Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 10 Thursday Highlights


We didn’t get to spend a lot of time on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds today due to the houseguests sleeping, rehearsals, the live show and the second Head of Household competition of the night, but in between all that there were some notable things to report.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013

9:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:08 AM BBT – Only Elissa and Judd appear to be up. HOH lockdown is called for live show set-up.

10:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut to trivia for live show prep.

12:38 PM BBT – Feeds return.

1:20 PM BBT – Elissa running laps through the house. Some other Houseguests are getting ready for the day.

2:40 PM BBT – Judd and Elissa are talking game. Both say they won’t put each other up tonight. Elissa says she would put up Andy and GinaMarie.

2:54 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy are practicing for possible competitions tonight.

3:00 PM BBT – McCrae hints at a guys alliance and Andy and Judd nod.

3:10 PM BBT – Feeds cut for live show rehearsal and live show airing.

7:03 PM BBT – Feeds return after Double Eviction episode. Of course Amanda and Elissa are gone.

7:08 PM BBT – Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s favorite, he’ll sh*t on the stage. Get ready to do that, Spencer. The others are talking about how happy they are she’s gone. They wonder if America is upset she left.

7:15 PM BBT – McCrae and GinaMarie handshake on “burying the hatchet.”

7:18 PM BBT – The HGs are packing Elissa’s stuff. Spencer is cracking a bunch of crude jokes about it and probably shouldn’t be allowed to handle her things.

7:30 PM BBT – Elissa bashing still going on.

8:15 PM BBT – GinaMarie is cramming Elissa’s stuff in her suitcase.

8:22 PM BBT – McCrae goes to Diary Room so the “Exterminators” do their alliance dance and are celebrating.

8:43 PM BBT – Andy talking about all the women in the jury house who hate him.

8:51 PM BBT – Feeds cut for second HOH competition.

10:00 PM BBT – Feeds are still out even though Big Brother After Dark has started.

10:44 PM BBT – Feeds finally return. Spencer has won HOH. Spencer promises Andy he won’t go up even as a replacement. The plan is to put up McCrae against Judd or GinaMarie.

11:30 PM BBT – Andy still trying to cover his evict-Amanda vote by talking about the opposite within earshot of McCrae.

11:35 PM BBT – HGs get an arts and crafts set to keep them busy.

11:55 PM BBT – HGs discuss the Jury and think it’ll be a bitter, vengeful group of voters.

12:40 AM BBT – Spencer talks to GM and tells her she’ll go up as a pawn against McCrae. If she comes down then Judd will be the pawn renom.

12:45 AM BBT – Punishments from the comp are being doled out. GM & McCrae are chained together. Judd has to do exercises when a whistle blows.

1:40 AM BBT – HGs receive 4 cans of beer to celebrate. (GM doesn’t drink).

5:00 AM BBT – HGs are STILL up running on adrenaline. McCrae & GM head downstairs leaving Judd alone with Spencer. Judd and Spencer discuss their Final 2 deal.

5:15 AM BBT – HGs finally turning off the lights and getting to sleep. Judd keeps getting woken up to do exercises, but other HGs are laughing at the drill sergeant catchphrase insults that go along with it.

So it only took 77 days, but Spencer won Head of Household and at this point, it’s a very crucial win. It will be interesting to see if Spencer sticks to the McCrae plan or if McCrae can convince Spencer on an all-guy alliance and ditch GinaMarie.

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  1. They all suck and Spencer winning HOH and guaranteeing Andy will be in the house another week is just icing on the stupid cake…… done with BB15…. Better luck next time producers.

      • I think GM has more game the the four guys, at least she had the balss to put up Mcrandy. Andy makes a perfect female gay. what a wuss he is.

      • Ha, ha, ha, GM does have more game than the four guys. She loses on the racist comments and character. She is the female version of the good old guys, which is why she is still there.
        I must say I am intrigued how she will fare in the rest of the game.

    • I won’t be watching the rest of the season either. It would make me sick to see spencer/andy/gm/or judd win the money. The people who are left are a pretty bad bunch. They must think they are really hot sh*t with how they were acting when they were ‘casting their vote to evict’ … good grief, tone down your enthusiasm all of America hates you…. (esp. you Andy ;)

      • Nostradomus – I thought for sure that was going to happen SPOILER ALERT – he won the veto, lol…sorry looks like Judd is OUT of there (again!) It looks as if everyone is turning on Andy now…good – he is OBSESSED with Elissa. I read Jokers too and he is CONSTANTLY talking about her and bringing her up. Also, isn’t Andy a TEACHER – why is he making fun of a 15 year old kid? (Elissa’s stepson) that is very poor representation. I hope that when Andy gets out he has a mental episode finding out that America can’t stand him!!! Sorry that was long winded! ;)

    • Spencer only told him that because he knows he can’t be trusted…it is part of spencers plan to back door him

    • I don’t think I can stand to watch the feeds for the next two weeks. Spencer winning HOH last night makes me want to throw up. This is a person who went up to the picture wall last night and said that for the rest of the game on a daily basis he is going to rub his dick all over Elissa’s face. he has called her and other women in the house the “c” word on numerous occasions..he has talked about f****** an animal, putting his penis up someone’s nose, he has talked about f****** women in the house, mainly Jessie, he humped all over GM one day, (which she deserves it, she is a nasty bitch) He belongs in a damn cage somewhere, his is the most vile and disgusting creature ever to play this game. I don’t remember any other season where HG’s were so nasty and just plain mean as this one has been. I will try to watch, but, I don’t want any of these jerks to win the money.

