Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

It was Veto competition day in the Big Brother house which brought with it the MVP nominee reveal. Once the PoV comp ended the real game play started up as HGs maneuvered for support and control of the upcoming votes.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 6th, 2013:

7:50AM BBT – BB is waking the HGs up early. Big day ahead for them.

10:20AM BBT – Feeds return from picking players. Jeremy confirmed as MVP nom. Elissa working hard on Nick. She tells him he’s screwed either way so he might as well join her. She wants him to throw the Veto or be a potential renom, admitting she is the MVP. He asks for more time to think it over, but they still shake on it.

11:10AM BBT – Howard talking with McCrae and Spencer about voting out Elissa this week and keeping Jeremy.

1:07PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto competition. Jeremy has the medallion around his neck as the HOH crew celebrates around him.

3:00PM BBT – Jeremy tells McC, Judd, & Spencer that the vote better be a landslide against Elissa or he’ll be angry and come after HGs.

3:35PM BBT – Amanda wants to keep Elissa so they can keep tabs on the MVP power. She worries what could happen to the group if that power’s holder is unknown.

4:30PM BBT – Aaryn and GinaMarie confiding that they are tired of being around Kaitlin & Jeremy as a couple.

5:30PM BBT – Helen working on Andy to keep Elissa. Andy wants to cut her loose thinking the HoH-crew would go after Candice or Nick next. Helen wants to keep their numbers strong.

5:50PM BBT – Elissa talking with Andy and Helen about renom’ing Nick as the MVP nom. She’s considering it, but concerned because she made a deal with him earlier.

6:45PM BBT – Kaitlin talking game with Aaryn. After awhile they start to suspect Jeremy knew David was going to be evicted.

7:20PM BBT – Jeremy works his way around the Moving Company alliance demanding details on side alliances and threatening to leave the alliance if things don’t go his way. This coming from the guy who probably has the largest side alliance of all the MC members.

8:00PM BBT – Jeremy and Aaryn think they can win MVP once Elissa is gone. Yeah, probably not.

8:15PM BBT – Elissa trying to round up support from Judd, McCrae, & Amanda for voting out Kaitlin. Looks like she’s off the Nick-nom plan afterall.

8:30PM BBT – Kaitlin confronts Andy and says they know he’s in an alliance with Elissa.

10:45PM BBT – Spencer working on Helen to yield and go along with voting out Elissa. After a long talk Helen said she’d give in on it.

12:00AM BBT – Amanda and Andy really want to keep Elissa. Both are worried that viewers will turn on them if they vote out Elissa since they keep giving her the MVP.

2:55AM BBT – Helen working on Candice to keep Elissa. Looks like she just told Spencer what he wanted to hear earlier.

Elissa could be in real trouble this week. Neither Nick or Kaitlin are slam dunks for eviction which puts her in the danger zone for sure. Helen is unlikely to get even one vote against her at this rate.

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  1. What are Elissa’s chances this week? I am not necessarily a huge Elissa fan, but I cannot stand for her to go before Jeremy, Aryan or their cohorts.

    • No chance staying against Nick because of MC but it’s not totally out of the question with someone like Kaitlin or even Jessie. She would need to pick someone that that the majority of the house doesn’t like.

      • Thanks, Emma. Hopefully it will be Kaitlin, then. Seems that would take a little of Jeremy’s power away.

      • Not just that. Vote out anyone but Elissa and Jeremy will self-destruct. He’ll make himself the most hated person in the house, and just about guarantee his eviction.

      • Even still, I think everyone recognizes that it’s Elissa’s time to go. Keep in mind it’s only us (the viewers), and maaaybe Candice, who are actually aware of who’s in the various alliances and who isn’t. The players are only able to ‘guess’ or ‘trust’ what they are told is true. They don’t get the birds eye view that we do. With Elissa only having a couple loose friendships in the house, there’s really nobody there who’s actually said they need her to stay. Some people would like her to stay (so they can use her MVP status), but they’re not reliant upon her votes. Same goes for Candice, Helen, Jessie, Andy, and maybe Judd.

  2. The only way to get rid of Jeremy is a backdoor, but it seems these houseguests arent smart enough to realize it.

  3. Why does the worst people in the house have to continue to hold all the power.Quite Frankly it’s making me sick!!!!

    • Unfortunately they get fired from their real jobs – but we are stuck with them on the show – if one of them ends up the final winner – I give up on BB entirely – especially since they did nothing about the blatant cheating to win HOH

      • Not sure about blatant, but yes CBS has always had a ”hands off” approach when it comes to disciplining their ”children” in the house. Remember Chima? She had to do just about EVERYTHING before she was reprimanded! Even after that she had to destroy the av equipment before they told her she was done. Not sure what those release of liability contracts look like for participants, but they must be pretty crazy in what they agree to! People’s stuff gets broken (or wiped upon), people’s stuff gets stolen, people get physically threatened, people even get chest bumped. It’s only when the precious equipment gets broken or a player actually strikes another player that they get removed. Not a great response if you ask me.

