Big Brother 15 – Nomination Anticipation For Week 9

Elissa Slater on Big Brother 15

You want “big moves” on Big Brother? Then get ready because it’s about to hit the fan this week inside the BB15 house! Last night’s HoH competition has brought us another shift in power and this one should guarantee a very exciting next few days.

Read on for all the spoilers to find out who is in power, who wishes they had power, and who is set to go up on the block.

Okay, so Elissa won HoH and Judd is back from Jury. Now you’re all up to speed on the latest for comps, but now we’ve got to get ready for tonight’s Nomination Ceremony so let’s review where things stand.

Last night Elissa straight up told McCrae that she was going to nominate Aaryn along with someone she felt was a strong competitor. The idea being that strong competitor would have a better chance at winning the Veto and keeping Aaryn on the block. McCrae asked if she was going to nominate Amanda and Elissa scoffed at the idea and said Amanda wouldn’t win the Veto.

So guess who is going up next to Aaryn? McCrae. He’s in a panic. It’s Week 9 and McCrae has never been nominated or even considered for nomination. He’s convinced the house will flip on him and vote him out. I doubt it, but maybe.

McCrae stresses out

Flashback to 11:20PM BBT last night to watch as McCrae works hard to convince Elissa not to nominate him. She says her goal is to evict Aaryn but if Aaryn saved herself then she’d settle for GM. McCrae says the only way to make sure at least one of them goes home would be to upfront nom both so GM couldn’t save Aaryn. He’s right. Problem is I don’t think Elissa was honest about settling for GM.

McCrandy & Spencer were discussing plans on how to manipulate Elissa’s concerns over the Veto to get her to nominate someone other than them beside Aaryn. Amanda couldn’t even sleep she was so stressed out. She spent some time crying in the nomination chairs around 5:30AM BBT this morning.

This morning Elissa started talking to Judd and Andy about her upcoming nomination plans. Flashback to 10:05AM BBT today to watch. Elissa says she’d replace McCrae with Amanda if he gets the Veto. If Aaryn gets the Veto then she’ll nominate whoever she feels didn’t try their hardest to win it and keep the noms the same.

Later Elissa pulled Judd upstairs to the HoH room to talk game. She told him if they team up with GM and possibly Spencer then they can control the votes. She’s right, but Spencer is a bit of a wild card so they need to watch that part.

You will not want to miss what’s going on in the house this weekend. You can get the Live Feeds free, 2-day trial right now and check it all out. The Veto Ceremony will be tomorrow so there are plenty of opportunities for drama. This is going to be great!

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What do you think of Elissa’s nomination plans? Are these smart moves?


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    • Yeah cause somehow that is not at all a stupid idea….But then again anyone with half a brain cell would use everyone in the house to put up Amanda and McCrae…..But then again Elissa doesn’t even have half a brain cell

      • If Elissa puts up Amanda and Mccrae, then Amanda for sure gets to play in veto.

        However, if she puts up Aaryn originally then there is a high chance Aaryn or Mccrae win. Making it easy to put Amanda on the block without enough votes to keep her.

        Hopefully she gets either Amanda or Aaryn out this week.

      • Really? That would surprise me. There are still so many of them. But I am not a BB historian so I can’t be sure.

      • There will be the two on the block… the HOH… and each one of them get to choose one more…

    • I agree with you Carla Elissa e up Amnda dose not run the house she has been doing lng enough put Amnda &her pizza boy that will really wake up the house.

    • It’s the Amanda show still. She’s the soon to be (hopefully)block star instead of the director! Cry, cry, cry!

      • I don’t want Demanduh bounced just to insure she doesn’t win the game, I want to see her in the Jury house with Jessie & Candice!
        They will need an extra hour to show all the fireworks!

  1. This is a good plan, except for 1 thing. Spencer is never going to align with her against McCrae. I wouldn’t trust Judd either. But at least she didn’t include Andy.

    Is GM really going to align with Elissa? I am not sure about that either.

    The only thing about Elissa’s tactics that I like so far is she is doing her own thing and not Amanda’s. How refreshing !

    • GM might vote against Amanda to save her girl, Aaryn. Andy has questioned whether or not it was wise to have evicted Helen but still (even if he is sincere about that and may now want to vote out Amanda), Elissa cannot afford to trust him. This week you need 3 out of 5 votes to evict. Aaryn vs Amanda – (or McCrae vs Amanda if Aaryn wins Veto): GM, Judd, Andy evict Amanda; McCrae, Spencer go the other way. Spencer seems quite secure in his F3 deal with McRanda. Andy did, too, for awhile… But you can’t count on Andy or Spencer so Judd needs to be a mole, loyal to Elissa, and find out what Andy and Spencer are thinking and what they will do. They can always rally at the last minute so no loose lips from a coward with cold feet tip off Amanda in advance.