      • Agreed, Spencer is another sorry excuse for a human being and it would seriously sicken me to see him in the final two.

      • i hope not,but if he even makes it to the final 3 he will not win cause they do fisacale comps and hes not very good at them

      • Usually the first is endurance, then second part is a puzzle, which he just won at, and the third is usually a question and answer. He does have a shot at the second and third parts of the final HOH.

      • ITA and am sad we’re stuck with some real losers and they all seem to think they’re special. Don’t remember ever feeling like this – not really caring who wins.

      • Yes this season will go down in history BUT for all the wrong reasons. Can’t wait to see all the shocked/surprised faces at the end – probably the best part of the whole sorry season.

      • I feel your pain!! When I first saw this young cast filled with actor/model wannabes I thought this season would be boring – it was in a way but never dreamed it would be such a bunch of losers.

      • Just when I thought there was no way this could get worse…Spencer goes and wins HOH. GEESH And that dope McCrae…could have busted up that exterminator group by putting up Andy/GM or GM and anyone but Elyssa. Andy must have been really good at acting, even Elyssa thought it was McCrae voting against Amanda.

      • But McCrae doesn’t know there’s an exterminators group. And as far as he knows he’s got Judd & Andy on his side so why would he have put either one of them up next to GinaMarie?

      • Yes, but when he first started making plans for any post-Amanda game play, he put out the feelers for another guy alliance. Therefore it makes perfect sense (to him) to put up the only two women left in the house.

      • ..Spencer’s words. He is just disgusting. I have a feeling he may make it to final 2. Good Lord, what a horrible season this has been.

      • Lol he’s a dude. 1.) You can dislike a woman if you’re a man… When you dislike someone, sometimes you call them names. Thats human. 2.) Jessie’s a babe, and he’s a guy.
        You guys are so out of touch, it’s rediculous.

      • Are you serious? No man that I know would ever call a woman a “c***.” If you have no problem with the crap that has come out of Spencer’s mouth, then you must be just like him. I am not the one out of touch, you are.

      • Spencer is too busy picking his nose & scratching his Bls to F anything! He is an idiot in every way!

  2. After just reading Spencer won Hoh I thought eh, WHO CARES ANYMORE! Yes, I am “sore” abt the DE results.

  3. Happy that the fake and control freak have been evicted…now they will have to play their own strategy…yes judd got a second chance but look how he was evicted…that was dirty…karma looks to be winning this game

  4. I’m glad that they finally got rid of Amanda. She really needed to go. As for Elissa, the Double Eviction is really what killed her game. While I’m certain that Production influenced her decision to align with Amanda, it actually was a smart move because the Exterminators weren’t going to keep her either. The problem with the Double Eviction is that she never had an opportunity to convince McCrae that she was sincere. He had to make snap, emotional, decisions.

    As for Andy, I don’t like him but for this particular season he’s playing a good game. It’s a game that would have fallen apart most other seasons but this crop of contestants are a bit on the stupid side.

    Personally I don’t care who wins at this point. I just wanted to see Amanda lose. Now that’s done so they should just start Survivor and The Amazing Race this week.

    • Yes Elissa was smart and did what she thought was right to stay in the game, she knew the ‘others’ didn’t want her. It was a 50/50 chance that it would work and unfortunately it didn’t.. I despise Andy but he made it this far by doing nothing but being a rat and it looks like its working for him. It really a disadvantage for a double eviction as you have said, Im sure Elissa could have convinced Mcrae that she voted for Amanda and I know the outcome would have been so much better…

      Hopefully next year will be more entertaining and there will alot more ‘traps’ to get out the rats before the final!! lolol….BRING ON SURVIVOR!!!

      • I guess I’m confused on how this game is to be played… this is why the BradyBunch type show aren’t being produced…andy has been doing a lot of acting to convince who he needs to…and that has kept him in the game… (I wouldn’t agree with it in”Real Life” but for a Game Show it would maybe better than Bullying your way to the top…

    • I think ratings will do down dramatically from here on out and CBS will find out that they’ve made a mistake in “planning” out the course of the game.

