Big Brother 15 – Week 9 Weekend Wrap-Up

Elissa is shocked

What a weekend in the Big Brother house! We had an exciting nomination ceremony, fights, stressed out HGs, and a Veto competition that turned the house upside once again. If you haven’t been watching the Live Feeds then you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun! Grab your 2-day free trial and see what other fans are enjoying.

Here’s your quick recap of everything that’s happened since the last episode.

Returning Jury HG:
It was a tight race after Jessie fell during Thursday’s endurance comp leaving Candice, Helen, and Judd to fight for the chance to get back in the game. After roughly 90 mins Helen falls quickly followed by Helen. That left Judd as the last Jury member standing and by default the returning HG.

Head of Household:
Judd might have outlasted the rest of the Jury, but he couldn’t make it to the end. Elissa, GM, and Amanda were the final three HGs competing when it came down to just a few balls left to go before Elissa won the comp. In the final moments we saw Amanda fall but catch herself followed by Elissa pulling her own Spider-Man move and go on to victory. Elissa is this week’s HoH.

No Have-Nots this week. No word on if that is over for the season or not.

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Now this was fun to watch come together. Elissa made it known that she wanted Aaryn gone and needed a strong competitor up against her to win the Veto and keep Aaryn on the block. That strong competitor happened to be McCrae. This of course went against McCrae’s gameplan of sleeping all season and never going on the block so he was very, very upset. Despite all their efforts the nominations were revealed to be Aaryn and McCrae just as Elissa promised.

Power of Veto:
After a string of late Veto comps this one kicked off at 10AM on Saturday with the Zingbot giving the sleeping HGs a wake-up call. The HGs competed for Baby Zingbot’s 1-year birthday part and wouldn’t you know it, with her back against the wall Amanda finally secured her first win of the season. GM just barely lost out to Amanda by 8 points out of 250 in a race to the finish line.

Plenty of concerned viewers are grabbing their torches and pitchforks, but it was a physical competition and winning was up to which HG could control their focus and not drop a ball along the way. At least wait to watch the comp before declaring any mischief.

What’s Next?
The Veto Ceremony will be held early on Monday. Amanda will definitely use the Veto to save McCrae. Elissa will have to name a renom and right now it looks to be Andy. McCrandy are all working hard to make that renom GM, but Elissa has repeatedly said she won’t waste her week on that as she knows McCrandy wants to keep Aaryn given the chance.

After that we’ll have to watch and see if Andy can fall victim to the vote or if the target will stay on Aaryn and we’ll see her head to Jury.

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    • Aaryn is a strong competitor, no doubt. But Andy is a rat, reporting everything to McCranda. Without them he would be alone so he’s completely loyal and a vote they can control.
      Getting rid of Andy will weaken McCranda.

      • I agree Alison….with Andy gone, they won’t know EVERYTHING that everyone talks about either…I mean if it wasn’t for that rat running to her and telling her everything he heard, she wouldn’t have known half of what she found out. I hope Ellisa goes with her gut and puts him up then if she can get with GM, J, S, and A it would be 5 against 2 and they could take the house back and whoever gets HOH (if it isn’t McCranda) could put them both up next week and break up that power couple…one of them would leave next week anyways….

      • If Amanda is not aware of everything that is going on she will implode. She is a control freak.

      • Probably but with Aaryn still in there,and it may be a aderall comp mccrandass rules again. The the floaters will float and Elissa and Judd on the block

  1. That rat, really needs to be put on the block. He just told McCranda today that Elissa has changed her mind again and he’s going on the block….Good !..Andy is a snake in the grass.

    • Elissa should just put Andy the rat on the block. Then, keep telling him that Amanda told Elissa that Andy is definitely going home this week! Let him cry a river for good and really be in shambles. I hope he gets pissed enough to lash out at Amanda. That fight should be a joy to watch!

    • This is the same guys who swore 10,000% the he would vote out Aaryn? He is really a jerk. I give Elissa credit for sticking to her guns. She knows Andy is a snake and can;t be trusted so let Amanda decide who she would rather keep. Amanda or Aaryn.