  2. I don’t understand why Amanda and McCrae think they are so entitled in this game. It is ok to break everyone else up, but, by God, don’t dare think about breaking those two up. I really hope Elissa sticks to her guns and does not let those two intimidate her and run her HOH. Elissa is pretty strong willed, so I hope that won’t happen. One of them has to go this week, if it’s not Aaryn going.

    • Amanda really needs to go but McCrae would be better. He has allies in the house : SHE HAS NONE. Keep Amanda & u may have bought urself another week. Keep McCrae & u need to pack ur bags.

      • I totally agree!. Plus, imagine the Amanduh meltdown with Pizza Boy walking out the door. She won’t be behind the garbage, she will be in the “trash” compactor. Just where she belongs.

    • everyone feels that way.. helen felt entitled, they all feel entitled. amanda is brilliant that’s why everyone is so jealous. so to be liked by america you have to be stupid and not do well?

  3. Poor Cray & Amanda up the crap creek ( this week anyway) If Aaryn don’t go home one of them will. hmmm How the tables have turned. They can screw over people and its fine but when somebody is screwing them its a travesty. Oh my oh my Poor Amanda just crying her eyes out…I think Judd was told enough in jury by Jessee that he knows the lay of the house now. He has been very evasive and has not revealed a lot of info since his return. The one thing Andy Mc & Ama do not want is for Judd to be told the truth by Elissa or Aaryn as to what really went down. But am sure that Jessee has already told him. Andy will follow Elissa & Judd 24/7 if possible to snoop & see what they are talking about. Its gonna be an interesting week to see who stays with Elissa or who stabs her.

  4. They should have gotten Amanda out when they had the chance. McCranda needs to be broken up. Next is Aaryn. The little racist bitch needs to go. I would love to see Judd win Big Brother.

    • You want to see someone who’s already been evicted, meaning he’s had TWO chances in the same season to win 500K, win Big Brother?

      If you’ve been evicted, that shows you clearly didn’t have what it takes to win. If Judd is in the final 2 it should be a 7-0 in favor of whoever he’s sitting next to. There’s no way I’d vote for someone who’s already been axed.

  5. Go Elissa do just what Rachel told you to do in her letter trust no one think for yourself and make smart decisions put Aaryn and Mccranda up and backboor Amanda disgusting tail

    • I don’t have live feeds and had been wondering what her letter said. Thank you for the info… Appreciate it :)

  6. Wth why wouldn’t she put up amanda to replace aaryn! Shes been wanting to get her out soooooo….??? Ugh

      • She will ! I think that’s her real target but not telling anyone! She wants Amanda and Aaryn to go if poss. I hope she gets Pandora’s box that sends both home lol

  7. What does suck about all this is that Elissa truly has no allies in the game. Unfortunately she can’t trust anyone from this point forward.

    So hopefully she makes good moves for her game, and I believe breaking up Mccranda would be good for her game.

    If she wins POV this week, she is sitting pretty to decide exactly who goes home this week.

  8. Love her or hate her, credit to Amanda for working last week to stay off the block this week. She may suck at competitions, but that don’t mean a thing.
    As much as Amanda has been controlling the game, Aaryn has won 4 HoH’s so that would be going against you in the F2… it’s really not a bad move to get her out.
    But GM as the re-nom? That’s dumb.

    • She’s telling them that she will put up the person she feels didn’t try hard to win the veto. She’s being secretive and I like that. She’s putting fear in all of them.

  9. Helen told Elissa several things before she left, but one thing she said numerous times was “don’t trust McRanda” and break them up. Hopefully she is secretly planning to backdoor Amanda. Even if McRae goes home it would work because Amanda would self-destruct.

    • Help me out here please I’m having a brain fart.If Mcrae and Aaryn are on the block and Amanda gets to play and wins and takes him down,she can not be the new nominee can she?Then this was for naught.

      • true but theres no way amanda is winning the vote against aaryn, elissa and mc unless everyone throws it to her.

      • Don’t worry….Amanda won’t win….besides when it comes down to the wire…Amanda & McCrae will turn on each other….besides, if necessary she could replace a nominee with Andy….trust…. She knows he’s a snake!!! Go Elissa!!! She’s a lot better at this game then everyone thinks….