  5. It disgusts me to listen to ‘the mouth’ on the Exterminators, …I hope their families are real proud of their language, do they have to curse as much as they do???? …. hope when they watch it they well realize why they are hated so much and the way they speak about people…..Bunch of LOSERS…

  6. The remaining contestants are dumb, and I hate all the insensitive, stupid, racist, women-hating, nasty comments and “jokes” they make. Andy may be appear to some to be playing a strong game, but it’s undermined by his smarmy, over the top back-biting and hateful criticisms which he thinks we don’t mind, because he hides behind his own perceived cute little boy persona. But we see thru him, and don’t like it. So it’s not really a good game after all. You can be a villain, but you have to be charming to pull it off.

    • You’re right PJ. Even Amanda told Julie she would be ok with Andy voting her off to save his own game. After she saw his nasty goodbye message, that sure changed.

  7. Hey your church bus is out front waiting to take you to sunday school…yes I would have to agree with the frustration of complete conversations being censored but not everyone is a Holy Roller…

    • I did not know it was a prequisite to be a Holy Roller for a person to be a decent human being, not hurling insults, racists remarks. I believe it was possible for each one of them to play the game they did (it is a game), without all the blatant and repeated racists, homophobic and insults against women. Operative word being repeated.

      • You tell him Reality!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are the bottom of the barrel PIGS. Says a lot about their educational level, having to resort to filty to express themselves. I though Elyssa did just fine without all the profanity.

    • I would agree that he seems to be stronger competitor if he can keep himself out of the hot seat…

    • In order to win, McCrae needs to win every critical competition from here on out. I.E. if he doesn’t get HOH he needs to get Veto.

    • I just can’t respect Mcrae. He rode Amanda’s coat tails since week 2. Let her torment others without ever stepping in. Not that I ever supported Amanda but he could have done a better job sticking up for her during/after the Amanda/GM fight. She called him a “pu_ _y”. She’s right! Granted she was not the victim there. GM said many things she shouldn’t have but Amanda kept saying she’s not gonna fight with her but continued to perpetuate the argument. Mcrae just sat there like a “Pu_ _y”. What a frickin’ horrible cast of HG’s!

      • He has stopped her from fighting so many time before … (they’re in a game) he has tried to so he isn’t a p*** …enough is enough she just terrorized Elisa week prior…he has told her over and over walk away don’t make yourself a target…she got cocky with GM because she thought she had the control of the house again…she said it herself if you think your safe then you probably won’t be…see was only looking for attention from him

      • I guess I just can’t wrap my brain around having a relationship with someone as horrible as Amanda. It’s one thing to align yourself with someone like that if you think it will advance you in the game but he was sleeping with her, is/was ‘in love’ with her. I can’t respect him!

    • No reason not to like McCrae. He got caught up in the Amanda showmance, but anyone can see that he’s nothing like her. He’s by far the most likable of the remaining housguests. Rooting for him to win POV.

    • Mighty slim pickings at this point!!! Yes for McCrae as the others think they’ve won at this point.

    • McCrea really made a bad bad choice in putting up Elissa. That would of been a vote on his side. He appears to have bought into the belief that Andy is loyal.

  8. I think its horrible Elissa is gone. I truly dont think us not watching it impacts bb. But just for myself I am done watching. There is no need. My eyes were opened after 15 years. Spencer the child porno watcher (admitted it on tv that he masturbated to it) is hoh??? thats freedom of speech?? I am sick to my stomach at the people they allowed for their ratings. I have a different opinion of bb. Its sad.

    • You maybe taking some of the things that they have said out of context…I don’t believe they sit around and watch “Sound ofMusic”…looks like your reality check just bounced

    • Juice42 come on please tell me you are smarter than GM. When spencer said that he picked up McCraes mic trying to make it look like he said it. Yes Spenc is stupid because there are no names that flash when people talk in the mics or anything to indicate whos mic was in use. It was sick humor that was not funny.

      Now that you know the story dont open your mouth untill you understand the words that are coming out of it. Look how it makes GM look. Dont be another one of those.

  9. Now that the ignorant have taken over the game…it no longer matters who wins, GM is as disgusting as Amanda, Andy is a snake in the grass, if I hear him say OMG one more time….McCrae is the only one that deserves to win and he will be going to jury next now that Lazy Spencer is HOH. They all are foul mouthed and talk trash about everybody and have the nerve to say Amanda was a bully. I hate all of them.

  10. I dont care who wins because after last night of Elissa bashing calling her a bitch and saying I want to hit her. I dont care who wins they are all disgusting.

    McCrae is leaving next unless he wins veto
    Andy will leave because they will figure out he is a jury threat or maybe Judd will get 4th

    Spencer, GM, and Judd/Andy are final 3

  11. I would really like to see what is going on in the Jury house. I hope they are smart enough to see who is the snake and who is deserving to win.

      • At this point, with all the pigs left in the house, YES INCLUDING MCCRAE, I think the live feeds should be switched over to the Jury House.

      • So we can watch them read books, watch movies, and play video games?

        They only fight when the cameras are on. The rest of the time they’re not allowed to talk game.