      The fact that Andy doesn’t even understand why Elissa cannot trust him is a sign of what a jerk he is. At least Aaryn told GM she understand why Elissa would go after her after she put Elissa and Helen on the block.

  2. Although Aaryn isn’t one of my favorite houseguests, who am I kidding, none of them are….but I put all my chips on Elissa a few weeks ago when I realized she couldn’t be manipulated as easily as the others. eg: when they wanted her to put up Howard. Okay, I’m straying…..I wouldn’t mind the rat (Andy) going to jury first. He is 100% for McCranda. He’s scrambling like the true rat he is. Go Elissa!!

    • Elissa is clueless, she should had put Amanda up, and now they could get ride of Mccrae

      She is weightless without Helen

  3. There was a cat-fight between Elissa and McCrae way to go Elissa, way to stand up for your self when to lesbians are after you, it was around 2:15

  4. I’d be fine with either Andy or Aaryn getting the boot. Either way, it’s going to definitely weaken McRanda, since they do all the dirty work. They’re like little henchmen.

    • Amanda will win HOH next week and JUdd out, then either Andy or Aaryn the other week and Elisssa goes

      Amanda and Aaryn all the way to the final 2

      • going to be hard when Aaryn gets evicted this week, Amanada and McGay in the finals

  5. Today,In the backyard, Elissa was arguing with this really scruffy and muddy looking guy. I thought he was a homeless guy, but when he turned around it was McCrae. OMG !

      • Yes I read that he does wash often, him or Amanda. Judd told him yesterday about smelling and personal hygiene – he seems not to get it. Yet he complains about Elissa looking down on him and thinking she’s better than him. I would be the same way if I was in the house too. He’s an adult and he should be dirty like that around a bunch of ppl. That’s nasty and germy (if its a word.) he and Amanda dont even wash clothes. – Yuck!!!

      • On the same note, does Andy has 10 of the same t-shirt or is he wearing the same one all the time.

      • Is this REALLY true? Do they really not bathe regularly? That is so disgusting ESPECIALLY since they are always on somebody’s bed all the time.

      • Only McCrae. Brushing teeth is against his religion. He also like putting his blanket in a grocery cart instead of a drawer. lol

      • I have been saying this for a while. Who farts in front of other people like that? Who would want to hang around with people who do that? To me, farting in someone else’s presense is about as disrespectful and inconsiderate as you can get. McCrae is such a disgusting individual. But this is why he doesn;t like Elissa. She is the opposite of him and he hates seeing it every day.

      • Yes, I agree. They can’t stand Elissa because she’s everything they’re not and she speaks the truth. They are nasty and I can’t stand nasty people. I would probably go crazy in that house because my OCD would be off the wall and I would be completely uncomfortable.

      • Yes so nasty. I don’t know if there is a stronger world to use besides disgusting and nasty. I was saying to my son tonight as we were watching the episode that it blows my mind how they are okay to be on national TV and be so disgusting. They’re letting America, (well the World really) see how trifling they are and they’re adults. When my son saw they’re room he said look how messy their room is and that’s when I said I know and they’re on national TV showing their nastiness. SMH.

  6. it looks like McCranda is going to have to start playing the game because all of the flunkies are leaving the house one by one

    • Start playing the game? They’re the only ones that have been playing it, along with Helen! No one else understands the game.

  7. I was watching BBAD last night and was so disgusted with the every one except Elissa because I did not see her Friday night GM was all buddy buddy in the HOH room like they were best friends for years of course they were bad mouthing just about every one then last night GM was out back with everyone except Elissa I did not see her trash talking her on a personal thing I was so disgusted I turned it off t that’s just wrong I really am done watching BBAD this cast are nasty nasty people

    • I watched live feeds last night and today and heard a lot of trash talking coming from Elissa. While I’m not a fan of those she was talking about I don’t like that she gets a free pass. If its awful for one HG to personally slam another HG then its awful for any of them.

