Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Thursday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

It was a festive day and a somewhat quiet night in the Big Brother 15 house Thursday. The HGs were treated to a 4th of July party in the backyard and were even allowed to watch fireworks live on the television.

Game talk did not take a break, though. Aaryn and Jeremy are scurrying to figure out who to nominate for eviction tomorrow and the others are doing everything they can to stay off their radar.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 4/Friday, July 5, 2013:

1:50 PM BBT – Helen thinks if they get MVP to nom Jeremy and settle for Kaitlin as a renom.

2:30 PM BBT – Aaryn convinced Nick voted against David. (He did.)

5:50 PM BBT – Houseguest on indoor lockdown. They learn they will be having a July 4th celebration and even the Have-Nots will get to eat real food.

6:00 PM BBT – Helen and Aaryn are talking. Helen is trying to smooth things over with Aaryn and says she doesn’t know why she’s being judged just for being nice to Elissa.

7:15 PM BBT – Jeremy and the rest of the HOH crew are not very happy with Jessie for running her mouth. She’s clearly no longer in their inner circle.

7:20 PM BBT – Candice wonders to Helen if Spencer set her up with the Elissa vote. Candice has once again hit the nail on the head.

7:25 PM BBT – Judd tells McCrae he’s tired of being physically threatened by people over nominations and votes. Apparently GinaMarie said she’d slit his throat and Nick said he’d snap his neck.

7:48 PM BBT – Andy is in the HOH with Aaryn. He’s been working hard all day to get the target off his back from voting out David. It seems to be working. Aaryn is slowly forgetting that he voted her boyfriend out.

8:05 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the 4th of July celebration.

9:05 PM BBT – Feeds return. Aaryn and Amanda are talking and Amanda is crying. Apparently during the party Jessie hit on McCrae so Amanda is pretending to be upset about it.  She’s playing Aaryn to try to get Jessie nominated.

9:20 PM BBT – Houseguests are watching fireworks on the TV in the living room.

9:35 PM BBT – Kaitlin telling Aaryn and Amanda that Jessie went off on Elissa earlier while the feeds were down. Jessie accused Elissa of spreading a rumor that she was hooking up with Judd. Typical catty stuff that I can’t even keep track of. Kaitlin also says that Jessie yelled at McCrae.

9:48 PM BBT – Aaryn and Jeremy talking in the HOH room about noms. Elissa is a definite nominee. Aaryn wants to put Candice or Jessie up but Jeremy still wants the two noms to be Helen and Elissa. Aaryn tells Jeremy that she and Helen sort of made a deal earlier that could benefit their alliance. Jeremy is OK with not putting Helen up. They go back and forth for a while and Helen’s name gets back in the mix. So who knows what will happen.

10:01 PM BBT – Andy and McCrae are laughing at them playing Aaryn and erasing the targets from their backs.

10:06 PM BBT – Jeremy refers to “Elissa’s f*ggoty ass.” Kaitlin tells him not to say that. Aaryn replies “queers.” What is wrong with these people?

10:52 PM BBT – The Moving Company talking about evicting Elissa this week and targeting Helen next week.

11:20 PM BBT – Jeremy and Spencer want to push for GM as MVP’s nom.

11:50 PM BBT – Jessie is fighting with the HoH crew. Aaryn is upset because Jessie thinks Elissa isn’t a bad person. Jessie says she can’t keep trying to be a mean girl because that’s not her.

1:00 AM BBT – Kaitlin is very concerned that she’ll be the MVP nom and the house will vote her out.

3:30 AM BBT – Nearly half the house is still up and wandering around. Expect them to do some serious sleeping in on Friday.

It sounds like sometime today Aaryn will nominate Elissa and Helen. But we’ve still got to wait and see who the MVP nominates on Veto day. Things could get interesting this week, so you might want to grab the Live Feeds if you haven’t already.

You can watch all of these Big Brother 15 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.


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    • SPENCER is so vile! The way he talks about women and Hitler just my my skin crawl. I want him gone this week. Hope Aaryn, even though not a fan, listens to her gut and gets these women together and stops listening to JEREMY!!!!! She realizes that the guys are not fighting and that the women need to do the same, but does nothing. These women are so stupid!!!!

  1. Jeremy takes misogyny to a whole other level.
    In all honesty, I don’t want CBS to do anything
    They’ll get what’s coming when it’s all over

    • I agree, at first I want CBS to broadcast their disgusting behavior but when Gina, Aaryn and Jeremy leaves the house they will get what is coming to them. I really hope they leave very soon but I think sadly Jeremy will be there for while.

