Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 12 Sunday Highlights


It’s definitely Big Brother 15 final three week. You can tell because there’s almost nothing going on inside the Big Brother house.

And the strangest thing is that there’s been almost zero talk about what anyone actually plans to do about taking each other to the final two. So at this point any scenario is still possible.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Sunday, September 15, 2013

10:30 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up call.

11:15 AM BBT – HGs are up chatting in the living room. One by one they all go back to bed.

12:30 PM BBT – HGs still sleeping.

12:48 PM BBT – Andy finally gets up and goes to the bathroom.

12:50 PM BBT – Andy is back in bed. He goes back to sleep.

2:15 PM BBT – GinaMarie and Andy are finally waking up. GM decides to sunbathe and Andy is fixing lunch.

3:25 PM BBT – GinaMarie mentions getting her stitches out.

4:10 PM BBT – Andy folding laundry. Yep, that’s about it.

5:10 PM BBT – HGs are playing in the photobooth.

7:35 PM BBT – HGs decide getting Amanda out was The Exterminators’ real victory even though Aaryn was their first extermination.

7:55 PM BBT – GinaMarie is making cookies.

8:15 PM BBT – Spencer eating dinner. GinaMarie playing cards. Andy is just sitting there.

8:35 PM BBT – Now they’re talking about how intimated they were by Howard then they realized he sucked at the competitions.

8:50 PM BBT – HGs goofing around with the fake eyeballs.

8:58 PM BBT – HGs get three beers.

9:20 PM BBT – HGs now talking about their favorite moments from the past HGs. GinaMarie doesn’t want to talk about Candice.

10:50 PM BBT – HGs goofing around trying to get production to call names over the speakers.

11:00 PM BBT – GinaMarie is anxious to discover who was MVP during those mysterious weeks.

11:25 PM BBT – Spencer is getting his chicken suit clean and GM decides she wants to try it on.

11:30 PM BBT – Spencer talks to GinaMarie for ideas on the possible Round 3 tie-breaker. He suggests they might ask how many laps around the skating rink he went. Spencer suggests 50 to her and says he’ll tell Andy a much higher number.

12:18 AM BBT – GinaMarie and Andy sharing notes on Spencer and laugh at what he’s been saying to them. They again promise each other they’ll take the other to the F2.

12:25 AM BBT – HGs start ranking the other HGs. GM runs through the guys and how they stand up.

1:07 AM BBT – GinaMarie and Andy again discussing how Spencer both told them they’ll lose if they take the other to the F2 instead of him. They again confirm they’ll take the other to F2.

1:30 AM BBT – Lights out all around. Three more days for the HGs.

So here’s to hoping GinaMarie and Andy get in a blow-up in the backyard that will make Rachel and Ragan’s season 12 fight look like child’s play. And maybe we can get a Spenca-Marie showmance!? OK, I’m kidding. The above is about all we can expect from now until the feeds go dark for the season.

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  1. this season of BB reminds me of a spoof like the movie Scream that was a parody of horror movies this BB15 is a parody of the game

  2. Wake me up when it is Wednesday. The TV recap of past things was a huge waste! Who wants to see that? Thank goodness for Sunday Night Football! They showed a tiny, few minutes of the first HOH! Now, they are going to cram everything on Wednesday or make it 2 hours to run commercials back to back, over and over?

      • Nooo..not at all. Fans were rooting for Dan or Ian Then you have the crazy Daniele that people want to talk about, So the three remaining HG were interesting to watch even on feeds/After Dark. …what do we have here? 3 undesirable HG. lol

      • Captain555, No way ,was season14 boring at the end, Eyan , Dan and Danielle allways kept the viewers in suspense, and they had more intelligent conversations.

  3. I watched maybe 20 min of BBAD then turned it off. Looked like bashing of other HG again and I’m tired of hearing that. You would think they would have anything else to talk about. Oh my mistake you need a brain for that.

