Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Wednesday Highlights


Things have slowed down so much in the Big Brother 15 house, production gave them cards, Jenga and a slinky to play with. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s about as exciting as it gets as far as Wednesday was concerned.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013

9:05 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:15 AM BBT – Several houseguests have been up but everyone is back in bed.

10:50 AM BBT – Aaryn working out in backyard.

11:35 AM BBT – Elissa is doing yoga while Aaryn tans.

1:10 PM BBT – GinaMarie still working on her hair extensions. Aaryn is helping her.

2:15 PM BBT – GM has gone back to bed. Others are all awake now.

2:40 PM BBT – Most HGs in or around the pool.

3:44 PM BBT – Big Brother has given the HGs cards and other things to “play” with.

4:38 PM BBT – McCrae is depressed. He tells Amanda he misses his family and he is nervous about what will happen next week.

4:40 PM BBT – Elissa and Spencer are talking about whether or not they can trust Andy.

4:45 PM BBT – Andy asks Spencer if he’s still safe. Spencer says yes.

4:55 PM BBT – Houseguests are now on indoor lockdown.

5:35 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GM she won too many competitions and made herself too big a threat. That was her flaw in the game.

6:20 PM BBT – Judd & Aaryn kiss.

6:25 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Judd she took his spot in the alliance when he was blindsided and evicted. She also tells him that he came back at the perfect time because there are bigger targets than him now.

7:55 PM BBT – HGs are bored. Talking and tossing tacky sack around.

8:06 PM BBT – Aaryn is deciding what to wear tonight. She goes with the dress she planned to wear to the finale. She has accepted her demise. Aaryn continues packing.

8:14 PM BBT – Amanda is clipping McCrae’s toenails. (I’m not telling you this so you can watch. I’m telling you this so you DON’T watch. ACK).

8:45 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn she should punch Elissa.

8:50 PM BBT – Aaryn says her dad will say she was evicted because no one wanted to vote out the “queer.”

9:05 PM BBT – Elissa made dinner (cabbage rolls I think) and tells the others to get the food before the ants do.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs are playing Jenga.

10:50 PM BBT – Andy pointing out he won’t get to vote this week as usual since this is his first nomination. Everyone promises Andy he’s safe.

11:10 PM BBT – McCrandy & Spencer planning a post-BB Vegas trip.

11:30 PM BBT – GM talking game with Elissa. She says she’s planning to stick with Elissa. She believes everyone is going to target McCranda next week.

11:40 PM BBT – Andy and Judd join them in the HoH room. Aaryn and Amanda are working on anal bleaching downstairs and they don’t want to be around for it.

12:00 AM BBT – McCrae and Aaryn talking game. McCrae doesn’t know who to target. Aaryn says they should be worried about Elissa in Veto comps. Aaryn warns McCrae that Spencer doesn’t trust him.

12:30 AM BBT – Elissa and Aaryn have a heart to heart. Aaryn tells her she likes her and it was all game if she did or said anything mean. Elissa says she’s sorry they couldn’t work together.

1:00 AM BBT – HoH crew studying orders of events for possible HoH competition on Thursday.

3:00 AM BBT – Judd gets in bed with Aaryn and they have a little final-night shenanigans.

So from the very quiet day, I think it’s a safe bet to say the jury house will be all females until at least next week as Aaryn will almost definitely be walking out the door tonight.

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  1. We r trying to teach children mot to be bullies n big brother will let amanda on prime time tv bully people around she needs to be taken off the show

    • tell me about it debbie! my two little ones get lectured DAILY in elementary school about bullies/bullying…yet here it is broadcasted on national television with no consequences. Amanda went way beyond ‘game’ in my opinion…although it is entertaining to watch sometimes…I certainly hope Amanda doesn’t win!!!

      • BB is TV14 so for certain kids who se are below 14 years old shouldn’t be watching it. Whatever happened to “viewer discretion” among viewers?

      • None of the parents should be letting their kids watch Big Brother considering the negative impact this show will have on children’s impressionable minds!

      • I am going to disagree here – a little bit. Isolating our kids from the ugliness around them could turn them into future Aaryn’s. The CBS shows are not bad for kids, although the conversations on BBAD are often too sexual.

        My kids are grown up now but if they were still young I would have no problem watching BB with them. When this racial crap and bullying is shown, I would act horrified and tell them that is really ugly behavior and people do not like it.