      • GinaMarie and Aaryn will be looking if they even make it past Week 5
        But I think Jeremy has a spot for sure in Jury


  3. Hey um … Can I use somebody Live Feed? I really want to see what going on with all these Racist stuff I’ve seen some on Youtube little clips here and there. thats about it and can you even give someone your live feed? thanks for replying :)

  4. No word from CBS about the alleged cheating ? I think they need to come out and at least say: We reviewed it, here’s what we saw and our decision is …… They need to say something, any which way this goes. If they don’t they come out with a statement, they’re loosing credibility.

    • Did Julie actually say you cannot switch cups because if she didnt then Jeremy and Aaryn didnt cheat. Even thought I despise both of them

      • Julie said that one team mate goes to the hedge and POURS their BBQ sauce in the other team mates cup..not allowed to just switch cups, they had to pour.

    • Production caught & penalized Kaitlin & Amanda for swapping cups so they were on the look out for it. With that in mind, considering BB has way more views and on-site watchers and J&A weren’t penalized then our one blurry view was probably misleading.

      CBS isn’t going to address Feed watchers every time we think something happens, especially when they didn’t observe what we think happened. They’d spend all summer having to release “no, calm down” statements.

      • Thanks Matt. I agree with you, but this one took a life of it’s own. Anyway, keep up the good work, you’re a pro.

      • I had read that somewhere else Matt. Glad you confirmed it. Two people can see the exact same thing and come up with differing versions of the event. I suspect you’re right, CBS has way more eyes and ears then we do on the feeds. Considering how much they are under fire for other situations in the house, i doubt they would want to add fuel to it by allowing a cheating scandal to occur.

      • There was nothing blurry about it. You can see clear as day that they did not pour any sauce from one cut to the other which is what Julie said had to be done.

      • I rewatched the live feeds over and over and paused them and there was no exchange of cups from what I could see.

      • Following Milka11’s post, I now think it’s not Kaitlin and Amanda that were penalized but probably Jeremy and Aaryn. I have a good felling that this will be address in the Sunday night broadcast. That’s why they don’t say anything.

    • I think BB set it up for Aaryn&Jeremy to win,then the drama can continue.

    • It was a stupid idea for a challenge anyway. Two people win? Then they decide which one becomes HOH? It was random selection yet the two most hated people in the house are on the same team? We all know productions tweaks the game here and there as they see fit. Allowing them to cheat is just another “tweak”.

      • Do you really believe it was a RANDOM selection? I definitely do not believe that. The teamings were way too “dramatic” for them to have been random. PLUS, I heard Aaryn say on the live feeds that their BBQ sauce was much thicker than some of the others, like Elissa’s. She said some of the others were very watery and theirs was really thick. She and Jeremy admitted that they used their hands to scoop and transfer additional sauce than what the cups held. In THAT way, they did cheat as it was in the rules that they couldn’t do that.

    • They did. When the live feeds went down in the middle of the HOH comp jeremy and AAryn got penalized 3 minutes for breaking the rules and everyone was ok with that. Thats what I heard happened.

      • It certainly something that would make sense and explain why they would not talk about it.

  5. Once again, Aaryn used “queer” and Jeremy says that Elyssa has a “faggot ass.” Not sure how much more of this BS I can take.

      • I have nothing against Elissa yet, so it’s easy for me to vote for her as MVP. The main reason is that a vote FOR Elissa is a vote AGAINST Aryan and her cohorts.

    • They know there won’t be any consequences so they figure”Why not”.I can’t stand them.

      • Once they come out of the BB house is when their real hell will begin because everyone will know who the are and what they did.I was speaking of CBS&BB.

    • It seems Strange that Jeremy is an expert in that Term. Could he Be HIDING SOMETHING

      • wouldn’t surprise me, but it might surprise him! given the level of his (self) consciousness, it would probably be a total shock when he got excited by another guy’s kiss or caress!

    • Spencer is worse than any of them. Last night he is talking in the backyard telling everyone he dates a girl until he can have sex with her then he dumps her. What a friggin pig. He also said all girls should have sex with a lot of guys. Only he used a filthier term.

      • I don’t understand how these people are okay with this type of talk! If I was in the house, I would stay away from them as much as possible. Money isn’t worth compromising your morality, ethics and identity for. This season is disappointing. CBS needs to remove all of the players or force them to be Have Nots or can’t win HOH or something.

  6. I think getting MVP actually hurts Elissa because they won’t want to keep her around if she keeps getting it.When she gets it this week, I pray she doesn’t tell Aaryn. And, I’ll say it again… the “HoH crew” reminds me a lot of the friendship alliance in Season 6, though the crew’s possibly worse.

    • That’s a good point. They will use it as a reason to evict her. And if you honestly think about it…rightfully so. Why would you want to keep around the person that has more power than you? I seriously doubt Elissa will get MVP every week. But i also suspect that the first week someone else gets it…she’s a goner.
      Season 6 was my least favorite season. The HGs were silly and juvenile. This seasons crew is giving them a run for their money though.

      • The power is not that great since it doesn’t protect the person that holds MVP.