      • I don’t think so UPB. I think they couldn’t talk game when there was the twist that one could come back. Once that was over, they can talk all they want. Who kicked them out, who lied, tricked, etc.

      • Most seasons they don’t want them to talk until they get them together in front of the cameras at the end.

      • Yes I’m sure there’s more action over there and I’d love to see it. Any big fights yet?? Or are they all being nice to each other?

  12. What a joke.Yeah, not really giving a rats ass who wins how.. i just don’t want to see rat face andy win… though he could use the money to get a personality transplant and his tear ducts stopped up.. and a tan and.. oh hell to many things wrong with him to list

  13. I am soooooooooo happy Elissa is GONE !!! What a piece of work she is. I really pity her husband / family…. no escape from that air head. She was a arrogant useless player who should never have been the free ride to play the game. Fire all the casting department before next season , PLEASE :)

  14. Now that Elissa and Amandaskank are gone the game is suddenly getting more interesting and easier to watch. They should have evicted those two stupid biotches in the first couple of weeks.

  15. I’m glad that there isn’t much time left in this season. The collective IQ of the remaining house guests is less than my shoe size (and I have small feet). There isn’t anyone left in the house that I want to see win. One of them would follow the Pied Piper away if you’d send him in, and I wish you would!!

    • You rare cases so right… maybe someone that doesn’t need 500k (let alone 10k) should win yes maybe you missed the part where they weren’t being greedy if one of the “gift” would turnout to be another cash prize…think first

      • I apologize, but I am unable to ascertain the meaning of your comment. If you are saying that only someone who “needs” the half million should win, then I must ask why you believe that.

      • It is a game and not charity…anyone of them could win however if one of the remaining contestants won 500k…it would set better with me than a golddigger winning it so tbat they could waste it on superficial material things…

      • You are correct. It IS a game and I believe that the person who has played the best game is the one who should win–not someone who has floated back and forth, grabbing the coattails of whoever is in power at any given time. The pre-game financial status of the player does not come into play.

      • Maybe we should just cast homeless people, because they really need the money. It would be a step up in class from this season.

      • Well said, these houseguest have no character. They could have played the game, in the way they did without all the repeated vile comments.

      • Its that ultimate follower mentality. I think the most vocal people in the house have been the ones with the bad attitudes and everyone else just follows suit because they have no real backbone. And the worst is whenever someone is evicted, the rest of the houseguest sit and have a bash session about how horrible that person was, but no one ever said anything to that persons face. Wimps!

      • The female carrying the men mentality, right to the final five. Elissa did want an all girl alliance from the start.

      • Its hard to have an all female alliance especially when you only cast a couple of women who are fans of the game, while most of the men were long time fans of the game.

      • Insightful and true. That may be the catalyst, the female in the game are not long time fans and don’t know the game; are cast for appearances and drama purposes.

      • I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that Elyssa just walked out…no phony hugs, kisses, I love you, blah, blah, blah. She was prejudged a lot cause of Rachel…but I think Elyssa was the only one in the house with any integrity.

      • Good Morning!! I fell asleep last night happy that McCrae won which would shake up the house again. Woke up to watch BBAD and saw Spencer with the HOH key and wondered WTH just happened. I’m like many that just don’t really care who wins at this point – just a sad lot we’re stuck with. Would like to see GM go but McC will go next if he doesn’t win POV.

      • Good Morning Babson! Good to see you here, it was a rollercoaster ride last night. Spencer winning HOH…..well you know. I don’t have any favorites to win at this point. It’s the lesser of the evil and gameplay. Slim pickings! McCrae has to win POV to stay in the game.

      • Glad I finally found this site!! Yes to the slim pickings and not so good gameplay. Hope GM goes next.

      • I agree that floating is a strategy. Obviously, when you look at who’s still in this game, it is a strategy that apparently works. I just, personally, don’t care for it.

      • Mccranda ellisa aaryn helen all went back and forth being sweet to the hoh unless they got put up…and these F5 just set back til it was time to attack…just because you know someone or had a connection shouldn’t put you in the win column

      • I agree with that statement, as well, Willie. I don’t think any player should walk into the game with an advantage or a disadvantage, be it knowing someone in production, being related to a past player, or being wealthy. Obviously, my opinion doesn’t change a thing in the grand scheme of things, but I, personally, would prefer for someone who has played a good, yet clean, game to win.

      • I don’t know if anyone of you have noticed it but Andy has never made a moveto do anything that he thought of himself,he would always agree with what ever anyone said. What a wuss heis and he cries more then my little grandson.

      • And will again…if he sees a shift. He’s already aligned with two again….with the Exterminators and with the all male alliance. He’s ALWAYS had at least two alliances going and doesn’t say much for the other H.G.’s that no one BUT ELYSSA caught on.

        I agree, floating is its own strategy…I just don’t like it. I can’t even imagine who these h.g.’s will vote to give the $ to.

