Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 11: Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 September 7, 2013

It was Veto competition day in the Big Brother 15 house and that was the Exterminators chance to keep themselves together in to the Final Four. Of course with their target’s streak of wins nothing was guaranteed.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Saturday, September 7, 2013

9:10 AM BBT – HGs are slowly getting up and moving around. Very slowly.

12:54 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto Competition. McCrae has won the Veto.

12:56 PM BBT – GinaMarie laying on the couch. She seriously injured her knee during the competition. Later she’ll have to receive stitches.

12:57 PM BBT – Judd is storming around the house very upset. Blames production for the constant drills yesterday making him too sore to compete.

12:58 PM BBT – Spencer tells McCrae he wants him and Andy to agree on the evictee so he doesn’t have to break a tie and keep one person who is upset at them.

1:10 PM BBT – Judd stays up in the HoH room with Spencer to ask if he’s the one going. Spencer coaches him on how to convince the guys to keep him. Meanwhile downstairs Andy is pushing McCrae on getting rid of Judd.

3:00 PM BBT – Andy and Spencer discuss whether or not to tell McCrae about the Exterminators in anticipation of either Judd or GM telling him first. They decide against the idea.

3:10 PM BBT – Judd is still worked up. He tells Spencer and Andy he knows he’s going home. They deny it.

3:35 PM BBT – GM, Spencer, & Andy in HoH room discussing Judd’s self-destruction. They tell GM to keep her head down and Judd will get himself evicted with his behavior.

4:45 PM BBT – Spencer and GM discuss how dangerous Andy is with so much support in the Jury.

5:15 PM BBT – Judd asks Andy and McCrae if he’ll be safe. They promise him he will.

6:30 PM BBT – Spencer, Andy, and McCrae discussing keeping GM over Judd because they can beat her.

6:45 PM BBT – GinaMarie back from seeing the doctor. She got 9 stitches and may have passed out in the process.

8:15 PM BBT – HGs finally released from lockdown.

9:00 PM BBT – HGs sitting around talking about evicted HGs and last season.

11:00 PM BBT – Spencer, GM, Andy, and McCrae destroy Elissa’s face cake with some parting shots at her as well.

12:50 AM BBT – Judd and GinaMarie doing arts and crafts with ducks.

1:30 AM BBT – More Elissa bashing plus some shots at her stepson.

4:00 AM BBT- Judd pitching to Andy that if he goes up instead he’ll make himself a target. Andy doesn’t like the plan and promises Judd he is safe.

4:05 AM BBT – Judd finds McCrae and is working on his safety.

5:30 AM BBT – McCrae is the only HG up. He’s eating nuts and reading his Bible in the backyard.

Judd is worried that he’s the target over GM and he should be. He is! McCrae wants GM out, but Andy wants Judd gone and I fully expect Andy to push harder and care more about it than McCrae. With Amanda gone McCrae can follow Andy’s lead here instead and vote as Andy wants.

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  1. Why am I not surprise these HG are so bored they have to talk about the goddess of the season… Elissa. I hope these hg gets punched on finale night.

      • they all SUCK this season, and I only hope that Julie tells all them how much they were hated.

      • Wait until Andy sees his facebook page. I know he thinks America loves him because he thinks he is funny, and clever and he is entertaining us.

      • Andy is the nastiest skank bitch I have ever met. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is a fugly slut.
        I also heard he masturbates in the BB shower, and threatened to cut Elissa’s face?
        He is utterly grotesque.

    • Do you think Rachel will have anything to say on finale night…I do! She won’t back down. Elissa will win AFP, so that will be a little vindication!

      • Rachel has been crying forever about how her sister leaving… She was evicted fair and square so stop complaining.

      • I wasn’t referring to Elissa leaving the house, I was referring to the way she was treated in the house. Get your facts straight before you get on here with smartass remarks.

      • Candice, Helen and Howard have been treated badely too, but no one gives the slightest f*** until it becomes Elissa… It’s bad, but stop complaining she is out of the house now. Focus on who is left. It’s just like this on Facebook, 24/7 complains about Elissa leaving and them gossiping about her and her son. Everyone is crying about this season sucking then stop watching it. Stop moaning about it.