    • Yeah! So much for the brainless Ellissa! This was what Helen drilled into her brain! Too bad she is unable to think for herself! It will be a pleasure watching the fake one leave next week! Helen told her to stir the pot and she is stirring every part. Jeez…last season was really fun, this one seems to be about vindictive females. Yuk!

  10. I do not believe Spencer will truthfully align with Elissa. Yes he will say so but his alliance is with McCrae and Andy. All he will do is mess all over Elissa. I hope she remains skeptical of any deals she makes with Judd or Spencer. I don’t even trust GinaMarie because Aaryn has shielded her so many
    times & she want betray Aaryn.

    • It will be an interesting week. So far Judd is telling everyone he is starting fresh, but he made a deal with Elissa. Andy is trying hard to get Judd.

  11. Well, Amanda is a loser; she can’t even win comps that are thrown to her. But, Aaryn has won 4 HoH comps and refuses to work with Elissa. Seems like a smart move to me.

  12. It’s about time I need a change Amanda is so annoying. … she really thinks age is the Queen. ..oh Sorry she is the Queen of pizza. .. but I can’t wait for nominations and veto. ..I miss Helen

  13. I would like to see her put up Aaryn and Amanda, Aaryn has a shot at veto. I do not believe Amanda can or would win veto. If McCrae wins tell him that if he uses it he will go up. I’m hoping this scenario plays out lol. McCrae actually wins veto and does not pull Man-da off. Oh my at the temper tantrum that girl would throw if Mccrae didn’t save her tail.. It would be awesome to see play out.. JMO lol

    • I’m thinking she’s going to backdoor Amanda. Helen told her that was the only way to get her.

      • Ahhh, I think I understand now.. Sorry had a brain cramp.. LOL Veto holder can not be nominated as a replacement, right? Because they hold the power of Veto?

    • If Mccrae wins he can’t go up in that scenario. The only risk that the member of Mccranda who is not on the block wins and pulls the other off and is safe as well.

    • If McCrae wins and takes Amanda off he cannot be put up on the block, He won the power of veto in your scenario. I would take Amanda to the end with me, you always end up with a bitter jury and they all think she is a bully, unlike that crybaby bully Helen. The Jury will not give Amanda the win.

      • Thank you for saying that, I agree completely, Elissa is the stupidest player ever and as much as I hated Rachel, I can’t stand her sister. She is the biggest hater in the house.

  14. Elissa has no plans to backdoor Amanda she wants Aaryn out for being Amanda’s puppet..I always knew that Elissa was suck a stupid ^^@%$ Ok so she gets out Aaryn than next week bye bye Elissa you can play for HOH your out the door..So stupid…She deserves to be evicted

  15. Elissa just told GM if she wins POV not to use it so they can get out Aaryn because she’s been loyal to Amanda….Why would you not want to backdoor Amanda being next to McCrae more people would vote out Amanda

  16. I guess I don’t understand. Is this not a game? Who makes it to the end? Do what you have to do better than everyone else? That’s what Amanda is doing and everyone hates her? Helen did the same things Amanda is doing and that’s okay? She goes and cries and that’s bad? Helen did the same thing, all fake!, but that’s okay? I think Amanda is playing a great game, she may have not won anything but she has had a hand in getting everyone out so far. That’s good game, if the rest are all stupid enough to listen to her then go Amanda!

    • That’s true but that’s the reason to get her puppet which has won 4 HOH out…..Elissa is doing the best thing trying to get rid of Aaryn because first chance Aaryn gets she would do the same to her…UNLESS Master Amanda told her not too….

      • I have to agree with your opinion of E, A & A. But Spenser & GM?
        Spenser is a lump of worthless meat & GM is totally obnoxious!
        At this point, I guess I will have to root for Judd.

      • Ok maybe not Spencer but GM has been pretty much not been flip flopping she has played a low key game but has contribute and has won a HOH and deserves to be there..Her and Judd..

      • Go to Youtube and watch:
        The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bullying Candice Edition

        Than come back and we’ll talk about GM.

  17. Elissa: I feel like you’re giving Amanda the game.
    Aaryn: So why not nominate her
    Elissa: I can beat her in any comp
    El says she can beat Amanda all day, any day in any comp.

  18. The thing I like about Elissa is that she will not let anyone bully her into nominting someone. SHe will do what she wants.

