirring up the house and not doing what Amanda wanted, Elissa should be evicted? I hope the rest of the house plays like Elissa for the remainder of the season so we can see some excitement. Watching Amanda bark orders and people following them week after week was pretty boring.

      • Yes he will if he finds out Aaryn was being truthful about Andy’s different final 2 deals with “everybody”

      • I think the problem is everytime someone leaves the house this season, everyone gets together to trash them. They blame all the lies and backstabbing on the one person who isn’t there to defend themselves. Aaryn isn’t even voted out yet, but they already starting with the everything she says is a lie.

  2. Got to be GM or Judd. Prefer GM because she WILL put up McRanda against each other. I think Judd would too even though Andy will try to talk him out of McRae.

    • I want Andy or Spencer to win because they are the biggest floaters and then they will have to pick a side and be exposed finally for the floaters they are. Howdy Doody and the pig need to be called out. They’ve been riding everyone’s coat tails for too long.

      • But for the reasons you stated, is why neither one of them will even try to win this HOH. They will use the excuse so they can compete in the next one, but that’s just an excuse.

      • Oh I know watch how they both throw it. I hope it’s something that is not easy to throw. Some comp like they had when they rolled the ball into the wheel of numbers. Maybe they would try to throw it and it would backfire on them. I want both of them gone but would like to see them both exposed.

  3. I wonder if Amanda is still employed? And to those Elissa haters, Someone finally gets things going, and people still complain. I think the reason Elissa is this way is because she is in a house full of ugly slobs. Mcrandass and Andy weeks ago making fun of Elissa not wanting for anyone to sit on her bed. Go Elissa/Andy f2

    • Prudential has released her as an active agent with them. She will have to find a new broker to work for when she gets out of the BB house.

      • Thank you just realized I had wrote Andy instead of Judd had a brain freeze or something. But speaking of Andy it is a toss up to who I think he looks like. Howdy Doody,but he was a good kid friendly character. I actually think he looks like Pee Wee Herman. Not the kid friendly one. The one from the movie theater. Lol.

    • Yes Amanda is still employed, it a family business and they just had to take down her pic because of all the neg calls they were getting. It isn’t going to stop once she gets back though

  4. Judd needs to leave the house. He all ready had his chance to play the game and was evicted all ready. I hope that either Spencer or McCrae win, though at this time, I am not sure which of the two I want to win HOH.

    • You forget what Aaryn has let slip on more than one occasion that it is a TV show. They signed contracts and pretty much do what they are told. CBS wanted him back in so he’s there.

      • If you are right about that, Amanda would be kicked out by now for bad behavior and for breaking the rules for her triade yesterday!!

  5. Andy, Spencer, and Judd. Two of those three will be in the final two as long as they get Amanda or McCrae out within the next 2 weeks.

    • And two out of those three need to go. Howdy Doody and the Pig have floated long enough.

  6. GM, it would interesting to see if she would put up McCranda and spare Elissa from the block for not putting her up.

    • Up until now, GM has stated that she wouldn’t put anyone on the block, that hasn’t put her up. So the only people left to put on the block would be Spencer and Amanda. But since she has the new alliance, who knows what she would do. I’m starting to think the only people really trying to win HOH, will be Amanda, McCrae and Judd. Everyone else might just throw it.

      • Which would be sad; revealing that most of the players are still fearful of “The McCranda’s” and are still being controlled by them.
        Too many of the HGs just want to float around and not play the game.

      • Spencer and Andy are the biggest floaters. I think that Andy or Spencer might convince GM to throw the comp, just because they know McCranda would target GM, Elissa and Judd before the two of them.

      • I agree, although I hope not. They have been programmed to not make game play decisions, as Amanda has controlled decisions most of the game. I think they do not want to compete for the win.

      • Well put. I wonder what they plan on telling the jury if they make it that far. I didn’t have to make any tough decisions and didn’t really play the game, but give me $500k.

      • That’s why I think HOH, like survivor should be able to play back to back. It’s reasons like people throwing comps. If HOH knows he would be evicted if he didn’t win, it would be more interesting.