      • I agree it is everyone of the that is why I mention that Elissa and GM were doing the same thing the night before

      • I only mention I did not see her last night that was the exception she is just as bad as the rest

      • It is true Elissa cannot control her mouth and when she is hurt she says some bad things. It kills her game for sure. But Elissa did not start this stuff. Remember when Jeremy wiped her hat through his butt crack? Someone also stuck a tampon in the jar of vasoline she uses to put on her chapped lips. Imagine being in a house full of people like that and not being able to get away from them. Last night, Amanda was making fun of Elissa’s husband because he is a lot older than Elissa, although not as old as Amanda made him out to be.

        EVERYONE in the house talks about Elissa and they do it for hours every day. I’d like to know how you would react to that kind of treatment.

      • I keep hearing that “lot older than her“. She’s 27 and he is 38. WHat the hell is wrong with people. A lot older, 27 and 75. For goodness sake.

      • I have been degraded more than once. I may have called them idiots but never stooped low enough to attack them using personal things from their lives. I guess I’m just better than that.

  8. These are the most unpleasant people ever in a Big Brother house. Whoever did the casting for this season’s show should be fired.

  9. The way Amanda is talking to Elissa is just sad. I don’t blame her for having a hard time trusting anyone. I hope Aaryn goes just bc she will prob win hoh and go after elissa

      • REally? For the first time in weeks we had an HOH who was actually playing her own game instead of taking orders from the Queen. Amanda is a control freak. Did you notice how she curled up in a ball in her bed when she realized she could not control Elissa’s nominations? Amanda is a sick person. Too bad the house is full of dummies this year instead of real BB players.

  10. Amanda needs to be smart, and realiza that Aaryn can win competition and she can control her, and that Andy is working with Judd and Spencer
    That way she will make Gina and Macrae vote Andy out

    If Aaryn goes a guy/floater will win this season

    • Andy is not working with Judd and Spencer. He is working FOR Amanda along with McCrae and Aaryn. They are using Spencer and Judd to convince Elissa who to put up as the replacement nominee. Wiat until this lapdopgs get home from this game and everyone tells them was fools they looked like carrying Amanda’s water and playing her game so she would win. The guys in this house are such tools, in every sense of the word.

  11. Aaryn should go since she’s the stronger competitor, BUT it would be satisfying to see Andy go as well in revenge for his antics of getting out Helen. With all that being said, Aaryn is the best choice.

  12. It’s hard to tell who’s smarter between Aaryn and GM
    GM asked,..”What does “Veto” mean?” Aaryn answered,..”You can Veto a President”..haha…GM replied,..”I think that’s Impeach” ..aha.GM is learning.

  13. When Aaryn gets to the jury house, they are going to light her a$$ up. She is going to be miserable in there and i am going to LOVE it.

  14. Amanda needs to be kicked off the show, her f***ing discussing, vile and racist butt needs to kick out for her abuse of Elissa

  15. Amanda is brilliant. She is working her bum off to keep 3M intact. I am so impressed with her smarts. No one else would care this much, they would leave the alliance members out to dry. This was and is an impossible situation for 3M and she’s already got 3 of them saved now she just has to save Andy and she’s giving it 250% …. go Amanda for the win. She deserves to win.

    • Amanda is not brilliant she is playing a dirty game. She controlled every HOH this summer but Elissa HOH. She is a control freak and if she does not get want she wants she goes off and cry. She abused Elissa by stealing her stuff and throwing it in the toilets she talked about her Husband and Kids, putting condoms on her wall pic. She hocked a horn in Elissa face for a few hours.

      • I want someone who is defending Amanda to explain why they think any house guest should endure the kinds of things that have happened to Elissa. Jeremy rubbing his hat through his butt crack. Someone sticking a tampon in the vasoline that Elissa uses on her lips and the stuff mat pointed out? That is bullying people by anyone’s definition. CBS should put a stop to it immeidately or remove the offenders from the house. Had they evicted Jeremy when he did the hat thing, Amanda would be a little less inclined to do the things she has done to Elissa.