  4. My shout out for this summer goes out to each and every one of you BB fan for your unrelentless blogging, for making it fun to come to this site and read your comments. Your ideas and coherent comments gave me a form of solace from having to put up with those inept HGs of this year BB15.
    I am going to miss you all untill next summer as I hope that some form of sanity and inteligence will be brought back to BB16 that is worth watching and enjoying.
    Again, I thank you all for your participation in blogging and for allowing me to also partake in this idiocy of the game we all love so dearly BB.
    On a final note, the three lame excuse in the BB house should be ashamed of themselves and stop batching people who are not there to defend themselves, Pee Wee, the Weasel Andy, I am ashame that you are from my home town Chicago, Spencer, the Child Porn Idiot, I hope Big Bubba gets you when you land in the Big House and as for Ginamarie, learn how to spell your name before you start bashing other people and also stop being a street punk.
    Everybody, see you all next summer on this site

  5. BBAD is thee most boring thing to watch! I swear pigs have more manners than those 3. I finally turned it off after the 10 burp and no excuse me. If I wanted to watch pigs..I’d go out to my cousins farm yard!

    • I agree!!! I watched the 2 hours of BBAD … you should of heard what they were saying about Elisa…it was so awful and disgusting that I can’t even write about it. All 3 were do not deserve one penny!!! I hope Spencer loses his job after saying those disgusting comments about Elisa.

      • Agree that was terrible last night. Elissa should take the tape and sue for slander. Hope she does. By the time they pay for lawyers and her compensation they will be broke. Spenser was sick, sick, sick…. They knew they were on after dark and feeds so no accident. CBS has a disclaimer against them to protect themselves.

      • And they should sue CBS and BB Production for letting it go on! They should have out up FISH or called them out! This was worse than any of the racism–this was PERSONAL!! She should sue them all!!–and her husband should knock them on their arses for the disgusting comments!

      • Hope they sue and take away all the $500.000 and the $50,000 from them. Was personal attack and a false attack made knowingly by them.

      • Wow! You must be in a basement filled with a of lot of rats (Andy, Spencer and Gina Marie) to say something that stupid. Do you even know the definition of class? I think not!!! Maybe you should organize the after party with your 3 rats, I’m sure you will be the only one there because CBS cancelled it!!! Oh MY, I wonder why!!!! DUH !!!

      • That’s why you can tell that they are all so jealous of her. Elisa is “special.” However, was she as bad as GM or aaryn?! Absolutey not. I heard Spencer’s bit about Elisa crapping her pants, etc and eating it. (BBAD) He’s just a complete hick pig. If I were his family or friends I would be extremely embarrassed. Moreover, I wonder if his employer was watching? His manager likely will not be impressed. I can’t even start on Andy…

      • I wish I knew what railroad he works for–I would love to write them a letter!! everyone should go to CBS and write them about how horrible this was–I did!!

      • I could never do that because I believe in karma. I suspect Spencer will feel the heat after leaving the house. I just can’t get over the nasty things he said about Elisa. I hope Elisa’s husband does not show up for the final show that could get testy.

      • I hope he does and confronts those idiots … in a respectful way (which I know they would not understand because they are all so ignorant stupid people.


      • I think all their lewd comments on BBAD were done as “tongue in cheek”… the comments were sooooo bad that it was over-the-top outrageously entertainment only. These houseguests were only trying to keep the after dark viewers amused… well done gang and great job on the hilarious insult-a-rama. I have noticed that a lot of the people who check out this forum are very anal retentive… get a life…. don’t take these houseguests comments literally, they have all assumed an alter identity to play the game and that is why they will each be safe after the show from any retribution by their employers or the public… don’t forget, this show is NOT a reality show OR a game show… it doesn’t fit the criteria for either and as such, every action you see on the big screen is basically scripted by the writers.

      • OH REALLY!!! Keep the viewers amused. Are you kidding me? What they said about Elisa was so gross and disgusting!!! Come on. If any of your loved ones was on this show being trashed you would be o.k. with that because now it’s a scripted show? So I guess the rumours of some the comps were rigged must be right. Nice really nice!!!