  7. This season will not be interesting until someone has the guts/balz to put up mcranda on the block together. Elissa’s obsession with getting out Aaryn ruined the first HOH that Mcranda didn’t influence and now it has been wasted since Amanda won the POV. The next move would be for Judd, Spencer and GM to vote out Andy instead and that would take the power out of the mcrandy regime and unless one of them wins HOH Thursday, one would be going home next week.

    • I think that by not putting them on the block together, Elissa has shown the rest of the house who McCranda really care about, themselves. She might not get either of them out this week, but she definitely exposed them to the rest of the house. Especially Amanda.

      • I think by taking Aaryn out took a lot of power from mc & am. Aaryn was winning alot of hoh’s which was why amanda was running the house! Taking Aaryn out gives Elissa a better chance in the end.

      • I agree. I think evicting any one of the three, McCrae, Amanda or Aaryn, is a success for Elissa.

      • I disagree. She had the chance to break them up, but played with emotions. Aaryn was just a pawn to Mcranda and Andy was the rat. Success would have been to get one of the real targets out. Just another wasted HOH to me.

      • Aaryn has put Elissa on the block twice and has has made it clear she wants Elissa gone. Aaryn has won 4 HOH comps. People don’t have a problem when Amanda targets people like Howard, Jessie or Judd who have 1 win between the three of them and only because Amanda thought they were after her, but when Elissa goes after the person who is a real threat and her biggest threat, she ruined her HOH? People need to understand Elissa is in the house not them. You can not like Amanda and want her out all you want because you can’t be evicted from anything. Elissa’s options were limited because her only allies have been evicted, but getting Aaryn out is the best move she had.

      • elissa nocked her self out for not putting am and mc up she will be gone next week and she don’t have no one to blame but her self she let her emotions of aaron hurt her.

      • Not at all. She was probably gone next week no matter what. Aaryn had a great chance of winning HoH and the first thing she would have done, is put Elissa on the block.

      • Newsflash: All these Houseguests care about themselves because they’re competing to win $500,000.

      • I agree. But these houseguests don’t see that. How many times did we hear them say how McCranda kept them safe this week or that week. McCranda had successfully convinced the other houseguest, that McCranda cared about keeping them there.

  8. If Judd wins and goes after McCranda that would be perfect. Drama would be outstading to watch. Too bad Elissa is the re-nom in that scenario.
    Curious if GM wins what she does. Is she siding with Elissa right now?

  9. Are these people this dirty at home ? Nasty rooms and I’d hate to see bathrooms…..its not like they don’t have the time to clean up !!!

  10. Big Brother needs to be canceled. It’s run its course. CBS should find something new which is NOT produced by Allison Grodner.

    • Well no one is forcing you to watch, but I am sure CBS will take your opinion under advisement.

      • I have to say that after Amandas tirade toward Elissa “somebody” listened. It was total outrage at her actions. All sites/viewers related to BB & FB were livid. Viewers were calling CBS sending mails sending feedback /broadcast complaints. The sponsors were being contacted. Both CBS & sponsors were under fire big time. I am not repeating what I heard but rather what I know. I visted several sites and all were in “throw out Amanda” mode: even her fan page ( 862 fans) disagreed with her actions. I don’t believe the fallout from Amandas actions is over even tho she “apologized” to Elissa. I am just talking/discussing the situation and I don’t need a lot of unnecessary ignorant comments about Production or Amandas connections to Allison Grodner…Please refrain as I only posted info as I saw it …

      • The fallout is definitely not over if they show even a minute of her behavior on tv. Think about all the tv viewers who have no idea about any of this yet.

    • I don’t think that it should be cancelled, just changed. The concept of the show is good and can be very entertaining. Lately, though, it is so evident that production is running it, that it might as well be scripted. Rather than cancelling the show, how about an entirely new production staff, starting with Allison Grodner (who would probably prefer that we drop the first “r” in her last name). This could be a great show again.

    • Big Brother is going to be around for a long time. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. :-)

  11. As much as I hate the strategy, what Andy has been doing (floating) IS a strategy. He’s been staying pretty under the radar and is in a good spot to possibly win the season. Do I hate that? Yes. But is it a strategy? Yes.

    • It is a strategy, but this is the most precarious part of the game for a floater. So we will see in the next two weeks how good they are at the floating strategy.