        My father never tolerated and kind of racism. As an adult, I don;t even think about saying the things Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn and Amanda say.

      • Yeah, my parents would probably have let me watch the show if I were younger, as well. My mom explained a lot of adult things to me at an early age, so I was pretty well informed as a kid. Big Brother wouldn’t have been a problem for me.

      • My husband and I watch BB with our 12 year old daughter and we make this a learning experience on how not to act towards other people. We take our time to explain why its wrong,

      • I disagree. parents should let kids know what it was like in the 50s, 60s and in BB land.

      • Matthew…a friend of my daughters showed her one of Amanda’s racial/bully rants on Youtube and my daughter came running to me almost in tears saying, “why are they allowing a bully to be on a TV show?” She was bullied this past year and is in the process of starting an anti-bullying group at her school and she said this would be a perfect example of what a bully does. I don’t even have to tell her not to watch anything if it’s questionable, she has already made that decision herself not to do it. She said she was shocked with how many of her friends do watch BB and that their parents don’t mind. I think it says something about her character that I didn’t even have to say yes or no, she knows it’s inappropriate to watch and won’t watch it. BTW….she’s 11.

    • Who lets their little kids watch crap like this? You need to reassess your responsibilities as a parent.

    • I’ve been saying that all along, bb needs to grow some balls, and put a stop to all the crap that amanda is doing

      • I don’t think what Amanda has done is any worse then what any other mean girl in the house has done. Everyones crying for Amanda’s eviction, what about the 3 girls who harassed Candice?! At least Amanda keeps her hands off other people’s stuff!!!!

      • Amanda Practically Threw All Elissa’s Clothes And Personal Belongings In The Downstairs Toilet!! She Then Took Condoms And Super Glued Them To Elissa’s Picture On The Wall In The Kitchen/Dining Room!! She Has Said She Would Love to Rape Elissa’s Dead Body…And So MUCH MORE!!! Yes She Has Put Her HAnds In And On Things Of Elissa’s that Don’t Belong to AMANDA!!!!

      • OMFG, I don’t have cable so I have to wait 1-2 days after they air to watch them… HAVEN’T SEEN THAT YET!! I can’t wait !!!!

      • I saw Amanda and her mental health is a issue for sure. I hear she takes meds for ADD but she has something much worse.

      • except, if you remember she lectured Aaryn on her racism, and the crap she has said in the last few days and especially last night, is just as bad as Aaryn

      • She didn’t really lecture her on her racism. I think it was more about how it looks on TV. She didn’t say that stuff is wrong, she said you have to be conscious of how other people hear it. That’s why Amanda tries to mask her comments in humor. She thinks that is less offensive.

      • I remember that conversation between those two. Which is funny because Amanda right now has no idea how the public perceives her.

      • YES,there are smart intelligent ppl. Who really know what BBC is all about thank you MM.To have to read about these ppl who talk about what a horrible program BB is but apparently watch every week WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL. If you don’t like it or understand it then DON’T WATCH and for sure stay out of the comments.You sound ridiculous.

      • ummm I think if there where no people like amanda on the show nobody would watch and their would be no big brother. You always have to have to to root for and against in show like these, and by the large amount of comments on this site, Im pretty sure big brother is doing their job of being an entertainment show, not a family channel show. Like people make no sense, they complain that nothing happening, and want people to oppose Amanda, Ellisa opposes Amanda, they create conflict, and now people are complaing and the fights. Well what the frack do you people want, and think gonna happen when people go against each other for 500k?! That they take turns winning hoh, and play rock paper sissors?

      • Josh says: “You always have to have to to root for and against in show like these”

        The problem is this year we have nobody to root for. Only people to root against.

      • haha yeah thats actually very true with this season only season other then bb9 where there really don’t even know who you want to win. Big brother def did a good job at putting people you want out though this year lol

    • While I agree that she’s a total bully and would love to see her taken out, I don’t think kids are looking at her and thinking “now THAT’S who I wanna be!”

    • In the words of Dan “there is no good or bad in the big brother house, there are only those who play the game and those who do not.” Ummm this is big brother, these people have been restrained in a house, where production cast different personalities, with the sole purpose that they’ll fight and create entertainment for the viewers. I think its stupid to judge people morals on a show, that suppose to create controversy. And what parents tell their kids hey watch big brother tonight you’ll learn something on how to act? That just sounds ridiculous to me.