      • And now elissa’s gone. Andy has played both sides of the house masterfully this season. He jumped ship when he needed to, and will again if he sees something that betters himself. Thats called gameplay.

  16. If he was “playing” that was the sickest nastiest not funniest joke in the world!! who would find that funny?? I came across that info reading it on the spoilers on bb actually did not see it. BB posted it. Anywhoo, My opinion still remains, these were the worst HG in the history of BB and although I am just one fan out of millions I will not be watching it.

  17. The season is over for me. I suppose I will still watch the eviction ceremonies out of morbid curiosity though. Can anyone really be exited to see any of these people win? Maybe Judd? Maybe GM? I don’t know, I really can’t believe it could and very well may be Spencer and Andy as the final two. The poor jurors. How dirty they will feel ‘having’ to vote for one of those two. Ugh!

  18. I want to see a Jury house episode w/ Amanda and Aaryn explaining themselves and Amanda revealing Andy’s game play. CBS are you listening?

    • Aaryn already knew Andy was a snake weeks ago. She told GM…”he comes to my hoh room, eats all my food, listens to game talk…and takes it all back to McCranda”. Aaryn won’t be one bit surprised.

      • And yet, GM didn’t listen to her. Elissa knew Andy was a rat too. That;s why I do not understand why she went ahead and voted to save Amanda. If she had just voted to evict Amanda, at least McCrae would know Andy is the rat.

      • I think the only way Andy would have been evicted during McCrae’s brief HOH was if he was on the block with Spencer, but even then Judd and GM might have kept Andy over Spencer. Spencer would have voted to keep Andy against GM or Judd.

  19. Lol oh no guys, Elissa is gone!!! time to whine and moan about the season and talk about how we arent going to watch it anymore…

  20. Amanda was right about one thing, the feeds are boring without her. BBAD the first 30 minutes was Andy playing solitaire. I might come to miss the Amanda emotional rollercoaster.

    • You think that’s bad, Spice TV actually pre-empted this morning’s BBAD about 5 minutes into the second hour, due to how boring it was and when they continued to bash Elissa ….

      • Speaking about bad – BBAD is just so bad I’ve had to stop myself from throwing things at my poor TV. It’s so bad that using CC doesn’t work most of the time. So bad that I’m signing up for the live feeds next year and not thru CBS. Yes bring on Survivor and Amaz. Race.

      • Yes, I caught two words….frog giggin. Yet I don’t know what that means. I think its frog catching.

      • Very little, lol. That’s why I tried using CC and for all the whispering. Sometimes the CC doesn’t come on until the last of the show and of course it’s censored to the max. Bad CBS for using their own Co. TVGN which also makes a lot more money for them with commercials every 11 mins.

  21. NOT ONE of these clowns in a millennium with 400 books, and the financial advisor of choice (excluding Mad Magazine and Lindsey Lohan) could EVER begin to contemplate managing half a million dollars, let alone 50K.
    The way I see it, ALL of the Midwest rehabs are lickin their chops!
    It’s really too bad that they won’t be able to pull one of their BIG moves (NOT) on the IRS!


    “Just Sayin “

  22. This whole thing started with the HG’s having to deal with slop, and now it’s the lowly viewers in the same position!

    Very ironic!

  23. Nothing left but losers, not even remotely interested in watching anymore. Couldn’t care less who wins at this point, none of them deserve it.

  24. Amanda was one of the vilest people in the house. Julie Chen gave her a complete pass on her horrible behavior but ground Aryan into dust. What a bunch of hypocrites. My favorite show has now become my least favorite. Way to shoot yourself in the foot Big Brother.

    • I agree that Julie handed her softball questions. Like asking if she was like this outside of the house, gave Amanda a forum to defend herself. But I also think that most of the houseguests are getting very good edits compared to their true behavior. That might have something to do with FCC compliance.

  25. The most shocking thing that happened after the live show…when Spencer won HOH and got a letter from his girlfriend, Marilyn. I thought she would be long gone by now.

  26. Don’t know what CBS was thinking, however ; this BB15 franchise should have aired its big show on Mondays next to Monday Night Football!
    From where this fan sits, clearly CBS has focused on:
    1. The strength of offensive plays
    2. Well executed trick plays
    3. Unnecessary turn-overs
    4. Objectionable conduct
    5. Weak side blitzes
    And a ridiculous amount of fumbles

    Not to mention the clearly taking the fans out of the game!