  12. Seems only fair and in the best interest of entertainment if the new alliance (The Exterminators) won the HoH this week. I’d personally like to see Judd get it because he was ransacked from the house and needs one more week of safety before everyone quickly turns on him.

      • I worry about GM. She seems to blow with the wind. I could see Amanda not leaving her alone until she did what they wanted. She also seems to believe most of what people tell her, so one effective lie about Elissa, with some back up from Andy, and GM might put her up.

      • I think that’s true of everyone minus Elissa at this point in time. Nobody wants to deal with Amanda, so they give her what she wants (in the hopes that it works out for themselves).

      • Exactly. Not to mention after talking to Amanda, he went right back to Elissa and said: ”I really think we should consider putting up GM in McCrae’s place.” (Oh Judd, you’re a nice guy but dumb as bricks). ;)

  13. Judd or GM for HOH! I believe either of them should put up McManda to get rid of one of them for sure. I hope Judd is smart enough not to listen to Andy who is still the snake and will always be one! Next is Andy…don’t like snakes!

  14. Watch the video of Elissa with Anderson Cooper and compare her with the way she looks on BB. That woman had her face reconstruted to look like The Joker. Unbelievable. She was quite attractive before the surgery.

    • I saw the video too. But it looked to me like she was a little heavier in the face and the outfit she wore made it hard to tell if she was as skinny as she is now. I thought maybe she lost some weight and that can have a dramatic effect on your face.

      • I was thinking the same thing. It looks like weight loss and her face got slimmer.

    • I really can;t believe this. Seriously. Take one look at Elissa and you see Rachel’s face. I find it hard to believe that Elissa would have work done so she can look more like her sister. Elissa’s face is genetics not reconstruction. She looks more mature now and maybe that is the difference. Even so, who cares? Amanda has fake boobs and is proud of it. What’s the difference?

      • Elissa has fake boobs also. I think the only thing she had done to her face is lip injections. Her lips are in a room 5 minutes before she is.

      • You have to admit that Eliisa, in term of her boobs, she did choose at least a size that appropriate for her, unlike her sister and somebody else in the BB house.
        For her lips I tend to think that Prince is right. She can afford the best as far as we know. I don’t see a plastic surgeon making her lips the way they are looking. With Rachel having the same lips too, I wish we could her mother or her dad.

      • Plastic surgery (despite how much money is spent on it) isn’t a perfected science. There’s lots of risk (just ask Joan Rivers or Steve Martin) of a person’s face not turning out as hoped. When a person seeks plastic surgery even the best of surgeons warn their patients it may not turn out the way they want… At the end of the day I tend to believe the safest and best thing to do is to learn to love how good looking you were created as (and not try to be something you’re not because it simply won’t change how ”good looking” you actually feel about your image).

    • Why is there so much discussion on whether or not Elissa had reconstructive face surgery? By the house guests OR fans? Does it really matter?

  15. my Thursday wish….Is that its reveled that Amanda was given a “penalty nom” for her actions toward Elissa….If so Amanda may go on the block with Aaryn & Andy ( I hope I understood the rules correctly) and she is evicted. Then I can hope that during all the excitement with the photo booth & cameras going haywire that Elissa got Pandoras Box with the coup d’ etat which she can use within the next 2 evictions. Those events would make my week…

    • I would love to see Amanda on the block this week due to her behavior. But, if she does not get evicted, she will feel empowered and thus more ruthless than ever.

  16. If Amanda and McCrae are left in charge no one else has a chance. I also cant believe nothing happened to Gina marie and Erin for the way they talked then Helen became friends with Erin. Wow! Very disappointing season!!

  17. I still think Elissa needs to get Judd and GM to vote to keep Aaryn. Then Judd needs to go to Spencer and tell him Andy can;t be trusted but Aaryn can. It’s a long shot but Andy really can;t be trusted and unless Andy goes, there cannot be a successful alliance against McCranda. I just cannot believe anything Andy says. A good way to test him is to tell him something about Amanda and see if she comes storming out of her den to find out what’s going on.

    • I just don’t see Spencer going for that. Up until the exterminators alliance he has no previous alliance with Judd, GM or Elissa. He did have an alliance with Andy for weeks now. And with McCranda for a couple weeks. I don’t think it would be in his best interest.