      • I love to moan and groan and get excited for the people I want to win…..isn’t this BB? lol

      • Candice, Helen, and Howard were treated badly and were CONSTANTLY called out on it when it was happening and when they left the house. The people that treated them badly lost their jobs, modeling contracts, relators license, ect. Julie Chen even called Aaryn out on it live on the air. Elissa was just evicted and now they are ALL taking jabs at not only her game moves but her personal life and her kid. Thats disgusting. THE HOUSEGUESTS are bringing Elissa up. We are responding to them showing their true colors. None of them should win, most of their gameplay sucked horridly and most-ALL of their personalities are grotesque. The only upside to this is the only people left to evict ALL deserve to be evicted.

      • Let me add that Elissa was my favorite houseguest since the start of the season, but you people need to get a grip.

      • Oh wow the fact that some guy named “Julie Chen” posting this on a random comment on a blog TOTALLY makes it legit and not suspicious at all -_-

    • Seriously? Elissa is just as terrible as the other HGs this season. Not one person has any redeeming qualities.

      • What did Elissa do that was so terrible? Did she wipe someone hat between her butt cheeks while everyone else laughed? Did she talk about people’s families, the way the others have talked about hers? Did she fart in front of people? Belch? Not shower so others had to smell her body odor all day? Did she say racist things? How about graphically sexual things? Did she threaten rub her body parts on someone’s picture on the memory wall or deface it in any way? Did she threaten to soil someone’s sheets or bedding?

        Elissa said a few things like these people are so disgusting I would not associate with them outside this house. She commented on Aaryn’s racism saying it was unacceptable behavior. At least she said it while they were there and not after they left like the cowards in the house now.

        She made a few comments about her husband’s wealth and her sisters popularity on the BB show. OK, these were stupid things to say for her game. But mean? No. Disgusting? No.

        But Elissa has said nothing even remotely equal to what these people have said about her or done to her. They seem offended because she turns the water on when she poops so the others can;t hear her. OMG! How offensive is that!!

      • Elissa’s major crime was that she didn’t enter the game legitimately, but was hand picked. She didn’t want to play when her alliance was gone. Then leaves the jury house after only one week…. LOSER

      • She wasn’t the only one “hand picked”. People are scouted every season. Kaitlin was also hand picked, so was Jenn was from last season, and many others in the history of BB.

      • Alot of players are hand picked, she had EVERY RIGHT to be there. And get your facts straight, Elissa DID NOT leave the jury house!

      • oh & I guess you didn’t notice that not only did elissa play after her (backstabbing) alliance left but she actually kicked ass & got rid of 1 of the biggest threats in the house

      • I think they did not show all the stuff they claimed she did. She supposely talked about her own life alot. Making it seem how much better her own life is. I know she talked about her husband buying a ice rink and he was making it into a wellness center for Ellissa’s business. I honestly think she just told to much about her own private life and made them jealous. She should of kept quiet about that.

      • So what’s worse talking about your family and life and the success you’ve had or talking about child porno, nappy hair, butterscotch vagina’s need I go on?

      • It because of that big green monster called “jealousy!” She has been called a “c***,” whore, bitch, joker face, plastic, Spencer said he was going to rub his dick (his word) all over her face on the memory wall, it’s went way beyond actual game play this season, it got way too personal and I don’t like BB played that way, it doesn’t have to be played that way and it shouldn’t be. The majority of these HG’s have been just downright mean and nasty and vile with their personal attacks. I don’t remember another season like this one. I really hope CBS has learned a lesson this time around and does a much better job of casting next season. I really don’t want any of the five left to win the money. I have always had a favorite every year, this is the first time I haven’t. I love this show, I have watched since season one, this year, I have been so disappointed with all of the racism, bullying, threatening, vile remarks…it goes on and on, Glad the end is near.