    • I was so angry about what was said last night–I went to the CBS site and wrote them about how BB had finally gone overboard! I was so angered by the VILE, sexual devious things they said about ELissa. I am not a big Elissa fan, but the way they talked about her and her family crossed the line. This was PERSONAL! She should sue Andy, Spencer, BB Production and CBS for not pulling the plug and admonishing them for their comments. They can show FISH when they don’t want us to know game spoilers–and they can stop HGs from talking about production–they could certainly have stopped this!!

  6. I think they should have kept it with 4 HG’s for this week and had the last double eviction this week , the HOH picks one for eviction and the viewer pick the other only the HOH is safe. They could have shown the HOH completions, and evict views choice on Wed then do a recap on the season and final eviction on Thursday and showed a little more after the winner and AFP were chosen.

  7. I hope the final 3 wind up with a lawsuit after the game. What Spenser said about Elissa deserves it. He knew he was going out on afterdark and feeds. The sexual comments he made was sick. CBS has a disclaimer but they don’t. Hope they lose any winnings in lawyers and compensation.

      • I really could not believe it. CBS should have cut to the fish on BB feeds or called Spenser to the DR room. He just made all that up out of his fantasies as Elissa would never talk to him about such things and besides she wanted him out long ago. Don’t understand why all this hate for Elissa?

  8. As disgusting as this may be, on BBAD, GM said that she and Kaitlin(?) flashed their boobs to Judd, in the back yard, in order to gain/show proof of their alliance to him.

    Andy said that he observed that act, but I couldn’t hear from GM whether the other woman also flashed Judd, or not.

    Does anyone recall hearing the conclusion of GM’s comment?

    • Neil, I believe GM, said when Judd looked to see, if she was going to show hers, she made the slit throat gesture, she said Judd, did,t bother her for a show and tell after that.

    • After what was said by rat Andy and Fat Spencer, last night, about what vile things they said about Elissa–I will NEVER WATCH THIS PIECE OF CRAP AGAIN!! And it was my favorite show until last night!

  9. Last night I thought the Elissa talk got way to vile and personal. Andy and Spencer were brutal with their talk (SLANDER) Elissa’s family, sex life, personal life and family, etc. I was so offended by their language and the fact that they would talk about anyone like that, Their talk was dripping with hate and prevision! I have never thought of myself as a prude–but this talk really got to me. I was still so angry today, I sat down and wrote CBS, not only blaming Andy and Spencer–but production and the network! I hope that Wednesday night, Elissa’s husband goes up to them and slugs them in the face–and then hands them a lawsuit for slander (and also a lawsuit for BB and CBS). It should have never been aired! When they don’t want us to know what is going on game wise–they always throe up FISH! They also instruct them to not talk about production. This rant that they went on last night was evil and slanderous and should have been stopped. BB has really dropped the ball this year! BB used to be my VERY FAVORITE show–but after last night, I have no desire to watch it again!

    • Good riddance you prude. It obviously went over your head that their whole conversation was a long running JOKE about who could spew out the most outlandish tale. You’re a bit touched if you didn’t realize this. Perhaps you should go see a councillor or something.

      • PRUDE!!! Long running joke!!! OH! REALLY!
        And what degree do you have Dr. Freud? Oh! I know BB15 Degree!!! I don’t need a councillor I strongly suggest that you get one!!!

    • I so agree with you … they are so vile and disgusting!!! Production should of edited those vile comments about Elisa. She did not deserve that at all. They are so jealous of her I can’t believe these idiots!!!! KARMA IS A

  10. after watching 3 seasons of BB I think CBS scraped the bottom of the barrel for this racist and trash talking group. Only one had any redeeming character and the whole group ending up bulling and saying filthy things about her. otherwise the rest of the group had no morals or ethical characteristics to be admired. what has happen to kindness and common decency? I despise some of the racist remarks. they even went outside of BB house to attack Julie Chen. it is a discredit to CBS not to have some editorial screening about what is acceptable behavior. I do not know the rules or guide lines to be in BB house but I hope CBS will choose a better group for next season. I voted my 10 votes to Elissa!

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