    : ((

  27. What a total waste of a season, with the WORST players ever! To say casting scraped the bottom of the proverbial barrel to come up with these players is an understatement of epic proportions. GM’s racial slurs and unconscionable personal attacks (i.e., telling Candice that her birth mother didn’t want her, personal and racial slurs when referring to Elissa’s 8-year-old son, etc., etc.). Spencer’s “alleged” child porn. Andy floating between both sides of the house, and his inability to tell the truth, even about the smallest things. Judd making an alliance with Elissa, gaining her trust, then betraying that trust (just hours before the DE, he promised her he would use the veto on her if he won it and she was on the block; prophetically, he won the veto, she was on the block, and he was practically giddy with delight as he refused to use the veto to save her). Spencer, Andy, and Judd all used reprehensible and vulgar names such as the c-word when referring to the women, particularly Elissa (I watched the live feeds, and I have yet to figure out why the men hated Elissa with such a passion!). Yes, America, these wonderful “pillars of society” are most certainly your Final 4 (since he is not a member of the “Exterminators”, I seriously doubt McCrae has any chance of lasting past the next eviction)! And worse, one of them will be rewarded with the $500k prize. Hey, maybe GM can buy a dictionary with her winnings. Maybe Spencer can buy more child porn with his winnings. Maybe Andy and/or Judd can buy some integrity with their winnings. If there is any justice that has emerged out of this shameful season it is that four of the HG’s — Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and Spencer — have all reportedly lost their jobs due to their racist remarks and/or deplorable behavior while in the house. But two of those have a good shot at winning the $500k prize, so being fired from their job will mean little to them when they step out of the house and in to the real world. I, for one, will not watch the remainder of the season, and plan only to watch the finale, not to see which of these exceedingly unworthy players will win the $500k, but more to see those in jury, to see if any of them have any regrets or remorse about their game play now that they’ve had time to reflect, and to see if any of the remaining HG’s are held accountable for their actions. And, yes, I admit I am anxious to see their reactions when they learn how despised many of them are by the viewers and how some of them have lost their careers based on their unforgiveable behavior while in the house. Maybe that will go a long way towards saving this season from the depths of the most shameful television in history.

      • Guilty! I have watched — until now. I will not watch the remainder of the season, until the finale. I continued to watch, naively hoping that good would prevail over “evil” (racism, bullying, etc.), but after last night’s DE, I realize now that will never happen, sadly. Not with those in the Final 4. Shamefully, on this season’s Big Brother, racism and bullying and personal attacks (even on an 8-year-old child!) and vulgar name-calling are rewarded, and I refuse to be a part of any of that. The ONLY reason I am watching the finale is to see if anyone is held accountable for their behavior and if any of them have any remorse. I have been an avid Big Brother fan since Season 1, but if this season’s cast is any indication of the direction this show is taking in the future, I sincerely hope this was the last season. Big Brother is no longer “reality TV”, it’s “sensationalistic TV” — how much and how deeply can we offend and repulse the viewers in order to get the ratings — and CBS should be ashamed!

      • It’s not rewarded. The majority of frowned upon behavior came in week 2. Plenty of time to evict them if the houseguests cares so much. I think this season proves how it isnt fixed because no fan favorites remain. True reality.

      • Just like the three monkeys: ” I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t say anything. “

      • I think things got progressively worse, even after Aaryn was evicted. Amanda trying to hit Elissa with the door, GM calling an 8-year-old a racial slur, Amanda and GM nearly coming to blows just a few days ago… All of that was just in the last week!

    • Maybe I am wrong?
      Just maybe. .
      I have respect for Elissa as a person, most unlike the others, however ; that is a whole other discussion.
      In answer to your question as to why the deep hatred for Elissa.. .
      I maintain that to every male in that house, RatBoy included, she represented the woman they could NEVER have (don’t even mention lifestyle) I am an only male in a family of 5 sisters, and it is my opinion that many, not all women would be uncomfortable with her sharing and environment with a couple where one or both had self esteem issues, hence, all of the static from the female participants.
      Just a very non scientific opinion and observation

      • I think they resent that Elissa has a fan following based on her sister’s experience with the show. I am a fan of Elissa’s only because I disliked so many other people in the house. Is she perfect. NO. Neither am I and I do not want my life in a fishbowl for everyone to see. I was not a fan of Rachel’s. In fact, I dislike Rachel the most when she was on the show and I wished every week she would be evicted. But Elissa is not Rachel. She is very different.

        I also think Elissa has some class, if you call it that. She is cleanly, doesn’t curse, doesn’t fart or belch in front of the others. She is sefl-disciplined enough to work out every day doing her Yoga and she eats a generally healthy diet. She was also a bad liar and you could tell it did not come naturally to her. She has a good life outside the house with a good husband and kids.

        Her being in the house was a constant reminder to the other house guests of what crass and disgusting people they are.

        Elissa said some things about Aaryn, GM and Spencer she probably should have kept to herself. But none of it was anywhere near as bad as what they said about her and other people in the house. I do not recall Elissa every saying or doing anything to Andy or Judd and they hate Elissa the most of all. But the also get off on the vile comments that the other make and they make some themselves.

        Elissa leaves the house with very little to be ashamed of. We cannot say the same about the people left in the house.