      • me too, I wish they could vote to give the money to charity instead, if mccrae wins they might as well sign the check over to Demanda

    • Elissa a goddess? You know production save her with the All Star thing ? She would have been the first week evictee instead of the surfer boy

  2. This is the worst group EVER, and can not wait for it to be OVER already. I think these guys are the dumbest group and all need to leave-I could care less who wins this season, outside the house I hope they all get what they deserve for the way they acted. GM needs to go this week. I have no clue to why they are questioning this….

    • Shes injured and they can beat her in every comp! I’m gonna be pissed if Spencer makes it to the final 2. Hes the biggest floater in the house! Yet anybody in their right mind would take him to the final 2 because nobody will vote for him to win the half million. Hes is so disgusting! He makes me vomit a little in my mouth. Soppossedly he has a girlfriend but talks about eating the corn outta Jessie ass. GROSSSSSS! I’m sure Marilyn is proud girlfriend of his!

      • They assume because she’s injured they can beat her in every comp, but GM has this weird mind-over-matter thing she can pull out in comps. So you never know. And truthfully, if she manages to slip into the Final 2 she could wind up winning. ESPECIALLY if the jury finds out that she won an HOH or Veto comp with the injuries she has.

      • Your right, she’s a demon in comps. I think the next will be mental to make it fair and give her time to heal. That would get them. She could win next 2 and go to end.

      • Probably not because I have thought from the beginning Productions choice is the lazy skanky pizza boy.

      • If she wins another HOH before this is over, she is a shoe-in to win. I will say the same thing about McCrae. I think he has a chance to win the next HOH and the final HOH. If he does, he will win.

        I think Judd is the least likely to win with the jury. His game play has been absolutely terrible both times he has been in the house. Spencer too. People on jury will wonder, what did Spencer do the entire season except pick is nose?

      • I totally agree with you. And out of the group of disgusting game players that are left, as sad as it may be, she is the most deserving.

      • All he does is pick his nose and then looks at it.. Makes me want to vomit! Yes, I’m sure Marilyn is so proud!!!

      • I don;t want to say anything about Spencer’s family or girlfriend, but why do we assume she is not just like him? After all, she is with him so I assume she knows about his disgusting behavior and approves of it enough to stay with him.

      • I thought I’d read that they broke up just before he came to BB. “they’re taking a break”. Who knows for sure??!!

      • Yes, on one of his pre-game interviews he said that he and Marilyn were on a break from each other before he went to BB casting, they started talking before the show started but are still on a break

      • Actually!
        A one armed, one legged Gina Marie with menstrual cramps, 9 stitches and a tooth ache could beat any of these whimpy faux men anytime or any day!
        She has more moxie than the sum total of all of them!

      • I totally agree and hope she wins it all. Not that she was much better with her prejudice remarks. But Spencer is disgusting and done nothing, Judd has proven to be an idiot, Andy is the worse ever and all McCrae did all season is have sex. At least Gina Marie always tried her best in comps and didn’t throw them. Out of all the bottom feeders left in the house I hope GM wins.

    • This is a game and I think we should be saying we hope they get what they deserve in the game. But hoping they get punished outside the game makes you no better than the HGs. In fact it’s hypocritical. They are all saying and doing things to each other they wouldn’t necessarily do outside the game.

      • So you think the juvenile Elissa bashing is the game? You think smashing her face cake like a bunch of 5 years olds isn’t who they are outside the house? We haven;t seen behavior like this in the history of BB by a group of house guests. These people are showing us who they are by their words and actions. They are simply disgusting people who will suffer consequences when the are out of the house. GM has already been fired from her job.

  3. Ugh, now I know how all the Elissa-lites feel. If they evict Judd I’m not even going to care about the final week of the season.

    • These people are so stupid if they evict Judd. It just crack same up how they get and idea, like Spencer thinking GM has to go because she can beat them, but then he let’s Andy convince him it has to be Judd. The only reason Judd is going is because Andy his afraid Judd will rat him out. But has Judd ratted him out yet even though he knows he is the target?