    • That’s not why Amanda is doing this stuff. She is doing it because she is a control freak and she cannot control Elissa. It makes her crazy. I bet she thinks America is eating this crap up. Wait till she finds out how much America hates her and put heron the block twice until BB had to stop the MVP thing altogether. Any house guests that go along with this crap and don’t tell her to knock it off are just as bad as she is.

    • I think too Elissa started this battle when she told all her groupies to go around saying they threw the comp so Amanda could win… Elissa started this verbal combat so she has to take the heat.

  16. I hate all he remarks about Elissa when Elissa is getting all the abuse from Amanda. Yes Elissa is taking about people but Amanda and her boy toy has talking
    about Elissa’s husband and kids putting condoms on her wall pic going
    through her personal belongings and taking them including her bible!and throwing her stuff in the toilets

    • I think Elissa accused Amanda of touching her things when she had not, it was GM actually that moved her stuff… Elissa falsely accused Amanda several times and so Amanda then went and touched her stuff saying if she was going to be accused of it then so be it.

  17. it’s just a game. evel dick used similar tactics to get into people’s heads… it just a game and the players know what they signed up for. Elissa should have never ever tried to degrade amanda with her personal life if she wasn’t willing to get treated the same way. if she can dish it out she has to take it.

    • evel dick did not do some of thing Amanda is doing. evel dick did not throw people stuff in the toilet and steal other people stuff. Evel dick did not put condoms people wall pic.

      • i don’t think any houseguest has exactly copied another, but he did screw with people’s heads any way he could verbally, cigarette smoke, etc. it’s a game.

        she put it on the toilet not in it. and I do remember evel dick and some of the guys messing with some girl’s clothes oh yes I do. and some people stealing evel dick’s cigs..

  18. After Amanda acted like a nasty syphilitic pig (aka herself) to Elissa, feeds have been on fish. I an wondering what is going on.

  19. Amanda is harassing Elissa. Following and saying nasty things everywhere she goes, banging on her front door. Elissa is just laughing. Amanda said she’s gonna torture Elissa until she self evict. It’s not gonna work.

    Amanda is just disgustingly bad person. It’s a game, but I think this a reflection of her true self.

    • It definitely is. The way you treat people shows the kind of person you are. Elissa defends people against racism. Amanda bullies people for not agreeing with her. They are who they are. I would much rather have an Elissa in my life then an Amanda

      • EVIL DICK WAS A TOTAL JERK but Amanda enjoys bullying & hurting people on a personal level.. SHE IS A SLUG OF THE LOWEST FORM

    • What does she have to complain about, she won veto, her and McCrea are safe for the week.

      • She’s complaining because she can’t get her way. She wants Elissa to put up GM or Spencer and the fact that she can’t control the nominee is killing her

  20. When Amanda takes mccra off the bblock she should say in a mocking voice “no one comes between me and my man”

  21. I am enjoying myself watching Aaryn cry and say she wants to be there so much……….So what!!! LMAO, it’s called Karma

    • I am hoping Amanda Willie’s it.

      The best punishment would be to turn her POV silver instead of gold. Thereby stripping her of the power to keep herself and Mccrae safe

    • yep something going on…Pandoras box??? MYSTERY GUEST?? luxury comp??? evicting AMANDA VIA the DR backdoor??? Its rare on Sunday for us to see trivia. Sunday is their day to relax.

  22. I think Elissa main target was Aaryn. Like she said the first night. But then there was a moment on BBAD when she was called to DR. This is when she had changed her mind and decided to go after Amanda.Then Amanda “found” out and her firew as lit. I believe when Elissa went into DR they persuaded her to go after Amanda. So if what people are saying about production, Amanda was schooled about the comp. Production wants their showmance to continue. Amanda is trying to be Evil Dick Dan and Janelle, and Britney all in one. Even though she probably doesnt know who anyone of them are.

    • Because Elissa is in the HOH room and they evicted the only other person who cleans up – Helen. ONce Elissa is evicted, the may have to condemn that house because of what will be growing in the bathroom.

