Big Brother 15: GinaMarie Exterminates & Chickens Out – Pics

Spencer fights with a chicken

We’re down to the final days of Big Brother and those are always slow for viewers, but imagine how boring it must before for the final three HGs after nearly ninety days. They’re trapped, they’re tired of being there, and they’ve got nothing to do but hang around. Thankfully GinaMarie has decided against the flat “sleep it out” route and is making things a little more entertaining for everyone.

On Saturday GinaMarie broke out some past competition gear and combined it with a few creative pieces to form an official Exterminators uniform complete with tanks on her back and a spray nozzle. GM roamed the house spraying here and there, cleaning off the memory wall all their Exterminations, and even going back to clean out McCranda’s sloth cave. Don’t worry, she didn’t touch the bedding directly but used a pair of tongs. Hopefully those were melted down later in DR.

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Then Sunday night GM was in the mood to dress up again as she caught sight of Spencer’s chicken suit. He offered it up to her for entertainment and combined with her green tutu GM enjoyed a romp around the backyard. Just don’t ask her what sound a chicken makes.

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With three more days to go in the house we’re sure to see her getting even more stir crazy and coming up with other ideas to keep herself, and us, entertained.


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    • What do you call a floating ginger, racist and homophobic? The final 3!
      Poor Andy is in there with the guy that called him a queer and the girl that thinks welfare is n… insurance. Andy must be really bored too since he can not be flip flopping sides, tattletales on the other two. The good news is that the Housewives of New Jersey called and they want Andy to join them and another one of their gossiping batches…. he can one from one to the other to tell what they are doing and not do anything himself like he did all summer on BB15
      This is the land of the Misfits

      • HellOOOO.. right! Oh, but then we have the GM cheerleaders… nevermind that people found her revolting just weeks…even days… ago yet are now pulling for her victory simply because Andy runs his mouth (could be called game) & goes on neverending tangents about Elissa. Sometimes I don’t know who’s worse… the houseguests or the outsiders. Unbelievable… yet not so much.

  1. It’s kind of funny that everyone in here are just as mean and gossipy as the people being talked about in there .

    • Hope you watched after dark or streem last night. What Spenser said about Elissa having sex with every guy she meet an the perverted sex she was into was sick. Hope she sues the final 3. Yea we are mean, can shut it off but suppose to be a reality show. Just a reaction from us to what they are doing.

      • we are not mean just observing and saying things about the way they behave and what they say they are behaving poorly and what they say is disgusting When they get out of there there will not be enough money to compensate for the loss of their reputation

      • Well said … I agree 100%. They are all idiots…plain and simple! The first thing they should do when they leave the house is learn how to eat!!! I would not hire any of them!!!

      • If you watched BBAD then you’ll know all three remaining houseguests were all just joking around and making rude and obscened comments about the evicted HG’s that they didn’t like…. it was hilarious and wasn’t supposed to be taken literally. Duh…

    • Your right Christi, the people who comment here are just as ugly as the people who they are talking about… And not just ugly in personality, have you seen some of the people who leave Facebook comments? They look like they got hit by a truck, old ugly cat women

  2. So far,this has been the WORST group ever in the history of Big Brother,with the exception of BB 6. Congratz Big suck!!

    • Andy and Spencer, genetically male, are both so green with envy that Elissa (and Helen) have succeeded in life more than either one of them ever will, add to that the fact that the girls are far better looking with killer bodies and they try to make themselves “better” by constant non ending vile and repulsive tirades against wives and mothers who are only guilty of playing the game by not personally attacking. In my eyes both Andy and Spencer are despicable and a poor example of mankind. How would they feel if their words were said about their mom, girlfriend, or boyfriend.? Disgusting.

      • She is a yoga instructor and is opening up a wellness shop.. health foods vitamin’s etc. She is into making people healthy and feeling good or better about themselves. Her husband did say that once her conract with cbs is over she will be moving to Canada and working with their business.

      • Elissa is a total fail. She was the biggest mistake in casting this season. She was a player who didn’t apply to be on the show and was there for only one reason,, her sister. Nuff said. burn in hell elissa, burn in hell.

    • At first I was disappointed in the cast but as we reach the end of the season, I’m kinda thinking it was pretty good, filled with lots of controversy, sex, back stabbing, lying…. a fairly normal season. Sure , some of the houseguests made some bad comments / racial slurs, but it should have been the production people keeping a lid on that … production was derelict in their controlling of the players is all. Great season guys and gals , keep up the good work !!!

  3. We are the viewers and of course we are going to be talking about what they do and say on tv! If we come off like them when putting down what they say, so be it! Spencer and andy are horrible speaking about any woman like that. I HOPE GM WINS IT!!!

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