      Helen told Judd not to trust Andy when he came back into the house. So who does Judd trust enough to throw Elissa under the bus? Andy.

      The stupidity of the people this year is unbelievable.

    • Just because he stabbed them in the back doesn’t mean they hate him. They will decide on game play and I am going to bet that they will decide Andy has played a great game. They do not see all of the other stuff Andy does.

      • Oh yeah, I /definitely/ see Jessie and Elissa voting based on gameplay. And: Amanda knows Andy screwed her over (goodbye message), Elissa knows that Andy lied over and over to get her out, Helen will vote with Elissa, and Jessie.. well she’s Jessie so we can’t assume her vote will be rational.

  4. I don’t understand all the Elissa bashing, none of these HG would be there if she hadn’t worked so hard to keep them safe. They are coming across as jealous children. CBS really messed up when they stopped the America’s MVP vote. That would have made this better.

      • We got a lackluster F5 because it was a bad group of players this year. I think CBS messed up the MVP when they changed from a player to America too. I don’t think either way of doing it was necessarily bad, but the change confused the house and apparently some Elissa fans.

        They should have set it up so that the person who got MVP could not tell anyone and could not win it two weeks in a row. Then it might be fun.

      • I liked the idea of America picking one but I wanted the HG to know it was America so that they would be more aware they were being watched

      • I agree and it messed up the start of the game with Elissa winning and she really didn’t do anything. BB15 will be remembered as the bigots, non-game playing, showmancing, follow the house votes, bashers and just plain stupid.

  5. Production should tell them to stop the Elissa thing especially bringing the kids into it. Very tacky. Yes she acted better then them ..well because she is !!

    • Yes, they should. It is so disgusting. I have used that word alot on this forum..disgusting..because most of this cast has been just that. If I were Elissa’s husband at finale night, I would walk up and punch the ones who made fun of his wife right in the mouth. Won’t happen, but, it would be so much fun to watch!!

      • I don;t think he would punch Andy but imagine if Brendan, Rachel and Rachel’s husband went up to Andy and got in his face over the things he said about Elissa? Andy would melt like the little girl he is.

        Oh, and someone should tell Andy to stop wearing sleeveless shirts with those pencil thin arms of his. He looks ridiculous.

      • First Rachel’s husband name is Brendon. Prince meet Elissa’s husband. But you already knew that. you’re just playing dumb.

  6. A bunch of classless people left in the house… I guess attacking someone with class and who is way better looking, some how makes them feel better about their own lives..Rat face cry baby Andy is the worst. I can not wait to see him gone…

    • BBLeak has another pool: Who do you want to win BB15 ? (They are smart, they put 6 choices)

      No Choice 46% (6648)
      Judd 26% (3701)
      McCrea 12% (1827)
      GinaMarie 10% (1463)
      Spencer 2% (329)
      Andy 1% (200)

      14168 votes

      Let face it, if Andy were to win, it would be a very unpopular win outside the house.

      I also updated the other pool I posted yesterday in the rankings thread.

      • It’s funny how this season really isn’t going how anyone had hoped or planned. I think some of the observable differences have been:

        * Much younger (more immature?) cast…

        * Powerful threats taken out in first 3-4 weeks…

        * Only one ”major” alliance from weeks 3-8…

        * No dissenting votes with ‘Who did it?’ drama…

        * Nobody questioned anyone else’s loyalty (good thing for Andy, Amanda & Helen!)…

        * Too many cases of bad behaviour choices (racism, sexism, homophobia, elitism)…

        Then to top it all off (and obviously the one thing that’s irked me the most). Production & Julie Chen actually demonstrating hypocrisy for the first time in all of the seasons of BB that I can recall…

        I can completely understand the apathy and frustration that the fan base (myself incl) are showing this season… It’s a big ”Booo!” for Big Brother.

      • Put perfectly Matt S. The seasons r becoming worse, although production did wonderful job with Ian last year. Don’t even know if will Give BB a chance next year because am so over this disappointing, disgusting Mess. On twitter, even Jennell and several past players agreed.