  23. Everyday, I come to this website to see what I’ve missed, and I also scroll through the comments. And Everyone, as usual, are complaining about the fact that the season has not turned out the way they had expected it to. CBS isn’t obligated to even air this, But they do, they spend hours of their time trying to entertain us, Now whether or not they’re are doing the best job of it, isn’t their fault. Big Brothers ratings are far superior to those of any other season, with the exception of a few. SO it’s obviously keeping quite a few fans coming back three times a week, for three months.

    Now, Obviously this season had the potential to be much better than it has been so far. And I also believe that some of the housegests mouths are very vulgar, But does this give us the right to do the same thing and talk that way about them?

    No, It doesn’t. Very embarrassed to call myself a big brother fan with the way some of you people act.Very disappointing..

    • roflmmao……. I am embarrassed to call myself a ” Big Brother” fan cause of this seasons cast…I can go in my backyard and watch slugs conduct themselves with more class & common sense than the HGs who are in the house.

    • Sorry, but for the most part I think the people in this forum conduct themselves in a respectable and mature fashion. Yes, there are a few trolls who enjoy posting immature comments, but you can just ignore those.

  24. Idk why yall hate andy so much. I want him to win. And hellen was just as much a control freak as Amanda was! Glad she’s gone!

  25. Matt, your my favorite Big Brother site however I have noticed a lack of proof reading this year. Example: Helen falls quickly followed by Helen. I’m not picking by any stretch of the imagination. I know how much you love your site & how much hard work you put into this. I just wanted to bring it to your attention because I would want it brought to mine.

  26. I’m a little disappointed that this article, just titled “Week 9 Weekend Wrap-up” had a Veto spoiler so clearly in it. I’m obviously at fault too, for even being on this site, but I thought I was avoiding articles with obvious spoilers. I didn’t feel like there were any warnings about that before the picture of Amanda with it around her neck which was pretty much near the top of the article and hard to avoid or just plain not see. I was reading “safe” articles like the re-cap of tonight’s episode, because I find some of the write-ups humourous sometimes, but I thought this article might be spoiler-free too and at least would’ve liked a heads up at the top of the article.

    Like I said, I’m at fault. Just voicing opinion. I think Matt does a great job on this site so I’m not going to get too upset here.

  27. I was happy that Judd came back, he was my first choice. Jessie was my 2nd so her falling first led to nervous moments. Then Judd winning had me fist-pumping.

    I was neutral on Elissa winning the HoH, but (and I know for sure I’m alone in this)…I’m kind of glad Amanda won Veto. I know how hated she is by fans, but this makes things interesting. Now Elissa has to back-pedal on this whole flipping plan and pretend it never even came to mind, and that her target is Aaryn and was all along, like nothing ever changed from her initial thought.

    That is what’s assumed right? Aaryn back to being the target? If 3 AM actually votes the way they “should”, then Aaryn is still safe with 3 votes to stay. Then again, for one, Andy could go up, then 3 AM would need one other “wildcard” vote to keep him or he could be gone, but would he be gone instead of Aaryn?

    I can see McCranda turning on Aaryn if the replacement nominee isn’t Andy. Depending on who goes up beside Aaryn, say if it’s Spencer or GM, then I can see 3 AM saying “Aaryn is a bigger threat, let’s get her out instead”. If they save her, Elissa’s world will be turned upside down…and thus, I kind of hope that’s what happens, but it’s hard to believe they’d evict GM or even Spencer over Aaryn.

  28. I don’t understand why Amanda, Aaryn, and Andy are somehow making themselves the victims when Amanda did all the things to Elissa today. . .they are mocking her for going to the diary room and stuff and Andy is acting like he’s been loyal when he hasn’t. . .they are calling her stupid for not doing what they want when she is actually being smart to not listen to them. Although, GM is seeming to not be as loyal to Elissa as she was seeming a couple days ago. . .it’s tough to read these people. . .today she is mocking her and laughing at them for thinking she’d vote out Aaryn. . . .nice.

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