  28. IF “Big Brother” comes back for a 16th season — which may be in serious doubt after this nightmare season — I have an idea for a new “twist”. How about a season where the viewers choose who is evicted? If the HG’s know that the viewers — and not the other HG’s — will be in charge of their fate, maybe they will try harder to be on their best behavior for fear of offending the viewers; will make less alliances and, therefore, no need to play both sides of the house; less back-stabbing and lying, more manners and consideration, etc. And, as we viewers all know, we see every move they make on the live feeds and know their true character, as we see them when the other HG’s do not. I think they should still have comps and HOH, the HOH should still nominate two for eviction, they should still compete for the POV, etc. But when it comes to the votes to evict, let the viewers cast the votes instead of the HG’s. If it were up to us viewers, Amanda and Aaryn and GM would have been gone in the first 5 weeks or so, and the Final 4 would have consisted of more worthy players. These players this season were idiots, and kept the least worthy in the house to the end. The viewers weren’t so easily fooled, which is why there are so many furious viewers. We saw these HG’s for who they truly are, and are outraged at how far they got in the game. They wouldn’t get that far if we viewers cast the votes to evict. So I’d like to try one season, as an experiment, of viewers casting the votes to evict to see how the season played out. Put total unknowns (no veterans, or relatives of veterans), variety of race and lifestyles (just like in real life) in the house, with full cameras and microphones all over the house on 24/7 (less fish and trivia, please), and let the viewers decide their fate, based on what we see unedited as we watch them, NOT on how well they lie or float from alliance to alliance or how effective their bullying tactics are or HG’s who vote according to “what the house wants” each and every week. What does everyone think???

    • A lot of people complain about the producers involvement, and that would make it worse. The majority of viewers only watch the CBS edited show. If you let producers highly edit a show, it would be very easy for them to make a houseguest the villain or the sympathetic character. Thus making the outcome more questionable.

    • That would take away the strategy but I do think they could involve America somehow. Maybe give away special powers or something.

      • I think that was the intent with the “America’s MVP” this season, but that failed miserably. Maybe it would have been different if the HG’s knew that it was America who was choosing the MVP. As I recall, that’s one reason why Judd was evicted the first time, because Amanda was certain he was the MVP. If the HG’s knew America would be choosing an MVP, or America would be choosing one of the nominees, maybe they would continue to strategize with the other HG’s, while still being conscience of how they were perceived by the viewers.

      • Yes the MVP thing was a epic fail due to Rachel’s followers voting for Elissa who did nothing. Most of this seasons cast do not know the word “gameplay”, cussing yes.

  29. I have been convinced that all of the Elissa bashing is about the America’s player vote. Last night Andy even alluded to it. They don’t realize that the more they bash Elissa the more America sympathizes with her. They think all of the bashing is hurting Elissa’s chances which is why they do it on BBAD every night.

    We can send them a message and vote her AFP – overwhelmingly. Then Spencer can do what he said he’d do and Andy can slit his throat on stage or whatever he threatened to do. Elissa is not the best person in the world but she is better than those people left in the house.

    • Elissa has 0 chance of not getting america’s favorite. For whatever reason, people cream themselves at the thought of her…

      • Gellie – whatever your fixation with the hating of Elissa has no merit , she is gone and you should move on, it just does not make any sense to continue with your hate enough already

      • I’ve never said i hate anyone, unlike the majority of people here. Move your comment to someone else- it doesnt apply to me.

      • So you come here to taunt the people who like Elissa, even though you don;t hate anyone? You seriously need to be honest with yourself.

      • I appologize that you guys dont agree with my opinions, but that doesnt mean im a troll. Maybe learn what a troll is.

      • Troll : One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument

      • Its a perfect fit. Every comment you make is to disagree with someone. Your intention, as evidenced by your many negative posts, is to entice people into a protracted argument. If everyone thinks you are a troll based on your comments, then you are a troll. If you do not like the moniker, then change the way you post comments or change forums.

      • Well actually, I’m causing discussion, which is what a message board is for. Want me to agree with everything you say? Would that make me not a troll? I’m sorry that we dont agree, but it doesnt mean im a troll. With that logic, you disagree with things i say, so you must be a troll.
        Doesnt make much sense, does it.

      • Gellie – as you can see from all the discussion from other bloggers, you need to go back and re read all your comments, again, I believe that you are allowing your emotion to speak here without the use of your intellect, no one is impling that you are a hater but the tone of all your blog shows nothing but hate and disdain towards Elissa.
        Civility towards one another is to be respectful in an open forum such as this, we can all agree and at the same time disagree sometimes but always remember to be respectful.

      • That’s a problem with many trolls, they just refuse to assume themselves. Just like Aaryn, “What, I didn’t say that. I’m not a racist” Yea, right.

      • good one. I think it’s a shame that the forum here has degenerated into a “that guy doesnt agree with us. lets gang up on him.” Go on. I’m still going to share my opinions. if you dont like them, then heed your own advise and dont respond.

      • So, someone who posts on a message board is a troll? I mean, a message board is meant for discussion…
        Bottom line, me disagreeing with you guys isnt trolling, its discussion. If you dont want to discuss, then dont post on the board. There ya go.