    • I agree. I don’t really care if Aaryn or Andy go but if Howdy Doody stays Amanda, McCrae will be sorry because he is not loyal to anyone. And watch him throw HOH so he can be a floater for another week. And Spencer the pig will float by again. I wish either Spencer or Andy would win HOH and the only reason why is so they would be exposed. I don’t want Amanda or McCrae to stay either but I want everyone exposed for who they really are. And Gm is disposable to any of them.

    • Prince, I usually agree with your comments and say to myself, I like the way he thinks, but have to disagree with you on this one, Andy won’t try to win the next HOH, or I don’t think he will. Aaryn would try and could win, she would be right back with Amanda and McCray, she has not changed, She nor Andy can be trusted.

  18. I wish Aaryn would call a house meeting and expose everything. Call Andy out for his alliance with McManda, call Spencer out on his final 2 with Andy. Just expose everything she knows. She’s going anyway so she might as well spill everything and do it in front of everyone so they can’t lie their way out of it.

    • She’s still too busy trying to make Elissa believe that she’s sincerely offering to be her slave for a week. Oh Aaryn, nobody in the house is overly intelligent (maybe McCrae), but Elissa is a bit smarter than to believe what you’re selling. ;)

  19. I want the HG screwed next week, I want PANDORAS BOX FOR ELISSA NOW!!!! I want her to get the super diamond veto, which will save her this week and Mccranda crew will be screwed!!! Elissa needs to be saved this week when she no longer will have power…PLEASE BB, I AM PLEADING WITH YOU TO GIVE ELISSA THE PANDORAS BOX, SHE DESERVES IT!

      • Yeah, they are waiting for Amanda to get HOH and give it to her, so it don’t look so blatant….lol

      • I fail to recall any what I would consider “blatant, overt” instances of Producer manipulation on the level of what JOANNE is suggesting. If you want, you can lay out examples; however, if you want me to take it seriously please:
        1) Use proper spelling
        2) Use correct grammar
        3) Put some thought into it; for example, “Amanda’s alleged friendship with Producer Allison Grodner creates a possible conflict of interest”
        4) Be specific.

      • Quite Frankly You Condescending
        Ass, I could give a damn if you take me seriously, or care to reply to my
        Carry On.

      • Quite frankly, if you can’t even come up with ONE example, your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

  20. It’s very likely that Elissa will be going home next week. But what she should do is call them all out as brainless idiots who are allowing Wack job and pizza wuss to think for them.. Then she should tell them she plans to vote for wack job or pizza wuss to win, and going to work on the others to also.. that would turn everyone of those idiots to turn on them and get them out.

  21. If McCranda wins HOH on Thursday, GM or JUDD will be going home. Elissa is going to win veto. Anyway it turns out on Thursay….Elissa is not going home. Then next Thursday Elissa again is HOH and one of the McCrandas or Rat is going home. From my mouth to…………

      • LMAO!! I was saying earlier that it’s crazy to have to back a hg based solely on being the least offensive. I have changed my favorite numerous times now, but this time I’m sticking with Judd (well, unless starts acting like the rest…hehehehe).

      • Even if he did act like the rest at least he’s a few weeks behind in nastiness. At this point it’s probably impossible for people not to be pushed in the wrong direction with what is considered ”acceptable behaviour”… I really hope they get back to everyday people for casting. This show has become too much like “Real World” and ”Jersey Shore”

      • Yah, and I’m so sick of the way they talk (you know, like, um…and with Elissa moaning responses all the time). I just don’t think I can take much more of it. And they are such pigs! Have you seen McC and toad’s room?! It is nothing less than an environmental hazard! Oy veh and eegads!!

  22. there I signed the petition to have her re moved or at least to give her a penalty nom

  23. I want Ellisa gone, she is a very mean person…..telling people about Amanda’s abortion, saying about her botox is wearing off, making fun of Aaron and her medication, saying things about Jessie, saying how she didn’t want to sit next to GM and Aaron….she is the number one bully in this house…she always puts other people down to make herself look better. I hope someone puts her up and out next week, Yes the other side has bullied as well, but she acts like she is not doing anything wrong and wants people to apologize to her, give your head a shake Ellisa you are disgusting in my books.