  4. Why is spencer talking to helen about voting out elissa?
    She can’t even vote this week???

    • I didn’t get that either. I guess he just wants her okay with it and not to campaign for Elissa to stay anymore.

    • Sorry for the confusion. They were discussing plans. Even though Helen can’t vote, the idea was talking about what’s best to do. Helen was opposed to voting out Elissa over the MVP nom while Spencer was for it.

      • Is Spencer for it because of MC? Who is the true alliance in the house?. Season 12, it was the Brigade which stayed intact until the end. Is it MC, alliance of seven, or who?

  5. Jeremy needs to stop threatening these players. I am so sick of him. He is nothing but an arrogant jerk. I think it would be a big mistake if they vote out Elyssa. Like Helen kept trying to tell them, it’s all about the numbers right now..America keeps voting Elyssa as MVP (by a landslide, by the way) they need to keep that vote on their side right now. They control that 3rd nominee..why can’t Spencer, Howard and whoever else in that alliance of 7 see that? Get rid of Jeremy’s side, then evict Elyssa. It’s a no-brainer to me, I am afraid if they lose Elyssa, things are going to turn on them. I know we are not stupid enough to ever give MVP to Jeremy’s side..but, I really think that Elyssa will have that power for a few weeks to come. Anyone agree with me? The strategy going on last night was very intense. I hope they make the right decision.

    • Total agreement. I’m no fan of Elissas but right now it’s all about strategy. And keeping her is in their best interest. Get the control freak out first. Otherwise he will steamroll his way to the end. His tactic is intimidation. Someone needs to remind him that the same people he’s trying to intimidate are some of the people he will be facing on the jury. He’s actually slitting his own throat by behaving like he does. Hopefully all of them will tire of his antics and get rid of him sooner than later.

      • Exactly! On the feeds last night, he was talking about how he thinks America likes him because he wins comps..hate to burst your arrogant bubble, Jeremy, but American can’t stand you. Do you think if they do vote out Elissa, that they are in some deep doo-doo or do you think they will be ok? What is up with Amanda?

      • Deep doo-doo…maybe. But things change on a dime in the house. So even if Elissa goes, there is still time for one of them to get a clue and oust Jerky Jeremy. And since him and THAT GIRL (A) will NEVER win MVP, i’m hoping the next MVP winner makes a bold move against his alliance. Plus there is always the possibility of Helen or Candace getting HOH next week. Which would make the MVPs choice all the more important. The only down side to all this is that the possibility exists that HE could win HOH next week. Which gives him another week to run roughshod through the house. And most likely open a few eyes to the reality of it. So, in my estimation…he has 2 weeks at best. You can only kick a dog so long before it bites you.

      • If it’s a Q&A HOH comp, Jeremy stands no chance – he’s not that smart.

      • That was Howard’s argument last night, that Jeremy’s too strong and is just going to keep winning comps.

      • Only if it is a physical comp, I don’t think he stands a chance at something he really has to think about! Questions will not be his strong suit!

    • I agree with you guys on this…America doesn’t like Jeremy the jerk and if he if somehow manages to get Elissa evicted and keeps up his arrogant ways,they’re gonna turn on HIM…I hope.

      • Eventually. But sometimes jerks are kept around as ”insurance” when things get tough.

      • However, I am starting to think that MC is the true alliance in the house this time as the Brigade was in season 12. Spencer, Howard, McCrae, Douchebag and Nick will all stick together. They are calling the girls (side alliances) “their bitches.” Nice guys, huh?

      • ..when I say “they,” in reference to calling their side alliances with the girls, “their bitches,” I should specify that those words have only come from Douchebag (aka Jeremy) Nick and Spencer. Howard or McCrae were not in those conversations.

  6. What happened to Spencer “Weaponize her” Clawson?

    True, Jeremy has proven that he’s the season’s biggest physical threat in the house (and currently resident douchebag), combined with the backing of two alliances.

    Those who want him out would have to rethink kicking out Elissa out this week out of fear of Jeremy’s intimidation tactics as obviously there is bigger fish to fry. Cut the legs that support the beast by putting up Kaitlin as the MVP renom and setting her up as the target.