      • I am. I’m not taunting anyone, nor do i hate anyone here. I dont hate any houseguests like you guys all do. Maybe you need to be honest with yourself.

      • You need to go back and re read all your posting then you will perhaps find out about all what you have wrote about Elissa. I am nobody’s fan in the BB house, but I believe that the game should be played with respect to each other not attacking people personally because of hate, instead they should use their intellect, strategize and try to out smart each other.
        Personally, from my observation from watching the show, I think Elissa is the only one in the house who have been respectful to the other HGs, you may not like her because she is Rachel’s sister, but I still believe she showed more class and grace during her time in the BB house, no one else in that house could have put up with the insults and bullying from Amanda better than the way Elissa handled it, case scenerio reference back to Amanda vs Ginamarie war of words a forth night ago.

      • I’ve never written about Elissa. I’ve written about blind Elissa followers, and how they’re crazy. You clearly didnt read my posts.

  30. Believe they said a previous houseguest coming back next week for a visit? I hope it is Rachel, that would be interesting.

  31. It is actually pretty comical that everyone in here, myself included, feels cheated / ripped -off / hoodwinked / misinformed that when they coined the phrase “Reality TV”, they purposely left off the prefix “Not so. . .”


      • It has served its intended purpose though, hasn’t it?
        We are all here discussing it, and really the purpose of entertainment is to make us ponder at least one point of view and thus, open a dialog. . .

        Game, Set, and Match for CBS

  32. I have always been a fan of BB but don`t think I will waste my time next year. I don`t enjoy grown people behaving vile, disgusting & vulgar on a program that is supposed to be fun. This is the worst BB ever. Fire the producers & I will consider coming back. Hasta la vista BB

    • I don’t think CBS is any happier than we are about this group. My guess is they will try to pick better contestants next season, if there is a next season.

      I could suggest some rules for them too. First, no cursing on BBAD as long as it is telecast on TVGN. All of the bleeps render some conversations unintelligible.
      For every bleep, the offender would be award a point. So many points and they are given a penalty. So many penalties and they get a penalty nomination. Seriously, is it necessary to use the F word every other word in a sentence?

      Second, give America the opportunity to show the house guests their disapproval when they behave in a vile manner. Perhaps give America a thumbs up or thumbs down vote for a punishment of some sort when a guest says something vile about another guest or a guest’s family member. I don’t mean when someone says she is so disgusting or he is such a liar. But when someone tapes a condom to a picture of another house guest or someone says he wants to rub his d*ck all over the picture of another house guest or someone calls someone a C–t, let America decide if that person should be punished. None of this behavior is necessary for the game but it is offensive to the viewers so let the viewers give their feedback.

      I am all for the game play. But they need to take the meanness and vile behavior out of it. It makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

      • I like the way you think. We should run that show. One thing for sure, they will rewrite their contract for next year, and I’m sure they will include some form of dissuader.

      • Maybe they should sequester 30 people in a house for a few weeks while they observe their behavior. Then pick the ones who are TV worthy for the show and let the others go home. I think a few weeks would have been enough to figure out GM cannot speak a sentence without saying the F work 5 times.

  33. It goes to show how wack the game is when people are talking about who America’s Favorite is going to be. Quite frankly, I’m more interested in that over anything else going on in the house.
    I never really had an opinion about fat disgusting Spencer until now. All these people are gross.

  34. It’s funny how the women started off so strong in the beginning now towards the end the house is left with a bunch of male b!t¢he$.

  35. Why is everyone still complaining about the house being full of floaters. In the begginning you all wanted Jeremy, Kaitlin, Nick and David desperately out and kept giving Elissa the MVP. Now your’re pissed that the house is full of floaters.

    • Exactly. The MVP twist killed the season. For how immature those guys portrayed themselves, at least they had character…

  36. Would someone point out to me what, if anything, that Judd has actually done this season ? He always seemed like the odd man out to me….even the gross pig-like, Spencer, seemed to have more ‘game’ than Judd…Judd just seems like a not-so-bright, laid back, dull and fuzzy-thinking hick…

    • He won HOH and got Kaitlin out, he won the veto Thursday nite, and he’s had a good social game. Best player ever? Hardly. Worst? Not at all.

      • I forgot about his HOH, possibly because he operated as someone else’s ‘tool’ to get Kaitlin out. Too many of these players have been all about “playing it safe”. Elissa and GM made bold moves, although Elissa’s biggest mistake was not putting Amanda and McCrae up together…and without the “Exterminators” having her back, GM would not have made her “bold move”. This has been the most disappointing BB cast I have EVER seen and I’ve seen every season…

  37. Let us all pray! Spencer and GM should of been shown the door with their racist remarks and his attitude toward women! He is vile! And she is just as bad. Andy is a twit! But yet we are still glued to the show, keeping our fingers crossed that either McCrea or Judd will find a way to win this game.

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