    • All these people are sickening honestly. Elissa gets a favorable edit because of her sister and they need to give someone a good edit but she is not the sweet person she’s portrayed as.

      • Oh in the beginning she definitely didn’t get the good girl edit. They actually favoured Amanda in the first 4 weeks of image editing. Again, it’s funny to see how editing really seems to shape what people believe as ”truth” about these people.

    • Amanda did tell the whole house that in a light hearted – she didn’t care manner. That is what Elissa was pointing out. Now Amanda is claiming that she lost it naturally as per her convo with Elissa last night.
      Totally agree with RedSx though…. ugh did I just say that… Go Os! Everyone in this house are just vile human beings. Elissa included

  24. I’m saying Amanda should be kick out of the house becasue of CBS saying they are against bullying. Also Amanda said in 3 different time that she would kill someone if they went against her. Amanda said she would kill Jessie. Amanda said she would kill Elissa in her sleep. Amanda also said she would slip the throat of whoever does not put up Elissa next week.

    • I goggled rules for Big Brother but couldn’t come up with anything.

  25. I would love to see Judd or GM get HOH because they would have the courage to put McRanda on the block together. It would be nice to see Amanda go to jury. If one come off the other one goes home.


    A little over a week after we broke the news that Amanda Zuckerman was the houseguest pre-chosen to win the top prize on Big Brother due to her close friendship with the show’s producer,Allison Grodner, we can now be the FIRST to exclusively reveal that Amanda has lost her realtor license. AKA, she’s FIRED.

    Fans of the reality show are saying that couldn’t possibly be the case, as Amanda works for her mother. True. But while Amanda may have a partnership arrangement with her mother, according to the state license bureau, she was actually employed by Prudential Florida (technically by its subsidiary Watermark Realty Inc., which functions as the “sales service center” for Prudential Florida, and is apparently listed as the employer for all Prudential Florida brokers.)

    Her website was taken down, and her presence removed from the Boca Raton Prudential Floridawebsite (which is the office that she worked out of.) Prior, the state licensing board had her listed as “active”, and employed by Watermark Realty. Today, her status is “inactive, current” and there is no reference to Watermark.

    We just got off the phone with the Florida license authority. In order for a license holder’s status to change, either they must request to become inactive, or the employer of record must notify the state that they are no longer affiliated with them. AND (here’s the kicker) it takes, at most, one week for a request from a licensee to be processed and their status updated. It can be done within seconds, if done on-line, if a form is submitted, it takes a week.) Since Amanda has been in the BB house for well over a month now, and thus incommunicado, SHE could not have requested that her license status be changed. The only other option (according to the person I talked to) was if “Watermark” notified the state that Amanda was no longer affiliated with them.

    In summary? All signs point to Amanda being gone.

  27. What days do Pandora’s Box occurs? I am hoping Elissa gets a Diamond Power of Veto or Coup d’Etat later.

    • Nobody knows. It’s not even sure there will one. And if there is one, no way to know what will be in the box.

      • Seeing how some are convinced it’s fixed for Amanda (or was that Elissa?) then of course it’ll be something that only gives them an advantage. ;)

    • I think she got it already. She got the bad end of Pandora’s box by having to have Amanda hound her to 24 hours! The rest of the house got no have nots for the week.

  28. I’m sorry…but Demanda really needs to go… I’m so sick of seeing her and that nasty-ass McRae smoking on the couch and thinking that they own the house… Win HoH sometime and THEN make some demands of the others…

  29. I am trying to like Judd and he was saying how he wanted to work with Elissa. However, I have some serious questions about Judd and his mindset. One, he sets up a new 4 person alliance with Gina Marie, himself, Andy and Spencer. In that new alliance, Elissa is not included? It does not make sense to create a new alliance without Elissa in it because she is part of your new sub-alliance. Unless, you feel that Elissa is expendable and not true and loyal to Elissa! Judd stated when he came back that he is starting fresh but, he cannot ignore the fact that his own alliance voted him out. That, Andy is not to be trusted as Aaryn and others have warned him about Andy yet, Judd forms an alliance with Andy? It seems that Judd is wrapped tightly with Spencer and Andy for reasons he only can answer! Judd should realise he is playing for $500,000 and Andy and Spencer are trying to do the same thing!