  7. You know who you rarely hear anything about? Howard. He is flying so low on the radar. Not sure if this is his strategy or if he is just not a target right now.

  8. My opinion: This is a reality show and CBS should not do anything..let the house guests keep running their trash…they will find out when they leave..oh will they ever find out.

  9. last year there were great HG’s. This year is a huge disappointment. I will still watch as long as there is nothing else on television.

    • They were awful last year. That Frank guy talked about raping Dan’s wife. He was a horrid human being. These house guests yes are racist bigots but that guy was talking about raping another guy’s wife!

      • Did you hear what Jeremy said about Elissa? He encouraged her husband to divorce her and said he wanted sh*t on her face! Said all kinds of horrible things about what she looks like. These people (Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Spencer) are despicable human beings. Can’t figure out which one I dislike the most, but GinaMarie is in the lead at the moment.

  10. While them being bigots is not ok. I don’t think they should be kicked off the show. The correct way to handle these things is to shine a light on them. CBS also can’t fire them without being hypocrites considering Julie’s show “The view” or whatever one it is, she and her friends have said bigoted things and they weren’t fired so meh.

    You also have to realize this is a business and a game. You simply can’t remove so many people without just destroying the game and so you would need to radically alter the game or cancel the season and they aren’t going to do that.

  11. I love how America has come to this. We stand on our high righteous horses and pounce on ignorant people who say ignorant things and demand action because “you” cant stand for these opinions that differ from our own. Who the hell do we all of a sudden think we are. Be disgusted by what they say and move on. Who the hell are you to demand action?

      • Thats the liberal sensless response. These people are vile, and will answer to a higher power, but why is ok for liberals to just meanly shout “Shut UP” when they disagree with someone who doesn’t believe in their immoral wishes for what was once a great nation.

      • Al, you are so far off base, it’s ridiculous to even comment. You need some education on the difference between liberals and your own right wing bias.

  12. Is it just me, or my old age? I can’t understand what these people are saying on BBAD. It seems the quality of the mikes are bad, or they are mumbling? It’s driving me nuts. And the camara action is so poor. Can’t tell who is talking to who when they don’t pan the camara out. Then just when I can understand a conversation, and who is talking, they cut to people playing chess, and all you can hear are people in the kitchen. It just makes watching so pointless. Sure miss Showtime. I’d rather spend some money, and have something I can understand, then watch the crap on TVGN. Plus missing most of the conversation, when I CAN hear it, because of the beeping. Just wondered if I’m the only one or is anyone else having that problem?

    • its not just you i am 60 and have complained about the quality of TVGN since the first night

      • OK good. I’m right up there with ya Sharon. Didn’t know if my hearing was going or not. It’s just so disappointing watching night after night. What a waste of my time and sleep.

      • I have an old computer, so don’t think I can get it on here. I would LOVE to get the live feeds! Also don’t know if I can afford it. :(

      • There pretty reasonable prices. This is the first year I have them and I’m not sorry I love them. I only got them because I don’t have TVGN and I would always order showtime in the summer so I could watch BBAD but now that they switched channels I decided to try the feeds and I will definitely get them every year. I paid 15.00 a month for showtime and only got 3hrs a night of viewing time. The feeds were only 23.99 for the entire season and you can watch 24/7. Oh when BBAD was on showtime they didn’t bleep anything out and the picture was great. I was happy with it. Everyone needs to complain and maybe next year they’ll switch back to showtime.

  13. i guess cheating is ok as nothing was done about Aaryn and Jeremy cheating during the HOH comp

  14. I don’t think this season is the worst ever or a total wash. I really only dislike Aaryn and Jeremy, and I think Elissa has an unfair advantage, but I’m watching everyone in the house. The game should get better as the herd starts being thinned out.

  15. Aslong as Elissa gets evicted i’ll be a loyal big brother fan. I don’t condone the other stuff but that’s just how they are and yes it is sad but as i stated before Elissa goes and ratings will go up

  16. Not very impressed with the Cast this season. Normally you get 4 that are actually likeable.. Not this year. there might be 2 at the most. I do like the MVP vote. It makes for interesting gameplay. Lets say your on the block and your counting votes and your one short. Well if you have MVP your put up one of those votes that are against you so that that vote won’t count.

  17. I still find it amazing that these people don’t consider how some of thier actions will affect them in their real lives, especially after 15 seasons of this show airing. We all know that the likelihood of becoming famous for being on big brother is really slim, so why do they completely forget that their employers are probably watching. I remember big brother 9’s (?) Adam was immediately fired from his job when he called kids with mental disabilities “retards”. Has no one learned? Blows my mind.

  18. nick and gm saying they’ll slit judd’s throat and snap his neck over a vote?? these people are disgusting

    • REALLY strange for Nick to say that, given that he voted the same way Judd did.

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