      • Yes, this is a show designed to create entertainment and cast with people who production thinks will fight and create drama; however, these house guests are going above and beyond the realm of entertaining conflict and drama. I’m surprised that the NAACP hadn’t stepped in. The level of hatred, spite, racism and over all loathsome behavior is beyond belief. As to it being stupid to judge people on their behavior in this show, well I don’t think it is. Aaryn was behaving like this during the first week or so, and Amanda has shown her true colors. No one would behave like this unless they are like this outside the house. It’s hard to hide who you really are when you have no where to hide.

    • Depending on the age, if you are teaching about bullies or just treating people right this is the perfect show. Say you don’t do this and explain the consequences, as in they lost their job in the real world because of their actions on this show.

  2. Production seems to be out of it this year when this has probably been one of the most boring seasons of Big Brother!
    Not even a Pandora’s Box this late in the game! Before you know it, the season is over! Come on, stir the pot a little bit, it is not that hard!

    • Because bringing a jury member back didn’t do that already ;) Or Zingbot? Pandora’s box will most likely be nextweek since this hoh comp will prob be short and i think we are done with have nots.

    • they are waiting for Amanda/McCrae/Andy or Spencer to get HOH before they do pandoras or diamond POV… ;)

    • Give Elissa a pandora’s box of being able to choose another house guest for eviction and the punishment for choosing that luxury would be one week without her yoga mat! Come on CBS…think up something better to stir the pot and git rid of Amanda, Andy and Mcrea!!

  3. “Aaryn and Amanda are working on anal bleaching downstairs and they don’t want to be around for it.” wait…WTH?

  4. Heres an idea put your kids to bed they should be sleeping not watching reality tv. Or dvr it and watch it when they go to bed. ..

  5. Last nights episode was really hard to watch knowing what was coming. Amanda truly is disgusting. I can only hope that Andy was being truthful in his diary room session about targeting McCranda. That is so sad that I have to wonder if Andy is lying in a diary room session because that’s how much he lies.

  6. I would never buy anything from Amanda whore dog much less a house she is a Liein sack of %^#}

    • why is everyone so mad at Amanda? Besides the racist nonsense (go to you tube and look up “big brother amanda racist” if you don’t know what I’m talking about) I think, although she is abrasive, she is PLAYING the game THE BEST. Isn’t the point of BB to get everyone else to do your dirty work and manipulate situations to your favor?

      • Yes, her game WAS very effective against this group of house guests. However, that is all about to change. Let’s see if Amanda can play a different game now that the house want her an McCrae out next.

      • I think if they vote McCrae out she’s done for. She needs minions to survive, take that away and she’ll crack!!

      • I agree, with Amanda it seems to be more about her need to control everything than real game play. The other night when she was controlling the little booze that they got Spencer called her a control freak as a joke. I think he was only half joking.

  7. “8:50 PM BBT – Aaryn says her dad will say she was evicted because no one wanted to vote out the “queer.”

    There you have it, the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.

    • Stop it. Just because Aaryn says her dad will say it, doesn’t mean her dad will ACTUALLY say it (and by “say it” I mean “think it”) . We have no idea what her dad will think about her eviction. By saying this, you’re basically getting on a man who you literally don’t even know, and have never seen/met in your entire life.

      Aaryn is, dare I say, a little delusional. This could’ve been another lame attempt at a joke on her part. Let Aaryn speak for Aaryn…

  8. Judging by the comments of Aaryn’s dad, I guess we now have proof the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I hope Julie Chen is studying for that eviction interview tonight!

    • I have been as hard as anyone on Aaryn. But I feel a little sorry for her now. You are right, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Aaryn appears to be a product of her environment. I hope when this show is over and she sees what she said and the reaction to it she develops a better understanding of the world around her outside of her small town environment (nothing against small towns – I mean she needs more life experiences). She just turned 23 so she is basically a kid. I am not making excuses for her. Her behavior at times is totally unacceptable and she doesn’t even acknowledge why.

      However, she has a good side to her, unlike Amanda, and it comes out every now and then. I hope she grows up to be a person who is more like that good side than dark Aaryn we saw all too often. If she is a product of how she was brought up that’s unfortunate. Perhaps the rest of us will remember what happens to a small child when we do not teach them strong values. They grow up to be ignorant adults.

      • Well said Prince. Aaryn DID get a lot better as the weeks went on. Luckily for her she has an even more vile/disgusting person in the house in Amanda who has taken away most of the negative attention that was on Aaryn.