    • I’m hoping Elissa is his true(secret) Alliance/F2, like Memphis to Dan, but I’m not sure if Judd has the capacity of executing a good strategy. I’m not convinced. We’ll see if he tries to protect Elissa from being nominated.

      • If Elissa was his only true alliance, he would’ve mentioned the fake alliance of the Exterminators to her.

      • That is one other thing that is troubling.

        If you are in alliance with someone, why not tell them what the hell you are doing!

      • That is what I want to see too! I am afraid that Judd is back to his old dumbass mode and if he is, he will be evicted again and have no clue as to why!

      • Just let me say one thing-I wish that Elissa would start speaking without that constant moaning. It drives me nuts…umhmm

        And two (lol), she is batty like the rest are, albeit a better type of crazy…

        OK, I’m done

      • The funny thing about good guy and bad guy edits is that most of us buy into the image. For those who only watch the show, they’d think that the only problems with this year’s cast is that Aaryn (and only Aaryn) is racist, and that Amada & McCrae are the power couple in the house that everyone is following…

    • Isn’t this what got Judd in trouble the last time he was in the house. He makes alliances with everyone but never tell his true alliance what he is doing. So no one trusts him.

      • I guess, I am giving Judd more credit than he deserves. He will not get a 3rd chance at this. That is what he should remember

      • That is the thing. If this was a fake alliance, Elissa needs to know about it just the same. Judd got evicted last time because he was loyal to Amanda when signs show that she is not to be trusted! It would be more convincing if he and Elissa are on the same page so that, if the others ask Elissa, she will confirm what Judd has said. Otherwise, he is committing the same mistake over and will get himself evicted in short order!

      • Well, at least he’s keeping a lot more quiet about it, and about his thoughts regarding his game.

  30. I would like to see GM or Judd win the next HOH and put up McCranda. That would be ideal !

  31. I was just thinking. It would be hilarious if Saturday Night Live did a skit on the remaining HG’s… LMAO!

  32. Well I will be crossing everything bodily possible for Judd, or GM To win HOH…Judd mostly

  33. What kills me is the fact that Amanda is clueless! She actually had to ask the other hg’s if they thought she was a bully??? Really??? She also refused to believe the MVP would nominate her to be on the block. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she reads all of the coverage on BB and see’s how America really feels about her! She needs to go on the block along with McCrae

    • Well, if the reports that she has joined several of the other HG’s in the unemployment line are true, she will have plenty of time to read all her bad press.

      • Pretty sure there is post-production PR from the show that warns contestants to lay low for a while and to not listen to the fan blogs (like this). Could you imagine any of the house guests having to read through these things? THey’d be devastated.

  34. Amanda is the biggest cow that has evcer been on bb. She needs to go puke face andy can wait he never wins anything anyway. number one priority should be to get rid of AMANDA! everything else is secondary.

  35. I am just guessing but I am gonna say McCrea wins HOH on Thursday do not want that but that is how it will be

      • Yep. I think what will got down is Andy will throw the HOH, Spencer the professional seat warmer, won’t try either. I think Judd and GM will play for the HOH. I think, something stinky is brewing… McCrea or Amanda get HOH. I am trying to prepare myself for…what the?? insert expletive here! I am going to have a defibrillator on stand by, because a part of me will have died inside, if the succubus or lobotomy boy run the house. Ugh.

      • I’m hoping Judd takes the win. Sadly I think Judd is just as gullible and weak as he ever was in setting his own agenda. He’s playing it now the same way he did when he was backdoored (just follows whatever people tell him to do).

  36. I think it would be better, for Elissa, to get rid of Andy, keep Aaryn (since she is better at competitions) so she can continue to do the dirty work.. She said she would go after McCranda for Elissa… just a thought.

    • But Aaryn would not be loyal to Elissa whatsoever. Aaryn’s just trying to save herself.

      • So where is Aaryn going to go? Back to Amanda? I don;t think so. Amanda is already ticked off that Aaryn it trying to save herself by throwing Amanda under the bus. Judd and GM can feed this to Amanda even more making Amanda go into one of her moods. Aaryn is already ticked off at McCranda for not saving her. Elissa can step in and try another deal. This time she tell Aaryn she will help her stay and evict Andy but they have to work in a final 4 with Judd and GM.