    With Kailtin out, there’s still a chance for Jeremy pulling a Brendon Villegas and win HOH for week 3 and get revenge on those who wants to oust him. That’s something they just need to watch out for as there’s no Diamond Veto to save who is on his radar.

    That or he’ll just spontaneously combust.

    • Watching the feeds last night, I really think they are going to cut Elissa loose this week. I think it’s a bad move. Kaitlyn needs to go up and go home.Jeremy will go bezerk and probably threaten to kill everyone..but, it needs to be done. Players don’t come into play BB with a bully like Jeremy. That crap needs to stop.

      • I just hope they don’t something stupid that will jet set Jeremy to Top 7, taking casualties with basically everyone outside TMC and his Bieber Fever troupe.

      • It’s honestly still too early to say which direction they’re going to go. A new angle has been proposed, and I think that was all production’s manipulating behind the scenes. I doubt they want Elissa to go this soon, as her conflict with Jeremy and Aaryn is where all the drama is coming from, and as previous seasons have shown, CBS and BB LOVE their drama. They’ll probably keep pushing the “evict Kaitlin” angle right up until the live eviction on Thursday.

      • Can I just say I love your profile picture? Hehehe.

        If only Sailor Saturn is a real person and use her powers to obliterate the scum out of the house. :D

      • The only other conceivable way this could go (from my estimation) is that everyone agrees to cut Helen loose because she isn’t as tight with people. Not really a better choice if you ask me.

  7. If Jeremy can’t understand a joke then he certainly can’t do comprehension-based games. =))

    • Sadly sometimes even the ‘knowledge’ based competitions favour the wrong people. I can think of a few seasons where the ‘dumb jock’ ended up winning a lot of the question or memory based challenges simply because they were faster than the rest.

  8. I think Elissa would have a good chance of staying if someone stirred up the HOH crowd just a little towards Helen. There’s three nominees this season; if any one of the HOH group astrays from Elissa and throws a vote to Helen instead, it might just be enough for the MVP nominee to go instead.

  9. I just read on other sites that this season of big brother are losing alot of viewers and the numbers are really falling quickly, if they don’t do something or “twist” about elissa coming out, or the filth coming out of some of the house guests mouths, this show may not last through the season

    • Controversy is not new to BB US. Criticisms of violence, bigoted remarks, racism, manipulation, homophobia, etc.It happened on BB 2,4,6,8,9,10,11,13 and now B15 The show has been running since 2000, so I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. I would say though, that this seasons racial controversy has resulted in several contestants losing their jobs. So BB15 is (extra special) lol

    • It’s hard to reward the show with viewer loyalty when several of the characters are lacking in human decency… We usually like to see one or 2 characters like that (an evil mastermind makes people smile), but this season has about 5 or 6 people who are just the bottom of the barrel in terms of likeability.

  10. I just find it so terrible that the HG’s right a way disliked Elissa just because she was Rachael’s sister!!! They didn’t give her a chance at all! Who cares if she is Rachael’s sis? That doesn’t mean that she would be just like her!! I think that Jeremy and Aaryn need to go home!

    • I don’t think it’s entirely because she’s Rachels sister. It has a lot to do with an unfair advantage by having ties to BB before she even came in the house. If she stays then she will be the one that wins MVP every week which would be very boring.

      • Lavendargirl it is because she is Rachel sis based on what you said is proof. The only reason she has BB ties is because of her sister

  11. Moving company members will vote out Elissa. She has no chance. If MC doesnt, then Jeremby ousts them as a secret alliance and they are boned. The votes arent there for elissa to stay.

    • I believe you may be right. I have been trying to figure out who is the “true” alliance in the house. It believe it is MC. Why in the heck can’t a group of girls get together and form an alliance in this game? Spencer, McCrae and Jeremy are talking about their strategy. McCrae is using Amanda, Jeremy using his girls, and they keep calling them bitches, which pisses me off. What a bunch of creeps. I am pretty sure Elyssa will be evicted this week.

  12. Honestly, Howard and Spencer should ditch the moving company and join up with Ellissa, Helen, Candice, Andy, and Amanda. Use Ellissa MVP power for couple more weeks, and get rid of Nick this week. There already cracks in the moving company with Jermey a loose cannon, and I dont even think McCrae is fully with them I think in the end he gonna team up with Amanda over them, and everyone already suspicious of Nick.

  13. Thank you CBS for showing America what Ginamarie and Aaryn said because not everybody has live feed.

    • If you could see what I see on the live feeds, you would be appalled at the disgusting filth that comes out of Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlyn’s mouths on a daily basis. It truly is disgusting.

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