    • That isn’t going to happen because he and Spencer are going to be the final 2. When that happens, I will puke and then my household will NEVER watch Big Brother again.

      • I am afraid you are right because the people left in the house are by far the dumbest bunch ever. Spencer seems ready to hand Andy the check for $500k. I keep hoping that Spencer actually has another play to surprise Andy with a nomination to replace McCrae. But, Spencer seems like he wants to waste his HOH to like so many others have done.

  7. Matthew when do you think they will tell them there is an eviction Wed. They said numerous times yesterday they wanted Thursday here and over with. They act like they don’t know there are 2 evictions this week.

  8. Will they wake up to do Veto today because of the two evictions this week? Cause wouldn’t they have to play HoH on Tuesday and Veto Wednesday!?

    • No they could do them Wed. Julie didn’t say it would be live, so they could tape eviction Wed morning or afternoon. They can do whole show Thursday during live show.

      • I thought they would do the eviction Tuesday or Wednesday because they would need time for HOH comp prior to Thursday. She did say that it would be a special eviction episode on Wednesday and the another live eviction on Thursday.

      • the thursday show will be live not the wednesday therefore they’d have to film something in advance right?!

    • I think it goes back to when Elissa would not tolerate any of their disgusting behavior. Elissa stood on principle and would not back down, even for the game. When Aaryn Kaitlyn and GM started that racist crap with Candice, Elissa was the only one besides Candice who took a strong stand against it. Even Howard and Helen wanted to let it go for the sake of playing the game. Elissa is a constant reminder to these people of just how disgusting they are as people.

      They also dislike her because she has money outside the house. Its jealousy.

      • I would b willing to bet that Howard is thanking God for him getting evicted after watching since he got out. He said all along he would be out when God wanted him out. I respect him for trying to play the game and stick to his principals. He just didn’t play well at all. I didn’t care for Elissa either but she was the same and tried to play the game. The problem they both had was they were playing with disgusting racist human beings. At least I think they are human.

      • I never understood why Howard didn’t like Elissa. I remember he tried to get Candice to turn against her. Yet Elissa protected Howard when she was MVP and everyone wanted her to put him up. She put up Spencer instead.

        I fault Elissa too. She wasn’t always playing a smart game either.

      • As much as I loved Howard, he did slip up by accepting sexual favours from Candice when she was at her most vulnerable… Having said that, as I’ve said about ALL the house guests (including Amanda), we as fans (and especially production + Julie Chen) need to take a long hard look at ourselves and decide if we’re prepared to deal with our own hypocrisy. We can’t say ”Yes, Aaryn deserved her treatment from Julie” but then in the same breath say ”Well what Amanda, or Elissa, or Howard, or…etc did was ok, it wasn’t as bad in my opinion.” We seem to pick whom our favourites are and excuse their behaviour, while having no problem behaving like a mob against those who we don’t like. My favourite person this season hands down was Candice. I loved her vulnerability, her intelligence, her willingness to be open with others, but yes, even she crossed the line with some of her comments and I need to recognize that even the ”good guys” (IMO) weren’t all that pure this season…

  9. This is totally unreal!
    McStinky claims out loud that everyone in the Bible is an a$$hole, and now he retires to backyard to get up close and personal with it? WTF
    He even says, regardless of what happens with Demanda/Florida/relationship he knows he will always have a job at Manfretti’s (I assume this is the Pizza joint he works at)
    Manfretti’s has just added a disclaimer to their take-out menu.

    * * * Please rinse before eating ***

  10. Perhaps if Judd did not let Andy distract him with all of his Elissa comments, Judd would be thinking of a way to get McCrae and Spencer to keep him.

    If Judd thinks he is going home again, then why not rat out Andy to McCrae? Judd needs to do something!! These people are so damn bad at this game. Judd was the worst person to being back into the house a second time. He just doesn’t play the game. It would have been better if Helen came back, even if she is annoying. At least she tries to play the game.