      • I’ll disagree with that. You know how I feel about her. But last night on BBAD she was saying derogatory comments about Asians. The night before she will meet with Julie.

      • I don’t think she has learned anything except to try to hide her true feelings a little better since it was brought up to her…she has a hard time hiding it though!

      • I’ll feel sorry for her once she’s both acknowledged that the things she did to Candace and the things she says about “queer” Andy are offensive (maybe she doesn’t have to admit racism/homophobia yet, but at least offensive), and when she stops thinking she’s a victim for having blue eyes and blonde hair.

        I’m her age, so I can’t give her any slack for that.

      • You get to use that excuse until you go to college as huge as the one she’s at and meet people other than your family, and when you obtain access to the internet.

        At that point, even if you can’t stop thinking/saying that kind of stuff, you at least ought to be able to understand when you’ve said something offensive (OR, at a minimum, you ought to be willing to try and understand why other people think you’re offensive, even if you’re not convinced you were). Basic human decency dictates that you at least try to avoid offending people, or learn what things offend certain people and try to avoid doing them; never mind the racist/etc elements of her behavior.

      • Not even remotely…which is why I have no sympathy. If she cared about not hurting other people’s feelings, then maybe I would have a tiny bit of it for her.

      • I agree with your post…hated her after her insensitive rants, but see there is another side to her. The problem is she can easily resort to the bad behavior when she is not vulnerable.
        She appears to be good when she needs something. When she is in control and not fearing for her BB life, she is pretty awful.

      • no sorry Prince, that isn’t an acceptable reason. I grew up in a small town in the South as well as millions of other people who know the words Aaryn used are not acceptable. Blaming the small town life is insulting as we are not backwards people, just like living in a city does not make someone “enlightened.”

      • While I agree to an extent about parenting playing a role in our lives, there comes a time that we need to be held accountable for our own actions… no matter how good or bad your parents did.

    • I am guessing that the in-studio audience will once again be made up of CBS employees. If Aaryn’s eviction came in the first few weeks of BB, I would guess she would have had security from CBS to get her to the jury house. But now that “time has passed”, I feel some people have forgotten the emotional level we were all at in the first few weeks. I doubt anybody will show up outside the BB house tonight and create a scene. Of course this “live” show tonight could actually have been taped during the day. They did that once before.

  9. “8:14 PM BBT – Amanda is clipping McCrae’s toenails. (I’m not telling you this so you can watch. I’m telling you this so you DON’T watch. ACK).”

    Thank you Branden for small favor. We appreciate everything you do for us.

  10. Why does everyone keep saying CBS should do this and that……this is BB, not church. Evil Dick screamed and yelled and banged pots and pans over sleeping peoples heads, ha ha, anything goes when your fighting for the money! I really hate to judge people, but these people are really making it hard! And what shows are for kids? Have you seen all the sexual innuendo in all the cartoons?!

    • It wasn’t great when Dick did it, either.

      It is a game, but harassment shouldn’t be tolerated. They don’t have to bump Amanda/Aaryn/GM/etc off the show just for being bigots/terrible people, but they should get some penalties (automatic Have-Not, not allowed to compete in next HoH competition, not allowed to compete for veto when on block, etc).

  11. What the hell was Amanda wearing during the veto ceremony? She looked a mess! I guess Aaryn let Amanda wear a pair of her booty shorts. Oh my….blue jean booty shorts and high heels………ROFL.

    • That’s the downside though if the only activities they do in the house are HOH, Veto and Eviction because the days in between would tend be a bore at times. Aaryn’s a dead girl walking since Monday.

      Why can’t BB let them do daily tasks though to while the time apart from discussing game?

    • Forgot to add the snark on their boredom:

      “This is Big Brother. Houseguest, you are such a bore to me this season, I have decided to give you a task. As part of today’s task, you will each be called upon to the Diary Room to make a choice that will change the game.

      This choice will determine how each and every one of you are greedy. Inside the Diary Room are signages bearing amounts of money taken from the 500 thousand dollar prize. Each signage can go as high as 400,000 and as low as 100 and all are in random order.

      The houseguest will then pick an amount of their choice. The one with the lowest amount of money among the remaining houseguest the least greedy and he or she will be deemed asked to leave the Big Brother house, leaving with them the amount of cash they have chosen which will be deducted from the 500,000 prize.