        If Elissa can’t save Aaryn, nothing is lost. But is she can, Aaryn almost has to work with her because she cannot go back to McCranda. GM will talk sense into her. They will be the power in the house with 4 votes compared to McCranda’s 2 and then Spencer.

        People keep focusing on whether or not Aaryn can be loyal to Elissa. We already know Andy won;t be so why not take a shot at working with Aaryn. Elissa has no one anyway so dealing with Aaryn can not worsen her situation.

    • That would be the best idea. .but Elissa simply cannot trust Aaryn. Elissa told Aaryn the plan was for her to stay and BD Amanda…What does the stupid twit do?? She goes & tells Amanda. It took an idiot to do that. She was trying to make a deal with Elissa yesterday. (Elissa said no ur not to be trusted) Aaryn goes & tells Amanda about it. Aaryn is totally dense and u cannot trust her…at alll

      • Cool heads always prevail. Elissa needs to think this through. Aaryn is being thrown under the bus by Amanda. Amanda thinks Aaryn has turned against her. So Aaryn has no choice but to turn against Amanda because if she stays, Amanda will a) be shocked and b) will go after Aaryn. Aaryn will keep her word with Elissa just like she did with Helen. All Aaryn wants is for someone to play the game with her which is why she went to Amanda in the first place. If Elissa can get Judd to convince Spencer to vote out Andy and save Aaryn then I think the final 4 alliance will be GM, Aaryn, Elisa and Judd- 4 against 2 and 1.

        Aaryn will play ball because they have the numbers against McCranda whether she goes home or Andy goes home. Spencer will go with the majority because that’s what he does.

        To get Spencer to vote out Andy, all Judd needs to do is tell Spencer, he no longer trusts Andy anymore. Andy is still working with MCCranda and will betray their alliance once the eviction is over for this week.

        I have a feeling the next HOH comp is a memory comp and this is where Aaryn could win easily against the remaining house guests.

        Can Aaryn be trustedby Elissa is not the question. The question is can Andy be trusted? We know the answer to that already. NO! So taking a chance with Aaryn AGAIN is a good game play.

    • Elissa doesn’t get a vote this week (nor does she have as much influence over Judd, Spencer & GM as people might want).

  37. I had a gut feeling that McC and toad would win the pov this week (worst case scenario). But now watch them win hoh coming up. Yikes and ugh! Let’s all watch Amanduh pull another comp win out if her a$$…it’d be just our luck. I think I should have a sick bag with me on Thurs night, just in case…

  38. I noticed there is no “Tuesday Daytime Highlight” hahaha….nothing worth writing about? hahaha

  39. I’m calling it now…Amanda or McCrae is going to win HOH on Thursday…no if or but about it.

  40. Id love a double eviction where GM and Spencer go home. I hate them both for different reasons having nothing to do wirh their alliances.

  41. Would love to see Judd win HOH…I feel he is the only one with “enough guts” to put the “Nasties” up….I know Julie will not be able to give Aaryn any. feedback as to what is going on or has happened during her “reign of terror” in the “real world” ……she along with others wiil need counseling…while in the jury house she does have Candance to deal with…..ha! Ha!……

  42. McCrae needs to realize Amanda is NOT “Minnesota Nice”. She will throw him under the bus and anything else when push comes to shove.

  43. They are all very mentally messed up people. Every year in order to win, you have to come up with a unique stradegy to make it to the end. This years theme seems to be lets bully and cry our way there. Its very sad but none of the hg’s have broken any rules. They can say anything they want as long as no physical danager is placed on a hg’s eg hitting, puching, kicking, knife to the throat etc. With all that being said. This group of single thinking people. Lets just do what the house does. Has proven to be one of the boring years. Noone is funny, or smart with game play. At this point CBS is trying to get ratings anyway they can. People love to hate other people. The reason most of us are still watching this season. Is to see if anybody will take Amanda, who is at best ranked just above worm sperm, out of the game. Its truely the only reason I continue to watch. Which is still ratings for CBS.


  45. Judd, if McCranda wins HOH. I am done with this season. Life is too
    short for the nastiness that will occur in that house of that pair wins power.

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