  11. “Out of Character ” is a crock!
    We are ALL blessed with inherent tendencies, including thoughts, attitudes, and opinions, the Only choice we have, as human beings, is when, where and IF we choose to act upon them , or display them publicly .

    Don’t make excuses for these people.

    : (

  12. What’s this obsession with Elissa and her family?! Talking about her son and stepson is so disgusting. They all deserve penalty nominations. Very poor job in casting this season. I can’t wait for them to see themselves after the show ends. I bet Andy will be the laughingstock of his college, if he even teaches at a college.

    • What gets me is how these people do not ask themselves, “I wonder if they talk about me like that when I am not around?”

    • Just a few days ago Spencer and GM were criticizing Amanda for talking about Elissa’s son. Now they are doing it themselves.

      Production should really put a stop to that. We’re talking about an 8 year old kid. If they make them stop singing and quoting dialogue from movies, they should stop the talk about a child.

  13. I hope Andy gets fired next from his teaching job as a result of all his talk. Its sad he keeps talking about Elissa since she is gone. Maybe he’s jealous of all her cool clothes and wishes he could wear them!

  14. 5 reasons why the other house guests don’t like Elissa:
    1. She is Rachel’s sister and would not be in the houses if she wasn’t
    2. She doesn’t need the money
    3. She finds them disgusting because they fart, belch, smell from not bathing, make disgusting sexual comments, say racist things, act like children and don’t clean up after themselves.
    4. She has the audacity not to be a phony and a fake by kissing up to people she does not like.
    5. She chose not to talk about her family and tell the other house guests everything about herself on TV so America could hear. (interesting one here because she did get pictures of her husband an children when she won HOH and the others made fun of them).

    Bonus reason: Andy hates her because she realized he is a rat and she had the audacity to put him on the block. Plus, he is afraid she will win AFP because of Brenchel’s Army.

    Compared to what some of the other house guests have said and done, and all of the current house guests have done, Elissa is a saint.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. I’m voting Elissa favorite house guest. Hope she wins it!

    • I, too, agree. However, I think if she would’ve gotten her hands just a little dirtier, and hadn’t been so much the saint, (and also hadn’t hid behind Helen so much) she would’ve gotten even further in the game.

  15. I like BB, but this season should cost production staff their jobs. Screening for this years cast must of been done at a bus station. I hope that next year if the show continues the qualified production staff is hired and cast members are screened much more thoroughly.

  16. Well, like I said before, Judd should have saved Elissa. Oops!!! Ill bet Macrae is next to go, this season has become such a waste

  17. As I was tring last night to muzzle up the energy and time to watch BBAD with the remaining remenants, I immediately changed channel after the bashing of the only decent person in this season BB 15 Elissa.
    Andy is nothing but a sorry ass idiot, I wonder if his buddies in the Gay world will approve his behavoir, most Gay people are very friendly, nice and not judgemental but Weasel Andy is the scum of the feeds, Spencer is going to get his due when he is sent to the Big House to face Bubba, I think Spencer is a closet Gay, Judd is nothing but an ignorant hibilly.
    Elissa saved his sorry ass when the other HGs wanted to send him packing for the second time, what a dumb fool, giving a second chance and could not sieze the opportunity to use it wisely, you can’t even understand what he says anyway, Ginamarie, dumb, stupid and a racist, nothing but a street ass punk with no brain from New York and as for Pizza McStinky Boy, he is another fool who is still running around kissing Weasel Andy’s behind since his muse Amanda has been bounced.
    This boy has no self respect, Elissa tried to help protect Amanda and yet he turned on Elissa and kept Weasel, Snitch, Tattletale, Rat, Pee Wee wanna be Andy. None of these bunch deserve to win, they all should be sent to jail for inpersonating themselves as humans, picking on a 8 years old child for no reason because of hate of his mother Elissa. CBS, thanks alot for giving us these sorry bunch of mischiefs this season.

  18. Andy has the nerve to say Elissa is irritating – because Andy is the most irritating person in the BB game this season. GM should win on her mere determination and balls to get out serious targets. Hope next year’s cast is a whole lot better than this years idiots. If I were Elissa some of the houseguests would be facing legal issues.