      The rest will be safe for the next week. Houseguesr, don’t bore me and don’t let me down. Good luck!”


      • It’s true, forgot about that, what happens to the moose head.
        In BBCan that was great, using the moose head to give them task to accomplish. Wish they would have pick that up.

      • It’s one of the original Dutch format aspect BBCan retained for their own version despite being modeled after the US one. Canadian Big Brother always keeps them busy with rewards-based tasks and it always result to some good feeds (i.e. Tom fake-out return, Yes task, Pause task, Big Red Phone).

        How i wish Grodner could bring that all back to her show.

  12. Is Asryn still on her way out the door? Is she on her way to the jury house to unite with all of her bffs (Candice, Helen, and Jessie)?

  13. Amanda is an arrogant disgusting whore, she is accusing Elissa of injecting her lips and forehead with botox and this fool with her fake boobs and saggy ass is calling someone else fake. This bitch need a wake up call, I use to feel sorry for Pizza McStinky Boy, but now I don’t, just watching him smiling when Amandutch is assaulting Elissa verbally and did nothing to try and stop her makes him one of the spineless men I have ever seen in my life simply because he is afraid of the skank and is PW. I will never buy a house from her and I hope she get’s a lot of backlash from her behaviour as I hope that other people will also refuse to buy a house from her as well. What a pig!

    • I’ve often thought similar things about Mcrae, but don’t you think thats his strategy? Let Amanda do all the dirty work…make her be the bad guy..then he comes off looking like a little puppy dog along for the ride? There are times when he goes against her or acts upset by the things she says/does, and I think thats just to show people “Look at me! I’m not as bad as her!”

      • No. If that was his strategy he wouldn’t tell her to calm down and not go after the other house guests, which he does when Amanda is about to do something stupid. Another sign is the Zingbot scene where he said he has no problem being Amanda’s lacky, but he was ticked off that GM was laughing so hard about it. If it was his strategy he would have said so there.

      • GM had the same hand slapping reaction to most of the zings…McCrae seems to be offended by strange things…

      • MM – I see your point but sometimes you just have to say or do something when you see a wrong is being committed, he does not know the damage he has caused on himself out of the BB House, simply put he is just a plain wimp

      • I totally agree! As I stated yesterday, I think the HGs sitting outside listening to Demanda rant & rave while doing nothing are just as guilty.
        And, Andy with his fake concern made me want to puke. “I can’t believe I was aligned for so long with such disgusting people.” Too bad he used the same line with 2 different groups . What a farkin’ snake!

      • Totally agree with you…couldn’t believe they just sat there, a little stunned, but did nothing. Love the word “farkin”…

      • He went from cool geek to stupid, stinky freak. Amanda’s got him PW and ruined his game. What a dufus!

  14. Riddle me this! Why is it so frowned upon for some girls to bleach their bottoms, but its not a big deal when someone shoots their face full of botox?

    • I don’t think we care about either. But that doesn’t mean we have to get into a long discussion about or bear witness to anal bleaching. To me its like a tattoo or body piercing. To each his own.

      I guess people are wondering why Amanda and Aaryn wanted this activity to be on the live feeds. This is something most people would keep private, don’t you think?

  15. I went from hating Elissa to wanting to her to win because she’s the only one who is left who has both made a big game move and not said something incredibly offensive.

    I find this so depressing.

    • Elissa is dismissive and condescending, but she is playing the game now with the most intelligence of anyone. Judd seems like a good guy who is not quite as aware of things like Elissa is. I agree with you, there isn’t anyone who stands out as someone I can really pull for this season. No Dan, no Ian, no Janelle, and the list goes on. Never heard so much racism and hatred like this. Never saw the level of stupidity and disgusting behavior…Amanda. Lying is part of the game but Andy has taken it to a new level of sleaziness…not sure why he hasn’t been found out by more people than Elissa. Not sure if there were too many in this group of 16 that I’d be pulling for in any other season if they were included as HG’s. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck…you don’t want to see the bad stuff…but you do…

      • Oh I agree, she’s miles above everyone else there, even with her flaws. But I find it sad that the bar is set that low.

        I agree though, this season is like a trainwreck.

  16. glad to see Aaryn go but wish it was Amanda she is the worst person I have ever seen soooooooooo mean with all the threats she needs to go

  17. Wher can i watch live feed on my compter 9 oclock eastern? Pre-season football is on CBS.

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