    • yea but getting Aaryn out instead of Amanda is the stupidest move she could make..Amanda will have full power next week

      • She’s using Aaryn to get to Amanda. You don’t put up Amanda right now because she can be saved by veto. You put up McCrae, make him think GM will go up after he wins veto and uses it on himself, then you put up Amanda

      • I certainly hope not…..Elissa has got to trust somebody….I don’t believe the jurors didn’t discuss the game…..Why would Jessie tell Amanda she hated her…..Hopefully Judd will win and continue on the mission Elissa’s started….

  19. What? Did Rachell not tell her to bust up a showmance to dilute their power?? She’s blinded by her disgust for Aaryn. Sigh!

  20. IMO Elissa is a lot better at this game then everyone thinks…. When she walked in the house she had a target on her back just because she’s Rachel’s sister. She laid low and and let Helen get all the blood on her hands. Now Helen is gone she is stepping up for herself….think about it, she’s in great shape, and has given no signs of being dumb….Personally I think it’s smart for her to NOT trust Aaryn….her best hope is Judd & possibly GM. She is the very 1st and ONLY HOH with sense enough to attempt breaking up Amanda & McCrae… Take McCrae out….Amanda isn’t going to win anything….Aaryn is the best competitor out of the 3 of them and since she’s afraid of them and will do all their dirty work….get her out first!!! GO ELISSA!!!

  21. I’m rusty on my BB game rules…if a player who is not on the block wins veto and uses it on someone who IS on the block, then the veto winner cannot be put up as a replacement. Is this right? And has that always been a rule?

  22. McCrae is now telling Elissa him and amanda whats to take her to the Final 3 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny..go back to delivering pizza McDumb

  23. McCrae says that it was him, Amanda & Andy who kept Elissa in last week by putting up Helen against her.

    Elissa: “McCrae, I’m putting you up next to Aaryn”

    Elissa; “McCrae no one wants you gone, Im putting you up”

      • Amanda cant win a pir eating contest and that cow can really eat.she may get picked to play in veto anyways when they draw names and if she wins take mcC off the block

      • If Mc is nominated he’ll play as hard as he can and amanda won’t win then if he wins she renoms amanda.

        If amanda is nominated Mc could still play and win it then never can be nominated.

        Nominate Amanada and mC she can always backdoor aaryn but i hope she doesn’t. thats for next week then andy then spencer then GM

  24. McCrae full out throwing Amanda under the bus.

    McC says to put GM and Aaryn up and if one comes down, put Amanda up

    • Elissa is just not all there..She’s dumber than her sister Rachel and thinks shes better than Aaryn..She doesnt like Aaryn racism but most of it has to do with jealousy

    • Aaryn wins comps so getting her out along with her negativity is a good move. Plus it damages the whole 3AM alliance. Her main target though is McCranda. She’s playing the game now. Why tell McCrae “hey i’m going after you and your wife(lol)”, when she can stir up the house and then backdoor Amanda.

  25. I don’t want it to backfire but if McC left this week instead of would be like Christmas 4 months early..She would so be moping and crying because she misses him..If Amanda leaves we wont be able to watch her misery at the Jury House LOL

  26. Perfect scenario-Elissa takes out Aaryn this week and Judd gets to be the one to take out Amanda next week!

  27. When Aaryn saw Candace fell, she said, she was so happy, she screamed so loud. She goes on to say..”Her coming back, has nothing to do with my game play.” “It has to do with my sanity”…Really Aaryn?…..Go have yourself another glass of acetone…It’s waiting for you in

  28. I think so. Someone needs to split Amanda & McCrea, of course everyone knows this. I just hope Elissa will have the votes to do so, IF the game is not fixed.

  29. I think that veto rule is stupid because if u win it and UAE it on someone else you give it to them which means they should be able to be on the block

    • Right? When someone wins the veto and isn’t an original nominee, they get to keep 2 people safe. They save a person on the black, and save themselves.

      Definitely weird when you think about it. When a person on the block wins it, they should be able to save a potential nominee and themselves lol. Like if Aaryn were nominated and won Veto, she should be able to give GM the veto, which saves GM and herself. Right?

  30. I heard that Elissa and Aaryn have a secret alliance, and the plan is to get out either Amanda or McCrae… They are suppose to pretend they still hate each other… Hope it’s true.. Dunno if it’s true or not but that would make for good viewing, and I for sure would start watching again… I must admit, I could not stand Aaryn at first, but I do like her game play as I read the posts. As for the person she is, I would not want her to win, I still think she is a mean person and racist! Who knows, but I will tune in to see what happens for sure now that someone is going to break up that showmance!! I like it.

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