    • I’m betting all houseguests sign some contract waiving any legal rights as to personal bashing.

      • Probably bashing of themselves, not bashing of their family members specially an 8 year old.

      • This season’s cast has really taken things to a new low. Typically we see one or two ”bad guys” who will stoop that low, but in this season it’s the norm. Trash tv at it’s finest. But fear not, Julie and the BB producers only seemed to want Aaryn’s head on a stick while giving the others a pass because ratings were better that way. There’s nothing new in Denmark.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. I was very disappointed in how BB, CBS and Julir Chen let Amanda get off lightly from her racist and homophobic remarks. Very sad.

  19. When there were rumors about Amanda being set-up to win by her friend in production, I am wondering what difference it is now that McCray is a contender and may win it all….and of course would split it with Amanda. I got to thinking that maybe since there were a ton of people calling it “fixed” for Amanda, production had to stop and do something to cover their asses so they made sure Amanda was evicted….and switched in McCray as the winner instead, knowing damn well he would probably split his winnings with Amanda. I am just saying….

    • I so agree with you on that and I posted that too if they didn’t get him out during the double then that’s probably what there cover plan was.

  20. Picking on a child you don’t know or need to know is disgusting… Mob mentality against Elyssa seems like childish jealously. This season is filled with horrible people. I’m sinking to their level… Andy the Rat face and those ears!!! Get em pinned bitch! I’m gay I can say that. Spencer your disgusting, you look like you smell and child porn? That says it all you freak. Judd your stupid. Gina Marie no lady no class no nothing, she smells athletic supporters lol. MCcrea get ready for Amanda to strap it on and pound you… The money should be donated to Orphans or homeless teens…what a waste.. embarrassing and shameful.

    • Get it off you chest, man! These people asked for it when they went on the show and put their behavior on public display. I am not perfect either, but I know I would never talk about people and their children the way these people do. It’s really terrible and I don;t think anyone is defending it, not even their friends and families.

      Just vote for Elissa for AFP when the voting opens. Make sure Andy, Spencer, Judd and the rest understand America prefers Elissa’s values to theirs.

  21. Has there ever been a weaker group in the final five? Certainly there has never been a dumber one. I know we get to see everything develop and the HG’s don’t, but, seriously, anyone with an ounce of intelligence should have been able to figure out by now what Andy is doing. The amount of disgusting bashing of evicted HG’s, the racial attacks, the pathetic damning of the families and children of HG’s, the taunting and unnecessary aggression, has been at an all-time high this season. I’m trying to think if there is anyone in this group of 16 who knew how to play this game with an ounce of dignity, or integrity, or even intelligence.

  22. How incredibly boring has this show become now with last weeks double eviction? They have nothing better to do than sit around bashing Elissa. It’s obvious how jealous they are of her and her life outside of the house. They sat and judged her saying she acted superior to them and yet they sit and judge her for her lifestyle. How many more times are we going to hear digs about her husband, son, hockey stadium, sister, and Elissercise? Elissa went through more buyllying in that house than anyone. What shocks me is how Spencer is allowed to say such vile and perverted things and get away with them. He bashes Elissa and says she didn’t even get him hard. What a rude and vile comment! Funny thing is he says he gets off on 3-4 yr olds. Sick!!! Then we got the rat Andy. I can’t believe this is an educator. GM has said some of the worst things ever. Who tells someone even their own mother didn’t want them? As far as Judd is concerned, he is such a disappointment. Elissa welcomed him back with open arms and had his back and he turned on her for no reason. Same with McCrae, he turns on his only ally left in the house. Frankly, I’m disgusted by all the players remaining. I hope at least some of them get a clue once they get out of the house and they apologize for their vile and disgusting behavior. Elissa should be so proud of herself enduring all that she did in that house. In my opinion, she deserves to be the big winner based on that alone.

  23. People shouldn’t be talking about people behind there back s if they have something to say .say it to there face not behind there back what kind of people did bigbrother pick this season

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